Chapter 618 defense line The day was black, although now their is the deep sea, almost cannot feel head sunlight, but their people were too many, many water small Sea Race people had been pushed on sea surface, unexpectedly also some bird shape Magic Beast attack they, in adding on these Sea Race people never do not need to rest, therefore to evening's time, they need to sleep. Zhao Hai and Laura they actually sit in the Space living room, they came out several days from Mermaid Island there, but this several days they not too much time independent being together, because of this several days time Luo Luo continuously, moreover is very good with Laura their sentiments, once for a while must their together rest with Laura, therefore Zhao Hai they have also been short of many speech opportunity with Laura. Today Luo Luo wants to rest finally, Zhao Hai they then gathered in Space, look at Laura their this didn't several days have rest well, Zhao Hai cannot help but to smile said : what kind of? This several days has not rested in Space, rests is not quite good?” Laura has smiled bitterly next step: Also don’t know what's the matter, Mermaid Race cold awfully, with their together sleeps, if can have a good sleep is strange.” Lizzy also nodded said : I to somewhat to envy Mermaid Race, they will not be unexpectedly old, day that no matter to the big age, has looked like is still over 20 years old, this was too enviable.” Zhao Hai first time heard that this matter, he cannot help but turns the head look at Lizzy said : oh, such matter? Indeed, in Mermaid Island that several days, links an old mermaid not to see unexpectedly, moreover are they the entire clan do not have a man probably? How do they reproduce next generation?” Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but face one red, bah Zhao Hai, this said : Mermaid Race had Secret Technique, after certain age, so long as eats up the Mermaid Island there special product the one type of fruit to be pregnant to give birth to the child, but lives is the nv children, after this method, the one type of method, was merpeople Patriarch at age 40, they can use Secret Technique, was produced an egg by own body, finally this egg can hatch the small merpeople, but this method, will have the influence to the strength of merpeople clan, but ate the fruit. The method actually cannot.” Zhao Hai stares, muttered said : originally is this, no wonder in their clan did not have the man, he he, what kind, your this several days played on Mermaid Island happy? Saw that type of fruit?” Megan looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but smiles said : to know that you will ask such, we saw, that sub- to grew in Mermaid Island there, in sea water that this sub- tree root, lengthens by joining, very mysterious, the merpeople clan to serious that they cherish, we asked for quite a while, he produced to make us cut a root, has made Cai'er put in Warehouse.” Zhao Hai said : „? My also don’t know this matter, Cai'er, quickly takes that tree root.” Cai'er has complied with one, that slightly broke the tree root to take.

This tree root just took, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently includes the tree root of intense life aura, in Space all lives, survives can be strengthened, if plants in Space, in Space the life aura will be getting stronger and stronger, Space Level Up, presently Space Level Up to five ten 9th level, looked at the Host many efforts.” Zhao Hai stares, then the great happiness, his immediately makes Cai'er independent has drawn the a piece place, has planted that tree root, this tree root Zhao Hai planted finally in side of villa, let Cai'er look at, this was good thing. Megan they have not thought that such a tree root unexpectedly let Space Level Up, after Zhao Hai type tree root, cannot help but look at Laura they laughed said : my old madame, your time has contributed to the great merit, my person rewarded you, walked, what we also diligently was to reproduce next generation strives.” Said Megan is running toward the villa, Laura their although blushes, but followed...... army altogether moving forward 13 days, arrived finally to the frontline not far place, they prepare in here rest well, then tomorrow arrives at frontline to go. Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose that this several days has not been idling, turns into Undead Creature besides everyday Magic Beast that some Sea Race send, how lead the army Zhao Hai is still studying with huge mountain. When Human Race and Beastman Race war, how Zhao Hai learn Human Race and Beastman Race are lead the army, but Human Race and Beastman Race lead the army method, is different from Sea Race, first a point, Human Race and Beastman Race have logistics to manage, but Sea Race does not have, Zhao Hai naturally does not need to be worried about this, is, Sea Race army, moving forward three-dimensional, but Human Race is actually the plane, most on is on high Space, but with the Sea Race like this completely three-dimensional army is actually different. Human Race with Beastman Race army advancing time, is divided into Front Army at most, Center Army, Rear Army, such three armies was good, but Sea Race is different, the army arrangement of Sea Race many that Human Race is more complex, if the army of person armed forces is three bricks becomes the tandem places, that Sea Race army, looks like Rubik's Cube is the same, their armies look like Rubik's Cube of that nine standard same are arranging, but Center Army on is Rubik's Cube most existence of that core. Such lead the army way lets Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but one, such army arrange style, not only can be divided and can be combined, can advance or retreat, but also change many, really has one type of to draw the attention of everyone the feeling. Sea Race the army arrange style compared with the army difficult management of Human Race, is naturally good because of them does not need to be the logistics enmity, otherwise Zhao Hai believes that even if these military officers in Sea Race, impossible to fight with such military train, was too troublesome. huge mountain is the guards of merpeople clan makes the lead(er), that lead the army ability is First Grade one, although this is allied armies of more than 2 millions person, but huge mountain processes to accomplish a task with ease, made Zhao Hai learn many thing.

How for study huge mountain well is lead the army, Zhao Hai this several days is not far from huge mountain, he was makes Cai'er record huge mountain every action and every movement, when rested in the evening time, Zhao Hai on returned to Space, carried on repeated research to the huge mountain lead the army process. Laura their also very curious, with Zhao Hai together research, but also let alone, Zhao Hai in the lead the army aspect, but also does not have no innate skill, if he is the general , can only be an assistant general at most, when the military strategist also assembles, if lets his lead the army, what that finger erratically leads. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Lizzy and Megan they actually displayed astonishing innate skill in the lead the army aspect, if let their two lead the army, when a general absolutely did not have the issue. For those Laura, lord of this call the wind and summon the rain in the market, arrives at lead the army this aspect, actually could not miss many with Zhao Hai, they most were also same. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, simply do not study, lets Megan and Lizzy they is quite diligent and that's the end, in any case their normally also nothing, generally helps Laura handle the Buda Family matter, actually these matters had Laura processing to suffice, they were too idle, therefore wanted cha, now was good, finally the matter made them be done, Megan and Lizzy also wanted happy compared with Zhao Hai. However now they could not be the genuine generals, thing that after all they learn now, but is on conduct some Battle Formation, the genuine battlefield understood that were too few. Zhao Hai to does not take on people, their immediately must fight with the Sea Dragon Race person, at the appointed time has matter lead the army opportunity, making them study in the actual combat. Next morning, Zhao Hai they leave hurry to toward frontline there, this Zhao Hai also looked like Luo Luo to find out the frontline there situation all the way. frontline there is in the sea a very special terrain, left side of there is a very deep oceanic trench, in that oceanic trench , was not only called the death undercurrent the yin cold undercurrent to be mobile by Sea Race, this undercurrent invisible shadowless, no matter Magic Beast or Sea Race person, so long as bumps into, immediately will freeze to death, was being flushed by the water, broken will become the scrap, what most important will be, there or the domain of devil octopus. This devil octopus is in ocean one type of top Magic Beast, devil Zhang Gui who each growing up have the 9th level strength, moreover they are sole do not fear the yin cold undercurrent Magic Beast, therefore they can survive in that oceanic trench, the Magic Beast octopus never comes out from that oceanic trench luckily, not in words Sea Race feared that already had difficultly, even if so, that oceanic trench also has become the in the sea a piece forbidden area.

But in the frontline there right, is a forbidden area, there was called reefs mi soul! there reefs is densely covered, what most important is, so long as enters to the there Sea Race person and Sea Race Magic Beast, has almost not lived to walk, Sea Race also sends for there examining, they do not dare to be too thorough into, but understood the situation of is actually very frightening. In reefs mi soul there, so long as the person has gone, mi will lose the direction, keeps turning circle that in, this trap outward does not transfer, the surface transfers toward, finally by difficulty in inside, there besides this mi soul, but also proliferates poisonous Sea Beast, these poisonous Sea Beast attack strength very formidable, one, but is poisoned, not escapes by luck certainly. Because has these two special places, therefore there can a Mermaid Race defense line, because in other places, in ocean simply not have the means arrangement defense line, ocean was too big, Sea Race does not construct the city, wants in the arrangement defense line almost to be impossible, can only the field operation. Depended on such terrain, Mermaid Race composes Daoist priest to reach the thousand li(500 km) in there the defense line, 6 million armies was defending in there by Mermaid Race war Commander only, but they have blocked Sea Dragon Race surely army a half month of attack. But Zhao Hai this is only a batch reinforcement, the second batch, third batch of reinforcement in afterward several days, arrival of one after the other, will also fight to big time is the true starts. However currently had Zhao Hai join, all have become the variable, Zhao Hai these days in hand had 1 million Sea Beast Undead Creature, has been adding on him to turn into the Undead Creature ability the corpse at any time, this weaponry, but also had really hits! bk b