Chapter 617 army leaves Luo Luo one hear of Queen said that cannot help but face changes said : Your Majesty, what you said is real? Mr. Zhao Hai really in in one night how many hundred thousand Emperor Aksu ** does the team turn into Undead Creature? Isn't he big Evildoer? Why is the person on Continent to his appraisal only vicious and merciless?” Queen forced smile said : „the person on Continent does not have what difference with Sea Race, takes the strength as Venerable, the Mr. Zhao Hai strength is strong, naturally these people naturally do not dare to offend to add on Zhao Hai not to kill Aksu Empire several hundred thousand people easily with no reason at all, Aksu Empire sends for the Mr. Zhao Hai territory, said that there is the territory in his country, Mr. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite.” Luo Luo frowns said : is this, that Mr. Zhao Hai was also too cruel-hearted, several hundred thousand people, he said that killed kills?” Queen has smiled bitterly next step: Mr. Zhao Hai, if kills, will not have today's Mr. Zhao Hai, first did not say other, why Mr. Zhao Hai these time comes, you should hear, a person, will be an entire Ark Continent future, deal with in all directions, will not hesitate to violate the danger by the body, will go to North Polar Icefield is Beastman Race seeks for Divine Artifact, such person may not be Evildoer, person who he will be only grievances is distinct, has offended his, he will not let off, his ally, he will shelter certainly, on will be such simplicity.” Luo Luo one hear of Queen said that cannot help but nodded, not only actually Zhao Hai, their Mermaid Race is so, in this takes the strength as Venerable in world, protects own ally, suppresses own enemy, this originally at normal matter, even if Sea Race, this situation also is almost everyday in presently, does not have quite strangely what. Queen sighed said : actually Sea Dragon Race these years also such to do, the shark clan, the electric eel clan was the ally that they included, regarding person who did not listen to their words, suppression of their going all out, but was a pity that these years we were too loose to their surveillance, does not have presently their wild ambition.” Luo Luo also sighed, because these years on business dealings with Continent have been short, therefore the in the sea commodity was scarce, to cope with this aspect, Mermaid Race has to organize sea god Merchant Union, bought the consumptions of some thing good subsidies Sea Race here from Human Race there, because Mermaid Race the jing strength centralized to this matter, therefore gave Sea Dragon Race with be possible the opportunity of name, since making their seize the opportunity win over the together pledge, revolted unexpectedly. Because Mermaid Race the jing strength many as centralized as business, Sea Dragon Race is impossible to have such opportunity, impossible Mermaid Race bi to this situation, but was now good, has a Zhao Hai such strong ally, believes that Sea Dragon Race these time will certainly not have the good fruit to eat. Queen turns the head look at Luo Luo said : Luo Luo, two days of Mr. Zhao Hai they must go to frontline, you also go, Mr. Zhao Hai although strength formidable, but he is not familiar with Sea Race, you must help Mr. Zhao Hai, if these time can defeat Sea Dragon Race really at one fell swoop their is best, even if cannot, minimum also probably stand firm the defense line, understand?” Luo Luo nod said : is, Your Majesty, my understand.” Queen then nodded, then how many madames turns the head Zhao Hai to Luo Luo said : to do now? They cross good? Has remembered, well ties jiao with these madames, Mr. Zhao Hai strength formidable, is on Continent famous big Merchant, has done well relationship with him, to us has the advantage, moreover his these madames keep in the Human Race there status, we cannot offend.”

Luo Luo smiles said : Your Majesty feel relieved, mister several madames now is very good, their people very much cooperate, moreover must come with these sisters very much.” Queen smiles said : that to be good, this time matter perhaps was our Sea Race opportunity, if cooperated really with Mr. Zhao Hai, perhaps later our Sea Race can many carry on some merchant with Human Race, after all now Radiant Church has been not as in the Human Race there influence, good Luo Luo, you also prepared, two days later their together followed Mr. Zhao Hai.” Luo Luo has complied with turn around leave. But Zhao Hai this place waits, is sitting in Space the look at screen, on the screen the dialog of Queen and Luo Luo, Zhao Hai to the resolution of Queen also is really somewhat accidental, he has not thought that Queen actually so believe him, but this regarding Zhao Hai to is the good deed, must tidy up these Sea Dragon Race, regarding Zhao Hai is not the difficult matter, actually had in his in hand this hundreds of thousands seas Undead Creature to be OK, after all his these Undead Creature, level, but very high. Looked at Luo Luo to retreat, Zhao Hai also changed to other places monitor, Zhao Hai static sitting in Space, these time came the Sea Race here harvest to be very big, Mermaid Race was the sincerity wants to form an alliance with them, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely was the good deed, moreover Zhao Hai also knew the person on Continent from the Queen mouth to his comment share, vicious and merciless! vicious and merciless! He He, really regard these four characters now.” Zhao Hai sits the [say / way] that muttered in living room. A day of safe, person but who has Sea Race unceasing delivers to Mermaid Island here to come various Magic Beast, but this time they send Magic Beast that may be some dying, does not have live. However Zhao Hai has not been getting down to turn into Undead Creature these Magic Beast anxiously, Mermaid Race has not sent for looking for him, gets down to next day Zhao Hai, turned into Undead Creature hundreds of thousands Sea Race Magic Beast, this although has many Sea Race people to surround in there, but on their faces did not have the curious expression, each and every one was a fear of face. Stayed for two days in Mermaid Island here, the Sea Race army has also gathered, although knows that Sea Dragon Race under the hand/subordinate had nearly army surely, but Zhao Hai by Mermaid Race this time reinforcement quantity shaking, this was no less than 2 million people of army. Zhao Hai hears this digit time, somewhat was numb, he now regarding the Sea Race population base, was really somewhat speechless, casual reinforcement had 2 million people, a person of rebellion, can pull up army of thousands of person, this also was too scary. Zhao Hai rejoiced now, luckily Sea Race person impossible long time moves on land, they cannot too the long time leave water, not so Ark Continent fear that was given to seize by them. Queen these time has delivered to outside Zhao Hai Mermaid Island personally, this makes these Sea Race people feel very shocked, they have not thought of Queen to Zhao Hai such attaching great importance.

Actually these Sea Race these time to misunderstood Queen, Queen this time Mermaid Island, besides delivering Zhao Hai, a point took a mass pledge, but person who these time led a group, was huge mountain. huge mountain is Mermaid Island guard Commander, but the frontline situation is now urgent, is adding on huge mountain and Zhao Hai has the contact, therefore Queen sends him to get the different these slow armed forces, point for with Zhao Hai coordination well. The Sea Race vowing ceremony is also similar to Human Race, Queen said several encouragements words, then huge mountain led Battalion to become an official, but Zhao Hai is actually sitting in a Blade-Scales Whale within the body now. This blade scale fish is Blade-Scales Whale nong of Zhao Hai in Space comes out, Undead Creature that this Blade-Scales Whale turns into, is similar to Alien, his build has also formed a room, because Blade-Scales Whale is in itself bigger than Alien, therefore the room in his within the body is also very big, Zhao Hai in inside nong the living room, the bedroom, unexpectedly also special mén has still been used for the bathroom that takes a bath. Naturally, Zhao Hai nong came out these thing , is just used to give the person to look that his most time stays in Space. This Blade-Scales Whale outside blade scale naturally is complete was preserved, the blade scale following that layer skin was also preserved, but is the blade scale or the skin, turned transparently, in inside can clear seeing outside scenery . What most important is, the Space of Blade-Scales Whale within the body does not have the water, a outside sea water point cannot go, but Zhao Hai they reason that because has Magic, simply does not need to be worried that inside air is insufficient. Now Zhao Hai sits in this Space, Laura in their naturally also this Space, only then a bystander, is Mermaid Race Queen sends to help Zhao Hai small Mermaid Race Luo Luo. Mermaid Race not special-purpose Mount, but other their actually Sea Race no abilities, they can imperial cause all Sea Race Magic Beast, they can turn into their Mount any one type of Sea Race Magic Beast, naturally , some sea merpeople clans like one type of Magic Beast, or fosters one type of Sea Race Magic Beast since childhood, then regards Mount him, but this situation is few. Queen said to Zhao Hai Luo Luo point, Luo Luo is helping Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai introduced that various Sea Race, how will not interfere Zhao Hai to fight. Actually did not need Queen saying that why Zhao Hai also knew Luo Luo, but he has not displayed, but also very polite Luo Luo welcome to Space of Blade-Scales Whale within the body, but also mén prepared one to have the sea water room to Luo Luo specially.

reinforcement Battalion slowly expunges toward frontline, although also passes through some small tribes along the way, the people of these small tribes are also the lead(er) people under Mermaid Race rule, some small tribes are still even despatching troops to participate in reinforcement. Also often will have some Sea Race people, is bringing all kinds of Sea Race Magic Beast corpse, Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite, turned into Undead Creature these corpses, army also caught many Sea Race Magic Beast along the way, has all given Zhao Hai. huge mountain has calculated, Undead Creature that Zhao Hai these days nong comes out, crosses five hundred thousand, such quantity really very astonishing, has been four points of their reinforcement total this. Now huge mountain changes the Undead Creature matter regarding the Zhao Hai variety, already from the shock of beginning, restless, to present was numb, now was Zhao Hai said that tomorrow can turn into Undead Creature all Magic Beast in entire ocean, he will not feel that was startled. The although large number of elderly persons, army advancing is not however slow, but here ocean, is not land, army simply does not need to be worried that any provisions issue, various Magic Beast in ocean were too many, some low level Magic Beast, these people could not finish eating, but also with being worried about any provisions. bk b