Chapter 631 lukewarm jin Spirit Race( asked to subscribe Ao Kecha frowns said : Sir Bishop, this does not crack a joke, is relic that you said on the god bestows? What otherwise manages to imprison Space?” Joshua shook the head, then sighed said : this relic although is not on the god bestows our Radiant Church, but regarding our Radiant Church significance was actually very significant, before on Continent appears several Space Divergent Warlock , these person very difficult had dealt with, they not only attack strength, but also escaped, nobody can block, our Radiant Church had one time with Space Divergent Warlock to, latter actually suffered a loss.” Ao Kecha and Alex nodded, he only is also sees has known the broad person, this Space Divergent Technique is difficult to deal with on Continent is became famous, if you obtained Space Divergent Warlock , he wants completely certain means to cope with you, but he must escape, you could not have overtaken, this is Space Divergent Warlock the place that is difficult to deal with. Joshua deep voice said : afterward our 31 st Pontiff, actually don’t know, presently can use Space Divergent Technique, but his also very clear, this Divergent Technique nobody knows how must come, nobody knows how must inherit, therefore he has thought another means that he performs the experiment with himself, he used Alchemy Technique, additional antiquity Magic Formation, after many years of research, manufactured one set of metal Magic Formation, this Magic Formation use was used to imprison Space, making Space Divergent Technique malfunction, till he has paid his life, experimented, even has paid. Own life, therefore 32 nd Pontiff, this set of Magic Formation, seals for Radiant Church relic personally.” Ao Kecha and Kristen cannot help but has shown the shocking facial expression, they cannot think that will really have the frantic person such, he performs the experiment with himself unexpectedly, for can cope meets the Space Divergent Technique person, after the shock, they cannot help but have also shown the facial expression of admiration. Alex sighed, calm one own mood, this said : had such treasure, then on fantastic, so long as we presently Zhao Hai, this set of Magic Formation arrangement in his surroundings, his ntbsp \; Ao Kecha also nodded said :I also to go to believe to the clan, Patriarch sent out five 9th level Giant Dragon to enter the war, but we in the fight, can only use to evade the water dragon bead, the attack strength was also affected, this time Main Force, was Sea Dragon Race.” Joshua nodded said : well, that wraps Magic Formation although very wonderful, but the range is not big, moreover can only be used to imprison Space Divergent Technique, regarding ordinary walk, will not have any influence, therefore we , to cope with Zhao Hai, if certainly wants completely safe means.” Alex nodded, he turns the head to Illac said : Illac, do you have the means to direct Zhao Hai? We want beforehand the Magic Formation prepare, in directs in Zhao Hai Magic Formation, is sending Expert to besiege, this was the sole means.” Illac nodded said : this people should not be difficult, our tomorrow can attack, however retreat retreating slowly, directs Zhao Hai, today Zhao Hai took advantage in our here, I think that he will certainly not let off our, even if we do not attack, I can also the defense line toward premise, then when with the Zhao Hai j war, retreating bit by bit, introduces in you encirclement ring.” Alex nodded said : well, such manages, this several days first do not move, full defense, when Dragon Race Expert and Radiant Church relic arrived, we in annihilate Zhao Hai at one fell swoop, so long as has destroyed completely Zhao Hai, we can tidy up Mermaid Race at one fell swoop.”

Ao Ke checked nod said : to meeting Mermaid Race, although was not easy, but was not means does not have, so long as we now attract the Mermaid Race military strength in here, then can send out Battalion by our Dragon Race, attacked Mermaid Island, to waiting the Mermaid Race den lost, on the inadequate any climate.” Joshua nodded said : well, when that our Radiant Church relic arrives, immediately tidies up Zhao Hai, these days we to defend give priority to, defended Zhao Hai on the line.” Zhao Hai don’t know Joshua they are certainly finding the way to cope with him, he is sitting in Blade-Scales Whale within the body now, with Megan and Lizzy discussion today's tactical situation, they have fought half-day with the Asian light today, similarly, present oneself Great Formation some shortcomings, but these shortcoming bright means improvements, therefore Lizzy and Megan although cannot opposite party complete being defeated, actually also appear excited. Was saying while slowly drew back returned to the Mermaid Race defense line, when drew back, Zhao Hai received these Undead Creature, he does not want to cause the panic of Mermaid Race. Luo Ying they are suspending Great Formation to wait for Zhao Hai, she also somewhat is worried about Zhao Hai, preparation aiding Zhao Hai momentarily, presently the return of Zhao Hai security, her feel relieved. Zhao Hai welcome to Azure Dragon Snail, Luo Ying this how don't know mister to Zhao Hai said : today the tactical situation?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be very good, has harvested some Undead Creature, but today the big harvest is not this, but is I have very interesting present today.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : interesting present? What presently?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I in Sea Dragon Race there present Dragon Race and Radiant Church Red-clothes Archbishop form, don’t know this was interesting present?” Anything!” Luo Ying in great surprise said : really? mister really present Dragon Cu and Radiant Church person?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : not to dare to deceive the general, realizes the Dragon Race Radiant Church person firmly, one is [gold/metal] Pao a Dragon Race person, another is actually Radiant Church Red-clothes Archbishop, it seems like Sea Dragon Race this motion, is truly related with Dragon Race, has relationship with Radiant Church.” Luo Ying face ugly said : „seemed like this, this information to us very heavy wanted, our Mermaid Race Mermaid Island, on sea surface, but the Dragon Race person will fly, if their suddenly attack our Mermaid Island, that has troubled, thanked mister the information, my immediately/on horseback told Queen this information.” Zhao Hai nodded, this said : except for this information, does not have, General who anything particularly needs to pay attention, wants to go back the body rest below first, I think that Sea Dragon Race does not dare to attack today, the general does not need to be worried.” Luo Ying nodded, she also knows, this Zhao Hai Sea Dragon Race hitting heavy, Sea Dragon Race dares to be a short time does not dare to attack. After Zhao Hai returned to Blade-Scales Whale within the body, immediately from through Space returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, told Green this information, recuperating Message Fish they sends to Green, and has taught them the application method, then he went to Golden Island, same also had Blockhead to send to Message Fish to Kun and Stone, put Sea Dragon with Dragon Race also has information that Radiant Church alliance got up to tell them, latter Zhao Hai this went to Dwarf Iron Mountain. Zhao Hai not direct appears in the Dwarf village, but was appears in the square outside Dwarf Race Divine Palace, there does not have who now, his appears will not note in some there people, moreover here left the Dwarf village not to be far. Zhao Hai appears before long by person present, that Dwarf Race naturally knew Zhao Hai this Foreign Elder, immediately Zhao Hai welcome to the village. In Billy is setting up the work, heard Zhao Hai to come, immediately Zhao Hai welcome to his office, after they sat down, Billy does immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you come? What matter has?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have the matter, not only has the matter, but also is not the important matter, Patriarch, what relationship do you know don’t know Dragon Race and God Race have?” Billy one hear of Zhao Hai said that what relationship cannot help but said : Dragon Race and God Race do have? What relationship can their race have? In the past and God Race war time, did Dragon Race also participate?”

Zhao Hai one hear of Billy said on understand, it seems like in Dwarf Race clan, has not recorded Dragon Race and God Race relationship, his these time goes to Sea Race there fortunately all presently, otherwise God Race the dark chess also really nobody can presently. Zhao Hai sighed said : that and God Race war, Dragon Race truly participated, but they actually did not help the person on our Ark Continent, but was helping God Race, they were the God Race finally solid running dogs.” Billy stares, then face does change said : really? You the information that hears from there? Is Dragon Race really the God Race running dog?” Zhao Hai nodded, went to the Sea Race there matter to say to Billy him, the Billy yin calm face was listening to the Zhao Hai words, said to Zhao Hai that Billy deep voice said : has not thought, Dragon Race and God Race can be such relationship unexpectedly, fortunately present, otherwise we will certainly suffer a loss, how did you prepare to do?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I to prepare to help Sea Race solve Sea Dragon Race first, then waited for me to leap make a move to come, in tidied up Dragon Race, Dragon Race must tidy up, otherwise made them occupy in Accra Mountain, was too big to our threats, Accra Mountain was the Magic Beast world, if let their control these Magic Beast, that later war time, they become a God Race in hand good blade.” Billy nodded said : „, if Dragon Race is really the God Race person, that must eliminate them, high level Magic Beast has no less than our wisdom, if let Dragon Race these Magic Beast control, then regarding us, absolutely was not the good deed.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : jin Spirit Race there to have information? If no information, what response will also tell them them to have this situation.” Billy nodded, sighs said : jin Spirit Race standing aloof from the world to be always used to it, this matter cannot be anxious, was right, these clansman in the person there life is also familiar with?” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, good that the ten points custom, they live, he he, knew many friends, was good, I tell you today this information, this information told, I should also walk, I must go to Beastman Race there, told Beast King this information, making him have a preparation.”