Chapter 607 is excited

Beast King these days has been paying attention to North Polar Icefield there information, from person Zhao Hai enters to North Polar Icefield already two months, to the present is point information does not have. He ordering has let be stationed in North Polar Icefield there great Tiger Race, the polar bear clan and ice blue Hawk Clan time the sound in attention North Polar Icefield, so long as there has the sound, they must the horse support, do not hesitate at all costs to maintain Zhao Hai. Therefore ices blue Hawk Clan is almost everyday uninterrupted sending for goes on patrol outside of icefield, so long as presently the Zhao Hai trace, immediately must protect Zhao Hai. However has been a pity, they and don’t know Zhao Hai in hand has Space this treasure, therefore their this turns the achievement, all managed 1 ang in vain to spend. do not blame Beast King so careful, he is not careful is not good, this time matter was really too big, good, but Beast God Spear, Beastman Race Divine Artifact, such as must be able to take carry back, regarding entire Beastman Race, the significance was significant. Was adding on Zhao Hai also to say to Beast King God Race matter, as the matter stands, Beast God Spear appeared particularly was important, Beast King has no alternative but to be careful. these days Beast King has not had a good sleep, but now nearly two months passed, Zhao Hai is information does not have, Beast King thought that the motion of this Zhao Hai was possibly defeated. Sits in Beast King of office rest area, cannot help but sighed, he was Zhao Hai feels to be a pity, since knows why after Zhao Hai will help he sought for Beast God Spear, Beast King has believed that Zhao Hai was a very great person, for entire Ark Continent, he did not hesitate to violate the danger by the body, he hopes that Zhao Hai can succeed, but now looks like, successful opportunity was not big. However is good because of Buda Family does not have what fluctuation, the business is the same is doing, especially with the Beastman Race business, has been doing, moreover does is very good. although is this, but Beast King hidden sighed the mouth, he was worried for entire Ark Continent, if Zhao Hai cannot find Beast God Spear, will be good they danger, he, if in having one month, Zhao Hai has not come back to look, he can only please leave several 9th level Expert to act, goes to North Polar Icefield there, how regardless of must Beast God Spear looking, for Beastman Race, for entire Ark Continent. In this time, Beast King guard suddenly was walking, face excited look at Beast King said : Your Majesty, Mr. Zhao Hai seeks an interview outside!” Beast King has gawked, for a while has not responded that dull look at his guard, some little time he recovers, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Invited quickly, no, I greeted personally.” The half step walks outward.

Their room, before sees a circular Tiger clansman én, good Tiger clansman not to have thought obviously Beast King will come out personally, but his immediately/on horseback said : has seen Your Majesty.” Did Beast King beckon with the hand said : Mr. Zhao Hai in that?” That Tiger clansman immediately/on horseback said : is registering in big tent to rest outside the palace.” Beast King simply has not spoken, walks toward the palace outside. Zhao Hai is sitting in registration big tent, chatted with there several Beastman, he went to North Polar Icefield matter secret, in Beastman, few knows personally that in these Beastman that in big tent worked actually already knows his name, these people know, do not look this Mr. Zhao Hai was common, but this can seek an interview existence of Beast King at any time, they do not dare to offend. Is adding on them to Zhao Hai also very grateful, so long as is the Beastman family property, will not have not to make milk liquor, but now Zhao Hai is doing the milk liquor business, will have the advantage to their family, they to Zhao Hai very grateful, will be adding on Magic Lily Store to do business continuously justice, their these Beastman profit a great deal, now puts here on Beastman, even if will be Zhao Hai does not put out Friendship flag, so long as will send out his name, Beastman Race has not shown due respect for the feelings. The war passed progresses very much, now had some Human Race Merchant to come Beastman Race here to do business, but after these people arrived, present, their business shrank, even if before is, has the business dealings tribe with them, now does not regard first to choose them, the first choice that Beastman Race does business, forever is Magic Lily Store. However these Merchant do not have the means that their present simply do not offend Magic Lily Store, first did not say the Magic Lily Store back is Buda Family this powerful Clan, now in Beastman Race here, offended Magic Lily Store, first does not comply is these Beastman. Moreover that commercial federation before Zhao Hai also organized, now entire Beastman Race does business in a big way was Zhao Hai that commercial federation, if other people want to do business in Beastman Race here, nobody dares to offend the commercial federation. Naturally, Zhao Hai has not provoked them on own initiative, Zhao Hai very clear, Beastman Race is too big, their here business, his impossible person to eat, so long as these person of normal doing business, do not play yin, Zhao Hai will not manage, the normal commercial competition, Zhao Hai did not fear. In this time, outside is hearing a sound of footsteps, Zhao Hai knows that was that came back to Tiger clansman that he notified, what made him feel strange, the sound of footsteps of more than one person he heard. In Zhao Hai strange time, the mén curtain of tent selects, a person walked from outside, Zhao Hai looked that this person cannot help but stares, because of this Beast King, Zhao Hai hastily goes forward to salute upon meeting said : to see Your Majesty.” Beast King excited walks up, has helped up Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai that two eyes decides, actually excited could not speak, Zhao Hai looked at the Beast King appearance, knows that he wants to ask anything, Zhao Hai nod of gently.

Beast King face was more excited, holds on Zhao Hai hand said : mister to go in me quickly, we went were saying.” Said no matter also in the room face of several people, then Zhao Hai walks toward Beast Palace, leaves behind several people of look at each other in dismay in tent, they have not thought really that status of Zhao Hai in Beast King heart so is unexpectedly high, can make Beast King come out unexpectedly to greet personally. Beast King then Zhao Hai to the place of his work, having made the guard defend outside, his had immediately to Zhao Hai said : mister, you found Beast God Spear really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Beast God Spear appears in in his hand, Zhao Hai both hands was holding the spear|gun, slowly has handed the Beast King front. Beast King the hand shiver received Beast God Spear, the tears in eye flowing that cannot bear, he holds to feel Beast God Spear sharpshooter gently, some little time let out a long breath, the tears in eye vanished, this Beast God Spear respectful putting, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : to thank mister, thanked mister to help our Beastman clan retrieve Divine Artifact.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty not to use politely, Beast God Spear Artifact Spirit, restored such as beginning, has been able the visualization, if Your Majesty has any matter, can ask Sir Artifact Spirit.” Beast King has gawked, look at that then two eyes takes a broad view at places Beast God Spear in nearby weapon, then he bows said : to ask Sir Artifact Spirit to come to Beast God Spear.” His words just a saying ended, is Bloody War on appears on spear shaft/gun barrel, his look at Beast King said : now you king of Beastman?” Beast King sees Bloody War, excited saluting said : allow Wei Jian Sir Artifact Spirit, I have been the king of present Beastman.” Bloody War nodded said : well, the Beastman Race here situation, Mr. Zhao Hai with my allow, he also said probably that Dwarf Race told his matter, I must tell you am, God Realm and God Race matter real, the unnecessary words I did not say that it's up to you.” The personal appearance submerged in spear shaft/gun barrel. Beast King then to Beast God Spear gave a salute, this turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : to thank mister.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Your Majesty to be polite, Sir Artifact Spirit after restoring is my such Human Race in his side, he feels strange, therefore I told him the Beastman Race here situation and God Realm matter, has not thought that he also knows this matter, moreover what told Dwarf Race Sir Artifact Spirit is the same.” Beast King nodded, sighs said : so looks like, mister beforehand inference possibly real, Radiant Church these fellows possibly are really God Realm nong come out, no matter what, cannot let off them, mister invited feel relieved, my tomorrow to the outside will announce that you were the Beastman Race Crown Prince matter.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to worry, Your Majesty knows that this matter, that was easy to do, how then Beastman Race here must prepare me not to manage, my immediately must leave Dwarf Race there, Billy Patriarch must say that must contact with jing Spirit Race, now situation don’t know how, I have wanted to have a look.” Beast King nodded said : this matter to make mister take the trouble, mister feel relieved, appoints mister is the Crown Prince matter, before I had reached an agreement with Beastman Race major War Clan Patriarch, they agreed that now mister came back, so long as an appointment has been OK, will not have any trouble, does not have any ceremony, mister can handle own matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that thanked Your Majesty, now Beastman Race here needs to save the strength, before Beastman Race lacked the iron hardware, now has the support of Dwarf Race iron hardware, I think that the Beastman Race here show will be quicker, but a little I think and Your Majesty Beastman Race need to recuperate now, no matter the war between Beastman Race, was war between Beastman Race and Human Race, should better want a control point, otherwise had Beastman Race of iron hardware, if hit , the casualties were too big.” Beast King nodded said : mister to invite feel relieved, this I can control be good, but now the Beastman Race in hand grain in storage was not too many, the matter of grain gave mister on jiao.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this point Your Majesty to invite feel relieved, no matter Bamboo rice or Bread Fruit, you want many, I can provide many, moreover a rate fair price, invited Your Majesty feel relieved.” Beast King that asked mister to Zhao Hai said :, mister please come with me, today in any event must ask mister to have a food, otherwise my conscience restless that.” Zhao Hai smiles said : so to disturb Your Majesty, but Your Majesty should better information that Beast God Spear looked , the blockade of secret, this is also we copes with God Race killing strike, I think that Radiant Church definitely knows the matter that Beast God Spear loses, made them continue to think.” bk b