Chapter 611 stone column island Zhao Hai sees on monitor, Rock-Shrimp Race long salutes to Swordfish clansman, then said anything, then put out Command Token to give that Swordfish clansman. That Swordfish clansman received Command Token, looked at one, nodded, received Command Token, then with the Rock-Shrimp Race long together liter on sea surface. Zhao Hai looks at this situation on understand, feared that they cannot see the sea king in here, but Rock-Shrimp Race possibly can only deliver them to here. Really, Zhao Hai just received monitor, outboard has transmitted Rock-Shrimp Race long sound speaking sounds: Asked Mr. Zhao Hai to come out to meet.” Zhao Hai and Laura they have arrived at the ship, sees Rock-Shrimp Race long and Swordfish clansman is sitting on other people's Mount, stands in the ship on sea surface, in that Swordfish clansman, with Swordfish clan Knight of troop, they use one type of very curious vision look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai long bows said : to see Patriarch to Rock-Shrimp Race hastily, sees this Brother Sea Race, what matter Patriarch has called to have below don’t know?” Rock-Shrimp Race long to Zhao Hai returned the salute, this to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, we can only deliver you to here, Young Patriarch of this position Swordfish clan, the following road, will be brought mister then to proceed by him.” Zhao Hai quickly said: thanks for your trouble Patriarch, invited Patriarch feel relieved, I have delivered the letter to Clan, they will send two ships grain the daily necessities of ship, is Patriarch thanks that we help, in the Patriarch returned to clan time, mail steamer also will arrive, asking Patriarch do not decline.” Rock-Shrimp Race long one hear of Zhao Hai said that on the face cannot help but flood smiling face said : so on thanks Mr. Zhao Hai, Young Patriarch, Mr. Zhao Hai is a very natural person, invited the Young Patriarch many attendances.” Young Patriarch curious look at Zhao Hai of that Swordfish clan, nodded said : I will, invited crag Patriarch feel relieved.” Rock-Shrimp Race long then to Zhao Hai gave a salute, the personal appearance submerged in the sea. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Swordfish clan Young Patriarch, bows said : Zhao Hai to see Young Patriarch to Young Patriarch, then on trouble Young Patriarch.” Young Patriarch of Swordfish clan to is to Zhao Hai very polite, bowed said : mister to be too polite to Zhao Hai, Your Majesty must summon mister, we naturally do not dare to neglect, mister please be OK with us.” Said that turn around walks toward Haven Ship in front, Knight of these Swordfish clans, looked at Zhao Hai one very curiously, with their few clans behind, dispels to the swallow wing, protected Haven Ship in the middle. Zhao Hai presently Young Patriarch of this Swordfish clan probably does not like contacting with him, but Young Patriarch of this Swordfish clan, the strength to is very strong, Zhao Hai general has estimated that this Young Master clan 8th level Expert of strength almost equivalent to Human Race.

Zhao Hai does not have the means to calculate the Sea Race age, don’t know this Young Patriarch age big, but what we definitely know is that this Young Patriarch should not be old, such age is 8th level Expert, obviously this Young Patriarch is also an extraordinary character. Moreover Zhao Hai presently Young Patriarch of this Swordfish clan is Expert of series armed forces, his under the hand/subordinate Knight of the team of Swordfish clans, although population not many, only then about 500 people, but this team of people actually all are six arrive at 7th level Expert, these people unified shell armor, even if in moving forward of quick, formation slight one word does not know that is jing is sharp. Zhao Hai also specially paid attention, these Knight look at Young Patriarch looks, do not have point the meaning of refusing to accept, some facial expression that only then worships, this explained that this Young Patriarch strength, conquer they, this is very great. Generally is jing is sharp, the body has the arrogance, even if your status in high, has not let the strength that they believe sufficiently, they will not be convinced, will only look down upon you, but this Young Patriarch obviously already complete conquer these people, the ability of his strength and series armed forces, is not no need to say. Zhao Hai wants to contact with this Young Patriarch, but this Young Patriarch does not want to contact with Zhao Hai obviously, therefore Zhao Hai spoke to him, he also dealt with, several times got down, Zhao Hai also gave up. With Laura their returned to in Space, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, the Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, has cannot help but smiled, Laura smiles said : how Elder Brother Hai, ate to suppress, others pay no attention to you.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „is really the arrogance, he he, I first time encounter this situation.” said : of some Meg actually vitalities his arrogance anything, you compares with Young Master, his anything is not, so is unexpectedly unreasonable to Young Master, Young Master should give him really a lesson.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, this in their domains, is adding on this Young Patriarch to be young after all, such young has the present strength, is good, he may not have Space to help.” Meg although nodded, but on the face is panting in indignation, in her at heart, Zhao Hai is the day, is the god, any dares to be impolite to Zhao Hai, she will be angry. The Zhao Hai book thinks that has been able to see the sea king in several days, has not actually thought that this walks is 20 days, 20 th day time, Zhao Hai present, the distant place has piece of rainbow same radiance. Zhao Hai opens monitor one, was actually shocked, that rainbow appears place to them is not too far, but after and other Zhao Hai saw there scenery , actually is really greatly surprised.

there is an island, but this island is actually somewhat special, island body not in water, but on the water surface is revealing greatly has 13, stone column same thing. But these stone column don’t know have also used any ability, on each root stone column, has plenty hole dong, these dong keep is flowing the water outward, reason that the mist that water gradually gets up forms the rainbow. Zhao Hai also pours, in hole dong of each stone column once for a while will also put on Mermaid Race of individual fish tail to come, these Mermaid Race people are growing the upper body of Human Race, the lower part is actually a long fish tail, they are growing long of golden yellow , the look of dark blue , on puts on only keeps off with the shell in the front, other spots reveal outside, looks like chaste the belt silk you are being puzzled, could not be borne want to look at several many. Laura they dumbfounded look at all these, they have not thought really that will have a such place, the mist that gradually gets up, keeps flowing the stone column of water, attractively to seeming should not in the world appears mermaid, all these make people feel that there is the fairyland is probably same. Some little time Laura they recover, mouth could not bear the sound of exclamation, Zhao Hai was also same, there scenery was really too beautiful. At this time Haven Ship also slowly approached there, when returned to that island for sometime, they were blocked got down, blocked their stature high in the Sea Race person, this stature very tall and big, feared that in highest shape Human Race compared with Beastman Race also wanted on a high this, skin of each and every one green , the height caught up with the Zhao Hai stone to be great quickly . Moreover the situation of strong to not making sense, in hand of everyone was taking handle huge Three Pointed Pitchfork, this Three Pointed Pitchfork first root almost about 20 meters, heaviness. Their bodies look like with Human Race do not have much difference, the sole diversities are their body butts huge tail, this tail very sturdy, how Zhao Hai saw that a little looks like tail of whale. These people have their Mount, everyone huge blue whale carries on the back, appears formidable might is extraordinary, after they block Young Patriarch of Swordfish clan, Young Patriarch of Swordfish clan, immediately put out Rock-Shrimp Race long to give the opposite party to his Command Token, the opposite party has met to look, nodded, received, beckoned with the hand, hit Young Patriarch of Swordfish clan. Young Patriarch although of Swordfish clan looks like arrogance, but to the people on these whale clans, actually does not dare to pull rank, has bowed to these person of bows receded, then these whale clansman slowly floated on sea surface. The when people of these whale clans float the appear out of the water(water outlet) surface, Zhao Hai felt that these whale clansman big places, these people have stood in carrying on the back of their Mount, was similar to the each and every one ancient times giant, their altitudes cross the deck of ship. In Zhao Hai must speak, is in which whale clan soldier, to Zhao Hai said : you Zhao Hai?” Sound rumbling, if stuffy thunder. Zhao Hai to had not been frightened, is only to that slightly bow said : Zhao Hai, this Sea Race brothers, were courteous below here.”

Person look at Zhao Hai said : of that whale clan Your Majesty must summon you, fell your ship's sail.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, making Undead Creature fall the ship's sail. He just fell the ship's sail, two whale clansman have arrived by his ship, extends a hand, the capture Haven Ship bow, moves toward that small island. Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at these two whale clan soldiers, he have not thought really that the soldier of this whale clan, the strength so will be unexpectedly strong, a person of hand is escaping Ironclad Battleship moving forward of five masts, appearance that probably does not take the effort. The quick straight sea arrived in that small island range, but the Zhao Hai ship cannot walk at this time, that small island all around, proliferated all kinds of reefs, ship simply is not having the means in the past. Zhao Hai also saw that on several reefs sits several Mermaid Race people, these Mermaid Race person curious look at Zhao Hai they, once for a while also in a low voice with companion say a few words words, leaves the bell same laughter. In leaving stone column also about one kilometer place, Haven Ship stopped, that whale clansman turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : you to come up to my Mount back, I deliver you to go.” Zhao Hai expressed gratitude, leading Laura they to leap carrying on the back of that whale, their this arrived at carrying on the back of that whale, presently they, only then that whale clansman tootsy was so high, probably was that whale clansman moves the foot to step on them. That whale clansman turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, the crack mouth has smiled, command(er) own Mount, was swimming away toward the island, before long they bypassed a outside row of stone column, to the island is middle that stone column there, noted to this stone column here Zhao Hai, this stone column unexpectedly several hundred meters high, above has plenty hole dong, kept was flowing the water outward, but in the uppermost of this stone column, there is a place palace, the specific style of palace, Zhao Hai they now could not have seen clearly. bk b