Chapter 621 Message Fish Zhao Hai and don’t know, this seahorse is not the ordinary seahorse, or the big point seahorse, this seahorse is really one type of variant beast. No matter on Ark Continent also good, is Sea Race is also good, some variant beast, variant beast is Magic Beast, but is not ordinary Magic Beast. Magic Beast, is some meets Magic wild beast generally, but variant beast actually varies to want, variant beast usually refers to meeting Divergent Technique Magic Beast, these two points is different, strength naturally also on bad was very far. Magic Beast, discharges Magic through Magic Crystal in within the body, will therefore be called Magic Beast, but variant beast is different, variant beast can use Magic, but similarly, they have one type of Life Source Divergent Technique, this Life Source Divergent Technique, slightly compared with Magic fierce, Might formidable, therefore ordinary person rather with Advanced level Magic Beast to, is not willing to provoke variant beast. The seahorse that Luo Ying they ride, is one type of variant beast! This seahorse looks like very enormous, motion very slow, this is only commends actually, they are actually one type of Water element Magic, simultaneously they are also one type of Ice Element variant beast. variant beast certainly is Magic Beast, but Magic Beast actually not necessarily is variant beast, this is on Continent all people knows that but Luo Ying their Mount, are actually the one type of very unusual races, they are variant beast, is Magic Beast, in the sea very famous, their names were called the ice seahorse. Ices seahorse name although very ordinary, but the ice and water have certain difference, most important in this attack strength, ices the seahorse, is actually one type of Water element Magic Beast, but after his variation, can actually use Ice Element Divergent Technique. Ice Element variant beast is Water element Magic Beast turns generally, but Water element Magic Beast actually will be majority of not Ice Element Divergent Technique, this with the difference of Magic Beast and variant beast will be the same. The ice looks like similar to water although, has plenty Water element Magic Beast can also use Ice Element Divergent Technique, if is actually is really different, should not say that Water element Magic Beast with Ice Element Divergent Technique, should say that was Ice Element variant beast has used Water element Magic. On attack in defense, Water element has missed compared with Ice Element, not only plans, but this ice seahorse meets Water element Magic and Ice Element Divergent Technique one type of unusual variant beast, attack strength of their Water element Magic in Sea Beast are not very high, but actually a little, one but they use Water element Magic, their significantly will promote, in the sea majority of Magic Beast cannot overtake them, but their Ice Element Divergent Technique , can only actually one type of, the Ice Cone technique!

Their Water element Magic use in their, probably added a propeller to be the same in own, is been quicker, but their Ice Cone techniques that oneself ran actually like added a spear|gun before their body, Ice Cone that their shè exited, was not only quick . Moreover the attack strength difference, cannot connection attack, therefore in the endless sea, the ice seahorse also had a reputation of raging fire Ice Cone beast. This raging fire Ice Cone beast did not mean that the ice seahorse also meets Fire element Divergent Technique, but said that their in the sea escapes, probably was the urgent matter is the same, said that this was not the honored reputation, but also was makes Sea Race everybody feel headache one type of Magic Beast. Zhao Hai somewhat curious look at giant ice Sea Dragon, but he has not said anything, but is command(er) swimming away of Blade-Scales Whale in toward battlefield, huge mountain and Luo Ying they also one on the left and other on the right follow side Zhao Hai. The quick people arrived in the battlefield, battlefield here is floating many corpses, but these Sea Race people have not moved, must know that the sea water is mobile, it will not take long, these corpses will be been impulsive by the sea water, this is also why Zhao Hai they come the time, not in the reason that in the battlefield sees the corpse. The Sea Race person may not have burial of dead underground custom, the polarity, the Sea Race person uses the burial at sea majority, also in other words their people after dying, they will install the corpse with the in the sea one type of big shell, then makes him float along with the sea water, arrives at there to calculate that if could not find the big shell, directly put in the sea to make him float. This to did not mean that the Sea Race person disrespects to the dead, conversely, they such do the respect to the dead, the Sea Race person think that they live in the sea, has lived in the sea, after they died, must returned to in the sea again, therefore they will use the way of this burying. These Sea Race people also know, after having used the burial at sea, their clansman corpse mostly in Magic Beast by sea will be eaten, but they such have done, they think Magic Beast in sea, is the sea god gives them, is ocean part, therefore this burying way has preserved the present. But in the battlefield, all Sea Race people are all such will do, the person who in their opinion, dying on the equal to direct burial at sea, does not need to gather up dead bodies. Zhao Hai look at eye these are floating the corpse, just the contact of both sides fought the although time very not to be long, but the casualties are not small, only that small little while, already casualties about thousand people. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Luo Ying said : general, if were your soldier remains, below?” Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : mister to invite, the soldier who if these died, helping us, making these living the soldier little dies several, I think that they will rest.”

Zhao Hai deep looked at Luo Ying one, he presently Luo Ying is really the one type of qualified general, the command(er) fight very much has, moreover love soldier's heart, only then such person, can become a qualified general, only then such person can let the both officers and men carry out their duties conscientiously. The Zhao Hai turning the head hand wields, one group surrounded black these corpses, waited for black gas to vanish, these corpses also vanished. Zhao Hai does not think now these Sea Race to see these Undead Creature, he is very clear, what expression these Sea Race people when see these Undead Creature are, if makes these Sea Race people see one pile of skeletons now, to their morale is a very big attack, at the war, this is very fatal. Luo Ying looked that these corpses vanished, looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, Zhao Hai turned the head to show a faint smile said : general to Luo Ying not to need to be worried that I received these Undead Creature, now reveals Undead Creature, I feared that will attack morale.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that this nodded, she to really somewhat admires Zhao Hai now, unexpectedly at this time, completeness that such but can also consider the matter, rare. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at these Sea Race person said : general, if a while opposite party were coming attack, might as well make me keep off in here, how did you look?” Luo Ying has gawked, she has not thought that Zhao Hai will take the initiative requests a combat assignment unexpectedly, but she shook the head said : mister not to need to worry, like the war, their everyday will move several times, they are want the burr we, I want to make mister observe first for two days, is collecting some Undead Creature, then routs the opposite party at one fell swoop.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but he nodded said : all hear of generals to arrange, so long as the general needs, must momentarily leave below.” Luo Ying nodded, leading Zhao Hai they to return arrived in Azure Dragon Snail, to Azure Dragon Snail, Luo Ying immediately looked for his under the hand/subordinate some military officers, making them arrange the person, disperses reinforcement that huge mountain brings to various teams. Original Zhao Hai thinks that returned to Blade-Scales Whale within the body, then enters to Space, but saw that Lizzy and Megan face full of enthusiasm look at Luo Ying issues various types to do to fight the order the appearance, Zhao Hai has not actually gone back, instead to remained, studies in one side. With the army that Zhao Hai they come, quick is dispersed in various corps, Luo Ying also has issued simultaneously fully the order of defense, she thinks that the opposite party will be very inferior to attack, moreover these time definitely is a big attack, various places must be ready to be good.

Zhao Hai carefully is observing Luo Ying regarding assignment of these armies, he present a point, these army although were divided into square-shaped formation square-shaped formation, but each each one square-shaped formation, four small square-shaped formation compositions, these four small square-shaped formation, its one is to defend, mainly by other turtle clans or defense strength quite strong race compositions, first small square-shaped formation attacks the clan, this attacks the clan hosts is the Sea Race some specially race, they can attack long-distance attack, general uses Magic, in having one on is near War Clan, this. Near War Clan are War Clan of some force, body formidable, close combat ability very strong, finally certainly supports the command(er) clan, doing of this race with supports other three clans, is the commanding a war place. Such four small square-shaped formation, comprised of big square-shaped formation, some big points square-shaped formation, comprised of even bigger square-shaped formation, this became has done to fight the unit, moreover can achieve, the order directly issued, command(er) got up convenience to be flexible. Most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, they come in handy the way of ordering, the Sea Race person are used for the way of ordering, is one type of calls Message Fish thing. This Message Fish is in ocean the one type of very special fish, his body is not big, is very small, however hovers is quick, moreover is very easy to teach the clothing/taking, what most important is, this fish can transmit information, two fish are are very far, can leave the one type of special sound wave that leaves, passes to the opposite party information. Sea Race has used Message Fish this characteristics, the development also one type of Magic, this Magic can simulate leave the Message Fish sound, then carries on to transmit information with this special way, this Magic was also made all kinds of Secret Code, is in ocean is used to transmit information most quickly is also the safest means that your don’t know Secret Code, even if saw Message Fish, was impossible to know what the opposite party said was anything. Hears this Message Fish, Zhao Hai has one type of to feel that he felt probably was returned to on Earth, was looking at the plate to fight the piece, both sides were using the report machine in the report, this method compared with mobile phone or the telephone, naturally was appears very primitive, however in Ark Continent here, this was actually a very great clear(ly). Zhao Hai to this Message Fish also being interested, managed Luo Ying to want, directly to breed in Space, but Space although had the prompt sound to transmit, but did not have Level Up, but were many a function, strengthened the Space traffic capacity. bk b