Chapter 615 curious Sea Race person

Queen one hear of Luo Luo said that cannot help but face changes said : „you are that after the God Race war, appears Sea Dragon Race slowly, after whether that time war, did God Race start to arrange to cope with us?” Luo Luo shook the head said : „unable saying that after all the time was too remote, could not look up, but I think that was unlikely, to be very likely afterward some people to contact the Sea Dragon Race person, then they started to get ready to cope our, otherwise tens of thousands years passed by, Sea Dragon Race impossible and other years to cope with us.” Queen nodded said : „, Sea Dragon Race impossible and other years to cope with us, but a little can actually affirm that Sea Dragon Race is one group of ungrateful villains!” Luo Luo is also hatred of face, when checks these materials, Luo Luo had almost not been irritated, these Sea Dragon Race people were too shameless, initially was their Mermaid Race gave shelter to them, now they actually take the lead in revolting, was too shameless. Queen coldly snorted said : Sea Dragon Race, you are waiting, was good, Luo Luo, goes to pass around my words, must prepare thing to Mr. Zhao Hai, perhaps mister these changed the aspect of war.” Luo Luo nodded, turns the head, Queen coldly snorted said : Sea Dragon Race, God Race, good, is very good, I to am think that you can rule entire Ark Continent.” Zhao Hai and Laura their returned to room, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your today's did What happened? have the appearance of vitality probably?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to have any business, powerful that just some time must display, do not forget us are Mermaid Race are form an alliance, now we are also the allies, is equal, if displays extremely in the low key, will make the ally lose the confidence, does not believe your look at.” Said that Zhao Hai opened monitor, after their leave, Queen with Luo Luo the picture of meeting has moved. After listening to Queen and Luo Luo words, Zhao Hai and Laura their face were not quite attractive, they have not thought that this Sea Dragon Race met unexpectedly enters to Sea Race at that time, if this were really a God Race chess, that God Race on was too scary. Laura look at transformed the screen of picture, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that Sea Dragon Race is God Race puts Sea Race here intentionally?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to look, if is really such, they impossible such long time, already should begin, then when Radiant Church is most formidable, coordinates Radiant Church, perhaps in that case, Continent fell to Radiant Church in hand.” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai sighed said : no matter what, Sea Dragon Race must tidy up, when the time comes inquired from Sea Dragon Race there, almost should be able to inquire.” Laura they also nodded, in the Zhao Hai heart moved time opened monitor, now he wants to have a look at the Sea Race person to prepare how.

At this time nearby small island to was very lively, the people of whale clan and Swordfish clan sends out, to seize in the surrounding sea fully Magic Beast . Moreover the order of Queen by handing down fast, many Sea Race was also set out, full seizing Sea Beast has delivered toward here small island here. On this day Zhao Hai to is calm, but he also experienced the Sea Race strength, time of this day, in hundred thousand seas Magic Beast was delivered to island here unexpectedly. A day has hundred thousand Magic Beast to be sent, the Sea Race strength is really very fearful, in the sea Magic Beast also is really enough many, but Zhao Hai had not made an appearance, Queen has not sent for looking for him. Next morning, after having had the breakfast, Lola in one time invited Zhao Hai to Great Hall, in this Great Hall besides Queen, Luo Luo also, but Luo Luo looks like looked like ordinary waits on nv same side now, lowered the head, but was also standing in Great Hall turtle clansman and whale clansman. Zhao Hai has felt strange on the feeling, how this whale clansman is appears in Great Hall, their statures, possibly do not come from there Stone obviously, they have other access, goes back to ask Cai'er. Queen looked at Zhao Hai to come, was intent said : mister came to the Zhao Hai nod, I gave mister to introduce, this was Mermaid Island guard Captain, whale clansman huge mountain, this was fish Human Race guard Commander, turtle clansman, [gold/metal] Tai.” Zhao Hai looks at these two, knew that one is to meet them enters that whale clansman of island, they deliver to Great Hall that island clansman. Zhao Hai bows said : Zhao Hai to see two to them, thanked two to send to the island Zhao Hai.” They also return a courtesy to Zhao Hai, does not dare to continue talking, then stands one side not to make noise, Queen turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, now has sent 100,000 Magic Beast, asking mister to get down.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I go now, Your Majesty please allow me to ask to be excused first.” Queen nodded, hand signal said : that has made invitation mister invites, huge mountain, [gold/metal] Tai, with mister, mister has any need, immediately/on horseback prepares to mister.” They have complied with one, Zhao Hai then to a Queen ritual, turns the head to walk outward. Too has prepared several sea turtles to outside [gold/metal], Zhao Hai and Laura they in one time stands carrying on the back of sea turtle, a sea turtle personal appearance revolution of time has swum away toward that stone dong, but huge mountain has actually jumped in pool, then disappears. Zhao Hai does not have the time to pay attention to this now, these sea turtles enter to that stone dong, Zhao Hai felt one probably in sitting the roller coaster are the same, below fast toward sliding, that on car race satisfying Earth are absolutely more.

Laura they first time experiences this matter, could not bear scream, but well in them was also some Expert, therefore quick has calmed down. Zhao Hai they come up time, has used the difference not mostly hour, but this gets down time, actually the simply useless several minutes, only feel in the blink of an eye, they already appears on following sea surface. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura they, he wants to have a look at Laura they to be frightened, but looked at Laura their expression, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, Laura their present there had the appearance that was frightened, excited of each and every one face. Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, truly speaking, this woman also is really very strange, they probably are the contradictory marriages, they are delicious, actually by oneself fat, they thought that the roller coaster is very scary, actually most likes playing. Zhao Hai swung swinging, has smiled bitterly, turns the head to [gold/metal] too said : [gold/metal] Commander, please bring to have a look at these Magic Beast.” The [gold/metal] turns the head to show a faint smile said : to be unfair to mister to Zhao Hai, I cannot leave here to be too far, because my responsible will be here, a while huge mountain will lead you to pass.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head that to thank honorarium Commander to [gold/metal] condition said :, but [gold/metal] Commander, normally do we also want by to pass and out from here mountain range?” The [gold/metal] smiles said : naturally, Queen Your Majesty had ordered specially, mister and your wife, can free moves in the merpeople clan, nobody will restrict your freedoms, invited mister feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so that's how it is, that thanked honorarium Commander, my madame's nearby very curious to this, wants look in all directions.” The [gold/metal] smiles said : welcome, the Mermaid Island nearby is very beautiful, moreover here Royal Family people very genial, believes that they will become the good friends with your wife.” Was saying, suddenly their front seas in a fluctuation, huge mountain personal appearance slowly drilled from the water. huge mountain drills after the water, to Zhao Hai bows, then buzz the sound buzz air/Qi said : mister please come with me, I lead you to see these Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai nodded, the whale that jumped huge mountain to be at carries on the back Laura they also to come up, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles said : Laura, you played, had any meaning with me in the past.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, can said : that then two eyes shines also play that just played? Too exciting.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turns the head to [gold/metal] too said : on trouble [gold/metal] Commander, I urged to go faster return.” The [gold/metal] shows a faint smile said : mister to invite feel relieved.” Zhao Hai to [gold/metal] too gave a salute, this turns the head huge mountain Commander to invite to huge mountain said :.” huge mountain nodded, command(er) his Mount, is wandering abroad toward the island. Quick Zhao Hai they left Mermaid Island, not far the place outside the island, is stopping large quantities of Sea Race people, these Sea Race people have brought in large quantities of seas Magic Beast, these Magic Beast also all are lives, is some wild, some Magic Beast are struggling. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but stares, then turns the head huge mountain said : huge mountain Commander, Magic Beast that I want is dying has been OK, even if lives, nong died to my in hand, so long as is dies, the corpse preservation was OK completely.” huge mountain one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded said : well, asking mister to wait a bit.” Then huge mountain turns the head to be in look at Magic Beast person said loudly to these: Has killed Magic Beast, you can leave.” These Sea Race person although have gawked, but is obedient, has put out all kinds of weapon, gives to kill these Magic Beast that they bring. However after these Sea Race people Magic Beast has killed, does not have leave, but is each and every one curious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks at their this appearances, cannot help but stares, but changed mind one to want also on understand what's the matter, these Sea Race people know probably he must do, they have not seen Dark Magician nong Undead Creature, therefore was curious in here look at. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, 100,000 in the sea Magic Beast, pile in there may be many, moreover these Magic Beast volumes may be very big, piles in there like hill, Zhao Hai has put out Blood Ghost Staff, has pronounced unstressed several Incantation, meets to begin to wield, one group of black gas have surrounded these Magic Beast, these Sea Race person curious look at that roll black gas, is no exception huge mountain. Before long that rolled black gas to vanish, but the appears picture, made these Sea Race people cannot help but left one to call out in alarm! bk b