Chapter 624 you come command(er)( to ask to subscribe Luo Ying nodded said : no matter what, mister now is our allies, huge mountain, Luo Luo, you are long with the time that mister contacts, later many contacts with mister, mister, if has any need, your immediately told me, we must satisfy mister.” Luo Luo one hear of Luo Ying said that quickly said: General said that I also really remember a matter to come, Zhao Hai has to collect various Magic Beast probably with the plants hobby, this he noticed all the way different plants and Magic Beast will collect, moreover he collects thing time, may all probably live, General, I thought that we can many prepare some Magic Beast and plants to mister, or some special points thing, do you look?” Luo Ying has gawked next step: Originally mister also has such hobby, is mister Human Race there Alchemist or builds up Alchemist? Does not manage, I will make the person pay attention, was right, now my in hand also several evade the water dragon bead, the tomorrow person sends to mister, although mister Magic is very fierce, but there are to evade the water dragon bead more convenient.” Luo Luo complied with one, Luo Ying then turned the head to huge mountain said : huge mountain, did our casualty situations count? Is the situation what kind of?” huge mountain nodded said : to count, the situation is good, the enemy casualties in eight hundred thousand above, our doing perishing figure are less than three hundred thousand, the enemy dies in Mr. Zhao Hai these Undead Creature under the hand/subordinate has six hundred thousand about.” Luo Ying knit the brows said : our casualties to be older than the enemy, Sea Dragon Race these years have bossed around many force War Clan, our fighting strength, missed compared with the enemy, our reinforcement are fortunately more than enemy.” huge mountain nodded said : present mister in hand Undead Creature to be also many much, if the tomorrow enemy will also attack, mister in hand Undead Creature, will be more, like this is favorable for us, today these Undead Creature fighting strength, you also saw, is very strong.” Luo Ying nodded said : „, but I feared that now Sea Dragon Race there has Human Race Light Element Magician, or the Dragon Race Saint light dragon, must really be such words, our troubles were big, now we must do, enemy keeping off stubbornly in here, then from following reassignment army, bit by bit the effective strength of enemy to grinding, when the time comes we on winning.” huge mountain and Luo Luo nodded, Luo Ying exhausted rou rou own Sun xue, had beckoned with the hand said : to be good, rests, I think that today Sea Dragon Race these fellows do not dare to attack.” They complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai and Laura they then turn away the monitor picture, Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like today their finally recognize your strength, what kind of? happy not?” Zhao Hai smiles said : they becomes recognize cannot be what kind, fears exposed too many secret, I already Sea Dragon Race extinguishing.”

Lizzy smiles said : this to be also good, like this they will give Elder Brother Hai you to look for many good thing, Elder Brother Hai, you said that they can also nong come Azure Dragon Snail to you, that thing is really good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Azure Dragon Snail I to not to envy, what I envy is their technique of Water Refining, if there is opportunity, I to learn the techniques of their Water Refining, good was the greatest clear(ly).” Megan nodded said : well Elder Brother Hai, did not say these, you let our looks situation release of today fight well.” Zhao Hai nodded, lets Cai'er today fight let out, then bit by bit analyzes, but also let alone, must speak on commanding a war, Megan and Lizzy truly compared with him many. After having analyzed today's fight, Zhao Hai knows, if at that time good of command(er), minimum can also kill off opposite party near hundred thousand. After analysis, Zhao Hai they relaxed, Zhao Hai is look at Megan smiles said : well, you also are really militant, but this is better, I look at this, tomorrow we said one to General Luo Ying, we lead Undead Creature to go to battle, by your command(er), our well hits with Sea Dragon Race, I to am think that what helper Sea Dragon Race invited, do you look what kind of?” Megan look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you let our command(er) these Undead Creature attack really? What to do if our command(er) isn't good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : your this worry a little to be unnecessary, isn't command(er) good? Has any command(er) not to be good, do not forget, our in hand now many Undead Creature, moreover these Undead Creature strength how you also know that today that five hundred thousand Undead Creature simply is all right, but was returned to in Space, I let your command(er) these Undead Creature, wants to make your familiar command(er) army make the war, later we no matter with God Race to, were with Demon Race to, the war was unavoidable, I went to war also really not the line with Laura command(er), when the time comes may on by you.” Lizzy and Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that this meaning of understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai makes their command(er) these Undead Creature make the war, not for amusing, but prepares for later, their also understand, after is, really with God Race or Demon Race to, that fight definitely is much more frigid than today, good Commander, often can better wields doing of corps to use. Thinks of here, Lizzy and Megan nodded said : well, that listens to Elder Brother Hai, tomorrow we cope with Sea Race.” Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : present other can put, most important is prepares to cope with the God Race Demon Race matter, these two race one have not been good to deal with, if their real appears on Continent, we can only accept a challenge.”

Audiences nv does not speak, God Race looked like with Demon Race two huge mountain same pressures on their bodies, they who pressed have not gasped for breath, just as was such that Zhao Hai said that to cope with these two races prepared. Has rested for day, next morning, after having had the breakfast, Luo Luo arrived at Blade-Scales Whale outside, Zhao Hai invited Luo Luo hastily, Luo Luo entered Blade-Scales Whale two blue to evade the water dragon bead to give Zhao Hai said : mister in hand was taking, this was the general makes me give you, you later brought on the body, avoid being using Magic to evade the water.” Zhao Hai received to evade the water dragon bead, carefully looked, nodded said : well, that thanked the general, was right, I was just about to look for the general, our together went.” Luo Luo nodded said : well, does mister ask the general to do?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to look for the general naturally is the matter of going to war, we always defend now, was really too passive, I want to go to be able the Sea Dragon Race person, tomorrow I not to see the Sea Dragon Race person with the general.” Luo Luo one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of mister is, do you want to attack?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, has anything not to be impossible, I want to attack Sea Dragon Race they to have any skill.” Was saying while came out from Blade-Scales Whale, is stepping on a back of undead sea turtle, in line toward Azure Dragon Snail. Luo Luo surprised look at Zhao Hai, she has not thought that really Zhao Hai actually wants to attack, her yesterday listened to the general saying that the general was plans to cling to tenaciously, bit by bit did not have to the grinding the Sea Dragon Race army, this with the request of Mr. Zhao Hai, but completely different. Just is thinking, they arrived at doing of Luo Ying to fight the hall, Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai to come, quickly said: mister came, today enemy possibly will not attack, mister can rest well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : I, must the general tell that today this matter, I want to bring Undead Creature, attacks Sea Dragon Race.” Luo Ying stares, then knit the brows said : mister, so long as we towed to be OK in here Sea Dragon Race, like this attacked, too take risked.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : general, your yesterday also said that Sea Dragon Race will possibly have Human Race or the Dragon Race helper, if is really such, fights this protracted war, to us not necessarily is the good deed, we always such defend, was too passive, I lead Undead Creature to attack, can weaken their strengths, moreover I want also bi to have their these helpers, I to am think that their helpers are who.” Luo Ying has not actually agreed with said : mister, if Sea Dragon Race these helpers come up from Ark Continent, perhaps that will have Light Element Magician, if they cope with mister with Light Element Magic, that mister was dangerous.” Zhao Hai laughs said : general not to need to be worried that my Zhao Hai and Radiant Church opposed the enemy are not once or twice, if Light Element Magic were really useful to me, I already died in their in hand, the general did not need to be worried that I attacked in any case, dying was Undead Creature, not appears casualties, if waited for them to attack, our here will certainly have the casualties, this was not cost-effective.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that to was somewhat excited, Mermaid Race treated other Sea Race, has regarded the person on one's own side to regard them, if they waited for the opposite party to attack, oneself here casualties will certainly have, the look at person on one's own side was killed, whose mood not, therefore Luo Ying to was somewhat is proposed by Zhao Hai the moving. Luo Ying nodded said : so, that mister goes, but asked mister to pay attention to the security, I looked at this, how making huge mountain lead one team of people to protect mister?” Zhao Hai laughed said : general to chat, huge mountain their although was very fierce, but they did not understand with Undead Creature make the war what's the matter, went unable to help, the general did not need to be worried that I brought Undead Creature to be OK, no one used, in any case I also in behind command(er), if were not really good, I drew back and that's the end, the general did not need to be worried.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also not good to say anything, she must nod said : that to ask mister to be careful, I was waiting for mister good information in here, was right, if these time has been evaded the water dragon Zhu from Sea Dragon Race there, all belonged to mister all.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : so on General thanks a lot, Zhao Hai said goodbye!” Said that Zhao Hai to Luo Ying gave a salute, turn around walks outward. bk b