Chapter 619 green Long Zhan spiral

When Zhao Hai they arrived at frontline, has gawked, they have not thought that this frontline can be this appearance unexpectedly. Sea Race defense line with Human Race complete is different, Human Race defense line there not family city wall or base operation's base and so on, but Sea Race defense line here complete these thing, have not believed that the here cleaned up cleanness, compares its place to be clean simply, said is the defense line, might as well said that is the a piece cleaned up clean location, special mén is used to rip to kill. About Zhao Hai looked , the left and right of this defense line cannot see the army, only then about middle thousand li(500 km) place, secretly arrange Sea Race army, but these army very special, they do not have the military compound, but is divided into piece by piece square-shaped formation, these square-shaped formation are the same race get together composes generally, such every large or small square-shaped formation, has about thousand in this area fully. These square-shaped formation may be three-dimensional some is all near to the water surface, some in seabed, able to move unhindered jiao are wrong, making person blurred vision twine one word. After Zhao Hai they arrive, not above join to defense line army, but stopped after the defense line, Zhao Hai knew the consideration of huge mountain, if they on the join defense line, likely will cause mixing one word of defense line army now, such will possibly cause against silk to become less crowded, that did not make is playing, nong was not good, the defense line will be broken through. After reinforcement Battalion stops, huge mountain arrived by Zhao Hai Blade-Scales Whale, Zhao Hai is knows that now Dark Magician this status advantage, that is nobody can disturb you, more than 2 millions army, Zhao Hai appears , to the present, the Sea Race people in these armed forces, leaves Zhao Hai to be distant from the beginning, sees Zhao Hai the Blade-Scales Whale they around walking. Zhao Hai regarding this situation also can only be the forced smile by right, he does not have the means that Dark Magician is this, the method that they use was really too strange, made people feel the fear strangely. Zhao Hai looked at huge mountain to come, immediately walked toward the forehead of Blade-Scales Whale, to Blade-Scales Whale forehead there, Zhao Hai has used Water element Magic, kept off the sea water outside, this made Blade-Scales Whale open the mouth. At this time huge mountain also arrived at Blade-Scales Whale outside to stand to Zhao Hai in there, his immediately/on horseback bowed said : to see mister to Zhao Hai, this time I was ask mister to see General Luo Ying with my together.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, asking in front of Commander the belt to run.” huge mountain nodded, transfers Mount, walks toward Great Formation of against silk.

Zhao Hai command(er) Blade-Scales Whale is following on the heels, side huge mountain has not led the person, only then he rides, Zhao Hai here is also similar, only then Blade-Scales Whale, other Undead Creature he already received, he does not want to bring troop Undead Creature to blatantly seek publicity, absolutely does not have that necessity. Quick two entered Great Formation, enters Great Formation Zhao Hai to know, Sea Race that he saw before is not the space often, in this big in the formation, were various he has not seen Sea Race to be many went, these Sea Race each and every one stopped in there, was staring a big eye, curious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also curious look at they. Before long they arrived at the Great Formation middle, this Great Formation middle, is Great Formation most important is , is also the Commander dull place, Zhao Hai also leaves far away saw that Great Formation middle there is stopping huge sea snail unexpectedly! This sea snail very enormous, the best pupil has about hundred meters, even if screwtop that city also fully has more than 30 meters high, sea snail all over the body green , the above pattern looks like the looks like measures unexpectedly is only circling Giant Dragon. Saw that this sea snail Zhao Hai has gawked, because he knew treasure that this sea snail, in this sea snail sea became famous, Azure Dragon Snail! Azure Dragon Snail, not only in Sea Race, even if in Human Race there also big has the character, this sea snail famous place has two points \; first, his defense capability, two are his blessing/additional support ability to the Water element Magic. This Azure Dragon Snail grows is not very easy, every ten old one meter, like such big Azure Dragon Snail, feared that had the millenniums ages, if this put on Continent, absolutely was the priceless treasure, even if in Sea Race here, this Azure Dragon Snail value were also immeasurable. Laura they stand with Zhao Hai together in Blade-Scales Whale head there, dumbfounded look at this incomparably huge Azure Dragon Snail, they have not thought really that in this world will really have such big Azure Dragon Snail. Must know, needs against surface year Azure Dragon Snail to be able the files to live in 9th level Expert to strike fully, obviously his defense capability strong, so long as had Azure Dragon Snail, uses Water element Magic, wields 300% fighting strength, obviously his blessing/additional support to Water element Magic to how terrifying situation. But these millenniums Azure Dragon Snail, are the wondrous use is infinite, has this kind of Azure Dragon Snail, even if several 9th level Expert besieges, can guarantee temporarily unobstructive. This Azure Dragon Snail is in itself 9th level Magic Beast, but this Magic Beast has characteristics, is the courage specially is small, moreover ten points Wen He, one type of as long has Azure Dragon Snail of 9th level strength as hundred years, sometimes possibly frightening everywhere will run by 8th level Expert.

Azure Dragon Snail food also very special, they only eat the one type of special seaweed in sea, this seaweed in sea very scarce, therefore Azure Dragon Snail in sea is also not extremely numerous, reaches as high as hundred meters Azure Dragon Snail shell like one, even if in the sea, was the priceless treasure. Luo Luo look at Zhao Hai their appearances, cannot help but felt at heart a pride, deep voice said : this is our Mermaid Race War General special-purpose war spiral, puts many generations of refinements after our mermaid, only such Azure Dragon Snail, can the files live in six 9th level Expert attack, and counter-attacks, this time to cope with Sea Dragon Race, Your Majesty please leave Azure Dragon Snail specially, making our General Luo Ying use.” Zhao Hai they have recovered, several people could not direct to inhale a cold air, this Azure Dragon Snail unexpectedly such fierce, can block six 9th level Expert attack unexpectedly, must know that this blocked only does not come under attack does not hit back, this blocked has with the strength that six 9th level Expert fought, was individual command(er) this Azure Dragon Snail, had with the strength that six 9th level Expert fought, this was really too astonishing. What most important is, Luo Luo added one, after Mermaid Race how many generation of refinements, in other words, this has Azure Dragon Snail refined after Alchemy Technique? This information astonishing. Sea Race life in the sea, almost did not have the Sea Race person to use the fire for this reason, but it is well known, Alchemy Technique must use the fire, can Mermaid Race refine this Azure Dragon Snail with the fire unexpectedly? This was too inconceivable. Luo Luo sees Zhao Hai their surprised appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : mister possibly unable to think that our Mermaid Race also does meet crafting? This had been lucky actually before our Mermaid Race 3000, appears Chinese Patriarch, this Patriarch is in itself the 9th level strength, but she in manufacturing various types of appliances is interested, he underwent many years of experiment, finally understands one type of to be called the Water Refining method, this method does not need to use the fire, but is the water used refines the object, effect also very good, now our Mermaid Race in the manufacture of weapon, although can't compare with Dwarf Race, but compares to Human Race to come, believes that could not miss many.” Zhao Hai and Laura they look at Luo Luo, such matter they are the first time heard that some people can the water used come alchemy unexpectedly? This was too inconceivable! Simultaneously Zhao Hai was also full of the respect to Mermaid Race that Chinese Patriarch, Zhao Hai very clear, the water used came alchemy with using the fire completely is two matters, but that Chinese Patriarch actually understood such method, if this passed to Continent to come up, can change the alchemy pattern fully the theory. Luo Luo look at Zhao Hai said : in our Sea Race, is various metals, in adding on Magic Beast beast bone also has Stone and seaweed wait / etc., these thing after Water Refining, can make weapon, looks like trident that huge mountain comes in handy, manufactures after Water Refining with beast bone and Stone, not only the degree of hardness is not inferior to the metal, there is certain strong xing, what most important is, but also against corrosion, most suits our Sea Race weapon.” Zhao Hai nodded, cannot bear sigh said : Noble Chinese Patriarch is really a talent, such method he can think, was too great.”

Luo Luo proud nod, but then is actually facial expression gloomy said : this Water Refining the limit of method also has plenty, the output is limited, is not all Sea Race can use, now can use the Water Refining method, only then our Mermaid Race, therefore in Sea Race provided the good weapon person truly is actually few.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to thought that this is very reasonable, if this Water Refining method has not limited, that Sea Race strength will certainly increase, you think that in this ocean may all be the water, but they use is the Water Refining method, if has not limited, that entire ocean hasn't become giant weapon Processing Field? Luo Luo then said : millenniums ago, our Mermaid Race obtained this Azure Dragon Snail, at that time Azure Dragon Snail died, remaining this spiral shell, after the spiral shell was only brought returned to Mermaid Island, then Patriarch refined this Azure Dragon Snail on the strength of collection entire clan, had been through repeatedly for several hundred years to make, was because of this, therefore this Azure Dragon Snail met Might to be infinite.” Zhao Hai in time sighing, this time he actually exclaimed in surprise, continuously beforehand Buda Family although performance strong of , but compares to the true thousand Nian Clan clans to come, has actually missed an inside story, so-called inside story, in this moment very good showing. Sea Race can with several hundred years refines such a strong Might formidable incomparable war spiral, but Buda Family does not have this thing, because they do not have that deep inside story. At this time Zhao Hai with huge mountain they also arrived at this war spiral, to near, demonstrated that the uncommon place of this war spiral, that Giant Dragon on spiral, momentarily can Space Breaker fly sky to be the same probably, words that but carefully looked, also presently, on this spiral will be flashing unexpectedly metal same radiance, this demonstrated his hard degree sufficiently. Zhao Hai they just arrived by the spiral, several people of Mermaid Race swam from the spiral, blocked in the face of several people! bk b