Chapter 623 fights However Zhao Hai Undead Creature so is easy to block? although Zhao Hai has limited these Undead Creature strengths now, has not made them show the 9th level Expert strength, however Undead Creature fighting strength originally formidable, these to raiding, one hit opposite party one to be caught off guard. Sea Dragon Race army although Battle Formation started, what met Undead Creature these simply don’t know deaths is thing, they kept off also naturally very to use energy, but did not hit undead in these Undead Creature well, so long as were their vital part is hit, they will change to make one group of black gas to disappear. Naturally, these are Zhao Hai intentionally nong come out, so long as were hit vital part Undead Creature, can change to makes one group of black gas, returned to Space in again. Zhao Hai these time has sent out about five hundred thousand Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are Sea Race Sea Beast turns, moreover Zhao Hai has not thought makes them draw back from in the formation, he wants to make these Sea Beast rush ahead in opposite party Battle Formation, to death ray, naturally, this died plays dead. But this is also the Dark Magician most fearful place, they can use this suicide same way attack enemy, told fortunes to trade a life not to matter, so long as the opposite party receded, they can the corpse of opposite party in time turning Undead Creature, when the time comes Undead Creature army also, but the population of opposite party actually reduced. Now Sea Dragon Race has encountered this situation, they face, but Sea Beast Undead Creature, these Sea Beast attack strength, want compared with the general Sea Race person on strongly many, often must kill Sea Beast Undead Creature, must come jiao to trade with the lives of several Sea Race people, this same Sea Dragon Race army there can bear, some Battle Formation start appears the situation of rout. The difference of person and Undead Creature in here, Undead Creature does not fear death, the person is actually fears death, even if the most jing sharp army, the situation of also meeting the appears rout, now the Sea Dragon Race army is so. However is good because of Undead Creature that Zhao Hai these time sends is not many, has five hundred thousand, but the opposite party these time comes the attack army total should about 3 million, therefore some although small square-shaped formation appears the situation of rout, has not actually threatened big square-shaped formation. Sea Race fighting strength also is really very strong, especially in the sea, their fighting strength truly compared with general Sea Beast much better, five hundred thousand Undead Creature that Zhao Hai sent, quick is given to grind Sea Dragon Race army time by them not to dare to stay, fast retreated toward behind, feared that the opposite party was coming such attack. Undead Creature entire attack process Luo Ying they look in the eye, nobody will use Black Magic in Sea Race, therefore their this is first time sees Undead Creature attack, if makes them use a word to describe, that can only be the fearful two characters, fearful, was too scary!

These Undead Creature attack strength in the Luo Ying eye , can only be general, but these Undead Creature fearful places lie, so long as you do not hit their vital part, they will not die, that feared that has broken his leg, attack that they can still flee, such attack, on whom will put to be scared. Luo Ying is a lead the army military officer, she naturally is very clear, when the army meets such attack, to the morale attack of soldier is how serious, now Luo Ying does not dare underestimated Zhao Hai, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai sends, kill the quantity of enemy, makes the war to kill the quantity of enemy them more than directly, this was too scary. When the Sea Dragon Race army all retreats, entire battlefield then peaceful, Zhao Hai turns the head to Luo Ying said : general, in processed these corpses.” Luo Ying nodded said : mister to invite, some of some of my here also matters must process, did not accompany mister, huge mountain, you accompanied mister together to go.” huge mountain has complied with one, walks with Zhao Hai outward. They arrived at outside, immediately sat their Mount, walked toward the battlefield, Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature the Sea Race person who these died in battle, this Zhao Hai were also many more than 1 million Undead Creature. In this more than 1 million Undead Creature, 800,000 are in the Sea Dragon Race armies, remaining 300,000 are the defense line here garrison troops, but dies has 600,000 in Undead Creature in hand the quantity of Sea Dragon Race army, obviously these Undead Creature lethality big. Now huge mountain looked at Zhao Hai is actually more and more pleasing to the eyes, his also understand the Luo Ying words are any meaning, had Zhao Hai such Dark Magician, truly can big reduced the casualties quantity of oneself this side soldier, but can also the big killing enemy, really be efficient instrument in battlefield. But other these seas released people also knew Zhao Hai fierce place, is the original defense line here Sea Race person was don’t know Zhao Hai is doing, these reinforcement that but came with Zhao Hai together, had supplemented that now each every in square-shaped formation, do they naturally told these Sea Race Zhao Hai are do, was adding on just that attack, they held in awe and veneration regarding Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai these Sea Race person newspapers turned into Undead Creature, on returned to in Space of Blade-Scales Whale within the body, to huge mountain said one want to rest, did not go to Azure Dragon Snail there, huge mountain to has not said anything, Zhao Hai was just a Sea Race ally, the status, do not say him, even if were Luo Ying does not have the authority to order Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai wants to do, he naturally could not manage. Zhao Hai enters the room to Blade-Scales Whale within the body, opened monitor, Laura they also sat in Zhao Hai side, full of enthusiasm look at, they looked is not the situation of today's war, but was in Azure Dragon Snail Luo Ying their situations.

Now Luo Luo kept Luo Ying there, therefore Zhao Hai they were also relaxed, when wants to look when monitor looks at monitor. Luo Ying looks at Zhao Hai to exit, immediately called Luo Luo said : Luo Luo, how this Mr. Zhao Hai arrived at our Sea Race to come, why did he come?” How Luo Luo immediately requests to see Queen Your Majesty Zhao Hai, how also to say the God Race matter, said to Luo Ying, Luo Ying although also knows that Zhao Hai comes severely, information that but he also receives through Message Fish, is incomplete, but looked at the fight of Zhao Hai after today, she was careful to Zhao Hai, in her opinion, Zhao Hai was really too dangerous, therefore she asked the Luo Luo Zhao Hai origin. Waited for Luo Luo saying that Luo Ying then nodded said : so that's how it is, has not thought that mister in Human Race there also so many status, good, so looked like, mister to can become our Sea Race most solid ally, had a such ally, regarding us, was the big good deed.” Luo Luo nodded said : „, Queen Your Majesty also said that General, has the help of mister, was the war can finish quickly?” Luo Ying forced smile said : silly Luo Luo, that is so easy, when you Sea Dragon Race is the putty pinches really? Moreover currently in Sea Dragon Race appears these helpers, very much may have Human Race or Dragon Race on Continent, if is really such, person or Saint light Dragon Race that these help in hand be possible to have Radiant Church, no matter the Radiant Church person, is Saint light Dragon Race, they being good at Light Element Magic, Light Element Magic Undead Creature nemesis, therefore these time feared is mister can add on busy also limited.” Sea Race has own Intelligence Network in Human Race there, therefore they regarding Dark Magician or have some understanding, naturally also know that Light Element Magic is Dark Magician nemesis, what their don’t know is, Zhao Hai this Dark Magician may be different from general Dark Magician, general Dark Magician fears Light Element Magic, Zhao Hai actually did not fear. Luo Luo one hear of Luo Ying said that what to do cannot help but face does change said : that? General, what we can certainly defeat Sea Dragon Race is?” Luo Ying looked at Luo Luo one, showed a faint smile said : we naturally to defeat Sea Dragon Race, the helper who all right, don't worry, this Sea Dragon Race there came were many, so long as I Mr. Zhao Hai helped us constrain them some time, we can get strength back, when the time comes can transfer army, gave to extinguish them at one fell swoop, all right.” Luo Ying this saying somewhat comforts Luo Luo, however said is also the truth, Mermaid Race ruled the Sea Race years to be too long, how their strengths can be that simple, Sea Dragon Race these years under the monitoring of Mermaid Race, they were the exhibitions, few years time, the inside story was too bad, reason that this time Mermaid Race to bi to this share, has occupied attacking was cheap, hit Mermaid Race one to be caught off guard, so long as gave some Mermaid Race time, got strength back by them, that nature was can tidy up Sea Dragon Race, just such, Mermaid Race also will pay the even bigger price.

Luo Luo one hear of Luo Ying said that this relaxed, the Luo Ying look at Luo Luo appearance, shows a faint smile, she and meaning of doesn't blame Luo Luo, young of Luo Luo, has not seen the too big world, even has not gone to the genuine battlefield, therefore there is a such response to be also normal. At this time huge mountain also walked, to Luo Ying ritual said : general, Mr. Zhao Hai has processed these corpses, now in Space of returned to Blade-Scales Whale within the body rested.” Luo Ying nodded, turns the head to Luo Luo said : how Space of that Blade-Scales Whale within the body, if not good, I can prepare a room in here to mister, making mister rest in here.” Luo Luo smiles said : general, you were don’t know, that Space of mister Blade-Scales Whale body may be comfortable, inside not only had several rooms, living room, bathroom, but also sat in the there surface can see outside, was very attractive.” One hear of Luo Luo said that Luo Ying to is very accidental, her puzzled look at Luo Luo said : really? Said that mister Black Magic cultivation level is not low.” Luo Luo nodded said : „, mister is very fierce, is his several madames is not simple, mister has any matter to discuss with his wife that I looked opinion of mister to his madame very attaches great importance, moreover their relationship may be good, his several madames, very good is together, is together with these sisters in Mermaid Island there is very good.” bk b