Chapter 606 fighting intent However Zhao Hai now is also not very wants to return to Earth, the returned to Earth, that is also ordinary nerd, in here he is Zhao Hai Buda, is Buda Family Clan, the pretty wife who several on the ball want unable to think, in here compared with Earth has gotten up being much better many. His all will think of Earth, is wants the time reminds itself, where oneself are from comes, in this Universe, planet called Earth, the there also country to call China, person of there also one crowd of yellow skin black eyes, was his true clansman. although Zhao Hai now is Buda Family Patriarch, was got married and began a career in Ark Continent here, but that Chinese complex did not have means to result at heart, he has thought one were a Chinese, was the descendants of the dragon, but got married and began a career to Ark Continent here now, looked like a Chinese has worked to the overseas, externally tied the wife to give birth. What is different in person of foreign work with these, these people can also return to homeland, but he, forever could not go back. Now the North Polar Icefield here matter was also processes, Zhao Hai also relaxed, his immediately returned to volcano there, Zhao Hai had complied with Tess, must bring Beast God Spear to come here to worship. Zhao Hai from Space to volcano there, in hand was taking Bloody War, he just came out, is Bloody War from appears on the spear|gun's body, direction said : of his look at volcano Young Master, where here? Why feels my Beastman Race fighting intent? Moreover so strong?” Zhao Hai matter that the Diamond Ape clan handled, the long and short of the story to Bloody War said that Bloody War continuously static was listening, when continuously Zhao Hai said that Bloody War then let out a long breath, deep voice said : good, great, worthily was the Beast God child, you were great!” The Bloody War voice just fell, sees that volcano there, suddenly red light soars to the heavens, Zhao Hai thinks that was the volcano in the violent, but looked is not, although crater there red light soared to the heavens, but did not have a point heat degree, instead to had ice-cold killing aura, dares with imposing manner that the day fought. fighting intent! This should be fighting intent that Bloody War said! Zhao Hai felt that this imposing manner, immediately has affirmed, but his understand, this fighting intent, a normally why point cannot feel, instead to is Bloody War a few words, this fighting intent on the suddenly violent? fighting intent unexpectedly congealing that slowly at this time the crater there violent came out, finally turned into one to point to the heaven the blood red spear|gun shade, this spear|gun shade very enormous, fully several feet high, thick also more than one meter thick, looked like formidable might is extraordinary, imposing manner was astonishing. This spear|gun shade forming, Bloody War immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, you let loose me, these fighting intent regarding me, but the thing of big making up.” Zhao Hai immediately loosened Bloody War. Zhao Hai drops, the Bloody War immediately crater flies likely, then one has cut through in that giant spear|gun shade, then Zhao Hai saw entire spear|gun shade of that spear|gun shade slowly after shrinking to integrate Bloody War within the body, Bloody War then flew. However Zhao Hai present, on originally green black spear|gun's body, actually appears one layer faint red , moreover imposing manner also foot of Bloody War. At this time Bloody War on the blood spear|gun's body drilled, but he now was higher than before, Zhao Hai look at Bloody War said : what kind of? This is thing really useful to you? How can obtain?”

Bloody War shook the head said : Young Master, this fighting intent is Beastman Race unique Blood Oath fighting intent, this thing has big using to me, but this Blood Oath fighting intent, generally was the Blood Oath person, after several generations of efforts, can training bit by bit this fighting intent come, in normally was thing that simply could not see, moreover I was weapon, I only then fought with all might in the battlefield, the strength will be getting stronger and stronger, Young Master did not need to be worried for me, my present strength already with my most flourishing time almost.” Zhao Hai then nodded said : I to get you to see current Patriarch of Diamond Ape clan now, they want to see you, you also told that them these were turned into Undead Creature the matter of Diamond Ape clan by me, do not make them misunderstand me.” Bloody War nod said : invited Young Master feel relieved, Bloody War understand.” Zhao Hai then nodded, is bringing Bloody War returned to Space, then from Space there direct returned to Iron Mountain Fort. Tess their these days to very enjoyable, possibly is in the Beastman Race bone on the life of adaptation this herding, their although will have in 5000 not to let off the herd, however under the help of Giant-horn Ox Clan, several days on learn . Moreover the custom life of ten points, but these in mountain city there, normally will appear without Giant Ape that jing will hit to pick, to here, appeared lively, this made Tess feel unusual happy. But Tess somewhat has been worried about North Polar Icefield there, Zhao Hai went these many days, still does not have information, this made him be worried. He fears Zhao Hai to have an accident, feared that Zhao Hai could not find Beast God Spear, therefore these days he does not have one day to have a good sleep to think that the whole person was also thin much, comes compared with other Diamond Ape clansman, his appearance appears very exhausted. On this day Tess is grazing sheep, suddenly his personal appearance appears a person, Tess one startled, but his immediately has thought that can such silent appears in own side, moreover his beast relative did not have any response, had Zhao Hai. Tess turns the head Zhao Hai, look at of Zhao Hai face smiling face he, in hand is also taking long spear. This spear|gun is not Human Race uses obviously, spear shaft/gun barrel very thick, moreover very long knows that is weapon of Beastman Race use. The Tess look at Zhao Hai in hand spear|gun, he in the clan of Diamond Ape clan in the Beast God Spear style in history seeing, moreover in the clansman history has also carried on very careful tracing character to Beast God Spear, from the length of spear head, to the spear shaft/gun barrel length, is arriving at the thickness of spear shaft/gun barrel, the weight of spear|gun, all has carried on very careful tracing character, therefore he recognized certainly, Zhao Hai in hand was taking, was Beast God Spear. Tess half step has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, big Bang knelt down the ground, extended both hands of shivering, the cradling Zhao Hai in hand Beast God Spear, flowing that the tears could not stop. Zhao Hai has put Tess under the hand/subordinate Beast God Spear, Tess careful look at Beast God Spear, suddenly howls, his weeping sound also has only alarmed other Diamond Ape clansman, these people have also encircled, when these people see Tess in hand Beast God Spear, has gawked, then one all has knelt, flowing that the tears of all people cannot stop. Diamond Ape clansman enters North Polar Icefield to seek for Beast God Spear, therefore they were informed Beast God Spear by the elder since childhood are any appearances, therefore their eyes can recognize Beast God Spear. Is adding on the response of Tess, their simply point suspicion, in 5000, 5000 obsession, now finally had not obtained the extrication. Zhao Hai static side, he can understand that the Tess mood, in 5000, the how long time, such passed unexpectedly, these 5000, they have had many pain, received many crimes, a race about eight hundred thousand people, almost perished, hardship, who can understand.

Some little time Tess their mood calm slowly, Zhao Hai turned the head to Tess said : Tess, Beast God Spear Artifact Spirit, I have cured to injure him, he can come out saying that with you several words, the matter that you said I do not listen, wait a minute I.” Tess has complied with one, Zhao Hai then returned to in the Iron Mountain Fort living room, Green their Zhao Hai came back, Green immediately/on horseback said : how Young Master? Attained Beast God Spear?” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : to attain, in Tess in hand, feel relieved, has been all right, when Tess they worshipped, I went to Beastman Race there, gave Beast King Beast God Spear jiao, I can become Beastman Race Crown Prince, he he.” Green laughs said : Beastman Race Crown Prince, Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, the Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, HaHaHa, our Buda Family from establishment on that day starting from, not such sight, fantastic.” After Zhao Hai smiles said : „the Beastman Race there matter processes, I prepare Dwarf Race there, I think that now Billy Patriarch, already with jing Spirit Race communicate was similar, I want to go to jing Spirit Race there, only then gets up their alliance, we may block the attack of God Race.” The smiling face on Green face also received, heavy nod said : of this point I know, Young Master, I thought grain anything that our Black Wasteland here produces, did not want merchant, only merchant thing in your Space, producing of Black Wasteland here, remained to make the strategic resources, after all, if the going to war words, these thing cannot be short.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Grandpa Green your feel relieved, now Space there has ten background, these ten background have not used now, if uses, but that crop are many, your feel relieved, don't worry.” Green has tapped the head, smiles said : you to have a look at me, forgot Space to be also many that many background matters, ok, that did not need to save, but Young Master, how we know when God Race did begin?” Zhao Hai coldly smiles said : „, so long as we prepared, even if they did not begin, I also wanted bi they to begin, the light such was waiting, was too passive.” Green stares, look at Zhao Hai that then two eyes shines, laughs said : well, fantastic that Young Master this saying said that is the defense is not only good, our Buda Family Wild Dragon War flag, is the flag has referred, invincible, the attack is Buda Family most loves, good, such manages.” Now Green to Zhao Hai that is confident, must know now in Buda Family, not only there is Cai'er this God Rank Expert to sit, more than 1 million 9th level Expert, has such strength, Green even believes that they can speak the last words with God Race fully. Idea of Zhao Hai don’t know Green, but he is not that type the person who is waiting for coming under attack, knew the opposite party wants to cope with him, he first will begin generally, but he has not prepared now, this has not begun. Zhao Hai heard Green saying that also showed a faint smile, turned the head to Green said : after these many years exhibitions, don’t know God Race present strength how, moreover Demon Race eyed covetously in the one side, now our Ark Continent here day does not feel better, what a pity, most people don’t know this point, ok, did not think that many, Grandpa Green, you did not use I, I went to Tess there, if they want to go to North Polar Icefield there to worship, I must lead them to go, the here matter on jiao give you, was right, Tess they in here custom also?” Green smiles said : custom, is familiar with very much, now they basically have not needed the Giant-horn Ox Clan person to direct, Young Master your feel relieved.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, I walked.” Said that personal appearance flashes, vanished in the living room. The position that Green look at Zhao Hai vanishes, shows a faint smile, mutters said : Old Master, you may once think our Buda Family will have such one day? Young Master has now had prospects, later our Buda Family can cultivate the behavior proudly!” This is the dream of Green, now can say that this dream completely has been realized, Green looks is clearer than Zhao Hai, now the people on Continent know the Buda Family powerful, even if were Buda Family says the Black Wasteland here situation, few individuals dare to come Buda Family. Was adding on Zhao Hai immediately to become Beastman Race Crown Prince, was Dwarf Race Foreign Crown Prince, such status, put any country, was existences that nobody dares to offend, can say now Buda Family made a name truly. Zhao Hai and don’t know Green is thinking anything, he according to own plan, gradually proceeds, other matters, he will not manage. Waits for Zhao Hai appears , when Tess nearby them, Bloody War returned to in spear shaft/gun barrel, Tess looked at Zhao Hai appears , immediately/on horseback has been kneeling to Zhao Hai with their clansman. Zhao Hai quickly said: Tess Patriarch please get up, your big ritual, I may unable to receive like this.” Tess, but was kowtowing to Zhao Hai, this said : Patriarch, you are the benefactor of our Diamond Ape clan, you not only us from North Polar Icefield that dead region, but also arranged a such good place us, gave back to our cattle, you have also retrieved Beast God Spear for us, not only you benefactor of our Diamond Ape clan, was our entire Beastman Race benefactor, could handle us to do obeisance!” Said that kowtowed to Zhao Hai. Other Diamond Ape clansman also simultaneously does obeisance to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai these time to does not have avoid, received them to do obeisance, deep voice said : good, you got up, later you were our Buda Family people, does not need to care about these superficial politenesses, so long as remembered, turned toward Buda Family wholeheartedly on the line.” Tess they should be with one voice, this has stood, Zhao Hai looked at Tess said : I to take Beast God Spear to worship in volcano there, do you also want to worship?” Tess shook the head said : not to need Patriarch, just Sir Artifact Spirit had told us, we, have not been able to let ancestor's fighting intent and Sir Artifact Spirit coincide, we feel being honored extremely!” Zhao Hai look at Tess, nodded said : well, I must deliver returned to Beastman Prairie to go Beast God Spear, you are busy at your matter going.” Said that took up Beast God Spear, the flashes body vanished before the people. bk b