Chapter 629 interesting thing( asked to subscribe The method of break the formation actually Lizzy thinks , the Sea Race person already had also thought that they used Rubik's Cube Great Formation don’t know to have many years, how possible don’t know this Rubik's Cube Great Formation weakness, that four Magic Great Formation support was at continually, how they possibly did not pay attention. Before also some people want to break Rubik's Cube Great Formation with this method, the quick Sea Race person had found the method of manipulation, this method it spoke the truth also very simple, in four there built up the a batch jing sharp gentleman, let four not easily was broken, then understood another one type of to defend Formation, known as group. This group is actually Formation that Adam uses now, is centered on Commander, forms one sphere that keeps revolving, this sphere one layer clockwise, one layer reverses, looks like a canine jiao wrong grinder, any enters to this Great Formation person, almost will be ground. Besides these two methods, the method of also shortcoming this break the formation, is the command(er) requests to four Squad very high, the motion is certainly fast, moreover command(er) that must unify, request to we Great Formation , the very strict standard, because of these four squad one schools, near we Great Formation here four appears certain flaw, will be easy to create we Great Formation mixing one word , because of this, therefore slowly, the method of this break the formation also on nobody in using, but Sea Race fight by Rubik's Cube Great Formation give priority to. Group although is one type of very good defense Great Formation, the enemy but who this Great Formation from four attacks regarding the defense truly is very good, but regarding big shape Cone Formation of frontage charge, defended the ability to be inferior to whirlpool, moreover in counter-attacking, very disadvantageous, changed very difficult, therefore this group in the defense was not the first choice, can say that the method and group this break the formation, was almost by Formation that Sea Race gave to eliminate, nobody will use. Lizzy their don’t know these still so many accidents exist certainly, but they actually do not need to worry that the lineup meets one word these issues, after all their command(er) is some Undead Creature. However Adam this group shines, Zhao Hai their attack, has wasted, this group in attack truly was not good, but used in the defense, that cancould dispute, especially dealt with the attack of this small formation, the effect was extraordinary good, that four squad Undead Creature that Zhao Hai sent, before long was twisted crushes. Zhao Hai has not worried, but in one time ordered, making these Undead Creature retreat, from has composed Rubik's Cube Formation newly, retreat slowly. But Adam actually in does not dare to pursue at this time, just these almost gave to scare to death him, his also dares to pursue, Adam has not thought that Zhao Hai they meet suddenly to use this break the formation method unexpectedly, must know that this method has plenty year nobody has used in Sea Race, his under the hand/subordinate person is jing is sharp, responded that rapid words, this time they were dangerous. The Adam some understand opposite party does not want to do, obviously what the opposite party uses is Undead Creature, these east think that one was dead to work as, the opposite party can also in nong, be able the opposite party actually command(er) these Undead Creature like command(er) army, only will then receive loses immediately to retreat, this really likely was not Dark Magician doing wind.

Adam their these Sea Dragon Race, its Dragon Race had the relation is not a day or two, was because of this, therefore they regarding Dark Magician were also certain finding, their very clear, Dark Magician in attack, possibly command(er) many Undead Creature, but will not suspend generally any Battle Formation, but let these Undead Creature noisy crowds upward flushed, like this they can little spend to select Magic and jing Divine Power. Dark Magician when command(er) Undead Creature, needs hall Magic, but fee is actually jing Divine Power, but one if, but makes these Undead Creature exhibit lineup attack, Magic and jing Divine Power on fee were more, therefore general Dark Magician, will not make Undead Creature use lineup attack. However Zhao Hai such has not actually done today, but makes these Undead Creature suspend the lineup, fights with them like the ordinary army, this Adam puzzled at the same time, dreaded to Zhao Hai. Now Adam has almost been able to affirm, the person who comes was Zhao Hai, if opposite party regiment comprised of Battalion Magician, was impossible to achieve this jing wonderful degree regarding Undead Creature control, not only can change the lineup at times, but can also make the arrangement in view of their defense, this was not a Magician team can achieve absolutely. Person command(er) these Undead Creature, can according to their idea, how these Undead Creature want command(er) on how command(er), but the person more than one are not good, after all you were impossible to find dozens strength completely same Dark Magician, the Dark Magician strength was different, their command(er) time appears slight mistake, but these slight mistakes, regarding Battle Formation, were actually very fatal, therefore had person control Undead Creature, can be possible to compose like this Battle Formation of jing secret. Reason that Adam dares saying that is because Undead Creature after is not a person, but Dark Magician also after is not profession soldier, they genuine fearful the place in the battlefield are Undead Creature, regarding Battle Formation, Dark Magician few individual meetings, their all jing strength, used on Magic, studied Battle Formation? That is impossible. What most important is, in army that these comprised of Undead Creature, is impossible to have existence of any zhong 、 xiaji military officer, the subordinate military officer quality, how can affect fighting strength of army, some good medium subordinate military officer, can some delicate changes of detect to battlefield, but makes some suitable adjustments, order that can also command(er) own army, the general issue completely, these are the talented person who can ponder achieve. However Undead Creature is not good, Undead Creature will not ponder that they will only fight, therefore you, if makes some Dark Magician coordinate to make the war, simply does not need to make them compose any lineup, such only meets nong one group of one word, might as well lets proceeding of their noisy crowd. Had affirmed what present command(er) is Zhao Hai, therefore Adam dreading, Zhao Hai can Undead Creature command(er) to this degree, before this is Adam, how, regardless of not to have thought that Adam felt now, with oneself to simply of war is not Magician, is not Undead Creature, but by a resourceful general, a command(er) jing sharp master. Adam although has defended the attack of opposite party, but this their loss is not similarly small, especially final opposite party that a piece break the formation, but almost wanted the Adam poor life, therefore after Zhao Hai they retreat, Adam immediately has made the adjustment, Battle Formation changed Rubik's Cube Formation, but four nearby actually sent out the jing sharp tribe to refer to defending, entire Great Formation was also simultaneously in can change a situation at will.

However Adam although very careful, but he is somewhat was worried, not because of other, because of physical strength! His command(er) army may all be comprised of the Sea Race person, but the Sea Race person is a person, they impossible fight continuously like Undead Creature, their within the body cannot follow. But currently Adam has to be worried about the physical strength issue in army, after passing through the twice offensive and defensive operations, in his army some physical strength quite bad races, soon did not have the physical strength now, such was hitting to be dangerous. What meaning Adam do not understand Zhao Hai today is, why he comes, he wants to use this more than 1 million Undead Creature, only gives to repel him? Is impossible? Is Zhao Hai so extremely arrogant? Zhao Hai is also sitting in Space of Blade-Scales Whale within the body now, Lizzy face somewhat ugly said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that this break the formation method, the opposite party probably knows that otherwise is impossible such quickly to react.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, before these people's responses come very much , the Sea Race person is also useful this method to break, but why they do not use now, this I somewhat was in doubt.” Lizzy sighed said : looks like my these time tries was failed, has not thought that nong left others have used Battle Formation to come unexpectedly, was too failed.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that not to be uncertain, this Battle Formation although had been used evidently, but that does not represent you unable to use . Moreover the opposite party presently little uses this Battle Formation, this explained that this Battle Formation has certainly very big shortcoming, Lizzy, if you can these shortcomings correcting, that this Battle Formation is not belongs your unique?” Lizzy thinks, nodded said : this Battle Formation truly is also the has plenty shortcoming, I am finding the way to improve, then? Megan, you come.” In this time, the suddenly Cai'er sound is conveying said : Young Master, I present interesting thing, do you want to look?”

Zhao Hai stares, nodded said : well.” He just said that saw Cai'er monitor picture one revolution, in the picture on appears the Dragon Palace picture. Zhao Hai and Laura they by this picture shaking, them have not thought one, will really have such place, a such big coral reef, these people can move unexpectedly, this may really be too great. However is quick they presently, the monitor picture pulling closer slowly, Cai'er is letting is not Dragon Palace that obviously they look, but is thing in Dragon Palace. Zhao Hai they to the Dragon Palace also distance, looked with the eye now that cannot see Dragon Palace, even if looked with monitor , can only be exempts sees Dragon Palace there. Along with Cai'er pulling closer of picture, in the picture appears several people, Zhao Hai saw that these people stare, he has not seen the Sea Dragon Race person, but actually listened to Luo Luo to say what the Sea Dragon Race person was. Reason that the Sea Dragon Race person they puts on blue the clothes , because that clothes are their scales change actually, therefore Dragon Race person, only if under special circumstances, otherwise their clothes, turn into the dragon later scale with them are face . Therefore Zhao Hai sees to put on the Alex affirmation of blue clothes, this person certainly is the Sea Dragon Race person, moreover his status is not certainly low, because of his all around Sea Dragon Race person, is faint is centered on him. bk b