Chapter 634 big War General gets up( asks to subscribe In the following four days of time, Zhao Hai everyday will bring Undead Creature to go to Sea Dragon Race large camp there, fights with the Sea Dragon Race person, Lizzy and Megan looked like the child of toy, all kinds of read the bright idea level not to be poor, various Zhao Hai want not to think Battle Formation, they can also nn come out unexpectedly, look at their excited type, Zhao Hai cannot help but speechless, his also really don’t know, these two people unexpectedly such militant. Just these four days of times, Sea Dragon Race here also calm, but they have been ready, now Radiant Church relic has delivered, that is one set of Magic Formation, was made by Magic Formation of seven metals, but they composed this Magic Formation unable to be too big, many only in the right way original about thousand square meters area, crossed this area, the Might big drop of this Magic Formation, will be impossible to imprison Space. A however thousand square meters place is not very big, especially regarding like Zhao Hai Expert, can say that in the blink of an eye can pass, but if his were encircled in these thousand square meters Space hits, his trouble was big. Now Sea Dragon Race must wait is Dragon Race these Expert, this Radiant Church has also sent out four 9th level Expert, in adding on Joshua, certain five 9th level Expert, Dragon Race there besides Ao Ke, came five 9th level Expert, altogether six, were adding on Sea Dragon Race to leave nine 9th level Expert, altogether 20 9th level Expert must cope with Zhao Hai, therefore Alex was very confident, they believed them certainly altogether Zhao Hai tidying up. Sea Dragon Race here is preparing, Luo Ying their there has not been idling, these days keeps has reinforcement to arrive at against presently here to come, now their here army total has achieved near 20 millions. Zhao Hai when hears this digit, being startled , the 20 millions army, is that the type concept? Zhao Hai felt them to entire ocean filling up probably. Luo Ying also prepared to move general attack in the two days, can say that both sides were preparing this war, should the request of Luo Ying, Zhao Hai rest for two days, in has not looked for the trouble of Sea Dragon Race, because after Luo Ying has prepared attack. Sea Dragon Race there presently Zhao Hai has not come to look for their troubles they to stare, immediately sends for nosing what's the matter, latter naturally also on present Mermaid Race army. Saw this situation, Alex immediately Joshua and Ao Kecha welcome to Great Hall, then told them the information that searching scout arrived. Ao Kecha listened to Alex saying that cannot help but laughed said : well, waited such to progress, this opportunity came finally, we in here their army constraining stubbornly, then made Patriarch lead person attack Mermaid Island of my clan, at one fell swoop gave to extinguish them.” Joshua also nodded said : our Radiant Church also to help, must give to ruin Mermaid Island, has ruined Mermaid Island, they will morale be low, when the time comes we can seize the opportunity counter-attack.”

Alex nodded said : that trouble two, now I think that tomorrow several Dragon Race Expert also arrived, when the time comes they Zhao Hai, except that is then coping with Mermaid Race.” They nodded, Joshua said : I look at today us Magic Formation Bu Hao, when tomorrow Zhao Hai attacks, we direct in him Great Formation, his at one fell swoop exterminate.” Alex said : good, how asking Bishop to tell these people to formation arrangement, wanting a cloth to be good, remaining waited for Zhao Hai to attack.” Ao Kecha knit the brows said : opposite party army to build up has completed, if their army together move, we must cope with Zhao Hai, feared that not so is easy?” Alex shows a faint smile said : messenger feel relieved, the loving care of Mermaid Race to Sea Race is became famous, even if Great Formation, I think that they will certainly make Zhao Hai lead Undead Creature to take the lead, this can reduce our soldiers, can reduce their casualties, so long as is Zhao Hai takes the lead that to be easy to do, we can seize the opportunity except Zhao Hai.” Ao Ke checked nod said : so well, that asked Bishop to prepare, tomorrow my clansman arrived, we first ambushed, so long as Zhao Hai entered, our immediately/on horseback moved, wanted exterminate he.” Joshua nodded, stands got up to walk outward, Ao Kecha and Alex also followed behind to go out of Great Hall in him, how they also want to take a look at this Great Formation to arrange. Joshua arrived at outside, under the accompaniment of several Sea Dragon Race people to battlefield there, he couple of days ago had chosen the place, not far the place behind Adam their Battle Formation, there on the other hand somewhat is narrow, Zhao Hai they , to pursue Adam they, certainly from there, but he Great Formation cloth in roads, because of Zhao Hai they also with the Rubik's Cube Great Formation attack, their Great Formation from there one, person of Zhao Hai this command(er) in Great Formation, certain also from groups in the past, that he on certain will enter Great Formation. To had designated after good place, Joshua made several Sea Race people dig seven dn in there first, in the middle, six in the surrounding, is too deep, many two meters depth that this dn was unable to dig, the too deep words, Magic Formation must expire. After waiting for dn to dig, Joshua has put out seven diameters from his Space about one meter metal disc, these seven metal disc also don’t know with any made of metal, look like sparkling bright, very beautiful, above is actually carving some abstruse symbol, appears mysterious. Joshua careful has put in these seven disc dn, slowly is adjusting the angle and direction, some little time seven disc are moves, after these seven disc adjust, seven disc slowly left holy white light, but very much on hidden.

Sees this situation, Joshua knows that Great Formation has become, his immediately lets these Sea Race people, careful that several dn burying, this Great Formation was successful. Next day, several Dragon Race Expert also arrived, Ao Ke their immediately takes evades the water dragon bead, ambushes to there, Sea Dragon Race also put out several big shell to give place that when found a place to live, these shell were also the one type of special products in sea, did not defend good, the attack was not good, but this type of shell had the one type of very unusual ability, can give to hide the aura of person, therefore a Sea Race people gave this type of shell a name, called the stealth shell, was not they can really the stealth, but was says them to be able. The aura of person hiding. These stealth shells have put by Joshua's that Great Formation, and has completed the camouflage, from a semblance point could not look that there has the person. Because their all these carry on after Adam Rubik's Cube Great Formation, therefore Luo Ying they presently their movements, they have not been normally prepare, preparation at one fell swoop Sea Dragon Race extinguishing. But at this time, Ao Kecha and Joshua also wrote a letter to tell Dragon Race and Radiant Church the here situation, Dragon Race and Radiant Church there also immediately/on horseback organized a batch Expert, left to go to Mermaid Island there, prepared to begin to Mermaid Race. Two day that later Luo Ying they prepare, finally must begin, such that just like Alex guesses, Luo Ying , after discussing with Zhao Hai, decided that makes Zhao Hai lead Undead Creature to take the lead, their Great Formation afterward. This proposition is Zhao Hai raises, Luo Ying to had not opposed that these days Zhao Hai has been making the war with Adam, but his in hand Undead Creature not only has not reduced, counter- were getting more and more, presently in his hand Sea Race undead fresh crosses 2 million. After all prepare, Zhao Hai command(er) Undead Creature was leaving, Luo Ying command(er) army is following, Zhao Hai sits in Blade-Scales Whale within the body, the picture on look at monitor, turned the head smiles said : and other later to have opportunity to Lizzy and Megan, I also made certainly your command(er) such war make the war, what kind of?” Lizzy turned the head to look at one to follow in him behind not far away, that vast dndn Sea Race army, excited two eyes red said : good, command(er) these many people made the war, certainly satisfying.” Nod of Megan also excited, Zhao Hai look at they, cannot help but laugh, the feeling that Lizzy and Megan this several days, has liked on this working as general, their present Battle Formation, have used was also decent, compared with but from the beginning much better, the enemy impossible changed their Battle Formation breaking, their Battle Formation flaws were getting fewer and fewer. army slowly to Sea Dragon Race defense line getting closer and closer, Adam also saw these army, but he has not thought to accept a challenge with Zhao Hai now, his point directs in Zhao Hai that Magic Formation, therefore his immediately/on horseback command(er) army slowly goes toward retreat.

This is also normal, now Adam in hand understrength 10 million, but this Luo Ying command(er) army has about 20 millions fully, differs double to be many, Adam will meet in the future will remove, this also in reason. Zhao Hai has not cared, before command(er) Rubik's Cube Great Formation slowly presses, in this time Zhao Hai suddenly surprised, turns the head their said : you to look to Lizzy that there does have the person?” Said that look at is pointing at a place on monitor. Lizzy they looked following Zhao Hai command(er), on day Adam their Great Formation, appears several big shell, but in these big shell some people in inside, these people have Human Race also to have Dragon Race to know strength formidable. Lizzy frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, do they want to do? Wants sneak attack we? Is the strength of that several person very probably strong, looks at a sample probably is 9th level Expert?” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not made army stop, still slowly proceeds to advance, Magic Formation appears slowly on monitor, Lizzy their careful look at that Magic Formation, but several people do not have no research regarding Magic Formation, is the puzzled expression. Zhao Hai is also sinking yin not to speak, Laura puzzled said : Elder Brother Hai, their what is this? To cope with us with 9th level Expert, this I can understand, but also added Magic Formation? What is this?” Zhao Hai also frowns, puzzled look at that was buried in underground Magic Formation, shook the head said : don’t know, but does not have relationship, we knew in the past.” Said that has not stopped, direct command(er) army has been pressing.