The Chapter 639 two days( asked to subscribe Alex one hear of Adam said that cannot help but let out a long breath, said : looks like I regards next generation Patriarch to train really not wrong you, Adam, you are really a smart person, you were needless to say was so of pleasant to hear, what cooperated, submitted, if we did not submit to Zhao Hai, he will save us? You guessed right.” Adam look at Alex said : Patriarch, has the Radiant Church person used self-destruct Magic really? Preparation all your exterminate in inside?” Alex face adding difficult said : is not self-destruct magic, is Sacrificial Offering, he has regarded the sacrificial offering us, if not Zhao Hai, our here person died.” Adam face becomes very difficult looked that his deep voice said : Patriarch prepares to cooperate with Zhao Hai, fought one with the God Race person?” Alex looked at Adam one, he knows that Adam guessed correctly the general idea of matter, spoke to a such smart person, was convenient, his deep voice said : with its did not have the dignity is living, was inferior that imposing dying in battle, was this not just our Dragon Race pledge?” Adam face attractive a point, he looked at Alex one, has stood, I goes to dissolve the army to Alex gave a salute said : now, lets in their returned to own tribe, the shark clan with us, I will have talked clearly with them the matter, believes that Mermaid Race will not feel embarrassed them.” Alex look at Adam, suddenly laughs said : well, Adam, does, if this time our Sea Dragon Race did not have the entire clan dead in battle, next Patriarch was you.” A Adam happy expression, has not been only to Alex gave a salute, this turn around leave. But at this time in Space of Blade-Scales Whale within the body, Zhao Hai was sitting in there, Alex on look at monitor, Laura they sits in the Zhao Hai side, to Adam leave Great Hall, Laura this turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that the matter became.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to walk, sees General Luo Ying.” Said that Zhao Hai command(er) Blade-Scales Whale tour slowly has been looking like the green Long Zhan spiral, leading Laura they to enter the operations room. Made in the fighting room not to have water curtain, Luo Ying was waiting for Zhao Hai anxiously, his don’t know Zhao Hai how, just Radiant Church person, when used that Magic, in her water curtain anything looks does not see, and because of that Magic reason, the there sea water became muddy, wanted to investigate difficultly, therefore she can only wait in here. although she is still very confident to Zhao Hai, but she is extremely worried, because this fight was really too important, if Zhao Hai had an accident, not only will affect Mermaid Race, will possibly affect the future to cope with God Race, if Zhao Hai had an accident in here, their Mermaid Race really has become the Ark Continent here all races criminals.

In this time, Zhao Hai is bringing Laura they to arrive has done to fight the hall to come to Zhao Hai, Luo Ying cannot help but relaxed, her immediately/on horseback asked Zhao Hai to sit next step: mister, matter how? But worried to death I.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : general to invite feel relieved, has been all right, but asked the general to hold troops first for two days, two days later, all were clear.” Did Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai said : puzzled „the meaning of mister is?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : two days later has been clear, invited general feel relieved, I will think Sea Dragon Race not in attack, moreover their armies also will possibly dismiss in the two days, how to process these with the person of Sea Dragon Race together rebellion, asked general to consider.” Luo Ying has gawked, then two eyes jin light flashes, does she turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister this word to take seriously?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have lies certainly, asking the general to be ready, but possible shark clan there a little to be troublesome, this must look at the general you.” Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai said : mister invited feel relieved, I can wait for two days, two days later looked at the meaning of mister.” Zhao Hai stands up, bows to Luo Ying said : „the Zhao Hai apologizing general's trust, today I was tired, first went back to rest, two days later, below to general a satisfactory answer, but I can the general a guarantee, later in the endless sea, in not have Sea Dragon Race.” Luo Ying stares, then does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of mister is?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : two days later has been clear, said goodbye.” Said that was leading Laura their leave. The Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai back, somewhat puzzled frowning, did mutter said : two days later? Two days later what will live? I was really getting better and better am now wonderful.”

After Zhao Hai and Laura returned to Space, opened monitor, reason that looked at a Sea Dragon sea there situation, Zhao Hai can in the so far place, knows that Sea Dragon Race there lived any matter , because after the fight ended, with Alex talked time, after own Staff changed small, has put in Dragon Palace, therefore the Dragon Palace there situation he was clear. Sea Dragon Race now truly in dissolving their armies, in the Sea Dragon Race army, majority of did not like fighting this war actually, but under the Sea Dragon Race powerful, they did not hit must hit, now a Sea Dragon Race saying must break the team, these person of people compared with the capital that who ran. But sole a little troublesome reason that is the shark clan, the shark is willing with the Sea Dragon Race rebellion , because they also want to use this time opportunity, enhances status of oneself race in sea, therefore Sea Dragon Race suddenly said that must break the team, they do not certainly want. However now the Sea Dragon Race situation completely changed, they did not have the initially ambition, he knows that in words this way, they must defeat without doubt, therefore they want to break the team, such Mermaid Race possibly will not look for the troubles of these races. Shark clan is actually very not willingly, they also want to wait to kill Mermaid Race, they can substitute for the status of whale clan, becomes the in the sea second formidable race, but Sea Dragon Race suddenly does not play, this makes the plan of shark clan fail completely, they do not certainly do. However Sea Dragon Race these time actually not in polite, the shark clan has the ambition, but they do not have that strength, if makes them unfold like this, that entire Sea Race will fall into to one piece mixes in 1 un, this regarding coping with God Race very disadvantageously. Sea Dragon Race has thought now, they must cope with God Race, that naturally must to cope with God Race keeps a strength, no matter after they died in battle or, has pledged allegiance to Zhao Hai, the ambition of shark clan, they were certain extinguished the line, after all this received initially wildly is they selects. Adam had already thought of this point, when announced that the team dismissed to note the shark to put, shark clan there just about to causes trouble, Adam has led Sea Dragon Race army to kill, the shark clan naturally was not the Sea Dragon Race match, Sea Dragon Race directly the shark clan these people who took the lead in causing trouble extinguishing, remaining shark clansman were also naturally honest, therefore 1 un in Zhao Hai imagination did not have appears . Zhao Hai has not thought that the Adam starting matter comes unexpectedly such simple, to the shark clan opportunity of causing trouble, this has not made Zhao Hai note Adam, Adam may be their matches, now looks like this match is not really simple. Looked that the Sea Dragon Race there matter has been solved, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, he has also adjusted Mermaid Island there monitor, he wants to have a look at Mermaid Island there now is any situation, don’t know Dragon Race they go to attack Mermaid Island now. When a monitor picture revolution, Zhao Hai this presently, Mermaid Island there all normal, without any fight the sign, looks like the Dragon Race person did not have to attack.

However Zhao Hai presently the Mermaid Island there different place, Mermaid Island there these leisurely and carefree mermaids almost could not see, these mermaids have put on full body armor now, stays in Shizhushan, at any time the type of standing by, moreover there are many other Sea Race 9th level Expert also to hide in Shizhushan there arrives at here, Zhao Hai on complete feel relieved, it seems like Mermaid Race has also prepared, even if Dragon Race attacks, will not have the good result to eat. Mermaid Island there nothing, Zhao Hai naturally has aimed at Dragon Race there the vision, to be honest, Zhao Hai sees Dragon Race Dragon Palace, somewhat liked there, that was the coral of natural production, but gave birth to this type coral, can be considered as on is a treasure. Is adding on him is the Chinese, but Sea Dragon Race main body and Chinese dragon for close, what therefore Zhao Hai regarding Sea Dragon Race the Dragon Palace also is really is likes very much, but that is Sea Dragon Race the place of finding a place to live, he will not snatch. Zhao Hai has prepared to put to arrange Sea Dragon to go to Space, Sea Dragon Race said that is also one type of Magic Beast, but is strength formidable, so long as they entered Space, they were impossible to be not loyal to Zhao Hai. However regarding Sea Dragon Race courageous spirit, Zhao Hai very appreciates, Sea Dragon Race is that type can for the dignity not awfully, such person, is worth respecting. Two days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Luo Ying are also to hold over the two days back troops from battle has not moved, but she also knows that this weaponry feared did not need to hit, because Sea Dragon Race has dissolved their in hand army, when so long as Zhao Hai there had information, they can go to appease one these Sea Race people, making them again the Mermaid Race people. But the Sea Dragon Race person arrival here one after another, they have also been admitted to Dragon Palace, Dragon Palace area does not add on the Sea Dragon Race population not to be many, therefore they can also stay, but before , to go to war, therefore Sea Dragon Race some people woman, old person and child has not come with together, these time is actually the entire clan moves. The Sea Dragon Race original den is Dragon Dao, there is Sea Dragon Race these years continuously living place, but this Dragon Palace is the a piece special coral reef that Sea Dragon Race afterward found, dragon island there is the Sea Dragon Race root, but this time they are their root do not want, the entire race has moved to Dragon Palace. The Sea Dragon Race population is not many, now also more than 10,000 people, naturally, more than 10,000 people are the pure Sea Dragon Race people, their also near hundred thousand Inferior Dragon Race people, now also move.