Chapter 635 besieges( asks to subscribe Zhao Hai knows, if changes others is impossible presently these people, these person of although were 9th level Expert, but they hid in the shell, the aura has not actually revealed comes out, moreover these shell also buried in seabed, if Zhao Hai did not have monitor, his simply is impossible presently these people. However Zhao Hai do not understand that Magic Formation is useful, to be safe he they to deliver returned to Laura in Space, in any case one no matter will have any matter, impossible to be what kind of him, he can Crystallization, these people unable to move, around adding on him also so many Undead Creature, only then five, 6th level types that although these Undead Creature display now, but they momentarily can turn into 9th level Expert, let these many 9th level Undead Creature, tidied up these 9th level Expert, was not relaxed. However Zhao Hai does not want such relaxed brightly comes out own card in a hand, how he wants to have a look at the opposite party to do, that Magic Formation is useful. Laura they to had not opposed that Zhao Hai delivers to them Space, their although is also 9th level Expert, however the experience of battle were too few, moreover they do not have Zhao Hai that Crystallization Divergent Technique, outside remains instead to attend the meeting into the Zhao Hai burden. Zhao Hai command(er) army moving forward, probably simply presently these people are slowly different, he believes that so long as entered Magic Formation, the opposite party will have attack, he population of several opposite party, 20 people, are not many, many, just right 20 people. 20 9th level Expert! Sees here, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, opposite party also really thinks highly of itself, one sent out 20 9th level Expert to cope with itself unexpectedly, he he, interesting. Adam although is retreat, his, too, lineup nn1un, such words possible Zhao Hai not to stop to send Undead Creature to attack directly, he must stand firm the lineup, retreat bit by bit, Zhao Hai bit by bit toward attraction, so long as Zhao Hai entered Magic Formation, that did not have his anything matter. Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in Blade-Scales Whale within the body, in hand is taking Blood Ghost Staff closely, two eyes is actually staring at the opposite party, when calculates to enter Magic Formation. But in these people of Magic Formation there ambush, is also planning Zhao Hai to enter the Magic Formation time, time past bit by bit, Zhao Hai left Magic Formation getting closer and closer. Zhao Hai in counts said : at heart darkly ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one.” Number to one, Zhao Hai entered in Magic Formation.

Really, he just entered Magic Formation, this Magic Formation all around seabed silt tuck dive, 20 person's shadows one drilled from seabed, these people come out, immediately began, obviously their division of labor being clear , some special-purpose is used to block these Undead Creature, some actually toward overran to Blade-Scales Whale. Zhao Hai also moved, his intention moves, received returned to Blade-Scales Whale in Space, then he turned the head look at these toward the enemy who the homicide came, making Zhao Hai feel what was strange, the opposite party has not used that Magic Formation type probably. Zhao Hai there knows that Magic Formation was getting actually already up to do with, but that Magic Formation can only play imprisons doing of Space to use, other doing with do not have. If Zhao Hai is really Space Divergent Technique, presently, his Space Divergent Technique will have had more than enough, what is a pity, Zhao Hai is not true Space Divergent Technique, Space that he uses, with Ark Continent here Space Divergent Technique, completely is two matters. Ark Continent here Space Divergent Technique, no matter uses good, they use is Ark Continent here the strength of Space, but Zhao Hai Space actually completely is not that a matter, his Space is his body bringing, is variation Space, with Ark Continent here not any relationship, therefore that Space imprisonment Magic Formation, to his use not. The Zhao Hai book thinks the Magic Formation that the opposite party uses, is used for attack he, or wants to use this Magic Formation to surround him, but looks like probably is the opposite party has not moved the Magic Formation type now, this is makes Zhao Hai feel puzzled, his understand opposite party nn this doesn't Magic Formation do, is suspending attractively? However now has not allowed him to think, threw to him to main several 9th level Expert, Zhao Hai often smiles to wield, these follow in his Undead Creature, the direct these people throw, these undead fresh Zhao Hai have not made them turn into the 9th level strength, was still five, 6th level types, Zhao Hai does not want to expose own card in a hand. although said that the opposite party came certainly 20 people, but these people for him, but also and does not have what threat, how he to wants to try the strengths of these people. He looked, in these people have Sea Dragon Race, has Dragon Race, the Radiant Church person, this cannot help but made Zhao Hai also draw out the militant heart, how he wants to have a look at these Dragon Race and Sea Dragon Race fighting strength. These five, 6th level Undead Creature really do not have the means to block these 9th level Expert, put in an appearance hitting to fly by these 9th level Expert, 9th level Expert that Zhao Hai look at these attacked, in hand Magic Staff wielded, drinks said : to congeal!”

This is condensation technique, is Water element Magic Formation in fights in the rivers and streams with the person, a quite commonly used move of technique, this condensation technique, is makes all around water solidify gets up, can play certain trapped enemy to do to use. Must know that Zhao Hai now is 9th level Expert, the condensation technique that he presently comes is not jokes, if 8th level Expert by Zhao Hai with doubting water technique surrounding, feared that was the gearing cannot move. Now Zhao sea surface to the enemy is also 9th level Expert, besieges Zhao Hai altogether six people, these six people all are the Sea Dragon Race people, these person also understand, Sea Dragon Race 9th level Expert in the sea can wield the strong strength very much obviously, but Dragon Race Human Race 9th level Expert to in the sea, the strength has might be somewhat affected, therefore Human Race and Dragon Race 9th level Expert is keeping off these Undead Creature outside, but makes six Sea Dragon Race 9th level Expert cope with Zhao Hai. Bi that Zhao Hai to act in a play to develop, therefore he lets the attack that these Undead Creature go all out, although these Undead Creature display, only then five, 6th level strengths that now came, however their quantities are many, about 2 million, these many Undead Creature, fierce do not fear throws, even if 9th level Expert, will feel very troublesome. That six Sea Dragon Race person also felt the change of all around water obviously, but this regarding their such 9th level Expert, did with is very low, do not say the expert who Sea Dragon Race itself has not played with water, in that six Sea Race Drakonid eye has cannot help but revealed of despising, but in a flash by cruel radiance substituting, them has drunk one lightly, the original blue clothes robe, actually under one on turning into the scale of blue has fought armor, the head belt the dragon's head Helmets, in the hand also has been taking probably a thick made of metal glove, above belt length sharp. Sharp nail. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but slightly stares, he has not seen has been same as the clothes that he wears now, can the transformation clothes. Zhao Hai there knows that grown Dragon Race, can turn into three shapes actually, one type of like Human Race, puts on the shape of long gown, this shape was called to plan the human-shape condition by Dragon Race, the second shape is this full body armor shape, this shape was called to fight armor shape by Dragon Race, this shape is used to fight, moreover in the situation of comparing the human-shape condition, fighting strength also wants on strong about two, the latter one type of shape is the true body shape, is complete turning Sea Dragon, under a that shape, they fighting strength is strong. However this time they mainly must be stranded Zhao Hai in this Magic Formation, making him unable to be inescapable, then strikes to kill him, if uses the true body shape, they will turn into Sea Dragon, the Sea Dragon build was too big, if changes the becoming true body, many can only have two first two dragons to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, but cannot like like the present, six Sea Dragon Race people carry on attack to Zhao Hai, therefore the Sea Dragon Race person was only uses has fought armor shape, has not used the true body shape. Zhao Hai is only dumbfounded time, Sea Dragon Race threw Zhao Hai, in hand Dragon's Claw searches, grasps toward the Zhao Hai top of the head, on his entire Dragon's Claw has covered entirely the blue scale, but must flash blue radiance, obviously this does not strike with slightly with. Zhao Hai in hand flashes, being sideways let this strike, in hand Blood Ghost Staff went toward the opposite party front point, Zhao Hai has not made ghost Staff turn into the type of sword, but this struck actually entered fully, how he wants to try opposite party the full body armor defense strength.

Really, the opposite party has not thought that a Zhao Hai Magician near body war, will promote unexpectedly also in against situation, by Zhao Hai one stick in the chest, that Sea Dragon Race person was felt own chest was used the sledgehammer probably numerous strikes, in bends down with shaking dn. This Sea Dragon Race person was startled, he knows that he had been injured, the immediately/on horseback personal appearance will draw in the future back, attracted several tones, has depressed some tuck dive Blood Qi stubbornly, two eyes is actually staring at Zhao Hai. Must know the body of Sea Dragon Race, but very formidable, Zhao Hai this strikes makes him have the feeling of one type of Blood Qi tuck dive, this really stems from his anticipation, made his strength to the Zhao Hai have an understanding. In this time, attack of several other Sea Dragon Race people were also arriving, these Sea Dragon Race people may all be 9th level Expert, they first time collaborate to oppose the enemy, therefore coordination is also not very well coordinated, but they encircled Zhao Hai in the middle, cannot make Zhao Hai run absolutely that Magic Formation. After a Zhao Hai stick repels a Sea Dragon Race person, a Sea Dragon Race person have not attacked their front, in that Sea Dragon Race manpower blue light flashes, Zhao Hai felt own body all around water, probably one became heavy, Zhao Hai two eyes flashed with brilliant rays, the condensation technique, he just had dealt with the Sea Dragon Race person with the condensation technique, opposite party immediately also his condensation technique. Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff wields, one group of black gas proliferate toward all around, this black gas is not the ordinary Dark mist technique, but is the corrosion technique in Black Magic.