Chapter 630 affirmed that( asked to subscribe But this Sea Dragon Race person is not the reason of Zhao Hai attention, what Zhao Hai attention is other two people, these two person are tall, a [gold/metal] long gown, but another actually gives red the long gown, but actually gives people the one type of sacred feeling. Zhao Hai sees that red robe person, the eye shrinks, his very clear, has the person of such aura is who, that certainly is the Radiant Church person, regarding Radiant Church, Zhao Hai also have some understanding, had in Radiant Church, the person the qualifications wears the red long gown, but has Red-clothes Archbishop, it seems like that this person is Red-clothes Archbishop. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but looked at Joshua several eyes, although his don’t know Joshua's name, but he actually prepared to bear in mind the opposite party, this was understood that good opportunity of enemy, Zhao Hai to have prepared, he must Joshua tidying up, then turned into Advanced level Undead Creature him, inquired many information about Radiant Church from his mouth. After Joshua's appearance complete bearing in mind, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at a man of that [gold/metal] robe, this man to the feeling of person very formidable, moreover Zhao Hai from the body of this man, felt that with the Sea Dragon Race very similar aura, this made Zhao Hai affirm the status of this man, Dragon Race! Zhao Hai careful was taking a look at Ao Kecha, quick on present Ao Kecha head dragon corner/horn, this was makes Zhao Hai affirm his status. Laura they have also been taking a look at them, they were also quick on present two people of characteristics, did not have the means that these two people of characteristics were too obvious, and has not added points concealing, their eyes can look. Elder Brother Hai of Laura face heavy turning the head to Zhao Hai said :, it seems like that the Radiant Church Dragon Race person really alliance in together, now also had affirmed our beforehand guesses, Dragon Race truly is a dark chess that God Race lays down.” Zhao Hai nodded said : appears of these two people, most made us be confirmed to further the beforehand guess, God Race truly was moving, Radiant Church failed, they started to begin to Sea Race, or was no matter Radiant Church did succeed, they will begin to Sea Race, so long as their in hand had existence of Sea Race, almost it can be said that was in an impregnable position.” What to do does Lizzy frown said : that we? Now copes with them?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, we retreat, go back to tell Luo Ying this information, then we are going to Prairie there and Dwarf Race there, told them this information.” Megan nodded said : I look, this information is very to us important, moreover Dwarf Race may not be far to Accra Mountain, if their don’t know this matter, will possibly suffer a loss.”

Zhao Hai nodded, waved, in these Undead Creature mouths puts out black gas, one flutters toward Sea Dragon Race Great Formation, Adam looks at Zhao Hai such movement, does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback command(er) army, slowly goes toward retreat, he cannot be wrapped up by these black gas, who knew these do black gas do. Is good because of these black gas is not quick, they can hide, but Adam presently the incorrect place, these black gas flutter quickly just their battlefield there, doubts not to be loose in there, moreover fresh center bit by bit shrinking to this situation, the Adam immediately understand opposite party in doing, his cannot help but face big change, has let army fully retreat at the same time, he also sends to the information that the request has reenforced toward Alex there. Reason that Illac will do such, because of his understand, that has rolled black gas is not other thing, Dark Magician must turn into the undead vitality use the corpse thing, Zhao Hai was collecting Undead Creature! Let Zhao Hai collect these Undead Creature, his Undead Creature army, in time increase, when the time comes they will be more difficult to deal with. Quick, black gas vanished, they just battlefield there of war also became clean, Undead Creature did not have, Illac face ugly, but he in order army full retreating. However what surprises Illac is, Zhao Hai their Undead Creature army, the appearance that also retreating slowly, must retreat probably, has not been continue attack. This makes Illac feel accident, but simultaneously he also relaxed, he feared really the enemy is attacking, if the opposite party in the attack, he really has not grasped can block. Illac does not certainly dare to pursue, although don’t know opposite party why retreat, but retreats well, he today really somewhat by Zhao Hai frightening, these Undead Creature fighting strength did not say first that is only the change of this Battle Formation, makes him suffer loss, to be honest, he also really very much envies Zhao Hai now, Zhao Hai command(er) these Undead Creature, completely how are he wants command(er) on how command(er), truly has achieved having at one's command boundary, but this boundary, he is impossible to achieve, even if in the jing sharp army, in the coordination can also a appears small issue impossible the general. Intention complete execution, this is Illac envies the Zhao Hai place. Illac is a general, he hopes to be able a command(er) army like Zhao Hai command(er) Undead Creature, if is really such, he believes that he can defeat any enemy, however was a pity that he is not Dark Magician, he can never achieve Zhao Hai such. But at this time Alex they also saw Zhao Hai to retreat, therefore Alex naturally in giving Illac sends out reinforcement, however just that war, they actually watched, to be honest, Alex also looks at heart startled rou to jump, he thinks, if he sits in Illac's position today, Bjarke who he is impossible to be is better. At this time Ao Ke deep voice said : „did Joshua, see the origin of opposite party? This fellow command(er) Undead Creature level cannot dispute, very clever that also this Battle Formation uses, such person is not good to cope.” Joshua forced smile said : also with visiting, me can 100% affirmations, the opposite party be Zhao Hai now, only then Zhao Hai command(er) Undead Creature time can achieve this point, other Dark Magician cannot achieve.”

Alex nodded said : we to return to Great Hall to say.” Said that with their returned to in Great Hall, walks while to person jiao, when said : goes to call General Illac.” That person complied with one, turn around walked. The quick three people on returned to Great Hall, after having divided the guests and hosts sit down, Alex turns the head to Joshua said : Bishop to affirm that the opposite party is Zhao Hai?” Joshua nodded said : affirmation, other Dark Magician, nobody can achieve this point, even if the person in Calci Family is impossible to achieve this point, on entire Continent, must say that is most marvelous to Undead Creature control, was Zhao Hai, therefore I can affirm, came certainly was Zhao Hai.” Alex face sank said : this Zhao Hai to be too difficult to deal with, if we certainly want the means his exterminate in here, otherwise he certainly to go bad on the matter of god.” Ao Ke checked nod said : well, this Zhao Hai was really too fierce, person command(er) that many Undead Creature made the war, but can also exhibit Battle Formation, what most important was, his these Undead Creature fighting strength were very strong, most at least five, 6th level Warrior strengths, this was too scary, moreover before his most retreat walked, has taken away many corpses, it seems like he can also in some multi- command(er) Undead Creature, if on land, fell back on one army comprised of 1 million equivalent to five, 6th level Warrior Undead Creature, what was that consequence? Two have thought?” Joshua also nodded said : „, was too scary, this fellow wants, except that keeps him is really being a hidden danger.” In this time, Illac was coming, Alex immediately called Illac, after Illac comes in gives three people to see to deliver the betrothal gifts, Alex to Illac has bestowed sitting, this said : Illac, you with the opposite party jiao war what feeling has, can know the status of opposite party?” said : that Illac wants not to think Your Majesty, can affirm that the opposite party certainly is Zhao Hai, such Battle Formation, possibly is not by Dark Magician team command(er), that definitely is person command(er), otherwise cannot achieve that degree, I can affirm that the opposite party certainly is Zhao Hai.” Alex nodded, now can completely the affirmation opposite party certainly be Zhao Hai, Alex deep voice said : their Undead Creature fighting strength how? The command(er) ability of opposite party to Battle Formation is what kind of?” Illac deep voice said : these Undead Creature fighting strength are very strong, about similar equivalent to 5th level Magic Beast, his command(er) ability to Battle Formation, although also some weak, so long as is exercising, absolutely is electing of Famed General, Your Majesty, this person wants, except that otherwise he will become our Sea Dragon Race scourge.” Alex face complete yin sank, Joshua, Ao Kecha, Illac, they from three different aspects, have given such answer, this fully explained that the Zhao Hai strength, this Zhao Hai, could not remain.

Alex turns the head to Joshua said : Sir Bishop, what idea do you have? This Zhao Hai must keep here, cannot make him run absolutely.” Joshua nodded said : naturally, copes with Zhao Hai to be easier in here, if on Continent difficulty, I will hear Buda Family, but several 9th level Expert, moreover this Zhao Hai strength is also good, on Continent also some rumors say him to be able Space Divergent Technique, must therefore cope with him, cannot opportunity make him run to him.” Ao Kecha stares, then frowns said : he also to meet Space Divergent Technique? If this is really the case, that was more troublesome, I had not heard that meeting Space Divergent Technique person, will be besieged lethal, but their running away road technology Unparalleled Under The Heaven.” Joshua nodded said : this point I also to know that I went to believe to the church, making relic that they deliver us to teach come, this time no matter pays the big price, must eliminate this Zhao Hai!” Alex said : relic? Is what? Can not let meet the Space Divergent Technique person to run away?” Joshua nodded said : this relic mén to cope to meet the Space Divergent Technique person specially, so long as sends that thing, Zhao Hai cannot certainly run away!” bk b