Chapter 622 mobile phone? Telephone? The Space traffic capacity, is a very major problem, only then Zhao Hai uses most convenient, like Laura they, one, but leave Space, that Zhao Hai only has been able to find them through Space, then after behind told them information, or makes Cai'er tell them information, but Cai'er has one after all, therefore this communication system, very inconvenient. Now had Message Fish, the situation is different, Message Fish enters Space, was strengthened by Space, in adding on Space is in itself the product on Earth, therefore to the strengthening of this Message Fish, toward transmitting information this aspect strengthens, this fish can start talking! This to did not say that this fish itself will speak, but said that this fish can convey a message, because this fish is Space produces, so long as puts Space here Message Fish, other fish minutes to the hands of various people, Zhao Hai they can speak to Message Fish by that time, then through Space, pass to another person these words. Zhao Hai just heard this function time has tarried, such, Space to is played the communications satellite the function, but these Message Fish are mobile phone. although Message Fish cannot the leave water, this be a shortcoming, but regarding Zhao Hai, this simply is not the issue, he can have in Space appears some Space Bag comes, then in putting out some small glass jars, so long as installs to sail upstream in the glass jar, then in put in Space Bag to be OK the glass jar. This Message Fish volume is not very big, moreover long very beautiful , can definitely fit out the one type of decorative fish to raise, even if not put in Space Bag, puts in the room to be also same, but turned into the fixed telephone from mobile phone. Not only this function makes Zhao Hai pleasantly surprised extremely, is Laura they is also pleasantly surprised extremely, their immediately lets massive cultivation this Message Fish of Cai'er in Space, then prepares to give Kun these Message Fish, Green their everyone sends to one, such later everyone/Great Clan related to be many on the convenience. Zhao Hai they have not really thought that these time arrives at Sea Race really to have such big harvest, this harvest regarding them was really too important, like this, no matter Buda Family, no matter there lived any matter, Zhao Hai almost can know immediately. Zhao Hai they in handling the Message Fish matter, but Luo Ying their here has not been idling, the opposite party really moved, two hours that after first time attacks, opposite party second time attacked. This opposite party the attack of attack with first that cone complete is different, this time they are also Ping Jin the advancements, must hit the appearance of major battle, Zhao Hai and Laura their these time sits in Azure Dragon Snail, look at that piece of water curtain. On the Luo Ying table has also displayed several Message Fish, these Message Fish are puts in several very attractive fishbowls, each stature fish uses to different person Transmission information, but after comparing to Space improves Message Fish, this Message Fish fell far short.

Zhao Hai did not have the interest to pay attention to these Message Fish now, enemy who his positive drive motionless look at slowly is also advancing, the pushing progress of enemy is not quick, completely intact that the lineup maintains, their lineups and Luo Ying their here lineup is almost same, cube lineup like Rubik's Cube. They walk in the forefront race, is some electric eel clans, other being good at long-distance attack Sea Race, it seems like that this opposite party really prepared to mount a large-scale attack. Luo Ying is also paying attention to the lineup of opposite party, is using also Magic, to these Message Fish, transmits order one after another. Naturally, Luo Ying is not uses Magic to pass on the order toward Message Fish there, she accounted orally the order, then used Magic these orders by other Mermaid Race soldiers, transmitted through Message Fish. With the advancement of opposite party, the defense line here army change bit by bit the lineup, some defenses are also strong, does not fear the electric eel clan attack race, slowly to the entire War Clan forefront, other advancement attack strong races slowly to them behind. Zhao Hai first time sees Sea Race this fortification fight face-to-face, both sides in this piece do not calculate that on small defense line, has dispersed attack fully, probably is the matter reaches an agreement, a side attacks, a side defends. Distance getting closer and closer of both sides, is probably distanced about 200 meters times, opposite party Battle Formation stopped, then suddenly from the battlefield of opposite party, emits blue lightning, this lightning on shè toward the defense line comes, obviously was the electric eel clan of opposite party has launched attack. But defense line here garrison troops immediately has also made the response, some defense strength strong race immediately forced up, their Magic Beast minutes has blocked this time attack. Zhao Hai in paying attention to the war, he has not been thinking , the electric eel clan can unexpectedly electricity control is so good, they use electricity in the sea water, can make the electricity concentrate unexpectedly not to be loose, this simple is a little inconceivable, but they have actually achieved, moreover can look, attack strength also very uncommon, was really too great. But defense line here is not does not counter-attack, some water arrows, Ice Cone, square-shaped formation shè of direct opposite party goes, both sides long-distance attack had to have expansion of . Long-distance attack has carried on ten rounds, opposite party electric eel clansman was could not put the electricity probably, that blue lightning attack become weaker and weaker, mainly attacked give priority to by the water arrow or Ice Cone such Water element Magic

However quick, such attack also become weaker and weaker, both sides are the same, opposite party army starts slowly changed, these were responsible for the long-distance attack race drawing back slowly, but these suited the close combat charge the type to put top slowly above. Luo Ying their here also immediately/on horseback changes, branch of the services forcing up of some suitable close combats slowly, in this time, opposite party long-distance attack almost at the same time had also been finishing, then the branch of the services of that close combat started the charge. Their charges are fierce their charges to look like with the sand very much, is the full circle cone-shape has killed, but these time is not a circular cone, but is killed by many circular cone together. Luo Ying looks at the appearance of opposite party, deep voice said : „the Falling Stone Formation preparation.” immediately has the Mermaid Race soldier to pass around this order, defense line Great Formation also moved, entire Great Formation in revolving of keeping, the Sea Dragon Race army has attacked probably before long, when both sides soon contact on, army here è of suddenly defense line leaves innumerable big stone, these big stone vary, any shape has knows very much Might that è exits is not small. The opposite party has not thought of this move obviously, by this one word stone one to dozen one word corner/horn, but they flushed at this time, hit in Great Formation of defense line garrison troops, but Great Formation of defense line garrison troops did not have any influence, was revolving, looked like twists the rou machine to be the same, strangled to death the Sea Dragon Race army in inside. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but stares, he cannot help but turned the head to look at one to stand by him not far away Luo Luo, Luo Luo it can be said that was well-read in Sea Race, did not have the race that she did not understand regarding Sea Race, because of so, therefore Queen will send her to help Zhao Hai. Luo Luo looks at Zhao Hai look at she, knows that Zhao Hai wants to ask anything, her quickly said: This spurts the rockfish clan, this race very strange thing, our Sea Race carries on long-distance attack with Water element Magic generally, only then the electric eel clan is uses electricity attack, but this spurting rockfish clan they actually come attack using Stone, in their bodies has a pouch, they can load into the pouch Stone, when runs into the enemy time, Stone puffing out wound enemy, but the shè regulation does not have Water element Magic to be so far, but must mention Might to come, fears compared with Water element Magic must on the strong several points.” Zhao Hai then nodded, to be honest, this sea all kinds of races were really too many, compared with in the sea these races compared with, the Beastman Prairie there race quantity, was a child's play. Now Zhao Hai takes to matching regarding Luo Ying, knows that in the sea has many race this possibly is not anything, but knows how to wield these race biggest superiority, this is essential, but Luo Ying obviously is very good has achieved this point. It can be said that used Falling Stone Formation to start in Luo Ying, the attack of opposite party has defeated, if they can also maintain the lineup clash, perhaps can also refuse to compromise some time, but the lineup is hit one word now, their last qualifications of deadlock lost, only remaining slaughtered shares.

The opposite party also saw this point obviously, they started retreat slowly, their retreat was not quick, but lineup one word, only the remaining these did not flush in the forefront, lineup one word some small square-shaped formation brought up the rear, following big square-shaped formation actually retreat slowly. Sees here, Zhao Hai also cannot help but nodded, that Commander of opposite party same is not simple, in this case, gave up few people decisively, has preserved the Battalion strength. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Luo Ying said : general, with does not need me to send Undead Creature attack their, hits one word their retreat lineup, leaves behind their person?” Luo Ying stares, transfers to look at Zhao Hai said : in the present battlefield, is battling, mister went to be too dangerous.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to use, will be OK in the room.” Said that in hand Magic Staff has wielded wielding, sees around the following Sea Dragon Race army, appears suddenly several groups of Dark mist, waited for Dark mist to diverge, intermittent skeleton Sea Beast left by the Sea Dragon Race army, then these skeleton Sea Beast also like the each and every one circular cone, revolved is flushing away toward big in the formation of Sea Dragon Race army. The matter leaves suddenly, the opposite party has not thought that defense line here meets appears Zhao Hai such abnormal existence unexpectedly, the defense that they make comes to defense line here, but Zhao Hai these Undead Creature actually start from their both sides toward the big in the formation rush, one hit one word their corner/horn! Great Formation appears of Sea Dragon Race army hurried one word, but is very obvious, their Commander also really very fierce, immediately has made the response, entire Great Formation has rotated suddenly, these time is not the overall rotation, but is one layer one layer, a counter- rotation, uses this rotation, blocks Undead Creature attack. bk b