Chapter 613 secret Zhao Hai one hear of Queen said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty, since you know Buda Family, that should know that my ability, my other Cultivation Method is not perhaps good, but Black Magic, especially undead summoned, if I dare to say second, on Continent nobody dares to say first.” Queen one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then what she has probably thought, cannot help but turns the head „the meaning of mister to Zhao Hai said : is? Do you want to help me with Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to look what Your Majesty meets is what troubled.” Queen look at Zhao Hai, some little time take deep breaths said : Zhao Hai Clan clan on Continent, summoned undead skill that is obvious to all, this King these time was also open about the facts mister, this time we really have also met troublesome, some people were making our instead.” This answer actually already in Zhao Hai was expected, Mermaid Race is Imperial Clan in sea, if did not meet has revolted such matter, they were or will possibly have any relation with the Rock-Shrimp Race like this small race, because Rock-Shrimp Race simply was unqualified. Zhao Hai look at Queen shows a faint smile said : „, since the Your Majesty agreement forms an alliance with us, we were the allies, the ally had the matter, we naturally cannot stand by, asking Your Majesty to tell us the auspicious sentiment, Zhao Hai also good to help Your Majesty.” Queen looked that Zhao Hai Zhen decides the free appearance, cannot help but somewhat believes that Zhao Hai can help, she sighed said : not to fear the mister joke, our Mermaid Race, although said that certainly was ruling Sea Race, but this endless sea was really too big, our Mermaid Race impossible each place to manage, moreover since the management has been very loose, therefore status very altitude of our Mermaid Race in Sea Race, but we actually presently, the day of below Sea Race person probably more and more do not feel better in recent years, for nong is clear what's the matter, we on sending for secret investigation under one, this looks up. Presently, unexpectedly is the ghost who our under the hand/subordinate force War Clan Sea Dragon Race does, they in the name of our, outside massive collecting taxes, nong these small Sea Race days do not feel better, but these taxes that they collect, do not have jiao to our in hand, but is used to win over other Sea Race, when our present times, they have become an alliance, and has revolted blatantly, now we lost the endless sea east side sea region control power, moreover Sea Dragon Race is massing troops toward our here bi now, because our Mermaid Race long time has not fought, therefore responded slowly one. The point, now is at leeward.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so, we disturbs Your Majesty several days, Your Majesty, I can use this to the day time, manufactures in the a batch high level sea Magic Beast Undead Creature, composes Magic Beast Undead Creature army, when the time comes believes that can help Your Majesty, doesn't know Your Majesty what do you think?” Queen one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, then face happy said : so on trouble mister, Lola, to the mister arrangement room, has let mister rest well.”

Lola here also walked, Queen bows, sweeps is turning the head to ask mister to come with me to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai to Queen gave a salute, turn around followed Lola. When Zhao Hai leave Great Hall, a Mermaid Race person entered Great Hall from nearby small mén, this Mermaid Race person's Your Majesty to Queen said :, listening to Mr. Zhao Hai saying that the matter of this Sea Dragon Race rebellion, possibly also had relationship with God Race.” Queen nodded said : in clan in history to record, in the past Dragon Race was the God Race most faithful running dog, Sea Dragon Race can be a Dragon Race branch, their suddenly moved at this time, the here surface had the issue probably, Luo Luo, you looked up in the clan history previous time with the God Race war time, what response Sea Dragon Race was, in the don’t know clan in history had the record.” Mermaid Luo Luo has complied with one, turns the head to Queen said : Your Majesty, you looked that the plan of Mr. Zhao Hai is feasible? Can Undead Creature, deal with Sea Dragon Race these fellows?” Queen shows a faint smile said : this Buda Family Patriarch, but very mysterious, on Continent don’t know has many influence in looking up him, but actually anything cannot look up, but some people suspected that now he has Space Divergent Technique, moreover Undead Creature that his nong comes out, is very Advanced level Undead Creature, fighting strength very strong,, if has him to help, will reduce our many casualties, you transmitted orders, making huge mountain their these days grasp some Magic Beast to come back, Mr. Zhao Hai wants many, how many passes through his, if we have Undead Creature army that one does not only fear death, I want at the war, to be able by Sea Dragon Race these. The fellows are surprised.” Luo Luo complied with one, turn around walked outward, Queen look at spatial dangdang Great Hall, sighing suddenly, muttered said : God Race, finally can come? He He, that just right, I also wait to revenge, Sea Dragon Race, jumping clown, depends on you also to vacillate the rule of my Mermaid Race, has a dream.” Zhao Hai and Laura they with Lola to a side hall, this side hall are not very big, very beautiful that but inside manufactures, is divided into four to enter, first enters is a lobby, the ground in living room is spreads by blue Stone, moreover underwent the careful polish, straight reflection of that Stone polish. The binary is a dining room, inside is putting some made of stones furniture, these furniture are made of the high grade lumber, has not used any paint vehicle, demonstrated that natural wood grain, looks like the plain nature. Third enters is a bedroom, inside altogether has four bedrooms, a small living room, fourth enters is actually a bathroom, the ground all spreads by the blue shell, in the middle of bathroom is very big pool, the nearby in this pool has the statue that several fish heads install, is spurting the water from mouth dealings of fish, in pool under has water outlet, this one entered has achieved just right balanced, by the water in pool forever was maintaining certain highly, moreover that water was clear enough to see bottom, was not cold, touches gentle., Took a bath was just good.

Lola asked Zhao Hai several people to enter bringing up the rear, briefed situation in the palace to them on leave, but she, told Zhao Hai, if there is any matter, can draw that rope in bedroom, that rope was linking outside [gold/metal] Ling, so long as pull that rope, [gold/metal] Ling will ring, when the time comes the nature can have the person to come to listen to their instruction. Waited for Lola leave, Zhao Hai their immediately to the small living room in bedroom, then opened monitor, after Cai'er already recorded their leave, Queen to Luo Luo has spoken the words. After Zhao Hai they watch that video clip, several people are silent, some little time Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, looks at a Queen confident appearance, feared after is she or?” Zhao Hai nodded, after sighing said : she will certainly have, how many years Mermaid Race ruled Sea Race, how after possible point, was not having, if did not have the fierce method, they had already been revolted by others, but looked that Queen just must with the appearance that we cooperated, feared that was their card in a hand, was not casual can use, otherwise they had already used, cannot wait for the present, did you look?” Laura nodded, does Lizzy actually frown said : that our these time to need to help Queen really? They have to cope with the methods of these people, isn't this is taking our being used as a tool to use?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how being used as a tool, no matter what, we help them cope with Sea Dragon Race, was also nearer with their relationship one layer, this has the advantage to our later plans, I am only have not thought that Dragon Race can be the God Race person unexpectedly, such looks like, Radiant Church is God Race places outwardly on chess piece, but Dragon Race might is they will place chess piece in secret.” Megan facial expression single layer said : Elder Brother Hai, Dragon Race these years does not have appears on Continent, probably have lived in Accra Mountain, if Dragon Race is really chess piece that God Race leaves behind, that Dragon Race these years may in thinking these Magic Beast on means control Accra Mountain very much, no wonder Accra Mountain there will become one of the Continent five Great Forbidden Land, Dragon Race will want control there Magic Beast to become God Race surprise-attack forces, that naturally cannot make the bystander know that therefore they entering in the person to Accra Mountain will give exterminate.” The smiling face on Zhao Hai face also disappears, he nodded said : very has the possibility, how Accra Mountain there is really God Race nong words of surprise-attack forces, that Demonic Abyss there possibly really has relationship with Demon Race, some Demonic Abyss there people have suspected and Demon Realm is interlinked, but could not find the card play continuously, I think that Demon Race such does specially, they must make the people suspect that then attention centralized in Demonic Abyss there, but Engraved Ark this organization can seize the opportunity unfold, this Yiming one dark with God Race some likely, is just in turn.” Laura deep voice said : looks like God Race and Demon Race had not lost heart to Ark Continent here that Elder Brother Hai, before we luckily, has not gone to Accra Mountain, if don’t know Dragon Race and God Race relationship, went to Accra Mountain, puts the jiao class with the dragon, might God Race to know these secret very much, that God Race there will take an action.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : we to come Sea Race here fortunately, otherwise we really went to Accra Mountain, jing Spirit Race there a short time cannot go, our target can only be Accra Mountain, received there Magic Beast and plants Space, I thought Space also almost to be able Level Up, to there, if with the Dragon Race contact, we certainly will win over their, after all Dragon Race fighting strength was entire Continent becomes famous.” What Megan knit the brows said : to be strange, about Dragon Race and God Race relationship, on Continent is nobody knows probably that any history book has not recorded, it seems like that this was the ghost who Radiant Church did.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : such looks like, Radiant Church obtains the God Decree time compared with probably early, they who we imagine already started to arrange, good God Race, but also really has patience.” bk b