The sixth hundred 25 chapter of such characters!( Asked to subscribe In leaving the Mermaid Race defense line thirty nautical miles place, is gathering the massive Sea Race people, these Sea Race people are much stronger than Mermaid Race these under the hand/subordinate, moreover in these people, but can also see that the electric eel clan and shark put such to fight the race, here Sea Dragon Race large camp. Sea Race has not constructed the custom of camp, these person of get together were large camp, but in entire camp most, was actually setting up a giant coral reef, this coral reef very enormous, but the shape installed actually very strange, the entire coral reef, looked that appearance looked like bends down in the sea Giant Dragon. Sea Dragon Race long has some differences with other Dragon Race, possibly for better in the sea survival, other Dragon Race looks like the Big bellied lizard, but had a pair of wing, but Sea Dragon Race is different, Sea Dragon Race long is more like sea snake, lives four feet, on the foot has the white mold, on the tail has the fin, this was suited in the sea to hover by them, but this coral reef, looks like looks like bends down in seabed huge Sea Dragon. This giant coral reef occupying land area knows how things stand the mu fully, it can be said that greatly, but makes people feel what is unusual, this giant coral reef originally is not long in here, but stiffly transferring to here comes. In front of this coral reef, is the innumerable giant rawhide ropes, these rawhide ropes obviously become with some Advanced level Magic Beast leather, these rawhide ropes link on leader high level Magic Beast, is very obvious, this occupies a land area of several mu, the incomparably huge coral reef, came to here by these Magic Beast dragging unexpectedly. Outside of entire coral reef, probably wrapping up is the same by a huge blue air bubble, the coral reef inside room however does not have drop of sea water, often can see that teams of go against the helmet to pass through armor Warrior to inspect on the coral reef. Most makes people feel what is surprised, these in inspection Warrior, within however all are human-shape, their bodies put on fish-scale armour, the head is bringing the dragon's head helmet, but is actually emptying both hands, however on their both hands likely has actually taken the one layer made of iron glove, the nail of glove sharp long knows that the attack strength is extraordinary. Warrior that these gone on patrol, is actually the Sea Dragon Race person, Dragon Race is not quite same to other Magic Beast, other Magic Beast, even if to 9th level, just can change the big shape of Incarnation body, is impossible changes netg human-shape, but Dragon Race is different, Dragon Race has about the 8th level strength after grown, to 8th level , they have been able to change into human-shape, this is also a Dragon Race advantageous place.

But this coral reef, is the Sea Dragon Race den, Dragon Palace! The Sea Dragon Race people live in this Dragon Palace, but their normally will not make Dragon Palace move, because must make Dragon Palace call that must use minimum ten thousand strong Sea Beast, after all a such big coral reef wants to move, is not that easy matter. This coral reef passed through Sea Dragon Race many years of transform, inside became an appearance of palace, is mounting the pearl and Crystal everywhere, attractive extraordinary, is simply more attractive than the Mermaid Island there mermaid palace. In this Dragon Palace Great Hall, is sitting four people now, two blue clothes robes, good clothes robe also don’t know is any thing makes, seems like any Magic Beast skin is probably same, these two statures are not very tall and big, about height 1.8 m, within the body is symmetrical, a dark blue head, in adding on two dark blue eyes, skin is pure white, the although age looked like had about 40 years old, but actually showed a charm of gang of mature man, appeared handsome extraordinary. Another is actually a guy of [gold/metal] long gown, a full beard of face, the height has above 2.5 m fully, [gold/metal] long long, the high cage gets up, in front, actually hidden sees two sharp horn. Last man long very ordinary, a Mage robe of red , in hand is taking Magic Staff, is having very attractive small beard, a holiness of face, if runs into such person in Human Race there, the first impression of people are, this person is Light Element Magician. At this time listened to that young small point blue robe person deep voice said : Patriarch, the messenger, Bishop, I can affirm that tomorrow finally attack our army, is Undead Creature, moreover quantity extremely numerous, had five hundred thousand fully about.” Another year imaginary big point blue robe person, is Sea Dragon Race Patriarch, blue robe person said : of his look at that speech „is Illac, what your understand these five hundred thousand Undead Creature representing? That how many Dark Magician can alliance summon? Moreover you said that these Undead Creature strengths are so strong, you said is really Undead Creature?”

Illac nodded said : Patriarch, I said absolutely real, we hitting one were caught off guard by opposite party Falling Stone Formation, but at this moment, can draw back safely, but at this time, left large quantities of Undead Creature in two wing suddenly of our army, these Undead Creature fighting strength are very strong, one has crashed in this, if not I responded that quick, feared that is the loss meets even bigger.” Illac's voice just fell, did that [gold/metal] robe guy cannot help but knit the brows said : this to be possible? Wasn't Mermaid Race Human Race will not contact? They to Dark Magician that there does look for? Moreover can one summon five hundred thousand Undead Creature, such isn't Dark Magician one or two, looks for these many Dark Magician the opposite party to there?” Light Element Magician of that red robe, deep voice said : five hundred thousand Undead Creature, need not many Dark Magician, Ao Ke messenger, I know that our Human Race has Dark Magician, he can summon five hundred thousand Undead Creature, even are more.” Ao Kecha, Illac, Sea Dragon Race Patriarch is face changes, three people all turn the head look at this red robe Light Element Magician, Ao Kecha is said : Joshua Bishop, what you said is real? Does Human Race have such Dark Magician? Haven't you annihilated him?” This Joshua unexpectedly is Radiant Church Red-clothes Archbishop, but Ao Ke background even bigger of that [gold/metal] robe, he is the use of Dragon Race, is current Dragon Race Patriarch Younger Brother, but is half blood Younger Brother. Dragon Race birth very difficult, but dragon xing this yin, they very good , a little strange place lies, Dragon Race is much easier with own same race birth with other race births, therefore Dragon Race there saves the Dragon Race quantity of planting truly is not extremely numerous, conversely, Dragon Race with the Inferior Dragon Race person who other races give birth, to is extremely numerous. Like Ao Kecha the father, he besides gives birth to Saint light Dragon Race that has saved to plant with his wife, but also steals xing with Metal element Giant Dragon, has given birth to Ao Kecha, but in Dragon Race has regulation, Dragon Race Patriarch can only be Saint light Giant Dragon holds the post, therefore on although Ao Ke has Saint light Giant Dragon and Metal element Giant Dragon dual merits, finally actually is also not Patriarch, but he status in Dragon Race be very high, these time is Dragon Race sends to come out, as messenger, Commander Inferior Dragon Race person, is an Sea Dragon Race. Pays Mermaid Race. As soon as Joshua listened to Ao Kecha saying that nodded, face heavy said : Alex Patriarch, General Illac, Ao Ke messenger, our Human Race really had such Dark Magician, moreover he was our archenemies, to be honest, we are willing to pay any price to eliminate him, but this person actually very difficult coped, repetitive suffering a loss of our Radiant Church in his hand, reason that now our Radiant Church potential danger on Continent, with this person relationship, perhaps two don’t know, this person in Human Race there very famous, he was Buda Family Patriarch, was the Human Race first powerful nation. The Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, is the Human Race first Dark Magician Clan Calci Family nv son-in-law, is Human Race famous big Merchant, simultaneously he is Beastman Race Crown Prince, is formidable Dark Magician, he once overnight turned into Undead Creature the Aksu Empire 600,000 navies, he can turn into Undead Creature six hundred thousand person nights, that nong leaves five hundred thousand Sea Race Undead Creature, does not have what well strange.”

Sea Dragon King Alex dumbfounded is listening to Joshua's words, he has not really thought that will really have such character in Human Race there, some little time Alex recovered said : in the past I to hear that had the Sea Race person to put doing business secretly with the person, was this Buda Family? Really was that Buda Family Patriarch that Bishop you said to? Joshua Bishop, haven't you found the way to eliminate him really?” Joshua forced smile said : this Buda Family Patriarch called Zhao Hai, this person was really very fierce, how we have not thought must eliminate his beginning came out, we want to eliminate him, because of don’t know his strength, we have paid five White-clothes Bishop and 18 Protector Knight prices, finally ran up to Prairie by him, when he came back from Prairie, actually the strength increased, we had planned afterward several times in view of his motion, failed, the last time, we set out four 9th level Expert, by these four 9th level Expert, was used the combustion life the method, lowered. Divine Retribution, but don’t know because of anything, was escaped by him finally, in later Beastman and Human Race war, our arrangement is known by Beastman Race completely, we suspected the here surface has his reason, but does not have a point card play, afterward our Radiant Church had the Human Race there influence, simply cannot launch, was coping with him without the strength, Alex Patriarch, I suspected that with the person who the Sea Race person did business, was Zhao Hai, because may Zhao Hai have the one type of strange ability, he was with is very probably good, hears him who all different race were together with Dwarf Race relationship. Good, therefore he can do business with Sea Race, does not have quite strangely what.” Alex several people have held breath a cold air, their although don’t know Radiant Church White-clothes Bishop fierce, Divine Retribution in don’t know Joshua mouth fierce, but a little they are actually know the big move that four 9th level Expert, the combustion life, comes out like this does not have nong dead Zhao Hai, that this Zhao Hai was was too scary, when Human Race had such a character really! bk b