Chapter 636 fierce struggle( asked to subscribe The corrosion technique, is Dark Magician commonly used one type of Magic, this Magic must say that fierce also very fierce, must not say fiercely, no big deal, this is mainly looks at the use corrosion technique the Dark Magician, what use is what toxin. Reason that this corrosion technique will have such fruit , because this is Magic of one type of growth, Magic is divided into Inferior level Magic, Advanced level Magic, with Forbidden Magic, but in the methods of these Magic, one type of is Magic of growth. Magic of growth can Level Up Magic, look like the corrosion technique is slowly same, this corrosion technique is one type of very special Magic, when practices this Magic, Magician must find one type of toxin, then slowly with Magic refining he, next time when the use corrosion technique, will corrode in the technique to have this toxin. When later Magician thing level was high, can refining strong toxin, such corrosion technique on equal to be Level Up, refining toxin is many, corrodes the technique Might is huge. But the corrosion technique of Zhao Hai is not that simple, in his corrosion technique in toxin with Space causes, the toxin in Space, is effective to 9th level Expert, what is main, corrodes the technique is also one type of Water element variation Magic, although that his release goes to looks like probably is one group of Dark mist, actually is actually fluid air/Qi of black air/Qi, just concentrates not to disperse in there, seems like group Dark mist is probably same. That Sea Dragon Race just entered that to roll in Dark mist, felt one breathe impeded, the brains are dizzy, that People is startled unable to attend to attacking Zhao Hai, body blue light one group, protective shield of one layer blue covered him in middle, but made that person not think that protective shield of his blue just supported that rolled Dark mist to be been torn to pieces to the corrosion, that Sea Dragon Race People was startled, actually has to withdraw from that to roll Dark mist. Must know that he is 9th level Expert, protective shield that his release comes, even if ordinary, general 8th level Expert also takes him not to have the means that protective shield that but this release comes, was actually one puts in an appearance by the corrosion technique of Zhao Hai breaking, this could look at the corrosion technique of Zhao Hai to be fierce sufficiently. This Sea Dragon Race person was draws back, but left a Sea Race person actually not to draw back, he also saw that the corrosion technique of Zhao Hai was fierce, but this person has not drawn back, instead to was both eyes stands, body blue light flashes, outside his full body armor wrapped the one layer blue thin film to be the same probably, straight has crashed in that corrosion technique. However he just broke through in corrosion technique, presently own front simply does not have the Zhao Hai form, this person stares, actually in suddenly own top of the head together red light strikes, he stares slightly, his response is also First Grade one, both hands j fork upward keeps off.

! A resounding, this Sea Dragon put scale armor on arm directly crushing by a Zhao Hai stick, that Sea Dragon Race person left a painful roar, withdrew from the range of corrosion technique the personal appearance flew. scale armor of Sea Dragon Race person by their scale armor changes, dragonscale(s) hard degree is became famous on Continent, has not actually thought that was crushed by a Zhao Hai stick unexpectedly. Dragon Race system with scale armor protects to have an advantage, is dragonscale(s) wants to be harder than I general thing, such full body armor not easy damaged, but the fault also has, because scale armor is part of their body, after being crushed, to pain that they bring, wants much stronger compared with other full body armor, therefore that Sea Dragon Race person will call out with pain. That person just one was repelled, a Sea Dragon Race person do not kill, in the Zhao Hai stick has struck on that Sea Dragon Race person arm, another Sea Dragon Race person appears in his top of the head, a claw has grasped toward the Zhao Hai back, however the Zhao Hai personal appearance actually in half Space fierce one revolution, a fist hits toward the claw of that Sea Dragon Race person on. That Sea Dragon Race person great happiness, the body of their Dragon Race compared with Human Race formidable many, even if same 9th level, Dragon Race also compared with Human Race in some, be because of their body very formidable, Zhao Hai dares to put together the body with him hardly, in his opinion, this is Zhao Hai is courting death completely. Strength that although Zhao Hai shows now is very strong, is not only Magician, but also wants near body to fight has does not lose to the Warrior strength, however the Sea Dragon Race person does not believe the body of Zhao Hai formidable to sufficiently with them to spelling situation. But he has not noted, the fist that Zhao Hai strikes turned into Crystal same transparent at this time, Boom!, the fist claw has hit has struck, that Sea Dragon Race person pain, the personal appearance draws back anxiously, moreover Dragon's Claw, had actually fought with the fists the scale to open the blood stream by Zhao Hai, if not Dragon Race body truly formidable, his hand must abandon. After one repels that person , the Zhao Hai personal appearance after this spells, in the future anxiously will draw back, toward just suffered his stick that Sea Race person to injure, simultaneously in hand Magic Staff wields continually, several huge Ice Cone have attacked toward several other Sea Dragon Race people. The Sea Dragon Race person who that just drew back has not thought that Zhao Hai such arrived, but he is also 9th level Expert, the response is rapid, does not draw back instead enters, welcomed toward Zhao Hai, his two eyes is similar to torching same look at Zhao Hai, two fingernails proceed to search, two giant ice claw appears before his claw, hit toward Zhao Hai, obviously this Sea Dragon Race person also studied clever, started to cope with Zhao Hai with Magic.

Zhao Hai looks at such beginning, the body fiercely in the future one but actually, but his advancing has not actually stopped, has been looking like that Sea Dragon Race person horizontally slippery, that Sea Dragon Race person never expected Zhao Hai will come this move, his change the maneuver also very rapid, his body also fierce horizontal, under two fingernails searches takes Zhao Hai chest. However he has forgotten, Zhao Hai in hand is also taking Magic Staff, although Blood Staff has not lengthened now, however is adding on the arm of Zhao Hai, Sea Dragon Race the arm wants to be the same than long, a Zhao Hai in hand Blood Staff upward point, these on time in the chest of that Sea Dragon Race person, hears standard squeek, the scale of that Sea Dragon Race person front one by Zhao Hai broken, his whole person was felt a chest pain, then the one breath suppressed in throat, at present one black, has almost not fainted the past. However his defense also suffices, by a Zhao Hai such full point, his personal appearance fierce rises toward sea surface, one has been separated from the Zhao Hai attack range. The Zhao Hai personal appearance one has stood, just about to comes up to chase down, a Dragon Race person actually suddenly flushed, this person is different from the Sea Dragon Race person, his [gold/metal] full body armor, this full body armor style with Sea Dragon Race looks like similar, but was thicker, moreover this person besides the sharp claws on hand, the elbow sharp place of his two arm, respectively long [gold/metal] bone spike, this efficient instrument that but they attack. Dragon Race person who this clashes, is an elbow before, that bone spike punctures toward Zhao Hai on, reason that this Dragon Race person gave up these Undead Creature coming attack Zhao Hai, was because Zhao Hai these attack wanted Magic Formation, he must Zhao Hai bi returned to Magic Formation. Zhao Hai don’t know these, he looked certainly at the opposite party to attack, moreover this time attack ten points, his personal appearance in a flash, immediately/on horseback went toward retreat, at this moment, by him threw a Sea Dragon Race person, pair of claws grasped toward his left arm. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, a in hand Magic Staff vertical stroke, his whole person immediately transferred, a parry bone spike of that Dragon Race person, with has also made that Dragon Race person keep off Sea Dragon Race people, in he has attacked with that this time converging attack naturally also broke. The Zhao Hai personal appearance just stopped, he felt that a head sea water fluctuation, a pressure direct impact his top of the head, simultaneously in his back, the Magic impact of another Sea Dragon Race also arrived. The Zhao Hai personal appearance downward sinks, then in hand Magic Staff fiercely has stuck out suddenly a glare, must know that in seabed very Darkness, the eye of Sea Dragon Race also already adapted to that Darkness, in this time, a Zhao Hai this glare fierce violent is leaving, that several Sea Dragon Race people felt that their eye pain, they called out in alarm by one, cannot attend to attacking, went toward retreat.

9th level Expert has own Divine Sense, their although could not see, but Divine Sense can know that lived anything, can say that they open the eye with closing one's eyes do not have what difference, but if the eye can see thing, suddenly one could not see, this dropping variance will let person unconscious retreat, that two Sea Dragon Race people are this situation. In this time, this glare in one time is shining, but this time glare is not Zhao Hai comes out, but is that several Radiant Church Magician in light sea Magic attack Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, a personal appearance revolution, one group of Dark mist, in one time has encircled him in middle, then this group of Dark mist start to proliferate, around several Sea Dragon Race people him has bound. But Radiant Church that several Light Element Magic enter to this group of Dark mist, on vanish from sight, some people said Light Magic is Black Magic nemesis, but these words use in Zhao Hai simply, no matter uses, opposite party Light Element Magic cannot fight his Black Magic. In Dark mist, Zhao Hai in one time fought together with that several Sea Dragon Race person, but these Dark mist the corrosion technique, these Sea Dragon Race people, simply in this group of Dark mist were impossible to wield percentage these hundred fighting strength. However this Dark mist although has tunnelled the vision of people, but actually cannot block 9th level Expert Divine Sense, but besieges the Zhao Hai person, is 9th level Expert, they do not need the eye to look also know Zhao Hai in there, therefore these are keeping off Undead Creature 9th level Expert in the surrounding, immediately has carried on attack in the surrounding with Magic or Sword Qi to Zhao Hai, does not make Zhao Hai relieved fights with that several Sea Dragon Race person. But at this time, Luo Ying they also present here unusual this, Luo Ying saw Zhao Hai besieged one from the water curtain, Luo Ying face changes, will order the pressure to ask Zhao Hai fully, in suddenly her command(er) hall appears several people. Luo Ying stares, this notes, when Laura their don’t know has stood in the hall, Laura is showing a faint smile said : general do not worry to Luo Ying, Elder Brother Hai said that you were good in here look at, with these people who he fights is 9th level Expert, you send for also bringing death, there deals with him on j.”