The resolution of Chapter 638 Sea Dragon Race( asked to subscribe Alex shook the head said : not, mister has misunderstood, I want to ask mister to lead us to exit.” Zhao Hai look at Alex, sneers said : why I to lead you to exit, you wait for death in here.” here Joshua's their Magic have completed completely, the protective shield top, appears a very unusual design, has looked like looks like Sun, but several lines are connected with Joshua their Magic Formation, then leaves several lines from Magic Formation there shè, on them shè toward Joshua goes, Joshua's their bodies probably were the flash lost moisture, became very withered, latter changed the powder to sprinkle to seabed. Joshua they disappeared, however in their original positions, were many several light ball, then that light ball probably is to recognizing people same, stretches out golden yellow string to go toward these Dragon Race shè of Sea Dragon Race person. Alex looks at this situation, immediately/on horseback supports protective shield, and to Zhao Hai said loudly: mister, please lead us to exit, our Sea Dragon Race is willing forever submitting to Master Yu!” Zhao Hai gawked, personal appearance flashes vanished in protective shield, but then Alex they also disappeared in protective shield, did not need to ask that Alex they were shifted protective shield outside by Zhao Hai. Alex just one came out from protective shield, in protective shield left dazzling golden light on the violent, along with the golden light violent, Ao Ke they already forever vanished from protective shield, but in protective shield all thing have become the powder, Radiant Church was used to arrange Magic Formation these formation disk also to vanish, seabed appears a depth of hundred meters big dn, after waiting for that group light to vanish, the sea water one has spilled into that big dn, nn a in the sea excitement. Zhao Hai although came Alex they to shift Space outside, law present Alex their bodies closely has actually tied down by rattan same thing, that several Sea Dragon Race person has struggled, actually presently simply cannot struggle, that rattan unexpectedly extraordinary tenacity. They cannot certainly break away, but these rattan Cai'er nn comes out, the Cai'er present strength is equal to God Rank Expert, depends on their 9th level strength, how possibly to make.

What Zhao Hai look at Alex said : you said is real? Is Sea Dragon Race willing to submit to me really? I told you, if you think that did not acknowledge mistakes, I have killed you now.” Alex has not struggled, his look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly next step: How I dare to deceive mister, the mister method is exceedingly high, our Sea Dragon Race wants to do right with you, does not have that balls, moreover you speaks the truth with mister, our Sea Dragon Race is not Dragon Race one, reason that this time will cooperate with Dragon Race Radiant Church, for wants completely by strength that own race adds, but if we by exterminate in here, that Sea Dragon Race were lost majority of 9th level Expert on equal to, when the time comes our Sea Dragon Race certainly will be extinguished by Mermaid Race, therefore my please mister save us.” Zhao Hai look at Alex, he presently Alex likely is not lying, to be honest, Sea Dragon Race fighting strength, Zhao Hai very appreciates, can therefore take back the words that oneself uses Sea Dragon Race, to is a good deed. Alex looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, has not put them, he somewhat has cannot help but flustered, his quickly said: mister, please believe me, I am willing presently Blood Oath, forever giving loyalty to mister, our Sea Dragon Race is willing forever giving loyalty to mister.” Zhao Hai looked up Alex, deep voice said : well, so long as under you Blood Oath, I let off you, but your Sea Dragon Race cannot in the sea stay, I will not deliver to you a place, you lived in there Alex stares, actually lowers the head said : is, mister.” Said that Alex has broken by biting own tongue, got down Blood Oath, Zhao Hai this has let loose these Sea Dragon Race people, these Sea Dragon Race person look at Alex, have not spoken, Alex sighed, turns the head to invite mister to Zhao Hai said : to us two days, two days later, all our clansman will concentrate in Dragon Palace, waited for falling of Mister Hou.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I give you two days of times, if you had violated your pledge over the two days, then on do not blame me for being rude.” Said that Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes, vanished in same place. Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, Sea Dragon Race person immediately walked, to Alex said : Patriarch, we can submit to this Zhao Hai really?”

Alex sighed said : not to submit to him can be what kind, do not forget our present situations, Radiant Church these fellows, obviously was one crowd of insanity, moreover they also had a Zhao Hai such match, they were impossible to succeed, even if were God Race has naive descend, feared that could not ask to be good in the hand of Zhao Hai, moreover you have not paid attention, just Joshua said good several times God Race, but on face of Zhao Hai actually not a surprised expression, therefore I suspected that Zhao Hai already knew this matter possibly, in adding on him now on Continent. The body, haven't you thought of what?” The Alex voice just fell, these Sea Dragon Race people stare, then immediately/on horseback said : Patriarch, you are the meaning are, Zhao Hai has he in secret relation that several big race, prepared to resist God Race?” Alex sighed said : ten to have ** can be this, do not forget, Zhao Hai with these races relationship, but very good, he followed Dwarf Race was very near, he was Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, he collaborates with the Sea Race person now, hasn't this been able to explain the issue? Must know that in the past these big races, may has attended and God Race war, what afterward among although these big races did not have to relate probably, but if regards Zhao Hai is the middle link, that these big races did relate?” His these clansman are 9th level Expert, therefore regarding these matters they is also knows that one hear of Alex said now, their suddenly understand, the matter probably really like such that Alex said that if Zhao Hai got up all race alliance, that also had with the strength of God Race war, in the past they did not repel God Race? Alex looked at that several clansman one, then said : on today's situation, God Race person simply not us, when nt person, we in their eyes, but is some servants, the person who some slaves, some can sacrifice at any time, making such person rule us, our dates will not feel better, that might as well has hired oneself Zhao Hai, with their together and God Race fight, when the time comes died, we can also hold up the head, proud dying in battle, but is not gives up the Dragon Race dignity, gives God Race, when slave!” A Alex this saying exit / to speak, the bodies of these Sea Dragon Race people all shake, Dragon Race has own pride, they have their dignity, they only submit to Expert, but is they submits to Expert, must obtain the Expert proper respect, but does not work as the slave to the person, Alex this saying was speaks in their mind. Alex look at their said : initially and Dragon Race and Radiant Church cooperate \; first, because we are also a Dragon Race branch, Dragon Race acts, we are not good to decline \; second, because of God Race, can say that our ancestors in the past were God Race under the hand/subordinate, therefore helped God Race should be, three were I wants to call this opportunity expanded our races, making our Sea Dragon Race substitute for Mermaid Race, became Royal Family in sea, but now looks like, feared that was impossible, Mermaid Race had Zhao Hai to help, we feared that cannot fight them, but God Race simply not us, when the nt person, why that we must. Helps them, the Dragon Race dignity, wins in all, we can submit to Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai also like treating slave treats us, we fight valiantly light entire clansman xin, must fight to the end with him, now these Dragon Race on land, had forgotten Dragon Race dignity, they were one crowd by the insanity of Radiant Church brainwashing, looked like Joshua is the same, we were not they, therefore we must take our road.” That several Sea Dragon Race people nodded, Alex turns the head said : in several immediately/on horseback returned to clans, moves clansman to Dragon Palace here comes, this time two days later, how I to have a look at Zhao Hai to treat us, if he respects us, we submit to him, if he regards the slave us, then our Sea Dragon clan must fight the latter person! Goes!”

That several Sea Dragon Race people acknowledged loudly that turn around leave, Alex actually turned the head returned to Dragon Palace there, entered Dragon Palace, he summoned in Adam the palace, because Adam wanted the command(er) army, therefore has not participated to cope with the motion of Zhao Hai, his also don’t know lived any matter, but he saw the incorrect place, just that Magic energy was really too strong, was except for Zhao Hai and their Sea Dragon Race person, Radiant Church and Dragon Race these person one has not actually lived, moreover just Alex was said to Zhao Hai probably several words, then these clansman walked. These have made intelligent Adam smell an unusual flavor. Sitting of Alex calm in Dragon Palace Great Hall, Adam at this time also from outside straight, Alex looked at Adam one, beckoned with the hand said : to sit.” Adam to Alex gave a salute, what had not said that but arrived on nearby chair to sit, Alex look at Adam said : Adam, you were the smart person who our Sea Dragon Race mileage resulted, I think that what you also did see a point?” Adam look at Alex, some indefinite said : is clansman, I truly saw thing, but don’t know guesses is right.” Alex nodded said : „.” Adam said : according to the current situation, just probably was Radiant Church these people have used the one type of lethality very in self-destruct magic, wants to perish together with Zhao Hai, but their Magic Formation of any Space imprisonment, was probably useless to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can run away at any time, but Patriarch you do not think that our Sea Dragon clan perished, therefore chose and Zhao Hai cooperates.”