Chapter 605 Wind Bead although recognized that wind ball that at heart Bubble said is good thing, but Zhao Hai does not have immediately to take that wind ball, but calms the mind, is looking for these white Crystal Stone that Bubble said. Crystal Stone of these white are not difficult to look, has 12 mineral lode in that Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice dong not far place that Bubble dug out, Zhao Hai looked, these 12 mineral lode, all corresponded with the Ice Pillar 12 dong mouths unexpectedly, it seems like these mineral lode have big relationship with Bubble. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but at heart one happy, this presently showed that so long as there is Bubble, he will have innumerable such Crystal Stone to use, this may really be fantastic. although is thinking these, but the movement on Zhao Hai is not slow, received in Crystal Stone of a piece white on Space, what he wants to have a look at Space to this Crystal Stone is depending on price. That Crystal Stone just took in Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently contains cold energy Crystal, contains huge cold energy, energy is stable, can use, may have the equivalent to hundred thousand electrical energy energy, this thing for recycle product, after energy exhausts, may imitate the energy.” Zhao Hai one hear of Space said that removed the bottom feel relieved, but he also present this white Crystal Stone and red crystal red difference, what the crystal of white contained for inside was cold energy, but what in red Crystal Stone contained was hot energy. Zhao Hai thinks, thought that calls fire Crystal Stone Crystal Stone of that red , calls to ice Crystal Stone Crystal Stone of this white more appropriate, Crystal Stone of red produces in the volcano, Crystal Stone of white produces in the icefield, such called not wrong. Zhao Hai iced Crystal Stone to receive in Space these quickly, 20 mineral lode, Zhao Hai, but has not received little this ice Crystal Stone, many were too more than red Crystal Stone, fire Crystal Stone there was only a incomplete mineral lode, but these 12 were very complete mineral lode. Zhao Hai records to consider as finished, he obtained has iced Crystal Stone altogether 500,000, this was not a small quantity, must know these Crystal Stone, the quality may be good, was much better compared with these fire Crystal Stone. Received these Crystal Stone, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, Laura they are gathering round Bubble to spin now, who made Bubble look like that may receive, blue , touched soft, hugged is not cold in the bosom, feels gentle, very comfortable. However Zhao Hai looked that Laura their appearance thinks before Bubble, said that these woman specially attractive appearances, feel at heart irritably, such good bubble, can be liked unexpectedly, really did not have the natural justice. Zhao Hai has not said anything, Bubble this thing also looks like Cai'er same thing, is not worthwhile eats this thing vinegar, that any wind ball that but he says to Bubble now to is interested very much. Zhao Hai one stressed is hugged by Laura in bosom Bubble, forcibly rou several, that what wind ball that this said : the Bubble person said in that?”

Bubble although by Zhao Hai rou several, but he is a point does not care probably, one hear of Zhao Hai asked that this, his immediately/on horseback said : is walking toward north, when the time comes Master can see.” Zhao Hai nodded, their arms loses toward Laura Bubble, immediately/on horseback makes Magic Staff fly toward north, he to wants a bit faster to have a look at that wind ball is any thing. This Zhao Hai does not have parallel advancement, has not reduced, entire flies toward north, as the matter stands Magic Staff is very quick. That night time, Zhao Hai presently outside wind big, Zhao Hai immediately brought Bubble to come out from Space, to Magic Staff inside. Outside Zhao Hai look at said : „did Bubble, soon go to the place?” Bubble transferred turning circle, said : is Young Master, was quick, quick arrived.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Bubble said : Bubble, you know that here does have a wind ball? What thing is that wind ball?” Bubble said : Young Master, I in here life for a long time, these Beastman had not arrived at here to come at that time, I can Incarnation be at that time to become Ice Beast one time ran up to here in all directions, saw that wind ball, that wind ball with my similar thing, he is the source of Myriad Wind, but he does not have my Advanced level probably, when I wake, he has not waked.” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought the wind ball that really Bubble said meets unexpectedly with his similar thing, is that in other words, was that wind ball Wind Spirit life form? Zhao Hai has been careful now, he is stimulating to movement Blood Staff fully, at the same time turns the head to Bubble said : Bubble, this direction not wrong?” Bubble shook the head said : not to be wrong, Young Master feel relieved, my present ability compared with former much better, so long as there is a Water element energy place, I can monitor, in front not far away.” Zhao Hai one hear of Bubble such spoke was startled, he turned the head look at Bubble said : you saying that you can monitor all thing through the water, only the water place can you monitor?” The Bubble round body rocked up and down two, probably nodded, said : Young Master, I am the source of world Myriad Water, so long as is the water I can order, will submit to with me.”

Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at this small blister, he has not thought that the small blister of this sèsè will really have such ability, but also really soaks cannot look down on. Was in this time, Bubble suddenly said : Young Master.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to look outward that presently front has small tornado in spinning that there keeps, but in this tornado, is holding not a big green bead, this bead are most the walnut size, simply cannot be called the ball. Bead said : of Zhao Hai look at that green „is this Wind Bead that you said? Can he really the control world wind? Does not approach.” Bubble said : Young Master, this wind ball now is very honest, but he , if on fire, is very scary.” Zhao Hai look at that in green ball that there roves, really had not felt that this bead has any fearful place, to insure, Zhao Hai was bringing Bubble returned to Space, Laura they have not worked now, are on the screen look at that bead. How many people looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura was intimate friends to run, grasped Bubble, this to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you to take that thing? That can thing really control world Myriad Wind?” Zhao Hai looked at comfortable lying down in Laura bosom Bubble, could not bear be impatient, extended the make a move finger, effort pokes Bubble, Laura has wiped out the hand of Zhao Hai, stared his one eyes. Zhao Hai embarrassed smiling, this said : perhaps, in any case was Bubble said that my also don’t know, I want to give a try.” Said that Zhao Hai sat sand there, has issued an order to Magic Staff. Stops outside Blood Staff, immediately hits toward that bead, Zhao Hai they are staring at the screen, wants to have a look at that bead is anything responded. Eye look at Blood Staff must knock to that bead, that bead was startled the hedgehog that probably arrives, fast revolved, along with his rotation, his all around suddenly blew strong winds, then wind getting bigger and bigger, slowly, unexpectedly turned into the tornado, on the additional that frozen hardness not compared with ground, could not withstand this wind the pressure, was curled a deep big hole by that wind. But Blood Staff unexpectedly also blowing did not have the means by that wind in advancing one, Zhao Hai one startled, immediately received returned to Blood Staff in Space, but the bead that look at that Laura their actually one face cannot believe rotated, they have not thought that this bead was on fire, so was really fierce. Some little time that wind stopped, that bead under supporting of small tornado, about keeping is rocking, probably a person about is having a look. Zhao Hai cannot bear wipe away sweat, this Little Thing also is really very slides, but Zhao Hai not polite, in the heart moves, Space rift suddenly appears in side of that bead, then the big hand in Space one has extended together, a capture that bead, one on pulling in Space.

That bead just entered in Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently Wind Spirit life form, this life form has the hostility to Space, surrenders, surrenders.” The Zhao Hai intention moves, that bead immediately appears in in the room, this bead has looked like green , several near transparent, but you eye gathering bead spinning that , can presently, in this bead have one group of tornados probably keep. look at Zhao Hai look at bead said : „can you speak?” A light bright infant voice transmits said : to see Master, I can speak.” Zhao Hai one hear of he can speak, this nodded said : well, can be in a moment good, later you called Breeze, Bubble, Breeze, you have remembered, later must listen to the Cai'er words, Cai'er, tube tube these two kids well.” The Cai'er young lady smiles said : tenderly Young Master feel relieved, I certainly well manages their.” Zhao Hai then nodded, he knows that Cai'er jing very spirits, but he does not like cracking a joke, therefore Cai'er now also appears very proper, he still remembers that Cai'er is riding Zhao Wen, when plays the nong Mu'er appearance. Laura had not opposed that the Zhao Hai words, although said that she likes Bubble very much, however their matters are too many, daily has not accompanied possibly Bubble to play, making Bubble their together play with Cai'er also very well. Actually Laura they Mu'er, the Cai'er person pass have regarded the amusing child to be the same, although said that Cai'er their ability is extraordinary, because of their images, therefore Laura they unconscious will regard the child them, they in Space are all right, frequent accompanies Cai'er and Mu'er plays a small little while, that time was they happiest time. Zhao Hai also likes accompanying Cai'er her person to play a small little while, to be honest, the sentiment of Zhao Hai to Space, they be deeper than Laura, because regarding Zhao Hai, Space here is representing him and Earth there sole connection. Since Ark Continent here, Zhao Hai presently more and more like a Ark Continent person, he do not think, but does not have the means that he wants in the Ark Continent here survival, only to become is the same with the here person, but each time he to Space here time, always felt one probably were also returned to on Earth, was playing the Farm game in there, oneself were still ordinary earthman one, but here all, was just a dream. bk b