Sixth hundred 28 chapter of four arm Heavenly Demon( asked to subscribe Zhao Hai said : four arm Heavenly Demon? This was very scary, said that did.” Lizzy shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, do you have presently, opposite party Rubik's Cube Great Formation, actually has a shortcoming.” Zhao Hai said : shortcoming? What shortcoming? Doesn't want the energy? Did Sea Race use these many years Great Formation to have the shortcoming? Said, what shortcoming.” Lizzy showed a faint smile, has drawn the screen, further enlarged Sea Dragon Race Rubik's Cube Great Formation, but Rubik's Cube Great Formation, Lizzy command(er) opposite party Rubik's Cube Great Formation, showed a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, do you have presently, opposite party Great Formation although looked like spirit surface, moreover that side can compose Great Formation alone, but this Great Formation had a shortcoming, was Great Formation of this four square shape, near that several was forever motionless!” Zhao Hai had thought opposite party Magic Great Formation, a little distinguishes with true Magic, but this difference in that Zhao Hai actually for a while cannot think, now is thought by Lizzy Zhao Hai, opposite party Rubik's Cube Great Formation, but seems like Rubik's Cube, actually is actually only four square shapes, above these small formation can rotate, but near four, had not actually moved, some there although also Sea Race, but these Sea Race only play doing of isolation to use probably, separates leave Rubik's Cube each every surface, does not participate in the fight. Laura and Megan one hear of Lizzy said that is also two eyes one bright, Lizzy look at several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : these, looks like does not have anything to do to use probably, actually is actually the most important point, so long as these broke to him, this Rubik's Cube Great Formation also broke, therefore I designed one four arm Heavenly Demon, Center Army attracted other people's attention, but sent out four tribes, special mén their this Rubik's Cube Great Formation several near, so long as these gave him to break through near, They meet appears certain time mixing one word, when the time comes they can seize the opportunity take Center Army!” Lizzy was saying while keeps on projection is drawing, along with her beginning, you presently, the Battle Formation that he designs, will seem like growing the people of four arms, in effort will hold a big block, but his four arms, the first extremity happen to will grasp near this block four, if gave to defeat these four, that this Great Formation also broken on the nature! Zhao Hai and Laura they could not bear to Lizzy have held in high esteem, Lizzy with Megan attack way completely different, the Megan attack way, designed good Battle Formation with oneself, attack opposite party Battle Formation, but Lizzy, actually first found the opposite party Battle Formation shortcoming, then with was designing one type of Battle Formation according to this shortcoming, opposite party Battle Formation breaking. If the Megan way is open and aboveboard, looks like two Warrior at the duel, who has the trick to be able whom to overthrow respectively, that Lizzy method looks like walks randomly in strong Warrior Assassin, he keeping is seeking for the weakness of enemy, then leaves attack.

Lizzy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : how Elder Brother Hai, is possible?” Zhao Hai laughs said : „, not to be how impossible, looks my.” Said that Zhao Hai this Rubik's Cube Great Formation advancement slowly, in the process of advancement, he has also made some changes, was good at submerging in Sea Race Magic Beast to silt to transfer to Great Formation following two corner/horn there, preparation moving attack momentarily, other places to have not changed, therefore this change understand, has not brought to the attention of Adam. But is this, Adam or very careful, just Zhao Hai their attack, had brought to his attention, no matter the opposite party is Zhao Hai, the control ability of opposite party to Undead Creature, has made Adam be startled, therefore this Zhao Hai although has not changed, but advances by Rubik's Cube Formation slowly, he is very careful, ordering six armies to process to prepare, moreover prepared for at any time changed. The Zhao Hai not slow advancement, he had not been revealing a point to change a meaning anxiously at this time, he knows that Lizzy this Battle Formation can succeed, most essential in this preliminary preparation, only then the movement of earlier period, attracted the attention of opposite party completely, they can send out four department armed forces, routs near four of opposite party. Zhao Hai that Adam somewhat puzzled look at is advancing slowly, his understand, the opposite party just had not really used that jing wonderful Battle Formation, how these did time such press? This was too unreasonable, has the yin stratagem, certainly has the yin stratagem. However the opposite party these will time attack? He really somewhat could not think, therefore he can only be orders standing by, prepared at any time changes, army that two eyes were actually moved also to stare at slowly to press motionless. The Zhao Hai look at opposite party moves also the motionless appearance, shows a faint smile said : we also to come more than time Cone Formation to attack, attracts the attention of opposite party, then in beginning attack near their four, what kind, Lizzy?” Lizzy nodded said : well, my this Battle Formation important is near suddenly attack suddenly xing to that four, if lost suddenly xing, that opposite party will possibly find out any to break means that after all the opposite party is also the experienced military officer.” Zhao Hai nodded to wield, Rubik's Cube Great Formation had the change finally, each and every one small shape Cone Formation appears slowly, attacks toward the opposite party.

Adam looks at Zhao Hai this move, cannot help but relaxed at heart, so long as were not just that special Battle Formation, like Battle Formation, he has the means to deal with. However Adam does not dare to treat it lightly, he rather defends now, handles to lose opportunity, cannot think directs the opposite party, wiped out, because of Adam regarding dreading of beforehand that Demon Scorpion ten points. Quick, these Cone Formation have attacked, all appear that fair, without any special place, but Adam here dealt with naturally to be also simpler, everyone/Great Clan pressed the repertoire to come to be good. Today the fight of Zhao Hai and in Adam, they have almost not used any hauling attack, Zhao Hai not with long-distance attack , because he does not want to make Adam they know that his in hand Undead Creature meets long-distance attack unexpectedly. Adam with long-distance attack, has not been because he knows that long-distance attack is effective regarding the Sea Race person, but regarding these Undead Creature, lethality too small, does not hit these Undead Creature vital part, almost does not have any means to these Undead Creature. However wants to hit these Undead Creature vital part, was too difficult, what most important is, no matter Sea Race person these Magic Beast, after having used Magic, will have some time appears specially weak, in this case with the words of these Undead Creature close combats, that almost with courting death not to have what difference, therefore Adam has not used long-distance attack, both sides come up are the bayonet see the blood of blood to spell. Zhao Hai their this time is many Cone Formation shape attacks, but Adam is actually coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle whirlpool defense, but his here does not compose many micro cyclones, but is a big whirlpool, such type defense can make Human Race maximum limit moves, but lets opposite party the tips of these conicles, by abrasioning as soon as possible. This whirlpool by Sea Race has been thought defends best Great Formation, therefore almost all Sea Race people will use, use also skillful, uses handily. Zhao Hai performance is also fair, probably clarified must attack with many small Cone Formation is the same, such Adam dealt with naturally not to have the issue. But Zhao Hai also in waiting for opportunity, he in that flash that and other enemies relaxed, time past bit by bit, his Adam also feel relieved slowly, the opposite party this is wants with the consumption tactic, suffering a loss of although this tactic regarding them, so long as can protect the opposite party, the population of opposite party are not obviously many, only then about 1 million, the sooner or later grinding will not have.

In this time, Lizzy looked at the opposite party completely already by this time attack attracting, her immediately/on horseback turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, attacks.” A Zhao Hai nod, the intention moves, four squads that four corner/horn there gather secretly, sent out instantaneously, is similar to four arms is the same, strikes toward opposite party that Rubik's Cube Great Formation four. This changes ten points suddenly, the opposite party has not thought completely Zhao Hai they have this regarding the Sea Race person, Rubik's Cube Formation being used to it, this four have not been able to move, moves the lineup to fall on easy one word, but regarding Zhao Hai them, actually does not have this problem, these are Undead Creature, do not say that four moved, even if were entire Continent moved, Zhao Hai did not make that move, that does not dare to move a silk one boldly, how therefore Zhao Hai was in attack, the lineup cannot one word. These four squads, changed into four circular cones, strikes toward opposite party Rubik's Cube Great Formation four, this will strike to draw near the extreme, in adding on the opposite party completely by Zhao Hai their positive attack attracting, even to react also late, therefore almost in Adam they will not have in any situation of response, Cone Formation of these four small shapes have struck near Rubik's Cube Formation four. That four nearby garrison troops, simply have not thought they will receive attack, therefore simply any response, has not been adding on nearby that is in a position of edge, wants to change is almost impossible, simply anything has not prevented, had crashed in Great Formation by that four Undead Creature small formation, kills toward the middle from four directions, simultaneously Adam their Magic Great Formation were big one word, frontage whirlpool Great Formation was also inadequate in also the group, was calling this opportunity, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback had been also pressed by frontage Undead Creature army. Adam originally in the change of look at war, four squads that but this suddenly comes out, making Adam stare, keep off are looking at these four small formation attack places, Adam face one was white, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: In me for the center, group agglomerate opposes the enemy, quick!” His under the hand/subordinate worthily is force War Clan, truly is very strong, after instantaneous hurried one word, immediately by Commander of various teams stabilizing, in Adam is the center, group has formed slowly, Adam this central point has not moved, other all Battle Formation started, gathered round Adam to start the one layer clockwise, outside one layer transfers, then one layer one layer advancement of outward, slowly, huge, round bead appears that kept revolving. bk b