Chapter 632 imperial water earl oyster( asked to subscribe Beast King these days really very happy, Beast God Spear returned to Beastman Race, this regarding Beastman Race is really too important, what is main, Beast God Spear is in his hand comes back, this rules entire Beastman Race regarding him very advantageous. Beast King this name sounds although power and prestige, however the actual authority does not have many, moreover Lion Race eyes covetously in the one side, therefore his date did not feel better. However Beast God Spear was retrieved, makes his prestige increase, before these big War Clan, did not buy this Beast King surface, but now the situation had very good improvement, this very has the advantage regarding his plan. Beast King has not dared to tell these Beastman Race the God Race matter now, the Beast King very clear Beastman person gets sick, besides Patriarch of various large clans, other Beastman was really too solid, will be given to draw out the words very much easily, but Beastman Race was different from Dwarf Race, Dwarf Race the Dwarf Iron Mountain there management like the iron bucket, Human Race simply could not go, with their j easy Dwarf, jin was very bright, therefore Dwarf Race did not fear will reveal secret. But Beastman Race here is different, Beastman Prairie was too big, these Human Race Merchant there can go, can contact with any Beastman race, if said the God Race matter that believes soon, the Radiant Church person knows. Therefore Beast King wants to prepare to cope with God Race, must carry on secret, even must hide the truth from too most Beastman Race, therefore the Beast King plan, this plan needs these big War Clan to carry on the coordinate line, but wish makes these big War Clan coordinate him completely, before that was impossible, but now is different, now Beast God Spear was looked in in his hand, he prestige in Beastman Race has achieved the apex, can carry on his plan. these days Beast King had contacted with some of his trustworthy big War Clan Patriarch secretly, moreover told them the God Race matter, after making them go back, prepared secretly. On this day Beast King had just handled something, his guard suddenly incoming telegram, Zhao Hai came, Beast King one hear, stares slightly, but immediately let people Zhao Hai welcome to the living room. But the Zhao Hai present status Beastman Race Crown Prince, can be said as in Beastman Race under a person above ten thousand people, moreover his prestige said that is not lower than Beast King, because Beast God Spear is he looks, therefore the Beastman Race person sees him now, very respectful, Magic Lily Store received the attendances of many Beastman, now business as good as violent. It looks like in these Beastman Race people, Magic Lily Store is Zhao Hai opens, Zhao Hai is Beastman Race Crown Prince, then on equal to is the person on one's own side, buys thing , in must go to person on one's own side that to buy, this truth Beastman Race understands, therefore now Bana the business of store is entire Beastman Prairie good.

Is good also has Markey Family this big business net to support in behind because of present Buda Family, no matter Beastman Race wants any them nn to come, this let these Beastman is likes looking for them, was adding on Magic Lily Store to do business justice, therefore was very good because of the Beastman Race here reputation, all these were Zhao Hai won the big prestige. Zhao Hai after Tiger Race Beastman entered the living room, Beast King wields has drawn back other people, has only left behind him with Zhao Hai they, this to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, how you came, had an accident?” Zhao Hai nodded said : these time to come also really to have the important matter, Your Majesty, I went to Sea Race, Sea Race there left the important matter, Sea Dragon Race has revolted, but this matter was not that simple, I in there presently Dragon Race Radiant Church person, moreover I inquired from Mermaid Race there, initially God Race with our Ark Continent person fought the time, Dragon Race also participated, but he helped God Race together cope with us, therefore I suspected that Dragon Race was a God Race arrange move of dark chess, prepared to cope our, these time coped with Sea Race, on was wants to give Sea Race Looks for one importantly with according to place, if they really ocean occupying, that goes forward or retreats depending upon circumstances, in adding on Radiant Church and Dragon Race, the possibility that we have not won, I today this matter after you, if Dragon Race sends for being probable with your together to cope with God Race, do not believe that when I have solved the Sea Race there matter, immediately Accra Mountain there, gave to extinguish Dragon Race!” Beast King static is listening, said to Zhao Hai, said : that his face number changes does have confidence? Dragon Race was known as that in six invincible, is not good to deal with, if the incorrect words, our Beastman Race can dispatch troops, you can also discuss with Dwarf Race that making them also dispatch troops, we about soldier one, tidied up Dragon Race first.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, now Continent the matter on Human Race also don’t know God Race, if your suddenly dispatched troops to cope with Dragon Race at this time, that Dragon Race will certainly prevent, will direct when the time comes possibly the war, latter loss our strengths, your feel relieved, I have confidence, now you must do is the relieved show, does not need to be worried about us.” Beast King look at Zhao Hai, sighed lightly said : that well, looked your, if had a need for our Beastman Race place, so long as you said one, our Beastman Race momentarily can die for the brothers!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use that seriously, was good, Your Majesty, I want immediately/on horseback returned to Sea Race there to go, there is fighting, I cannot leave too long time, I walk.” Beast King has delivered to outside Zhao Hai én, leave of look at Zhao Hai under the shield of Tiger clansman in the city, this has sighed, in the heart actually raised feeling of being incapable, his Beastman Race has not feared anything, but this their enemy was really too strong, even if were their Beastman Race, has to bear patiently, can only a look at Zhao Hai person outside and Radiant Church and Dragon Race deal with, thought of here Beast King at heart on very difficult. Zhao Hai has not thought these, regarding him, the main lord is tells Beast King and Dwarf Race long the matter about Dragon Race, making them have the protection to be important, tidied up Dragon Race, looked like in Zhao Hai is not the difficult matter. Zhao Hai returned to Space time, true relaxing, leaked dn making up this finally, he also really feared that this leaked dn using by Dragon Race.

Now race don’t know God Race and Dragon Race on Continent relationship, if Dragon Race said really one must cope with God Race with their together, that looks like Dwarf Race and Beastman Race will certainly agree that was by that time dangerous, good one time came Sea Race. Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while entered the Space villa, enters the villa he to stare, he has not thought that in the villa is so lively. The tactic that Zhao Hai walks is Laura and Lizzy their discussed that, Laura they also idly withdrew certainly a statement, plays makes with Lizzy and Megan truly. Lizzy and Megan they regarding the war, have the one type of natural intuition probably, this intuition others are study are too difficult to learn, they can always that some small changes in capture battlefield, this be probably become the Famed General essential conditions. Zhao Hai has not managed them, oneself came to the underground Hot Spring room, has soaked Hot Spring well, by own brain well relaxes, these days, the God Race matter pressed him to be serious, making him somewhat not gasp for breath, but made Zhao Hai feel what headache was, Demon Race has not made an appearance, they regarding the plan of God Race understood was very clear, but regarding Magic Beast, they almost did not have any understanding, this by his headache place. Has rested well one in the evening, next morning, Zhao Hai by Luo Ying welcome to Azure Dragon Snail, but this Luo Ying do not discuss any war with Zhao Hai, but has the good deed to look for Zhao Hai. Waited for Zhao Hai to the command(er) hall, Luo Ying immediately/on horseback mister to come to Zhao Hai said :, please sit down.” Luo Ying xin this is somewhat cold, today suddenly is so warm, Zhao Hai some have not been familiar with, his puzzled look at face happy Luo Ying said : what happy matter does general have?” Luo Ying shows a faint smile said : really to have a happy matter, today in the clan the person has sent equally good thing to me, moreover is the designation gives mister.” Zhao Hai said : „does designation give to me? What good thing?”

Luo Ying shows a faint smile said : to take.” Two Mermaid Race soldiers, with two big bottles, in these two big bottles think of sand nv, the water plant, these were certainly unimportant, more importantly in these two bottles, in which thinks of white sea snail, in another bottle bottle a green shell. On sea snail of that white , without a point pattern, is white, such as yu same white, makes the person not give up the leave eye attractively, but the shell of that green , looks like is actually ordinary, without any special place. Zhao Hai puzzled look at Luo Ying, Luo Ying shows a faint smile said : I to know that mister likes collecting some special life form, this shell is in our sea the one type of very famous shell, the known as imperial water earl oyster, in this type of shell can grow the one type of pearl, this type of pearl has the one type of very special function, can increase the Water element Magic attack strength and attack, the pearl is bigger, increases the effect of spoke is good, in our Sea Race, is one type of very precious one type of Magic Beast.” A Zhao Hai face happy look at that common shell he has not thought that this common Little Thing, unexpectedly usefully such big use. The Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai type, knows that he likes this shell, she cannot help but showed a faint smile said :in saying this spiral, this spiral was Azure Dragon Snail of young living time, on Azure Dragon Snail of young living time did not have the pattern, as long as ten years later the appears pattern slowly, the year will be long, the pattern on spiral was bi real. Pleasantly surprised, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is a pleasant surprise, he already very envied Luo Ying the Azure Dragon Snail, but Azure Dragon Snail but the Mermaid Race treasure, he naturally is embarrassed wants, but Azure Dragon Snail in the sea very few, therefore he wants to look for one to raise unable to find, has not thought that today Mermaid Race delivers him unexpectedly one, this was really in the good gift.