Chapter 626 Demon Scorpion( asked to subscribe Joshua look at several people of expressions, have smiled bitterly next step: Our beginning had underestimated this Zhao Hai strength, this Zhao Hai had made a name now, in Human Race there, we thinks that is coping with him, is almost impossible, is adding on now our Radiant Church situation not quite to be good, therefore our Radiant Church although has listed as number one enemy this Zhao Hai now, actually also can only attempt it slowly.” Ao Ke they then recovers, three people could not bear hold breath a cold air, but Ao Ke actually suddenly two eyes bright said : „, if were this Zhao Hai came, then regarding us to was on god Continent, you did not have the means to cope with him, but now in the sea, this Zhao Hai strength will certainly be limited, if were really he, we completely had opportunity in the sea to strike to kill him, this can for you except a big trouble, except a Mermaid Race important helper.” One hear of Ao Kecha said that Joshua and Alex their eyes to are one bright, good, must cope with Zhao Hai on Continent truly is very difficult, but do not forget, here is ocean, the strength strongest is actually Sea Dragon Race, if can remove Zhao Hai, that really except scourge. Thinks of here, how many person of some restless yu move, Alex turns the head look at Illac said : Illac, you said that Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fighting strength are very strong? Do you have to see Zhao Hai in there? The Dark Magician command(er) Undead Creature fight, should not leave is too right?” Illac shook the head said : to return to the Patriarch words, the subordinate has not seen, then scene extremely Yu Hun one word, I had not paid attention to him.” Alex nodded said : that your tomorrow in the attack, wanted under the multiple beam opinion Mermaid Race looks for large quantities of Dark Magician, hand that this Zhao Hai left, if were the real sea, we must make a move, strike to kill him fully, avoid he has gone bad on the important matter of god.” Illac complied with one, Alex then turned the head to Joshua said : Joshua Bishop, did you have this Zhao Hai portrait? Do not admit mistakes person to Illac.” Joshua nodded said : naturally to have, this Zhao Hai now is our Radiant Church number one enemy, how we possibly do not have his portrait.” The hand turns, in hand left a portrait, this portrait looked that stems from famous expert's hand, above is a Zhao Hai whole body looks like, Zhao Hai in hand is taking Magic Staff, standing that black Magic Robe, face yin sinks in there, the whole person to is appears lifelike, but Zhao Hai never has the expression that such yin sinks probably, obviously this was by Radiant Church smearing. However saw this portrait, Alex they have gawked, they think such fierce Zhao Hai that Joshua said that can be an age is very big, the shape like skeleton same Dark Magician, has not actually thought that but looked like very ordinary young man. Several people of puzzled look at Joshua, that expression probably was saying: „Did you take mistakenly?” Joshua look at several people of appearances, forced smile said : several feel relieved, I have not taken really wrong, this is the Zhao Hai portrait, his age now is also about 20 years old, today just married, do not think his long ordinary, but the method of this person, actually is really brilliant, if is really he, Na Ya to subdue|grams general is certainly careful.”

Alex nodded, turns the head to Illac said : Illac, you this portrait with, are wanting nong to be clear, is this fellow, if is really he, first with him do not come, to come back to tell us hardly, we must concentrate the in hand strength, wipes out him.” Illac has complied with one, took paints a portrait turn around to walk. After Illac leave, Alex turns the head to Joshua and Ao Ke said : Bishop, the messenger, if proves really surely is this Zhao Hai, I want to ask two also to help, leaves with our Sea Dragon Race together must eliminate him surely, you also know that this fellow is Dark Magician, but two metropolis Light Element Magic, have certain restrain to do to use to the person, is adding on him is the in the sea fight, so long as our three sides alliance make a move, I think that he cannot certainly be inescapable.” Ao Ke checked nod said : Alex Patriarch feel relieved, we come to not to watch the fun, so long as the confirmation is this Zhao Hai, we meet make a move.” Joshua also nodded said : well, this time we come to not to look ripe noisy, if can kill Zhao Hai in here, even if my Joshua dies in here is good, for on the important matter of god, sacrificed my one also to have what Fang.” Alex said loudly: Good, I thanked two in here, today passes through a war, the army was somewhat exhausted, rests for day, tomorrow is making Illac go to battle, wanted the nong Qing is this Zhao Hai comes.” Ao Ke comes Joshua is also the person of commanding troops, they also know that today this war, regarding the attack of morale is many serious, therefore they had not opposed. Next day, Alex they just had had the breakfast, is preparing the entire armed forces to go to battle, some suddenly person of incoming telegrams, there are large quantities of Undead Creature to kill. Alex they gawked, Dragon Race person said : of Alex immediately/on horseback to that notifying went to look General Illac.” That Sea Dragon Race person complied with one, turn around walked. Alex then turns the head to Ao Kecha and Joshua shows a faint smile said : just to look for him, he actually came, happen , am I to have a look this Zhao Hai.” Ao Ke coldly snorted said : „, if is really this Zhao Hai, he was really too extremely arrogant, Human Race, in ocean, dares to come attack Sea Dragon Race unexpectedly on own initiative, he was really live was impatient.” Joshua actually frowns said : „more careful to well, this Zhao Hai is not one is good to deal with, if is really he, we are more careful.”

Ao Kecha actually somewhat thinks little, he after looking at that portrait, has had the suspicion to Joshua's words, in his opinion, one about 20 -year-old young man, can have any ability, certainly is Radiant Church these fellows does not strive, then goes all out to exaggerate the opposite party strength, toward own face previous post [gold/metal]. However now they with Joshua are also the allies, he was also embarrassed is saying anything, but nodded, has not been speaking, at this time Illac walked from outside, saluted to several people. Alex has exempted Illac's ritual, this said : Illac, just some people of incoming telegrams, one team of Undead Creature was killing toward our here, I suspected that possibly was that Zhao Hai came, you exit now, the organization people defended, have remembered, counter-attacked, can kill opposite party many people, these were unimportant, important was nong is clear, was this Zhao Hai.” Illac complied with one, turn around walked. Alex turns the head to Joshua and Ao Ke said : Bishop, the messenger, are we also went to have a look this Zhao Hai.” They also nodded, walks outward. Zhao Hai sits in Space of Blade-Scales Whale within the body, his front is the monitor picture, Laura their several sits in the Zhao Hai side, but Megan and Lizzy are face anxious look at monitor. Zhao Hai this time may not have low key to handle affairs, his release 1 million Sea Race Undead Creature, had Sea Race Magic Beast, had the Sea Race person, has composed Rubik's Cube Great Formation, direct Sea Dragon Race camp kills. Reason that Lizzy and Megan so anxious , because Zhao Hai said that today's attack, by their two Commander, hits, calculation that Lizzy and Megan said that therefore two talented people such anxious. Zhao Hai looks at their expressions, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to be good, should not be anxious, even if were we have defeated, died some Undead Creature but oneself, had anything to be good to fear that feel relieved bold command(er), how regarded the deduction of normally same to hit, how to hit.” Lizzy and Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but let out a long breath, they one want to be also right, now their command(er) is not Human Race is fighting, but is some Undead Creature, even if were these Undead Creature polishes has been able to be what kind, did not die, 9th level Undead Creature, they could not have thought that really had any thing to kill, dying of here, on was also returned to Space. Thinks of here, they to are not anxious, is actually face excited is staring at monitor, to is nong results in Zhao Hai and Laura they do not smile bitterly by, these two people also are really the militants. Rubik's Cube Great Formation advances slowly, but Sea Dragon Race camp there Rubik's Cube Great Formation has also suspended, Zhao Hai they presently, the Sea Race people especially like this Rubik's Cube Great Formation, this Continent regarding the Sea Race person, is possibly simpler.

Two Great Formation proximity slowly, Lizzy turns the head to Megan said : Megan, this first time makes you come.” Megan not polite, nodded said : well, happen to my yesterday has thought several Battle Formation, try Might today, first, Demon Scorpion, Elder Brother Hai, this is this, Center Army is thick, two wing simultaneously fly, but finally slowly toward the sea surface upstream, then from above attack they, this Great Formation looks like looks like a giant scorpion!” Was saying Megan while keeps on projection with hand is drawing, but Zhao Hai also made Cai'er help him at this time, image that Megan draws, obviously on projection. Speaking of that Megan this Demon Scorpion, looks like looks like a giant scorpion not, Center Army frontage parallel advancement, two wings send out two armies, goes toward opposite party two wing cha, simultaneously Rear Army is similar to the scorpion tail is the same, slowly toward the sea surface upstream, then from above, attack opposite party. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, unusual understand that you said.” Then his hand wields, these Undead Creature immediately moved, defers to the appearance that Megan said directly, throws toward Sea Dragon Race Rubik's Cube Great Formation. Megan and Lizzy are experimenting own conception to establish, they not like the Sea Race person, generally with Rubik's Cube Great Formation and Cone Formation, or is whirlpool, they want according to their idea to try whether nong can leave has fighting strength Battle Formation to come out. Naturally, has wanted to experiment new Battle Formation, then regarding soldier's request is very high, the soldier must achieve to strict enforcement of orders and bans, how the commanding general wants to make them do, how they do, situation that a mistake cannot leave. - - - - extremely evil cut-off rule - - - - - - The following is free: Second, asking everyone/Great Clan to support obviously, subscribes! Thanks politely obviously! bk b