Chapter 627 poisonous scorpion tail( asked to subscribe To achieve this point not to be easy, even if the world most jing sharp army, does not dare to say one can a point mistake not violate, the person has oneself idea after all, moreover in transmission order and other aspects, possibly appears this and that mistake, therefore any mature Battle Formation, after must undergo a lot of drilling, can form slowly, likely Sea Race Rubik's Cube Formation, whirlpool, Cone Formation wait / etc., these Battle Formation is Sea Race for a lot of years, results of innumerable drilling. However Zhao Hai their situations are actually somewhat special, their present command(er) is some Undead Creature, looks like you are suspending the building block to be the same, how wants to suspend how to suspend, is Dark Magician was impossible to achieve this point, but Zhao Hai is different, has the help of Space, he can optional command(er) these Undead Creature, how want command(er) on how command(er). Megan just said fighting Chen who want to come out, Zhao Hai there already according to the prepare that she said that entire Great Formation looked like a scorpion of large size, dashed to Sea Dragon Race Rubik's Cube Great Formation. Illac in Rubik's Cube Great Formation middle commanding a war, he was looking that the order that now the opposite party unexpectedly also with Undead Creature exhibits Rubik's Cube Great Formation, on face cannot help but a piece heavy enters has issued, entire Rubik's Cube Great Formation moved instantaneously, probably is one Rubik's Cube that rotates. However in this time, the Illac actually suddenly present opposite party changed, opposite party Center Army one changed flat, but two wing suddenly had two small stocks armies to throw, Illac's face in one time changed, because he has not thought that the opposite party can unexpectedly these Undead Creature command(er) to this degree. Adam immediately/on horseback said : frontage meets the enemy by Cone Formation, two wing to become Dunzhen, defend.” Position that Adam is at now, is in a giant shell, on this shell has been covered with a kind of thorn, has a liking for looks like a big hedgehog, but this shell is transparent, inside does not have the water, obviously also used has evaded the water dragon bead, was placed the furniture in, here was the Adam command(er) hall. Order of Asian light, this Rubik's Cube Great Formation instantaneously was also having the change, positive Rubik's Cube Great Formation is revolving slowly, then a circular cone slowly has extended from the frontage, changes toward Zhao Hai their flat Center Army kills, but have the armies of two wings, actually moved, these defense strength quite strong Magic Beast instead to rushed to the forefront, the entire two wings looked like two shield same keeping off in there. However Adam obviously in has not noted very much, Zhao Hai their Rear Army, already like stinger on the scorpion tail, slowly attacks toward his above. In the Sea Race war, some armies will approach sea surface very much, then goes to the attack enemy, because such words on flight Magic Beast attack by sea surface, in the same sea also has plenty Magic Beast of race, because of too will be been possibly long in the seabed Darkness environment comes forth live time, the eye did not adapt to the glare, if suddenly appears on sea surface, will puncture possibly is blind their eyes, therefore general Sea Race, in doing to fight, will have the person to carry on attack from above quickly.

Because of this custom, Adam ate one to owe greatly, his positive Cone Formation just, looked by Megan, Megan immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the frontage with whirlpool, blocked their Cone Formation, the dual purpose uses Cone Formation, must break their shield.” Zhao Hai nodded, these Undead Creature immediately did according to the Megan method. look at Zhao Hai that Adam stares at their response, simultaneously his ear has not been idling, is listening front regarding the response of tactical situation, Adam face was heavier, the opposite party regarding the Undead Creature command(er) ability, before really stems from his anticipation has fought, he thinks opposite party to the command(er) Undead Creature noisy crowd throws the fight, was good, has not actually thought that the opposite party can let these Undead Creature composition so jing wonderful Formation unexpectedly, even if their Sea Race person wants to achieve this point , is almost impossible, but the opposite party has actually achieved this too by the person accident. However now could not allow him to think that many, the front army contacted with the opposite party on, first to is the positive army, their Cone Formation, killed the opposite party in whirlpool, blood rou flew at once horizontally, the armies of two opposite party two wings have also formed Cone Formation, toward shield has overshot. Adam immediately/on horseback ordered, making the armies of two wings turn into whirlpool to prepare to meet the enemy, but this type in a hurry changed, truly was some late, but Adam did not have the means that shield the army that dealt with advances directly said fortunately, if coped with Cone Formation, that definitely insufficiently looked, it is estimated that one by the opposite party hitting thoroughly, if two wing appears one word, that entire Great Formation must fall into passively. Has saying that dealing of Adam is very prompt, his two wings changes although has some hastiness, but has blocked Zhao Hai finally their attack, but attack of their Center Army also by the opposite party blocking. At this moment, that scorpion tail Battle Formation of Megan preparation also arrived, from airborne punctured toward a Adam their this Rubik's Cube Great Formation top. Top there Sea Race present this only suddenly appears Battle Formation, but they in want to deal at this time already late, their immediately told Adam this situation, then these small Battle Formation Commander immediately command(er), meeting the enemy of aid from others, because does not have unified command(er), they now were nong not coming out whirlpool, can only by shield to the gang, but Zhao Hai at the request of Megan, making this scorpion tail turn into Cone Formation, this giant scorpion tail looked like a giant drill bit one, straight toward the Rubik's Cube Formation center drill past. Adam hears information that Great Formation crown Sea Race transmits, feeling own head probably was hit a stick, hits him to see stars, but he is one has also seen the military officer of magnificent scene, immediately responded, now the enemy broke their First Layer shield, Adam immediately/on horseback transmitted orders, a Second Layer shield defense, Third Layer immediately/on horseback turns into whirlpool Great Formation, wants the files to be occupied by the enemy. Is good because of Adam these under the hand/subordinate, is some force War Clan, responded that very rapid, after First Layer shield was broken through, Second Layer shield immediately, but Third Layer whirlpool also started to rotate slowly.

Adam this does not have the means that First Layer shield to be broken through, if Second Layer thinks that immediately/on horseback slow becomes whirlpool is impossible, whirlpool Might is not small, but prepares to require the time, therefore can only make Second Layer compose one shield, keeps off opposite party, the use this time, composes one whirlpool in Third Layer! Zhao Hai and Laura they have sat in Blade-Scales Whale Space are paying attention to the change opposite party such response on war, Megan cannot help but sighed said : looks like can only be this, has not thought that the response of opposite party was so quick, but these time experimented this Battle Formation, finally to was good, in the attack strength, was very most at least strong.” Zhao Hai they also nodded, just this contact, one made the opposite party be at leeward, especially attack of top scorpion tail, was one has punctured opposite party two Great Formation, this is very great result. Megan turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Demon Scorpion to try here, making them come back, below makes Lizzy try.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, takes them to train.” The hand wields, three Great Formation that attacked slowly have drawn back, but Center Army here also slowly toward retreat. look at that Adam face sèyin sinks listened to the report of under the hand/subordinate, although saying that the top person has blocked opposite party attack, but lost is not small, moreover one has been at leeward, this made Adam feel very angry. In this time, the suddenly opposite party all armies are starting retreat slowly unexpectedly, Adam stares, but his immediately/on horseback ordered, all armies of oneself subordinates, same place persevered, absolutely do not go to battle, he feared that this was the opposite party yin stratagem, directly was in Cone Formation in attack to remove. Withdraw, Adam immediately makes the people dress ranks, then statistical casualties, when under these orders, his eye does not have leave Zhao Hai they. Adam looked, opposite party Commander is also same as the Sea Race person, at the Rubik's Cube Great Formation middle, but in opposite party that Magic Great Formation middle there, only then Blade-Scales Whale, this Blade-Scales Whale is different from other Undead Creature, actual Undead Creature, is the skeleton appearance, only then this Blade-Scales Whale, is actually not, this Blade-Scales Whale has the skin to have the bone, Adam suspected that opposite party that Magician stays in that Blade-Scales Whale within the body, because he release searched the sentry post, four below examinations, opposite party except for Rubik's Cube Great Formation there, in other place not hide people, opposite party Dark Magician. Not possibly on defense line there command(er) these Undead Creature that the mermaid puts, was too far, therefore the opposite party hides certainly in Magic Great Formation inside.

Adam vision tight is staring in opposite party Great Formation that out of the ordinary Blade-Scales Whale, but at this time, Zhao Hai probably also had the feeling to be the same, that big shell in his look at opposite party Great Formation, their vision probably were to also be away from this remote distance, came a jiao front. At this time straight sea here Rubik's Cube Great Formation combined again, Zhao Hai considered as finished, just Undead Creature of withdrawal from combat, crosses the number of fifty thousand, only this contact, some these many Undead Creature withdrew from the fight, this really was a little as expected his. However Zhao Hai also through these Undead Creature counter- bamboo baskets for carrying earth, obtained some information, the casualties of opposite party, are only absolutely more than them, must know from starting the war to the present, passed for one hour, one hour, tens of thousands people of casualties, this casualties quantity was really too big. However Zhao Hai actually not tenderhearted, he knows at this time was not the tenderhearted time, the war that later he came across will be more, if were tenderhearted, that weaponry did not need to hit, he turned the head look at look at Lizzy said : Lizzy, below you, how do you want command(er)?” Lizzy shows a faint smile Battle Formation that said : I also want to try me to come out, this gives this Battle Formation giving a name character, called four arm Heavenly Demon!” bk b