Chapter 612 Queen Whale clansman was bringing Zhao Hai to that stone column, these dong on this stone column, although was not small, but the people of these whale clans actually could not come up. Outside that whale clansman, was asking Kamee to come out to meet to stone column said :.” His voice just fell, a person on appears in bottommost stone dong, when he walks, Zhao Hai present, this unexpectedly is turtle clansman, he wears the pants that sea made of grass becomes, the upper body actually like the sea turtle, is bringing around the carapace. That turtle clansman look at that whale clansman did said : what call me?” That whale clansman look at this turtle clansman said : this is Mr. Zhao Hai, is person who Your Majesty must see, asking the turtle gland he to come up.” That turtle clansman looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : „you are Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Zhao Hai.” That turtle clansman, nodded, waved, from his behind stone dong, drills several turtle clansman, the bodies of these turtle clansman each only sea turtles, these sea turtles are not very big, the diameter of carapace , is less than two meters. That turtle clansman turns the head to stand to Zhao Hai said :, I lead you to see Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, everyone stood carrying on the back of sea turtle, was brought toward entering stone dong by that turtle clansman. Entered this stone dong Zhao Hai present, in this stone dong looks like huge maze, has plenty stone dong, in each stone dong has water current to leave, that turtle clansman brought Zhao Hai they to enter in mountain range. Enters this mountain range Zhao Hai present, in this mountain range unexpectedly like is the water slide, each mountain range report curve looks like, water current also very anxious, but can look, the water is very deep. Zhao Hai also feels strange, this situation Sea Race person nong comes out, are they water nong to that high place? Too was really fierce. However their sea turtles probably are simply don’t know their this are actually swimming against the stream to be the same, steady swimming away upward, is not slow. Zhao Hai has calculated, probably is a half hour, they drilled from a dong mouth, position that they are at now, is actually big pool, but this big pool, in a palace. This palace constructs very attractive, is white Stone builds all over the body, on shop is the blue shell tent, on the wall everywhere is inlaying Crystal and pearl, these Crystal and pearls have composed the each and every one attractive design on the wall, these designs under too photo shè of sunlight glow, dodge to glisten, but the ray that their counter- shè come out, underwent the special computation probably, these rays illuminate in pool, has composed a person ray design in pool, but this design is in the sea the appearances of various clans, very beautiful. Zhao Hai they by present scenery attracting, them have not thought of that this palace unexpectedly such attractive, at this time sea Turtles stopped the pool, that Kamee turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, please come ashore, some coming ashore naturally people of met you.” Zhao Hai nodded, bows said : „the brothers of thanks turtle clan to see off to that Kamee.” Said that has raised legs coming ashore, Laura they are also same. After waiting for several people to come ashore, Kamee their turn around returns toward that mountain range in walks, but at this time in the carrying out official duties palace walked a person, woman, a [gold/metal], the eye of blue , her in hand was taking Crystal Magic Staff, the body put on green Magic Robe, evidently that Magic Robe became with in the sea water made of grass. That woman arrives at Zhao Hai nearby them, bows to Zhao Hai slightly, smiles said : „, but Buda Family Patriarch, Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, Mr. Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai then recovers, bows hastily said : Zhao Hai, does not know that the young lady is?” That woman shows a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai „the nv officer in our sea king palace, I called Lola, several please come with me.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Has seen the nv officer, please let me take the liberty ask one, the person of what clan is the nv officer? Are you Human Race?” Lola shows a faint smile said : mister not to need to be so polite, I am not Human Race, I am Mermaid Race, our Mermaid Race, can all the year round free changes the leg of netg humanity the tail, therefore mister sees me now this, do not have anything to be strange.” Zhao Hai then nodded said : so that's how it is, has not thought that Sea Race Royal Family unexpectedly is Mermaid Race, I first time heard.” Lola curious look at Zhao Hai said : „is mister first time heard? Is impossible? Before our Sea Race and Human Race also has plenty business dealings, was only nearest/recent these several thousand years, did not have the contact, Human Race historical hasn't recorded unexpectedly?” Does Zhao Hai stare, turns the head look at Laura their said : you to look at the record in this aspect?” Laura they shook the head said : not to have, I read these history books that they have collected, in the recent ten thousand years, in Human Race history book not record about Sea Race.” Lola looked at Zhao Hai one, shook the head said : this not to have quite strangely what, we in the past and Human Race relationship was very good, afterward the Radiant Church person suppressed us, therefore we cannot contact with Human Race, afterward heard that Radiant Church person specialize the history book about Human Race, they have not decided to be also normal us.” Zhao Hai stares, they have not thought that these have these matters, no wonder in nearly ten thousand years of history book, does not have the record of Sea Race, moreover in these history books, often very aggressive of different race person record, likely is Beastman Race, in the history book generally the wild fierce combative image that Beastman Race wrote, Dwarf Race is the irascible testy appearance, jing Spirit Race fortunately, in that book also jing Spirit Race beautiful yan that writes unparalleled, not only like this is not the good deed, by Human Race to jing spirit beautiful appearance drooling, there is time Human Race to emerge has grasped jing Spirit Race for the atmosphere of slave, Finally jing Spirit Race drew back returned to from the Human Race domain Elven Forest, in did not contact with Human Race, this has stopped this wind. These matters from all sides toward a together relation, Zhao Hai on understand what's the matter, certainly is the ghost who Radiant Church does, they must make the people forget Sea Race, starts to repel to Beastman Race Dwarf Race, jing Spirit Race is too perfect, they do not have the means to cope, can only use the one type of method, making jing Spirit Race initiative is not contacting with the person, has to recognize, they do is very perfect, now these races were not contacting with the person. At this time Lola also brought Zhao Hai they to enter Great Hall, this Great Hall very high, Zhao Hai general looked, this Great Hall altitude feared that will not be lower than 20 meters, on the Great Hall ceiling makes with Crystal, can see outside sky from Great Hall directly, these Crystal were also adjusted the angle, a sunlight photo, has formed one not a beautiful design. On the stone column of Dali was also being mounted Crystal and pearl, in each stone column there, is standing Mermaid Race, but they turned into the appearance of person. In the Continent innermost, is putting a very special chair, is same as the normal chair the latter half of chair, the first half is actually a water trough, mermaid woman is sitting in that the chair on, his body puts on green the long gown, the head is bringing a Crystal royal crown, in hand is taking a Crystal scepter, but she has not changed netg human-shape, is still the appearance of mermaid, the lower part is still the fish tail. Lola led Zhao Hai they to go to that beautiful Human Race fish front ten far places to halt the footsteps, Lola has bowed to that Mermaid Race woman said : Your Majesty, Mr. Zhao Hai and his wife arrives.” That woman beckoned with the hand, Lola bowed to draw back, Zhao Hai and Laura their immediately/on horseback went forward to bow said : Zhao Hai to see Queen Your Majesty to Mermaid Race Queen.” Queen nodded, curious look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Guang mister, Miss Laura, Miss Megan, Miss Meg, Miss Lizzy, Miss Ni'er, welcome several to come to Sea Race, does not know that mister such anxiously is seeing me because of what?”

Zhao Hai and Laura stare, they have not thought that Queen can unexpectedly accurate receives their name not to call wrong. Zhao Hai puzzled look at Queen said : Your Majesty can know that our names, is really our being honored, this time I look for Your Majesty really to have the matter.” Queen shows a faint smile said : mister to say.” Zhao Hai look at woman, suddenly said : before saying, I want to ask that Your Majesty, what view Your Majesty do you have to Radiant Church?” Queen is gawked, her puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : that Zhao Hai asked what meaning was mister this saying? Does mister come for the Radiant Church matter? How I heard that mister with Radiant Church is a personal enemy?” Zhao Hai stares, his look at Queen said : „is Your Majesty to me probably completely understand?” Queen shows a faint smile said : naturally, our Sea Race although and Human Race contact has been short, but is not a point contact does not have, especially our Mermaid Race.” Zhao Hai one hear of Queen said that instead to has gawked, but he is said : Your Majesty has to understand that to Continent that is good, I want to know that what view Your Majesty to Radiant Church is.” Queen look at Zhao Hai said : Radiant Church, is a very evil organization, they are want to rule the entire world probably, the slave all races, including our Sea Race.” Zhao Hai one hear of Queen said that at heart also confident, his look at Queen said : don’t know Your Majesty knows don’t know tens of thousands years ago Continent major race alliance get up, with the matter of God Race war?” Queen has gawked, then thinks that said : remembers, in our clans in history has the record, at that time our Sea Race also entered the war, but fights lives on land, therefore we have not added on too many busy, but our Mermaid Race senior, dies in that war.” Zhao Hai thorough reassurance said : was open about the facts Your Majesty saying that I suspected Radiant Church was God Race places Ark Continent here chess piece, they were being God Race invade Ark Continent to prepare.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Queen facial expression cannot help but Righteous Path: Asked mister detailed to say.” Zhao Hai nodded, him with helping Dwarf Race extensively Artifact Spirit, has spoken of him to go to North Polar Icefield there is Beastman Race seeks for the Beast God Spear matter to say to Queen, said own all sorts of guesses. Queen has listened to the Zhao Hai words, her face has actually counted changed, waited for Zhao Hai saying that Queen sighed said : so that's how it is, no wonder mister can become Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, but on Continent nobody knows that mister Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, mister silently has been preparing this matter unexpectedly, it seems like entire Continent person underestimated mister.” Zhao Hai somewhat strange look at Queen, he listens to the Queen expression, probably is knows to be the same about the Continent matter really very much, this makes Zhao Hai really somewhat not think understand, Sea Race is on the matter to Continent has the understanding, is impossible to understand this degree? The Queen look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : mister not to need to feel strange that I do not mean, matter of our Mermaid Race on to Continent found that very much, mister does have to hear sea god Merchant Union?”

Hears the sea god Merchant Union name, Zhao Hai and Laura their face change, to is not they have not heard, but was they are too familiar with this name. Big Merchant Union that sea god Merchant Union, on Continent knows how things stand, is most mysterious Merchant Union, this Merchant Union main Manager, is nvxing, they also by managing the nvxing clothing and decoration are world-famous. Queen will not mention sea god Merchant Union with no reason at all, she mentioned that the sea god Merchant Union point has one, sea god Merchant Union is their Mermaid Race control! This is really was too scary, people have thought Sea Race nest in the sea, simply nobody has met to obtain, Sea Race unexpectedly blatant on Continent Merchant Union, is on Continent one of the most famous Merchant Union. Zhao Hai and Laura looked at one mutually, saw a shocking facial expression from the opposite party eye, Mermaid Race was really too fierce, can hide the truth from all people unexpectedly, This is too incredible. The Queen look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : mister should not be too surprised, after all our Sea Race also needs Human Race some thing, but I cannot Sea Race blatant does business with Human Race, after all in Sea Race the majority of races do not have what favorable impression regarding Human Race.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the meaning of my understand Your Majesty, Your Majesty, since knows that this matter, what manner don’t know Your Majesty is? Whether can cope with Radiant Church with our together, copes with God Race?” Queen wants not to want on nod said : that to be natural, Radiant Church in the past expelled the Ark Continent ringleader calamity us, moreover they want slave Ark Continent here all races, how I can comply, I agreed that copes with Radiant Church with your together, copes with God Race.” Zhao Hai one hear of Queen said that cannot help but great happiness said : so thanked Your Majesty.” Queen shows a faint smile said : mister should not be polite, compares in every way with mister deal with, my this simply is not anything, but mister, we also meet now have troubled, feared that did not have the means to help mister in a short time.” As expected!” Zhao Hai at heart secret passage, but on his mouth actually smiles said : „, if Your Majesty believes Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is willing to help Your Majesty solve troublesome.” Queen has gawked, shook the head said : not to need, Buda Family is very strong on land, but to in the sea, had feared that is mister cannot add on my anything busy.” bk b