Chapter 616 dangerous character Just also piled various Magic Beast corpses like mountain, now turned into one pile of Bone, Bone of one pile of blood red , a additional bone did not have, was only one pile of Bone. This intense regarding sinks impact, making these Sea Race people unable to bear feel fearful, in this time, is making their heart startled matters live, that piles Bone to move! Under the gazes of all Sea Race people, that piled Bone each and every one moved, a leader slowly only remaining Bone in the sea Magic Beast crawled, swimming slowly, then first lining up of slowly, big fellow in the bottommost, more Magic Beast upward was smaller. Quick, hundreds of thousands Magic Beast, arranged square three-dimensional square-shaped formation, that piece of sea region to pile full, these Sea Race people could not bear toward retreat that changed, wants to leave these Undead Creature to be distant. Zhao Hai looked at these Sea Race person one eyes, moves slightly, in the heart moves, these Undead Creature suddenly vanished, only left behind two sea turtle type Magic Beast to stop in there. Zhao Hai jumped Undead Creature of turtle to carry on the back, bowed said : to thank huge mountain Commander to huge mountain slightly, the remaining roads I walked, I want to look for my wife first, did not accompany Commander.” Said sea turtle Magic Beast of Zhao Hai under foot, a four limbs stroke, slowly rules out toward Mermaid Island, but at this time huge mountain had not recovered. Entered Mermaid Island to Zhao Hai, huge mountain face changes recovers, but his present face is actually very difficult looked that he turns the head look at Zhao Hai, in the eye full dreads , in his opinion, this Zhao Hai too danger entire, this fellow can Portable bring hundreds of thousands undead Magic Beast life form, a such fellow, in Mermaid Island here is really a biggest unsafe factor. Thinks of here, huge mountain immediately is harnessing own Mount, entered Mermaid Island with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is looks for Laura they, but huge mountain is actually looks for [gold/metal] Tai, he thinks that currently completely needs to carry on the monitoring of entire journey to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai don’t know huge mountain is anything responded that he stands on Magic Beast of that turtle, look at on Mermaid Island, Mermaid Island is very in all directions big, all around is grotesque rocks Lin Li/everywhere, moreover can always see that some mermaids are playing the water on these Stone, such scenery , was really too beautiful. But the Zhao Hai this line, these Mermaid Race curious look at Zhao Hai, the mermaids of Zhao Hai to these xing feelings, do not dare to look, he may the don’t know Sea Race custom, because if looks at two eyes, nong leaves the misunderstanding not to be good. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in these Mermaid Race he has not seen old, these beautiful woman nv look like that young attractive, even if in palace there, Zhao Hai has not seen old Mermaid Race with monitor. Zhao Hai had found before long Laura they, they are sitting with several Mermaid Race people on the a piece reef are chatting anything, probably very happy appearance.

Meg is sharp-eyed, saw Zhao Hai, her immediately waved to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai walks slightly, command(er) the sea turtle has been delimiting, then smiles said : you to play in here to Laura, I look for Your Majesty to discuss a matter, was right, these sea turtles you are remaining, avoid always troubles [gold/metal] too Patriarch.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out several sea turtle shape Undead Creature, toward arriving at the below of that reef, Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai is then harnessing the sea turtle, rules out toward most the middle stone column. To middle stone column there, Zhao Hai presently huge mountain and [gold/metal] Taizheng stood in stone dong there that he passed and out was saying anything arrived at him to come, their face changed. Zhao Hai carefully looked at their one eyes, presently among the huge mountain facial expressions dreaded that has one to dread, but the [gold/metal] too is actually dreaded that is bringing excited. Zhao Hai has not managed them to think anything, he comes to cooperate with Mermaid Race in any case, has not planned with Mermaid Race for the enemy, so long as with Mermaid Race for the enemy, Zhao Hai does not believe that they will not cope his. Zhao Hai to them, huge mountain and [gold/metal] was too busy to Zhao Hai salutes, but the Zhao Hai feeling obtained, this time they saluted were many a sincerity. Zhao Hai returns salute hastily, then he to [gold/metal] too said : [gold/metal] Commander, Laura their there I have given them several sea turtles, you did not need to send for with them, I want to see Queen Your Majesty, did you look?” The [gold/metal] too nodded said : mister to come with me hastily.” Said that he is harnessing his Mount, swims away toward that mountain range, Zhao Hai to a huge mountain ritual, too swims away toward inside with the [gold/metal]. The huge mountain look at Zhao Hai back, is actually let out a long breath, why don’t know, since saw after Zhao Hai these Magic Beast turn into Undead Creature, huge mountain had felt very tremendous pressure, Zhao Hai leave, he feels now well. huge mountain look at that mountain range said : looked like this Sea Dragon Race must have bad luck.” Said that huge mountain shook the head, submerging slowly to water. Zhao Hai with [gold/metal] Taishun stone dong returned to Great Hall, after Zhao Hai came ashore, waves that only Undead Creature receiving in Space, then to [gold/metal] too gave a salute, this walks toward Great Hall. Before Zhao Hai just arrived at Great Hall mén, saw Lola to welcome, Lola saw Zhao Hai slightly has gawked, but immediately/on horseback said : mister, Your Majesty was in wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Lola turn around, leading Zhao Hai to walk toward Great Hall, to Great Hall, Zhao Hai present, Luo Luo is sitting in Queen side, probably was saying anything to Queen, but Queen once for a while nod.

After Zhao Hai and Lola Queen salutes, Queen nodded said : not to think that mister such quickly came back, can the summon of mister be smooth?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : very smooth, asking Your Majesty not to need to be worried that Your Majesty, I can go to the battlefield when necessary now, you know that Dark Magician, only then can wield biggest Might in the battlefield.” Queen nodded said : to ask mister in keeping two days, two days later will have a batch whale clansman, Swordfish clansman and turtle clansman composition army must go to frontline, mister can follow their together.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to obey the Your Majesty arrangement, if there are if possible, I hope that Your Majesty can provide to me over the two days about the information of Sea Dragon Race and his army, don’t know can?” Queen nodded said : this naturally not to be a problem, invites mister feel relieved, these thing can quickly jiao to mister in hand.” Zhao Hai then nodded, bows to Queen said : how, that Zhao Hai has asked to be excused, if in having Magic Beast arrives, asking Your Majesty to let inform me already to be possible.” Queen nodded said : well, mister please as one likes, if there is any need, must tell me.” Zhao Hai nodded, expressed gratitude, bows to Queen, this turned the head leave. Zhao Hai leave, Luo Luo immediately to Queen said :Your Majesty, this Zhao Hai was too dangerous, just he waved, turned into Undead Creature hundreds of thousands Magic Beast, moreover where one received don’t know, such person lived in the palace is too dangerous. Queen shows a faint smile said : not to need to be worried that Mr. Zhao Hai in can be what kind, he is our allies, the ally is stronger, to us is advantageous, feel relieved, will not have the matter.” Luo Luo actually said : I was experience to Dark Magician what, no wonder the people on Continent said that they were the evil symbols, they were really was too scary, only among in the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands Magic Beast turned into Bone, was too scary, how real don’t know his wife could bear him, his wife is not he will snatch?” Queen looked at Luo Luo one, smiles said : Luo Luo, looked the person do not look at the surface, in the Radiant Church surface sacred incomparable, dry is actually the worst matter, but although of Mr. Zhao Hai use is Black Magic, but he has not actually injured any innocent person, Luo Luo, you must remember, the strength did not have the division of Righteous and Evil good and evil, but the person of use strength has the division of Righteous and Evil good and evil, understand?” Luo Luo nodded said : is, my understand, Your Majesty, these time had Mr. Zhao Hai join, I to this war, had the confidence, right Your Majesty, Mr. Zhao Hai said that Dark Magician only then in the battlefield, has been able to wield biggest Might, what meaning were these words?”

What Queen smiles said : battlefield to be most is what? The deceased people, Dark Magician can turn into Undead Creature the person who in battlefield died, moreover they can also play disintegrate doing of morale to use, you think that had the ally who opposes the enemy with you, had been killed, you are some fears, some angers, but at this time, your ally turned into Undead Creature, took weapon to throw to you, you moved at this time that turn into the Undead Creature ally to kill, did turn around escape?” One hear of Queen said that a face cannot help but face of Luo Luo, her although has not gone to the battlefield, but is actually participates has encircled kills Magic Beast, if said like Queen, she immediately collapsed certainly! Thinks scene that Queen said that Luo Luo cannot bear shiver with fright, a face paleness. Queen look at Luo Luo appearance, is not cruel enough in frightening him, but has patted her shoulder said : because of this, therefore in Radiant Church before being popular, Dark Magician has not been various ** in team most popular existence, but in Dark Magician also some degenerates, they take massacring commoner as happily, but also turns into Undead Creature these commoner, to such Dark Magician, naturally must eliminate.” Luo Luo nodded, Queen look at Luo Luo said : to the Mr. Zhao Hai moral behavior, you do not need to suspect that his several wife, each status is not low, you have not gone to Human Race there, therefore your don’t know, Mr. Zhao Hai with his wife's story, on all people by Continent had been spread, he is existence that all people envy.” Luo Luo look at Queen said : Your Majesty, rumor of Mr. Zhao Hai on Continent very? His such Dark Magician, does nobody fear him?” Queen shook the head said : rumor of Mr. Zhao Hai on Continent only to be general, but the average person mentioned him to come, said that he was a heart hates the hand spicy person, he overnight, turned into Undead Creature Aksu Empire several hundred thousand navies, one can turn into Undead Creature several hundred thousand people, such person you can say that his heart was not ruthless, wasn't the heart spicy?” bk b