Chapter 609 Sea Race accident After several days, Beastman there really transmitted information, Beastman Race there announced sealed Blade Command, but this time Zhao Hai arrived at Dwarf Iron Mountain. Now but Zhao Hai status Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, therefore arrives at Dwarf Iron Mountain here, directly welcome to Billy their village. Billy received in Zhao Hai his family personally, to Billy, after they sat down, Billy look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what's the matter? Your has suddenly become Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince? Because you did help them restore Artifact Spirit?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, not only, Beastman Race Beast God Spear lost before 5000 in North Polar Icefield, these years their although sends for seeking repeatedly, but has not to return, this time I went to North Polar Icefield to help them help Beast God Spear look, therefore they have given my this Crown Prince position.” Billy did said : lose? How come? that is Beastman Race Divine Artifact.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said to Billy the matter of Diamond Ape clan, Billy then nodded said : originally because of this, no wonder the Diamond Ape clan will be sent into exile, in my clan in history saw that Diamond Ape clan Beastman Race once Royal Family was sent into exile, I also feel strange, originally unexpectedly is because lost Beast God Spear original.” Zhao Hai nodded said : present Beast God Spear already returned to Beastman Race, moreover Artifact Spirit also restored, Beastman announced seals Blade Command, they were prepare to rest and build up strength, how Dwarf Race should also, I now and Dwarf Race iron hardware business, already and Buddha Empire King said that he wants to make me help him buy Magic Beast from Beastman there, therefore I made him promise me and your iron hardware business, as the matter stands was greatly, he who among us the iron hardware business did will not manage, Dwarf Race can still maintain good relationship with Buddha Empire, this was very important to Dwarf Race.” Billy nodded far that said : you think, what do that then we want to make?” Zhao Hai smiles said : anything not to need to do, so long as the relieved show were good, outside matter jiao gave me to be good, I started to store up grain with daily necessities these strategic resources now.” Billy nodded said : „the Dwarf Race here matter your feel relieved to be good, our these year of although massive sells the weapon outward, but the in hand goods in stock are also presently many, moreover these that saves, is jing, these that compared with selling are also better, therefore the matter of weapon you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded said : our later merchant ways as before, uses that Warehouse to be good, was right, you said that wants matter that asked person Black Wasteland there to settle down, you managed how?” Billy nodded said : to manage, now more than 1000 people are willing to go to Iron Mountain Fort there to settle down, what kind of? When walks?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : wait, I must go to Black Wasteland there to arrange, to they arrange place, is meeting them, they went to there, will not have the iron to hit daily, may do other.” Billy smiles said : this naturally not to have the issue, I had already told them, feel relieved was good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be right, if your here is digging to any special thing, remembers that must remain to me, I am most curious to special thing.” Billy laughs said : not to have the issue, your feel relieved.”

Zhao Hai then said : jing Spirit Race there situation? Did they reply?” Billy has smiled bitterly next step: Jing Spirit Race there do not worry, these fellows are slow xing, they said that must research well one line answer us, does not have information to the present, do not worry.” Zhao Hai nodded, he did not know about jing Spirit Race, since Billy said that he does not have anything saying that can only wait, Radiant Church there a short time will not move in any case now, but whether Zhao Hai really wants to go to Elven Forest Level Up, but looks now, but must and other time. Zhao Hai stayed for day in Dwarf Race here, from Space returned to Golden Island there, how he has wanted to have a look at there business nearest/recent. To Golden Island there, Zhao Hai knows that Hurricane Family has sent Kristen long in Golden Island, started to do business in here, business also very simple that they made, was similar to Buda Family, was some grain and so on business, heard that the business was good. Zhao Hai to has not gone to see Kristen, because he is not attracted by information, Kun told Zhao Hai, these days they and Sea Race there business, some fluctuations, Rock-Shrimp Race their nearest/recent was reducing with their business. This information is very important regarding Zhao Hai, he and Sea Race business is the true alone mén business, if this business broke, then has very tremendous influence regarding Buda Family, therefore Zhao Hai decided that goes to Sea Race there to have a look personally. However Zhao Hai or chou emptied Black Wasteland, making Green they give the place that Dwarf Race prepared to live, Zhao Hai asks Dwarf Race to come, wants to enable their here iron hardware to achieve produces, wants to let these slave many én craftsmanship. Now his in Space can produce some iron ore, but the quantity are not many, but in these slaves who he buys, although also several are the blacksmiths, but the craftsmanship of these slaves are really not good, Zhao Hai then wants to ask some Dwarf to settle down to Black Wasteland here. Green has been used to it regarding this matter, but this time is Dwarf, Green has closed some customs of Dwarf Race, before already, they have not contacted Dwarf Race. Zhao Hai also asked Billy, Billy to is good to speak, their simply any request, Zhao Hai only cannot let Green look at nong, but he returned to Golden Island there, travelled by boat toward Rock-Shrimp Race coral reef there expunges. This route Zhao Hai passed through was inferior, naturally cannot go astray, moreover presently on the sea these pirates also know that Buda Family will send out the ship round trip deep sea to carry out some work of fishing, therefore became accustomed. Buda Family on the sea is very strong, these pirates will see the Buda Family ship around walking, therefore this all the way very safe. Five days later, Zhao Hai official entered the abysmal region, when let his strange, he has not run into the Sea Race person in here, if before he entered here, certainly will run into the Sea Race person, these time has not actually met. Zhao Hai somewhat strange opened monitor, on monitor appears some Inferior level Sea Beast, but a Sea Race shadow has not seen. With Zhao Hai in on the ship bask in the sun Laura they to this situation also felt that accident, Laura puzzled said : Elder Brother Hai, here wasn't the Sea Race domain? How nobody? Was the Sea Race person loaf?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : not necessarily, nearest/recent Sea Race reduced with our business, obviously is the Sea Race interior had problems, this situation has also proven this point.” Did Laura knit the brows said : to have problems? Can Sea Race have problems?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this who knew, only then after having met Sea Race, asking well can know.” Was saying, on suddenly Zhao Hai monitor appears a form of Rock-Shrimp Race person. Zhao Hai received monitor, Rock-Shrimp Race person appears by the Zhao Hai ship, that Rock-Shrimp Race person looked at Zhao Hai on the ship symbol one before long, does not have attack, but is said loudly: „Is don’t know Buda Family that in on the ship?” Near the Zhao Hai fast ship, in that Rock-Shrimp Race person to water bows said : Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai Buda to see the Rock-Shrimp Race brothers.” As soon as that Rock-Shrimp Race person listens to Zhao Hai to send out the reputation, cannot help but stares, then immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : originally unexpectedly was Zhao Hai Clan marriage go- from arriving, has been disrespectful below, don’t know Zhao Hai Clan main these did time come for what?” Can Zhao Hai to bow said : to have a matter to below this time to the good Rock-Shrimp Race person slightly see Noble Patriarch, don’t know?” That Rock-Shrimp Race person looked at Zhao Hai said : to be unfair to Zhao Hai Clan lord awkwardly, now some of our Rock-Shrimp Race matters, feared that was Patriarch does not have the time to see you, did you look?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to ask this Brother Shrimp Race to help my circular one, really has the matter to see Noble Patriarch below.” As soon as that Rock-Shrimp Race person listened to Zhao Hai saying that was somewhat awkward, but he also knows that Zhao Hai cannot offend, their Rock-Shrimp Race in Sea Race can only be a small clan, every year was busy for the matter of presenting tribute, if did not have Zhao Hai thing, they feared was day sad. Thinks that this Rock-Shrimp Race person Patriarch said to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, I try, asking Clan to wait a bit.” Said that this Rock-Shrimp Race person sank to in the sea, swam away toward their clan. Zhao Hai also made these Undead Creature fall the anchor, in there static was waiting for shore Shrimp Tribe, through has affirmed own guess with that Shrimp Tribe talk Zhao Hai, Sea Race internal real appears the issue. Original Zhao Hai planned to solve the jing Spirit Race there matter, then had a look in Sea Race here, no matter what, Sea Race was also a large clan in this world, if God Race these people want to rule this world, that will certainly not let off Sea Race, therefore Zhao Hai wants whether to move with Sea Race also alliance. Now jing Spirit Race there matter a short time could not manage, happen to Sea Race here had an accident, that just right, first solved the Sea Race here matter. Zhao Hai has not waited for too long time, Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch, on appears near the Haven Ship ship, Patriarch of Zhao Hai to Rock-Shrimp Race has bowed said : Patriarch you, takes the liberty to disturb, please excuse me.” Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch shows a faint smile said : not to think that these time is Clan comes unexpectedly personally, don’t know Clan must see below, what matter there is?” His although is smiling, but Zhao Hai actually arrives on his face still some anxious look, it seems like Sea Race these time has come across any matter.

Zhao Hai long shows a faint smile said : this time to see Patriarch to Rock-Shrimp Race, wants to ask Patriarch to help a gang, wants to seek an interview Sea Race Patriarch at some below matters.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Rock-Shrimp Race long cannot help but stares, then does he gain ground look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of Patriarch to see sea king Your Majesty?” Zhao Hai is also now knows that Sea Race Patriarch actually calls the sea king, this cannot blame him, the contact of Sea Race and Human Race were too few, the people do not even have these races in Sea Race, mentioned Sea Race, called by Sea Race this general designation, do not say how level between Sea Race divided, the Sea Race ruler named. Now one hear of Rock-Shrimp Race long said that the Sea Race ruler called the sea king, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : „, had the important matter to request to see sea king Your Majesty below, asking Patriarch to help me present, didn't know to be able?” Why Rock-Shrimp Race long look at Zhao Hai said : „can Clan see sea king Your Majesty? To be honest, by the Clan status, feared that is not enough to seek an interview sea king Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai sank yin next step: Patriarch, these time really had to request to see sea king Your Majesty below, the truth says to Patriarch, below besides was Buda Family Patriarch, was the Human Race biggest Empire Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, was Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, was Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, these time must see sea king Your Majesty below, if must say to Your Majesty relationship to the big matter of entire world that asking Patriarch to help.” Zhao Hai this long string name reported that Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch is turned hostile , he has not thought that Zhao Hai back unexpectedly so many influences, Human Race and Dwarf Race there status to, them almost does not have what understanding regarding Human Race and Dwarf Race, however Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince this status, truly lets some Rock-Shrimp Race long scruples. Sea Race and race on Ark Continent does not have what contact, sole had the contact race with them possibly on has been Beastman Race, because of Beastman Race with their long, moreover Beastman Race also had some are in the water the Beastman race, in these water Beastman Race, was not the complete life in the water, but said that they can live in the water, but cannot too long time, these Beastman Race have some are life seaside, had some are on the island of life, as the matter stands the nature had the contact on and Sea Race person, therefore one listened to Zhao Hai saying that he was Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch does not dare to neglect. Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch, bows said : not to think that to Zhao Hai Patriarch Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, has neglected below unexpectedly, but does not fear the Patriarch joke, our Rock-Shrimp Race in the sea is only a small clan, we do not have the qualifications to pay a visit sea king Your Majesty, therefore busy of this presentation, we feared that could not add on.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „to ask Patriarch to try to find the solution, these time looks for sea king Your Majesty below, for the business, did not have relationship to Your Majesty say to the entire world all races important matters really that this matter relationship was significant, asking Patriarch one to help.” Rock-Shrimp Race long looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, has probably any matter, cannot help but at heart moves, their Rock-Shrimp Race and Buda Family did business also for sometime, this Buda Family did business exquisite, price justice, Rock-Shrimp Race long the impression to Buda Family is very good, presently Zhao Hai appearance, he cannot help but also earnest, in his opinion, Zhao Hai possibly did not lie, had the matter. bk b