Chapter 637 Sacrificial Offering( asked to subscribe Luo Ying stares, she looked at Laura puzzled their several eyes, they regarding Zhao Hai also have some understanding, what Zhao Hai is famous on Continent is only his Black Magic, moreover heard that Buda Family has many 9th level Expert, but nobody said that Zhao Hai is 9th level Expert. said it, even if Zhao Hai is in itself also 9th level Expert, now what he faces is 9th level Expert of troop, in this case is Zhao Hai so confident? Does his confidence come from there? The type that however look at Laura they are not worried about, Luo Ying somewhat has been in doubt, can Zhao Hai a person cope with that many 9th level Expert really? Luo Ying look at Laura, the meaning of Laura also understand Luo Ying, she shows a faint smile said : general feel relieved, even if Elder Brother Hai cannot strike to kill them, the self-preservation does not have the issue, your feel relieved.” Luo Ying nodded, said : good, that looks at mister, if the mister need, we can support fully, other did not say that on the name is this my green Long Zhan spiral, deals with several 9th level Expert not to be a problem.” Laura shows a faint smile said : general feel relieved, if needs, we will be impolite, General, said goodbye.” Said that several people of personal appearance flashes disappear. Luo Ying looks at this situation, cannot help but has gawked, then face changes, she was an experienced person, immediately has also thought that Laura they can Space Divergent Technique. This point Luo Ying originally is don’t know, on Continent to had the rumor saying that Zhao Hai met Space Divergent Technique, had not said that some Laura their people met Space Divergent Technique, now looks like, this Mr. Zhao Hai, body also has plenty the person on secret Continent was don’t know. Luo Luo looks at Laura their information, said : originally they so are fierce, I with them in together good several days, actually simply not presently.” Luo Ying shows a faint smile said : silly thing, if they do not want to make you know that you do not know, I think, if today they to let us feels at ease, will not make us know that they have this ability, now looks like, Mr. Zhao Hai wants, these people not to be momentarily impossible to block him.” Side huge mountain, deep voice said : general, this Sea Dragon Race one had revealed these many 9th level Expert, our very dangerous that must also send a letter to Your Majesty, making Your Majesty send some 9th level Expert to come?”

Luo Ying shook the head said : not to be good, do not look at now our here probably is very dangerous, actually Your Majesty there of true danger, you have not looked, these time is Sea Dragon Race in view of a wrap that Mr. Zhao Hai supposes, they prepare first except Mr. Zhao Hai, then holds us in here, letting is makes us request reinforcements to Your Majesty, when Your Majesty sent reinforcement to us, their possibly seize the opportunity will begin to Mermaid Island, Dragon Race can fly.” huge mountain stares, then face does change said : that Your Majesty there is not the danger of in addition? General, with doesn't need us to remind Your Majesty?” Luo Ying shook the head said : I to look not to need, Your Majesty there does not need us to be worried that before I cooperated the matter that tell Your Majesty Dragon Race and Sea Dragon Race the time, Your Majesty should make to prepare.” huge mountain nodded, in speaking, but Luo Ying actually changed to the vision the water curtain, actually Zhao Hai initially and don’t know, this type of water curtain may not be ordinary Magic, but is Azure Dragon Snail unique one type of Magic, moreover this millennium Azure Dragon Snail, after passing through the technique of Water Refining, one type of unique Magic that lives, Luo Ying gave a name to this Magic, called the curtain of war. If left Azure Dragon Snail, Mermaid Race is impossible to use this Magic, if Zhao Hai in front of them has used monitor projection in Luo Ying, Luo Ying they will be will be very surprised. Luo Ying vision turning the head water curtain on time, the situation on this water curtain, lets her greatly surprised, now Zhao Hai on water curtain is fighting with the Sea Dragon Race person, however the Sea Dragon Race person actually has not occupied a point small advantage now. Zhao Hai now Magic in firepower unceasing, various is Magic has, besides receives Fire element Magic that affects in the water very much, actual Magic Zhao Hai can leave afterward, moreover Might returns very big. Is adding on the Zhao Hai close combat ability, wants the formidable Crystallization ability compared with Dragon Race, therefore Zhao Hai although is besieged now, actually does not drop the wind. The Luo Ying dull look at water curtain, she has not really thought that the Zhao Hai strength so will be unexpectedly strong, she sees with one's own eyes, Zhao Hai puts together the fist with Dragon Race positive hard, actually the opposite party repelling, this lets Luo Ying is really a little speechless, don’t know that is true Dragon Race. But now these Sea Dragon Race Dragon Race people, are more surprised than Luo Ying, they have a dream have not thought that Zhao Hai fighting strength unexpectedly such. Zhao Hai present feeling actually very good, he felt that the blood of own whole body is burning, he also always don’t know, oneself unexpectedly likes the feeling of this fight.

He presently in the response of fighting strength more and more, probably are inborn for born to fight, this marvelous feeling, making Zhao Hai like fighting more and more. However what is extraordinary, although they feel burning with passion, but the brains are actually the extraordinary calmness, enabling him to grasp the first attack of opposite party, then makes good dealing, this unusual and contradictory feeling, let excited that Zhao Hai added. But these Sea Dragon Race Dragon Race people actually more hit the heart startled, before although them, knew some Zhao Hai situations from Radiant Church there, but begins them to know with Zhao Hai j truly that Zhao Hai imagines them must be more difficult than to deal with. The Sea Dragon Race person and Dragon Race person has not thought that Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly fierce, moreover in the body intensity, is not unexpectedly worse than Dragon Race, this with their originally anticipation, Zhao Hai is only Magician idea completely different, this huge contrast, making them feel being startled. But what Sea Dragon Race people and these Dragon Race people not present is, that several Radiant Church Magic Formation has fallen back on very far place slowly, encircled them in inside, then that several people suddenly have put out don't one set of Magic Formation plate, after they these demon formation disk put the ground, immediately/on horseback from own body has put out one dagger, a blade delimited in own wrist|skill, blood immediately/on horseback spewed out, falls to the Magic Formation plate on, then several people started loudly to have a thought Incantation, this Incantation long. However along with their Incantation, one layer transparent protective shield slowly rose from these Magic Formation plates, people who this protective shield not only also has Dragon Race Zhao Hai and these Sea Dragon Race covered in inside, even if were these Radiant Church Magician also all bedding bags in inside, included Joshua. Place that this protective shield one liter, Alex and Ao Ke they present have not suited, they stopped, turns the head look at Joshua, Alex is said loudly: „Is Joshua, you doing? What do you mean?” On Joshua mouth has not stopped, was reading Incantation, that layer protective shield slowly flood radiance of white , protective shield inside pressure getting bigger and bigger, that is not the true pressure, but was the one type of pressure, this pressure probably was huge mountain is the same, slowly on them pressure toward Zhao Hai. Ao Kecha said loudly: „Does Joshua, you want to do?” Joshua here also read Incantation, his look at Ao Ke their said : „I have said that I must not hesitate at all costs, kept the straight sea in here, this was Magic Formation, known as Sacrificial Offering, you and I were the sacrificial offerings, no one want to run, you will be given to the god today.” Ao Kecha face cannot help but face said : talk nonsense, Joshua, why you such does, you such do, Dragon Race will not let off your.”

Joshua coldly smiles said : your Dragon Race with our Radiant Church is the servant of god, for the important matter of god, how sacrificed to be able, today the here person will die, Dragon Race does not know how you die.” Zhao Hai did coldly smile said : „the previous your person not to try one time with this method? How also to come? You also are really unwilling to give up that I remember that this Magic is not the right reversal words, if my present leave, you will die in here, moreover dies in vain.” Joshua sneers said : previous time with these time possibly to be how same, the previous several people, these time has many people . Moreover the position that Zhao Hai, you are at now, Magic Formation, én is used to imprison Space specially, even if you wants to run with Space Divergent Technique, simply cannot be inescapable, useless.” Zhao Hai face changes, then has shown very strange facial expression, because he felt that Space simply has not lost the contact with him, Radiant Church this matter of doing feared did without charge. But Alex they and Ao Ke they are actually the face big changes, they have not thought that Joshua so is unexpectedly ruthless, will come Sacrificial Offering with them unexpectedly, but Joshua also probably old ten years old in short several words time. In this time, Zhao Hai was actually showing a faint smile said : present your this Magic to move completely, in other words you could not be inescapable, I do not need to compensate you to play in here, everybody, said goodbye.” Said that Zhao Hai person flashes, vanished in same place, waited for him in appears , already in protective shield outside. Joshua look at this situation Zhao Hai appears outside protective shield, his face finally changed, takes the form of maniac said : not to be impossible, do you possibly exit? Is impossible, this is with Magic Formation that relic completes, do you possibly exit? Zhao Hai, you come to me.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, personal appearance has flashes on appears in protective shield, his look at Joshua, been sneering said : what kind of? I said this thing is useless to me, I want to come to come, wants to exit to exit, your simply cannot block me, he he, this Magic immediately must move, you wait for death in here.” Said that Zhao Hai wants leave. At this time Alex suddenly said : mister please wait.” Zhao Hai stares, turns the head look at Alex said : „you are the Sea Dragon Race person? what? also thinks that is hitting? Keeps this me? Useless, I want to walk momentarily can walk.”