Chapter 633 frequents each other( asks to subscribe

Regarding the ordinary person, this different thing possibly does not have the too big use, the imperial water earl oyster, wants in forming the pearl also needs for a long time . Moreover the year is long, the effect is good, however Human Race life in that pendulum, when this treasure grows into, feared that was the person already died. But Azure Dragon Snail is so, wish lets the words that Azure Dragon Snail has in a big way uses, that also few several hundred years of line, wants in nn one with Mermaid Race same Azure Dragon Snail, to fear must wait till the millenniums later, but currently speaking, even if 9th level Expert, nobody can exactly that long time, therefore this different thing regarding the average person, truly does not have what to use greatly. However Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai has existence of Space this going against heaven's will, this different thing had for him in a big way has used, Space can add the animal growth period, this Azure Dragon Snail wanted Space, Zhao Hai to let the growth that he kept, when the time comes naturally can has plenty top Azure Dragon Snail be able to use. That imperial water earl oyster, this thing one or two possibly could not look that has any effect, but if this thing can the mass production, then on complete is different, this type has regarding Water element Magic increases the spoke makes with thing very much, if were obtained by Water element Magician, their attack strength meet to be higher than three layers to continue, if this thing can the mass production, on Water element Magician to Continent prepare on, that Water element Magician fighting strength certainly on being higher than many. Naturally, this thing in Sea Race is also very precious, cannot achieve the mass production, but is different regarding Zhao Hai, in Space he wants to raise many raises many, moreover raises with in the sea is different, in the sea raises, may not have the pearl, however raises in Space, certainly will have the pearl. Luo Ying looked that the Zhao Hai type knows Zhao Hai very satisfied this different gift, she cannot help but appreciates looked at Luo Luo one, this information or Luo Luo give her, now looks like this information also is really very useful. Zhao Hai received this different thing, turned the head to smile said : to make the general to Luo Ying take the trouble, had this hobby below, various wonderful Magic Beast and plants, liked collecting below.” Luo Ying smiles said : mister to be polite, I transmitted orders, making the people in clan help mister collect as far as possible, believes that this several days will send thing.” Zhao Hai smiles said : so on General thanks a lot, General, today I also want to go to Sea Dragon Race there constrain Sea Dragon Race, what two are to have a look that Radiant Church person has Dragon Race to respond that you do look?” Luo Ying thinks that said : so also good, trouble mister, over the two days in our clan other reinforcement also will arrive, when our reinforcement arrived, we can move the general attack.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so, that these days makes me constrain Sea Dragon Race, when your army gathered, we attacked in together, happen to you can also use this several days rest well.”

Luo Ying nodded, stands to bow to Zhao Hai said : great kindness of mister to our Mermaid Race, I to record lie at heart, later mister in having a life, I and others Venerable settledly, since.” Zhao Hai stands, laughed said : general to be too polite, this time must cope, but the you and I common enemy, the general said that was makes Zhao Hai somewhat blush, if the general nothing, I walked.” Luo Ying nodded said : mister to invite.” Zhao Hai to Luo Ying gave a salute, turn around walked Zhao Hai leave, Luo Ying this turned the head to Luo Luo said : Luo Luo, your time has contributed to the great merit, it seems like mister liked collecting these thing really very much, we were unexpected collect some thing to give mister, our endless sea was in any case good in a big way, inside good thing to be possible is very many.” Luo Luo smiles said : general to be too polite, but the general, my do not understand, we collects these thing also to spend many matters, is only because mister has helped us, do we want such to do?” Luo Ying shows a faint smile said : silly thing, you know anything, such does because, not only mister has helped us, what are many are because , the present situation you have not looked, Radiant Church, Dragon Fang, Sea Dragon Race alliance got up, looks at this type, feared that will be putting of God Race invades will not be far, but Mr. Zhao Hai and Dwarf Race j will be good, will be good with Beastman Race j, when the time comes he certainly will become the hard core that will resist God Race, such person, being worth our j being good.” Luo Luo one hear of Luo Ying said that stares slightly, but her immediately understand, small face pallid said : general, will God Race have invaded really?” Luo Ying sighs said : according to the current situation, the invasion is certain, Human Race, must have the disaster.” Words that Zhao Hai naturally don’t know Luo Ying and Luo Luo spoke, he is impossible daily look at Luo Ying, now Zhao Hai is sitting in Space look at in hand two bottles, Yingluck they also very curious look at. Laura look at that the Azure Dragon Snail vial, just Space had the prompt sound, in these two thing Space can raise, this let Zhao Hai feel relieved at the appointed time, Laura look at that Azure Dragon Snail, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the point made Cai'er raise him, when the time comes our also nn left Azure Dragon Snail to come.” Azure Dragon Snail that Laura said naturally said is that Luo Ying uses. The Zhao Hai look at Laura type, smiles said : that to be so simple, Mermaid Race the Azure Dragon Snail, but passed through many years of Water Refining, has waited for several days, I have a look whether nn to the Mermaid Race Water Refining method, this method to us is very useful.” No matter Lizzy actually that many, she turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, let's go, I also want to try my Battle Formation with the Sea Dragon Race person today.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy said that cannot help but laughs said : well, we are taking the Sea Dragon Race army to practice Battle Formation.” Said that has summoned Undead Creature army, vast dndn kills toward the front. Alex their early suspended the lineup to wait in there, their very clear, yesterday Zhao Hai was in the upper hand, today Zhao Hai also will certainly come, therefore their simply attack, fully has not defended in here. They also, so long as Radiant Church relic arrived, Dragon Race Expert came, is they cope with Zhao Hai the time, before that they must defend fully. However today Adam actually defense line toward premise raising, this is coping with Zhao Hai to prepare for later, they Battle Formation toward the premise, wait for several days they to prepare to cope with Zhao Hai thing now, they can move to Battle Formation in the future, this can introduce their encirclement rings Zhao Hai, tidied up at one fell swoop. Adam sits doing that in oneself that big shell makes fights in the hall, look at distant place that decides, he has the premonition, today the opposite party will certainly come, he saw before long Rubik's Cube Great Formation comprised of Undead Creature opened slowly, Adam immediately/on horseback order army full preparation. The mood that today Adam under the hand/subordinate these people do not dare a little to neglect, yesterday they have experienced Zhao Hai their fierce, these Undead Creature fighting strength do not blow. Zhao Hai sits in Blade-Scales Whale body internal space, look at monitor said : Lizzy, Megan, what Formation do you prepare to experiment today?” Lizzy smiles said : today to make me come first, I want demon Zhang Zhen who tries my yesterday to come out.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, how your demon chapter of must nn.” Lizzy shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, this Rubik's Cube Great Formation that opposite party uses today, this Great Formation although is very good, but was extremely distinct in the edges and corners, my demon chapter of Great Formation, looks like the big octopus is the same, lets some Combat Squad like the tentacle of octopus, the placard their edges and corners attack, their edges and corners there, although is being the jin sharp corps, but there changes is not easy, we can bit by bit their several edges and corners abrasioning.” Was saying Lizzy while is drawing on monitor projection, Zhao Hai understand the meaning of Lizzy, she has also wanted to let these corps squads, ties down Rubik's Cube like an octopus with the tentacle, ties down this Rubik's Cube rough, but these squads are keeping the movement, looks like one is the same the file, is polishing this Rubik's Cube.

Zhao Hai to thought that this Great Formation a little meaning, he nodded, then waved, looks like such that Lizzy said that teams of undead fresh immediately left, throws toward opposite party Great Formation. Adam stands in the command(er) hall, the calm look at opposite party, he also wants to know that what Battle Formation the opposite party will have to cope with him today, to be honest, now on the Adam also really a little hidden feeling, that is the one type of rival in chess, yu cannot the feeling. Zhao Hai their attack moved very much, now Zhao Hai their Rubik's Cube Great Formation are changing, this there turned into lineup a like group, but this group actually double extends many tentacles, toward Adam their attack. But Adam experienced War General, saw that the opposite party wants to do, his immediately/on horseback ordered said : to change, centered on me, slowly turned into group.” Ordered immediately/on horseback to issue, Adam their Rubik's Cube Great Formation moved slowly, was centered on Adam that big shell, Dali arrived outside, slowly turned into one group. Lizzy has not thought really the opposite party changes so, her demon chapter of Great Formation is effective regarding Rubik's Cube Formation, if copes with group, appeared some is not quite appropriate. In this time, Megan actually said : good, they turned into group, Elder Brother Hai, below coped with them with my even/including Shi.” After yesterday Megan saw the team of opposite party, how in trying to find the solution must break this, after going back, but also made her find out means, was this even/including Shizhen. This even/including Shizhen to put it bluntly also very simple, lets each and every one small Cone Formation, suspends one row, attacks group of opposite party to a point, exposes the surface, certainly can group of opposite party breaking. Zhao Hai has complied with one, immediately/on horseback command(er) these Undead Creature were changing, tentacle immediately that these extended shrank, then each and every one small Cone Formation has formed, went toward opposite party group shè