Chapter 610 Swordfish clan Such that just like Zhao Hai thinks, the Sea Race interior truly had an accident now, before Rock-Shrimp Race really like Rock-Shrimp Race long said that they did not have the qualifications to pay a visit the sea king, but now the situation is somewhat special, person who their these originally did not have the qualifications, currently had the qualifications. Reason that meets appears this situation , because in present Sea Race lived in one word, some people in challenging the Sea Race domain . Moreover the person powerful of very challenging, unexpectedly continually has also gathered very ally, now the sea king has had to alliance get up by bi like Rock-Shrimp Race the small and weak race with the situation that it contends with. Because of this, therefore Rock-Shrimp Race long currently has the qualifications to call on the sea king, but at this time, Zhao Hai actually looked for him, moreover non- requested to see the sea king, this arrived is makes Rock-Shrimp Race long be surprised. But before Buda Family, with they do business, is always lives the reputation to be good, therefore Rock-Shrimp Race long believe the Zhao Hai words. However Rock-Shrimp Race long prepares to confirm, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, I to can try to find the solution whether to ask some large clans to help mister this busy, but can mister make to look at your Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince to me?” Zhao Hai one hear of Rock-Shrimp Race long said that knows the matter has mén, his immediately/on horseback said : this naturally does not have the issue, Patriarch to look.” Said that put out the Beastman Race Crown Prince command to throw to Rock-Shrimp Race was long. Rock-Shrimp Race long received the Crown Prince command to look at one, Sea Race also had in the clan history, in other people's clan in history has also recorded some fantastic stories, has the style that Crown Prince made, this Crown Prince made to make with one type of beast bone, this beast bone firm like steel and iron, is heavy such as the profound [gold/metal], average person simply did not have the means to pretend to be. Rock-Shrimp Race long received Crown Prince to make to know that this is the real thing, must know that profound [gold/metal] material is at present on Continent present heaviest one type of Vajra, was impossible to pretend to be with other thing simply, but the beast had clan beast bone of the unknown actually with profound [gold/metal] Cha not multiple, did not have any one type of Bone to pretend to be. Rock-Shrimp Race long has looked at the Crown Prince command, made Crown Prince to Zhao Hai, this said : mister, if had the time, please wait a bit several days in this, I try to find the solution, how?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have time hastily, franks, my this time must see sea king Your Majesty to have very important matter, asking Patriarch to help.” Rock-Shrimp Race long looked that Zhao Hai spoke in this, he also nodded said : well, mister invited feel relieved, I did certainly everything possible.” Said that to Zhao Hai gave a salute, then submerged in the sea. Rock-Shrimp Race long submerges to the sea, Laura to Zhao Hai said : I looked that Sea Race has had an accident, otherwise the small clan like Rock-Shrimp Race, simply is impossible to see the sea king, do not raise tries to find any solution.”

Zhao Hai nodded, just his these words were probing actually, if Rock-Shrimp Race long did not have the means, that is will certainly not comply his, because Rock-Shrimp Race very needed regarding their Human Race commodities, should not offend them, now Rock-Shrimp Race long complied, represented him to have the means that this represented Sea Race possibly is being real appears the issue. although Zhao Hai regarding the Sea Race internal matter is not completely understand, but he can also speculate, Buda Family and Rock-Shrimp Race merchant is not big, even if so, sometimes Rock-Shrimp Race could not have eaten up the cargo that they bring, obviously Rock-Shrimp Race size. According to the idea of Zhao Hai, status of Rock-Shrimp Race in Sea Race, with the Giant-horn raging bull tribe when with his first time enters Prairie, the strength of Big bellied Pig Race tribe meets is similar, belongs in existence that in Sea Race sets the base, like the tribe, how possibly to have opportunity to call on the sea king. But now Rock-Shrimp Race long said that he can try to find the solution, this absolutely is not normal, therefore one hear of they said that Zhao Hai immediately knows, in Sea Race had certainly any giant accident, otherwise Rock-Shrimp Race will not have such big assurance steadily. Lizzy turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that what matter Sea Race can live?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this I to be possible unable to think, but looks at the Rock-Shrimp Race long meaning, feared that is Sea Race interior some are not steady, otherwise by their such status, how possibly to have opportunity to see the sea king, the sea king must not have the means by bi now, wanted alliance all races to strengthen own strength.” Megan nodded said : to have possibility very much, if this is really the case, we come also is really not the time, now feared that was the sea king does not have other time tube matter.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not, perhaps now we come just in time, if we can help the sea king solve this time crisis, by that time we must discuss anything with the sea king, they will certainly pass quick complying.” Meg knit the brows said : Young Master, but here in the sea, in the sea compared with Ark Continent mostly, moreover Expert are innumerable, do we brave take part rashly to go in like this are not quite good?” In several nv, only then Meg has called him Young Master, even if were several people marries long time to be so same, Zhao Hai also very much not bore to this situation, said many times to Meg, but Meg did not change. Zhao Hai shook the head said : Sea Race Expert in many, can have us to be many? This time I look for sea king, wants with his God Race matter, Sea Race to be in this world the biggest race, if they can help us cope with God Race or Demon Race, after that we will have confidence.” Laura nodded said : „, if is really such, to is really feasible, but Elder Brother Hai, these time feared that is very difficult, after all makes the war in the sea and Sea Race person, is different from other places.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I to make Cai'er prepare, now in Space has prepared in some seas Undead Creature, these Undead Creature may be 9th level, moreover life form in sea, they regarding in the sea War Clan certainly very familiar, there are these fellows to work as the helper, I think that was not a problem.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiled got up said : original Elder Brother Hai to be already in a planned way, our time might as well greatly noisy seabed, what a pity, cannot have a look to seabed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : how unable, I have made Cai'er become Blade-Scales Whale Undead Creature transform Alien such, we when the time comes take a seat to the body of Blade-Scales Whale in go to in the sea.” Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that happy said : fantastic, I already want to go to in the sea to have a look, has not thought that Elder Brother Hai has prepared, when do we go?” Zhao Hai smiles said : do not worry, if we go now, that Sea Race person will certainly not let off our, we were inferior that wait / etc. Rock-Shrimp Race long information, I think they too will not have information quickly, must in here and other several days.” Megan honk the mouth, nodded, Zhao Hai smiled, he also wants to go to in the sea well now is not the time, has not obtained the approval of sea king, if he enters in the sea now, can by Sea Race attack. although in on the ship, but Zhao Hai they and relation of Continent there had not broken, no matter Beastman Race there or Dwarf Race there, the business does has to have . Seven days later, has paid attention to Rock-Shrimp Race Zhao Hai Rock-Shrimp Race to be presently long, Zhao Hai they arrived in the deck hastily, they just arrived in the deck, heard near the ship to transmit Rock-Shrimp Race long sound speaking sounds: Asked Mr. Zhao Hai to come out to meet.” Zhao Hai led Laura they to arrive at the ship hastily Rock-Shrimp Race long look at Haven Ship on sea surface, tired of face, Zhao Hai bowed said : to see Patriarch hastily.” Rock-Shrimp Race was long ritual said : „the mister matter I to handle, sea king Your Majesty same opinion mister, mister please come along with me.” Zhao Hai quickly said: thanks a lot Patriarch.” Rock-Shrimp Race long nodded, rides is sitting toward bow there moves, Zhao Hai knows that this is to guide, he made Undead Creature raise the anchor hastily, hoisted sails long moves toward deep in the sea with Rock-Shrimp Race. Rock-Shrimp Race many people follow by the Zhao Hai ship, expunges toward deep in the sea along with Rock-Shrimp Race long together, looked that their appearance also don’t know are escorts or to monitor.

Zhao Hai they sit in on the ship, with the monitor look at in the sea situation, ocean is very big, limitless, Haven Ship in the merchant is quick, but one compared with has fallen far short with the Sea Race person, their is not quick. Moreover Zhao Hai also present, route that Rock-Shrimp Race they take now, probably is a seabed labor road, ten securities, have not met in the sea Magic Beast attack along the way, has not met reefs but seabed undercurrent these thing. Long will have led his clansman to rest in the sea to evening's time Rock-Shrimp Race, Zhao Hai also stopped the ship, next day then hurries along, as the matter stands in ten days. These ten days of times, the Zhao Hai teams saw many Sea Race people, has the turtle clan, various fish clans, some Zhao Hai could not have named the character Sea Race. But these Sea Race had their domain to be long they to come to Rock-Shrimp Race, in the metropolis came to intercept and rob, at this time Rock-Shrimp Race long will put out Command Token type thing to look to the opposite party that the opposite party will then allow to pass, although allowed to pass, actually still very curious look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also knows that Human Race and Sea Race these many years had not contacted, now suddenly sees them, naturally will feel very curious. Walked without rest for ten days, the Zhao Hai book has thought that can see the sea king, that thinks that Rock-Shrimp Race long led Zhao Hai they to enter the domain of Swordfish clan. Reason that Zhao Hai meets one to recognize the identity of opposite party , because their Mount were too special, on their Mount the volume is long spear same bone spike, looks like very hard, this fish very big, has ten meters considerable, carries on the back steadily the flag same fish fin, appears power and prestige.. But the people of these Swordfish clans, long at the appointed time looks like person of next minute, but the light the head, is also growing fish fin same thing in the top of the head, seemed like the person combs a Moss to do to be the same probably, their in hand was taking the long fish bones spear|gun, the height about two meters, moistening of black had the skin of mucus, put on full body armor that used the shell and water made of grass to become, to was appears formidable might. bk b