Chapter 608 cooperates Zhao Hai Buda became Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince!” This information looked like gust same blowing to the Continent main street and small alley, all people knew, but this information without doubt was a thunderclap, gave to explode fainted all people! Beastman Race just with the Human Race war in the past was about several months, but at this time, suddenly spread unexpectedly, Human Race became Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince information, this made on Continent all people feel stunned. Zhao Hai this name also quiet two months later on time letting Continent all person mentions again, the people presently this Buda Family Patriarch is really possessing marvelous abilities, can become Beastman Race Crown Prince at this time unexpectedly, moreover listens to Beastman Race, he has helped busy of Beastman Race, but has helped any busy, Beastman Race ordinary Beastman don’t know, this cannot help but has triggered all sorts of guesses. But this time Zhao Hai is actually looking like Lando explain all these in dark soldier fort there, Zhao Hai the God Realm matter, the North Polar Icefield matter said to Lando, Lando compared with King, he does not have own discretion, Zhao Hai believes that he knew this matter, will not tell anybody. After listening to the explanation of Zhao Hai, Lando is also a heaviness of face, but he after Zhao Hai leave, immediately has adjusted the Calci Family show strategy, this made the bystander unclear grew in vain any matter. Zhao Hai went to Crook Family, but he has not told the Jesse God Realm matter, has not told him the Beast God Spear matter, but told Crook Family, making them carry on to adjust the Clan show strategy. Jesse although understand Zhao Hai is not any meaning, but he believes that the Zhao Hai this forever ally will not harm their, therefore Crook Family has also made some adjustments. Naturally, doing of these adjustments is not obvious, even if were known by the bystander , can only think that they have made some ordinary adjustments, and no big deal. Zhao Hai although also went to the Rosen Empire country palace to visit King, but he has not said anything to King, but chatted a while, his understand, senior official not hidden, do not say that King, Zhao Hai has not dared to tell King these matters. After handling the Rosen Empire matter, Zhao Hai went to Buddha Empire, previous time he for these bull shape Magic Beast that Buddha Empire nong came, has given Buddha Empire King, King very satisfied of Buddha country's. These that Zhao Hai brings but Hercules Tauren Clan special-purpose Magic Beast, level is not low, this regarding Buddha Empire is really very important.

Zhao Hai travels by boat the Buddha Empire national capital cavalry city, this Zhao Hai to cavalry city here, to discuss the horse shape Magic Beast matter with King. Wales there transmitted information to Zhao Hai, the horse shape Magic Beast matter had information, horse clansman is also willing comes to change some iron hardware with some 4th level and 5th level horse shape Magic Beast with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai these time comes to discuss this matter with Buddha Empire King. The Zhao Hai ship just entered harbor, presently Ironwood already in there , etc. he, but Ironwood has not put on his full body armor today, but has put on very ordinary warrior cloth, but stands in there has turns imposing manner is not a simple character. Zhao Hai from Haven Ship, Ironwood immediately welcomed, leaves far away was laughing said : mister to be to Zhao Hai came, Your Majesty was waiting for mister.” Zhao Hai was bowing said : tired general to wait for a long time to Ironwood, asking the general to forgive.” Ironwood thinks little, laughing mister so is always polite to Zhao Hai said :, this fantastic, mister quickly does not come along with me, Your Majesty is waiting for mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, general invited.” Said that they have sat down horse carriage, walks toward in the city, but this horse carriage in the imperial palace sends, therefore this opens access all the way. After they will get out, Ironwood has boiled a pot sub to Zhao Hai, this previous mister sends for sending these bull shape Magic Beast that to Zhao Hai said :, Your Majesty very satisfied, today Your Majesty said that must thank mister well, therefore heard that mister came, early sent for waiting in there.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Your Majesty was really too polite, I was only Merchant, Merchant helped the business heaviest prestige, complied with Your Majesty, naturally must achieve.” Ironwood laughs said : mister is not general Merchant, to be honest, below admiring mister, has not thought really mister can become Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince unexpectedly, was really too great, but you near millenniums, first Human Race Beastman other families Crown Prince.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, but was nearest/recent has helped Beastman Race slightly busy, Beast King stemmed from the gratitude, therefore complying to give us this Foreign Crown Prince title, actually did not have what authority.” Ironwood smiles said : mister not to need to be so modest, Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince I am have also heard, person who non- has great kindness to Beastman Race is impossible to take on, did mister certainly help Beastman Race be busy?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : is, but if actually, I help their matters, they can also do, but I suit, he he.” As soon as Ironwood listened to Zhao Hai saying that also knows that Zhao Hai is not willing to say this matter, he did not have to ask, but smiles said : mister now is Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, has facilitated with their merchant, don’t know mister whether from Beastman Race there nong to many Magic Beast?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is not that easy, the Beastman Race temperament is not good, sometimes Beast King cannot suppress, do not say that my Foreign Crown Prince, Beastman Race each clan had own unique Magic Beast, now I can only nong to Tauren Clan unique Magic Beast, send to Your Majesty, but in recent time, I have drawn in relationship through Tauren Clan and horse clansman, can nong to horse shape Magic Beast, this be my limit hopefully.” Ironwood is actually two eyes one bright, horse shape Magic Beast most suits takes Mount Magic Beast, if there are massive horse shape Magic Beast, that Buddha Empire cavalry fighting strength meets bring it up a level. horse carriage arrived at the imperial palace quickly, they welcome to following small hall, Buddha Empire King be waiting for them in there directly. After they see to King exchanging greetings, is bestowed sitting, when they sit down, Buddha Empire King then smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai to be laborious to Zhao Hai, my Buddha Empire really wants thanks a lot mister.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Does not dare, Your Majesty was too polite, I was me to do.” Magic Beast although of King look at mister previous sending to Zhao Hai said : are not many, but made me see the hope, hopes later can long-term cooperated with mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that nature to be good, can cooperate with Your Majesty, is the advantage is many to me, Your Majesty, this time I came to have a matter to say to Your Majesty that I have drawn in relationship through Tauren Clan and horse clansman, hopeful nong to some horse shape Magic Beast, but horse clansman put forward the condition is, making me use the iron hardware to trade, does not know that what opinion Your Majesty was?” King one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then the knitting the brows head, iron hardware Buddha Empire efficient instrument, because of the Buddha Empire iron hardware, is almost Dwarf has produced, if exits massively, regarding Buddha Empire is not, but he feared, if he exits the iron hardware massively, Beastman Race is taking these iron hardware to attack them, he has become the Continent criminal, moreover when the time comes other countries feared that is meets seize the opportunity to be difficult to him. Thinks of here, King cannot help but turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister now is Beastman Race Crown Prince, then can ask mister to tell me, did Beastman Race want these many iron hardware to do?” Zhao Hai one hear of King said that he smiles said : Your Majesty worry Zhao Hai understand, what Zhao Hai this Foreign Crown Prince although does not have too big authority, however internal information a little, is Your Majesty is worried about Beastman Race in an invasion our Human Race? This point invited Your Majesty feel relieved, I obtained information from Beastman Race there, feared is soon, Beastman Race wanted Bu to seal|confer Blade Command!”

Buddha King cannot help but was shocked, Beastman Race the seals Blade Command he is knows that this is Beastman Race an order of resting and building up strength, so long as announced seals Blade Command, that Beastman Race base originally will not resort to violence, no matter interior exterior, basically in resorting to violence, only then the survival of Beastman Race is threaten time, they in one time will resort to violence, in other words, so long as announced will seal Blade Command, between Beastman Race and Human Race in living the war, so long as Human Race not bi too ruthlessly. What Buddha King look at Zhao Hai said : mister said is real?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to dare to deceive Your Majesty, invited Your Majesty feel relieved, I thought Beastman Race to be able in the near future Bu to seal|confer Blade Command.” Buddha King nodded, thinks said : „, if is really this, that arrives is really good information, so long as the announcement of Beastman Race has sealed Blade Command, then with horse clansman business, I can also comply.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to invite Your Majesty feel relieved, I want to transmit in less than several days information, so long as the Your Majesty agreement is good, the remaining matters gave me on jiao.” Reason that Zhao Hai will mention with Buddha King seals the Blade Command matter, to let Buddha King promises him and Dwarf Race iron hardware business, although he can not through King from Dwarf Race there nong to the iron hardware, but he does not think, because this matter lets Dwarf Race and Buddha Empire lives any contradiction, now Dwarf Race needs to rest and build up strength, preparation and God Race war time, if lived the contradiction with Buddha Empire, they did not have the means to prepare relieved. Zhao Hai believes that Buddha King will promise business between him and Dwarf Race, reason that Dwarf Race iron hardware Buddha Empire covering in hand stubbornly, had feared these iron hardware can become other countries copes with their efficient instrument, but sold to Beastman Race not to be different, Beastman Race was far from them too, the middle is away from several countries, has not threatened to them completely, therefore Zhao Hai believes that Buddha King will comply. Buddha King will comply, following a performance of time Zhao Hai unable to separate, previous Zhao Hai from Dwarf Race there nong to many iron hardware, he to Buddha King said that will not give Rosen Empire these iron hardware , his Dwarf iron hardware has not given Rosen Empire, therefore Buddha King will agree with Zhao Hai this cooperation. bk b