The attack of Chapter 620 cone Zhao Hai saw that several Mermaid Race stares, Mermaid Race that Zhao Hai saw before, almost only puts on the shell or a green long gown, has almost not seen them to wear other clothes, Laura has also asked Mermaid Race, they are not deliberately do not wear the clothes, reason that they do not wear the clothes , because they will be like this easier to feel water element, to their practices very has the advantage. However comes out these Mermaid Race that from Azure Dragon Snail is not Zhao Hai has seen these appearance, they put on full body armor, in hand are taking Magic Staff, such appearance is makes Zhao Hai stare. These Mermaid Race full body armor, seem like the muscle of one type of shell and Magic Beast makes probably, dark blue, very beautiful, the head also brings to begin a hard helmet, lets originally the sweet and pretty merpeople clan, many several heroic spirit. Their in hand Magic Staff also very special, looks like probably is Crystal makes, glittering and translucent carving, but at the same time actually very incisive, in can regard close combat weapon to use unexpectedly. Zhao Hai look at these Mermaid Race, at heart are actually a forced smile, must say that this Mermaid Race also is really advantageous, they not only inborn are full to the water element affinity, is inborn Water element Magician, but can also control Sea Beast, what is main, but also their body intensity also very strong, fully can deal with the common close combat, almost can be versatile. After that several Mermaid Race block Zhao Hai them, looked at several people of one, this general is waiting for huge mountain Commander and Mr. Zhao Hai to huge mountain and Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, two invited.” Zhao Hai and huge mountain nodded, swims away toward Azure Dragon Snail in that several Mermaid Race soldier, this Azure Dragon Snail inside Space is not small, but Zhao Hai and huge mountain Mount does not enter to Azure Dragon Snail, appeared somewhat cannot make a turn. Zhao Hai turns the head their said : here surface Space to Luo Luo and Laura is not big, I must receive Blade-Scales Whale, Luo Luo, you can swim across go, I do not manage, Laura, you gather my side.” Laura they have complied with one, gathered the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff has wielded, a giant air bubble has encircled the middle them, then Zhao Hai received Blade-Scales Whale. Blade-Scales Whale this receives, Space in Azure Dragon Snail one appeared big many, Luo Luo also swam the side of that several Mermaid Race soldiers, saluted to that several people, called Elder Sister, that several Mermaid Race soldiers also to Luo Luo returned the salute, not two also favored looked at Luo Luo one that drowned. huge mountain was also exited by own Mount, several people then swim away toward Azure Dragon Snail, upward swims away following Azure Dragon Snail, before long several went to a hall type place, here with the floor that beast bone and water made of grass becomes, inside is also putting with the chair and table that the bone wooden becomes, inside arranges looks like does to fight the hall.

But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in this hall actually a water drop does not have, in the innermost in hall, is suspending a cot, this cot looks like looks like a small bed, a Mermaid Race nv soldier, is lying down on the cot. Zhao Hai they entered the hall, huge mountain and Luo Luo on simultaneously has seen General Luo Ying to that Mermaid Race gave a salute said :.” Luo Ying looked up Luo Luo their eyes, nodded, Zhao Hai then also brought Laura Zhao Hai to see General Luo Ying to Luo Ying gave a salute said :.” Luo Ying has stood, Luo Ying has seen Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai ritual said :, Mr. Zhao Hai these time upholds justice to assist, my Mermaid Race is deeply grateful.” The sound that she spoke appeared somewhat chilly, one such as her appearance, although Mermaid Race long was very attractive, but also had the difference, like Queen, she gave people one type of to be magnificent, mature, lofty beauty, but Luo Luo to person one type of green General netv, then appeared somewhat chilly, demonstrated the one type of heroic spirit full beauty. After seeing exchanging greetings, Luo Ying asks Zhao Hai they to sit down, Luo Ying then turns the head to huge mountain said : you come just in time, this several days Sea Dragon Race person suddenly to us strengthened attack, moreover in them were many some Expert, our losses are very heavy, now the defense line here population less than 4 million, you came happen to supplement the loss.” huge mountain shocking said : Sea Dragon Race some helpers? Is who?” Luo Ying shook the head, the brow actually wrinkles got up said : „the present to return don’t know, but I thought these people probably am not the Sea Race person, because they used dragon beads to evade the water.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Luo Ying said : „can general, follow saying that below what thing this does evade the water dragon bead is? Below curious.” Luo Ying to has not been hiding the truth from Zhao Hai, nodded, referred to his hall mén gemstone same thing said : before two blue that evades the water dragon bead, was the eye of water dragon clan makes, had one on the body, no matter under to deep in the sea, that dragon beads becomes one layer protective shield in your body appearance, making the sea water not moisten your body, you can also the breath of nature, after just the water dragon clan die, general will bury, therefore this type of evading water dragon bead was rarely seen.” Zhao Hai looked, looked at that two blue bead, these two beads cannot look at an appearance of eye now, each also only then the fist is big looks like two ordinary gemstone. Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : Sea Dragon Race after dying, their eyes slowly will contract, finally turns into this appearance, this evades the water dragon bead, over the two days in the Sea Dragon Race army, appears some person who held to evade the water dragon bead, they underwent the evil, attack strength very strong, moreover the population were many, I did not suspect that Dragon Race after dying, will receive this type of evading water dragon bead, waits for the present to use.”

Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Luo Ying said : general, why today don't they have to attack?” Luo Ying shook the head said : they just to kick one time, but drew back, I want soon to come attack.” Was saying, suddenly heard rumbling the explosive sound. Luo Ying face changed said : they attacks.” The hand moves, in hall suddenly appears the one layer water curtain, a water curtain fluctuation, above has then demonstrated outside situation, but compares to Zhao Hai monitor to come, the effect has actually fallen far short, is not clear, looks is not clear. However is this, suffices Zhao Hai surprisedly their, they first time noticed that some people use such Magic, such looks like with monitor unexpectedly, before such as looks up them, knows that this Magic, that monitor they can attain the person to come with. although feels surprised, but has looked at monitor, did not think anything, Zhao Hai their immediately by the above fight attracting. Sees to kill an army from opposite suddenly, but formation very strange of this army, looks like looks like a giant cone, moreover in revolving of keeping, but the awl of this cone is sharp, is actually a guy, skin of this person of white , height has about five meters, in hand is taking a giant bone spear|gun, is actually growing two giant fish fins in the rib region, steadily thick tail, big bald, now his big mouth, is revealing a canine of mouth, seems like food person devil same intimidated. Fearing. What Luo Ying deep voice said : their this using is cone-shape, of drivehead is shark clansman, he is in Sha national minority famous War General known as Sand Meng, this person of although is only 8th level Expert, but is innate skill different reported that a skin Blade and Sword difficult wound, moreover has strong protection capability to Magic, in adding on super strong, very difficult deals with, in this several days main attack ten times has six times is he.” Ended to draw under table rope, Zhao Hai saw that against silk here garrison troops also changed, their whirlpool that became the looks like has measured spin, the center of this whirlpool, to the head of opposite party that circular cone, that circular cone one was jabbing into the whirlpool center, then the entire whirlpool started to keep had blood rou to brave to come out from, sea water instantaneous on by incarnadine one big piece. huge mountain one has stood, bows to Luo Ying said : general, making me go to be able this sand to be fierce!” huge mountain is brave officer who whale clan became famous, but the whale clan also has wanted the formidable soldier compared with the shark clan, presently arrives at the sand fiercely to show off one's power outside, his there can sit still. Luo Ying actually shook the head said : not to need to worry, some reverse side people are keeping off Sand Meng, you just came, rest well, this time they will probe xing attack, a while will retreat.” huge mountain then sat, but two eyes is look at water curtain there stubbornly, although on the water curtain is the blood, simply anything cannot see clearly now, but he is closely is staring, probably Sand Meng momentarily will come out to be the same from inside tour.

Really such as Luo Ying said that these time is only one probes xing attack, opposite party attack these Sea Race people have drawn before long back, brings up the rear by that sand fiercely personally, after just war, Sand Meng a not only matter did not have, instead to was excited of face. Luo Ying looked at the opposite party to retreat, this received the water curtain, turns the head said : opposite party such attack to Zhao Hai and huge mountain, everyday will have several times, this time was only the probe, next time will be more violent.” Zhao Hai nodded said : general, can I exit while convenient in these corpse refining?” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but deep looked at his one eyes, then nodded said : „, walks.” Said that lead has stood, walks outward. To Azure Dragon Snail outside, Zhao Hai has summoned Blade-Scales Whale, he wants to call Luo Ying also to sit to Blade-Scales Whale on, but Luo Ying has actually hit a breath, a giant seahorse from Azure Dragon Snail afterward swimming slowly, Luo Ying stepped the back of seahorse, tour slowly by Zhao Hai Blade-Scales Whale, huge mountain also got up own Mount, similarly to Blade-Scales Whale side, protecting one on the left and other on the right lived in Zhao Hai. But these Mermaid Race nv gentleman wars, summoned own Mount, followed in Luo Ying, their Mount unification, were the giant seahorses, on these seahorses a tenth stone was nervous and troubled, bringing the blue spot, the height to cross five meters, jumped with the Zhao Hai impression in advancing that not, these seahorse advancing time, very smoothly, only not excessively was not quick. bk b