Is Chapter 614 extremely arrogant? Strength!( Asked to subscribe The truth, although is hostile relationship, but Zhao Hai very admires to God Race, they can come cloth bureau with such long time unexpectedly, this patience is really very great. However similarly, Zhao Hai also attached great importance to God Race at heart, in the race of this position, cannot result in Heaven and Earth turning upside down with a church Ark Continent to nong completely, a such race was really too fierce, Zhao Hai has no alternative but to be careful. Laura coldly snorted said : Elder Brother Hai, then we what to do? Directly Sea Dragon Race extinguishing, then looked for the trouble of Dragon Race in Accra Mountain there?” Feared that was on entire Continent dares to say this saying was also Zhao Hai, looked for the trouble of Dragon Race? Image of Dragon Race on Continent is the invincible symbol, who dares to look for their troubles. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, first has tidied up Sea Dragon Race, then we go to Blazing Island there, first has a look at there what's the matter to obtain an advantage from there, then we in cope with Dragon Race, Dragon Race can War Clan of force, we probably prepare to be good, right Laura, but you now 9th level Expert, but did not have own Mount, or we went to Accra Mountain time, gives you a nong dragon, when Mount is what kind of?” Laura snort|hum said : I did not want, currently the Blood Hawk strength has 9th level, I want these stupid dragons to do, might as well uses Blood Hawk, when Mount.” Zhao Hai they have smiled, if lets on Continent other hears Laura, certainly will smile, gives her including Dragon Race, when Mount she does not want, is really crazy enough, but they also really have the crazy capital. Some little time how many talented person calm get down, did Megan turn the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, tomorrow you to start nong Undead Creature? Undead Creature that your present nong comes out may be 9th level, what can this make them look at?” Zhao Hai nodded said : this truly is a little hard to deal with, we can let these Undead Creature ordinary person Magic Beast same fights, was selected the wound or dying, naturally, has played dead, injured certain degree to them, let their returned to Space, made to conceal with this method, moreover you also listened to Queen saying that Undead Creature that my nong came out, fighting strength formidable was became famous, I think that they will not suspect too many.” Lizzy nodded said : just to listen to the meaning in Queen words, she to allies with us is the sincerity, in this case, the Elder Brother Hai strength is stronger to them more has the advantage, I think that they will not say.” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually not to use in Sea Race here really that carefully, although Sea Race has sea god Merchant Union this organization to be able on the person contact with Continent, but since their continuously too mysterious, little on other influence contacts with Continent, therefore they said words that believes will be few, moreover I believe that they will not say, other Sea Race say nothing, these Sea Race will not contact with Human Race, what therefore we have done in here, Human Race there will be will not know.”

Lizzy shook the head said : we to be careful, even if the Sea Race person did not say, Sea Dragon Race that but these defeat? They request to tell Dragon Race this matter, we exposed.” Laura also nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not been saying anything, Laura they did not have to say anything, but said to Zhao Hai, entered Space, has processed the respective matter. although mermaid Queen has not asked Zhao Hai to eat meal, when to food, they gave Zhao Hai them to send one table delicious, all was the seafood, was more than these stocks of goods that Zhao Hai has eaten, to was makes Zhao Hai they eat satisfying. Next morning, after Zhao Hai they have the breakfast that Lola has sent, Lola tells them, Queen is invited, Zhao Hai they with Lola to that Great Hall that Queen was. Queen sits like yesterday in there comes to Zhao Hai, Queen cannot help but showed a faint smile said : mister to come, please sit down.” Zhao Hai then notes, in Great Hall has placed several chairs today, it seems like it is mén prepares to them specially. After Zhao Hai has expressed gratitude, sat on chair, Queen then said : how many Undead Creature mister now can summon, what need had we to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, so long as had enough Magic Beast to be OK, the more better, right Your Majesty, can I ask, how many followed the race of Sea Dragon Race rebellion to have, how many armies did they have?” Queen forced smile said : with some race altogether many of Sea Dragon Race together rebellion, don’t know, the has plenty small race is the type is revolted with other people by Sea Dragon Race bi now, the quantity of army, the Sea Dragon Race under the hand/subordinate force corps feared that now has number surely.” although knows that the endless sea is very big, the race quantity is numerous, but hears the opposite party the Main Force corps to have surely, Zhao Hai has held breath an cold air/Qi, his present understand, why Sea Dragon Race must cope with Mermaid Race, if Mermaid Race tidying up, that Sea Dragon Race is the king of Sea Race, at the appointed time wants by these Sea Race population bases, with their army quantities, in coordinating ground forces of Radiant Church on Continent, that extinguished the race on Continent is not impossible. Moreover the Sea Race also superiority, their although said cannot in the ashore fruit too long time, but do not forget, they have defeated, can falling back on in the sea at any time, to in the sea, that be possible to be their world, these armies on Ark Continent, simply does not have the means with their in the sea jiao war, their equal to had the a piece base.

If is really the type, God Race can definitely depend upon this with according to the place, slowly fights the battle of attrition with the Ark Continent major races, when the time comes is they have not sent God Race Expert, only nong leaves some 9th level Expert, the hand takes God Race, the Ark Continent major races must defeat without doubt, the quantities of Ark Continent all races, in addition is impossible to have Sea Race these many, do not say that also has Magic Beast on Accra Mountain, has Dragon Race, has Radiant Church. Thinks that this entered the Zhao Hai cold sweat to get down, this time must not come Sea Race, that really has also troubled, now is good, so long as has tidied up Sea Dragon Race, the Sea Race crisis should be able to relieve. Queen looked that Zhao Hai face is ugly, quite a while has not spoken, thought him frightening by the quantity of this army, her quickly said: mister does not need to be worried that we are not a point resistivity do not have, just because of suddenly of matter, therefore has not responded for a while that mister can summon many Undead Creature to summon many were good, does not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai one hear of this saying know that Queen has misunderstood his meaning, his immediately/on horseback showed a faint smile said : Your Majesty to misunderstand, Undead Creature wants to summon many to summon many below, this several days asked Your Majesty to help, making your under the hand/subordinate grasp some Magic Beast to come, naturally, if were the corpse of opposite party person.” Queen nodded said : well, Magic Beast matter mister does not need to be worried that I have made the following person prepare, was only this quantity, mister says?” Zhao Hai knows that the meaning of Queen, after all Queen and Human Race have the contact, to some Dark Magician also understanding, knows that Dark Magician summoned Undead Creature, some quantity limits, if nong to too many Magic Beast, he did not have the means to turn into Undead Creature these Magic Beast, that lost face. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty not to need to be worried that making them prepare to be good as far as possible, the more better, if Your Majesty can prepare 10 million Magic Beast, that Your Majesty many 10 million Undead Creature army, first will go back to rest below, when they prepared Magic Beast, in received below, said goodbye!” Said that stood to lead Laura they to walk. Zhao Hai their leave, Luo Luo arrived in Great Hall, panting in indignation said : Your Majesty, this Zhao Hai was too extremely arrogant, Your Majesty is good for him, he actually so impolite.” Queen actually shows a faint smile, shook the head said : silly thing, he is not extremely arrogant, but has that strength, you are don’t know, he has to annoy the big reputation in Human Race there, overnight turned into Undead Creature the Aksu Empire several hundred thousand navies, if he can nong leave 10 million Undead Creature Magic Beast army, then to us is the good deed, transmitted orders, undead is any Magic Beast, so long as wild, grasps to me, was right, gives me to bring the corpses of Sea Dragon Race and his lackeys, I must they also be tasted the Undead Creature taste by Sea Dragon Race.” Speaking of on the face of here Queen already appears killing aura. Mermaid Queen nearest/recent was angry, Mermaid Race ruled Sea Race these many years, but also did not have appears to revolt this situation, this Sea Dragon Race one made their sea region to east side lose control, this regarding the rule of Mermaid Race, was not a small attack.

Sea Race east side sea region fighting strength compared with the west must, live in Sea Dragon Race in east side sea region there, the shark clan, the electric eel clan, the strength that various poisonous Sea Race, these people gather is very strong , because of this, therefore Sea Dragon Race is having these Sea Race this rebellions of east side sea region, to hit Mermaid Race one to be caught off guard. However Mermaid Race also not to be trifled with, their in hand not only has the loyal whale clan and Swordfish clan such fights the race, but also their fighting strength also very formidable, Queen believes that so long as gives her time, he can assemble the army, extinguished Sea Dragon Race at one fell swoop. Luo Luo looked at Queen one, in saying the Zhao Hai matter, but turns the head said : Your Majesty, yesterday I looked up the material about Sea Dragon Race, now Ark Continent major race and God Race war time, in our Sea Race did not have Sea Dragon Race this race.” Queen one hear of Luo Luo said that cannot help but stares, doesn't said : have Sea Dragon Race? What's the matter?” Luo Luo said : Your Majesty, on initially Continent major race and God Race war time, our Mermaid Race is also involved, and many died in battle, but Dragon Race also participated, but they is a God Race side, afterward God Race defeated, Dragon Race does not beat, ran away Accra Mountain, but part of Dragon Race actually ran away the sea, requested that we gave shelter to them, then Patriarch looked that they gave shelter to them pitifully, afterward these Dragon Race kept married with the Sea Race person, slowly had present Sea Dragon Race.” bk b