Chapter 640 manner( asked to subscribe Alex after his clansman, also said to his clansman the situation, the Sea Dragon Race person worthily is Dragon Race, the person of this clan, Bone is hard, after listening to the Alex words, no matter old person or woman, unexpectedly nobody flinches, all people must with clansman in together, rather die do not work as the slave. Zhao Hai the response of look at Sea Dragon Race Sea Dragon Race such response in Space, Zhao Hai cannot help but has smiled over the two days, he more and more likes Sea Dragon Race now. Looked that the Sea Dragon Race people arrived, Zhao Hai also knows, is he should presence time, Zhao Hai has not used Space Magic, but is bringing Laura they, sits Blade-Scales Whale, rushed to Dragon Palace there. Now Dragon Palace there everywhere is the Sea Dragon Race people and these Inferior Dragon Race, said worthily Dragon Race good , in these Inferior Dragon Race what has is Dragon Race lives with altogether its Sea Dragon Race, these people do not have the Dragon Race that strong strength, however their strengths are not weak, is not weak fighting strength. These Inferior Dragon Race people in Dragon Palace all around stand guard, are also sizing up Zhao Hai with the one type of bad vision, they regarding the Dragon Race absolute loyalty, because other people although is not considered as that true Dragon Race, but has Dragon Race bloodline after all, moreover in these Dragon Race has their fathers, how they possibly betray. although in Sea Dragon Race, these Inferior Dragon Race person status is not high, however in the front of other families, they is also representative Dragon Race, that race does not dare to move them, moreover Sea Dragon Race has any matter, generally by their acting means that therefore they and Sea Dragon Race are also mutual interdependence relationship, although now the person in Inferior Dragon Race, many are the children who some Inferior Dragon Race and Inferior Dragon Race unify to give birth, but they cannot leave Dragon Race. Dragon Race heavy, they said that must surrender Zhao Hai to surrender Zhao Hai, but if Zhao Hai regards slave same treatment them, that Dragon Race person does not lack courageous spirit that fights at risk of life. Therefore now these Inferior Dragon Race people regarding some Zhao Hai hostilities, they want to know how Zhao Hai must treat them. Zhao Hai Blade-Scales Whale arrived at Dragon Palace here very much, Dragon Palace inside did not have the water, therefore Zhao Hai stopped Blade-Scales Whale outside Dragon Palace, he brought Laura they to enter Dragon Palace, saw to Dragon Palace Zhao Hai is waiting for his Sea Dragon Race person in there, these Sea Dragon Race person also surface bad look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, not arrogant type, but bows said : several to be please circular to that several Sea Dragon Race people slightly, Zhao Hai Buda seeks an interview Sea Dragon Race Patriarch.” That several Sea Dragon Race person was gawked to nn by the Zhao Hai manner, but several people of face to are greatly for slow gathers, bows said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai, several of us presented the life of Patriarch to greet mister.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : so on trouble several, please.” Said that walks toward Great Hall in that several people, but Zhao Hai such manner, was stood outside all Sea Dragon Race people and these Inferior Dragon Race people watched, they regarding the Zhao Hai manner, are living the subtle transformation. Zhao Hai strength strong, Alex told them, if not because the Zhao Hai beforehand manner is really bad, Alex will not be worried that can receive the Zhao Hai shame, will have heart at risk of life, now Zhao Hai manner with original complete is different, these Sea Dragon Race people and these Inferior Dragon Race naturally feel being startled. Zhao Hai has not managed these, but arrived at inside Great Hall with that several Sea Dragon Race person, this coral reef real very enormous, inside underwent the multiple construction of Sea Dragon Race, entire Dragon Palace inside palace extremely numerous, does not have what difference with the genuine 6 on palaces, possibly compares 6 on palaces also to attractive some, 6 on palaces may not that many pearls and Crystal decorate the palace. Zhao Hai arrived at dragon Divine Palace along with that several Sea Dragon Race people, in this dragon Divine Palace Dragon Palace big Great Hall, is Alex collects with Sea Dragon Race elder sees to come to the place of guest, normally will be Alex will not live in Dragon Palace. Before Great Hall én, two Sea Dragon Race people are standing in there, leads that several Sea Dragon Race people who Zhao Hai is coming, to two said : Mr. Zhao Hai.” The two turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, bowed said : in mister to request personally to Zhao Hai.” Said that he shoved open Great Hall én, Zhao Hai expressed gratitude to them, leading Laura they to walk. One to Great Hall, Zhao Hai stares, in Great Hall is standing now many people, these people have some are the age very big Sea Dragon Race people, some are 9th level Expert in Sea Dragon Race, can look, now can stand the Sea Dragon Race person in Great Hall, is the status is uncommon. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, goes forward several steps, to standing high platform there Alex in Great Hall bows said : Zhao Hai to see Alex Patriarch slightly.” Alex to was gawked by Zhao Hai manner nn, but he bows said : to welcome mister to Zhao Hai, mister, my Sea Dragon Race didn't the entire clan here, how know mister to handling we?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Sea Dragon Race and Mermaid Race noisy such is not cheerful, feared after is, in this endless sea, Sea Dragon Race did not have the means in staying, to was knows a place below, the there also piece of sea, but there did not have the Sea Race person, some only quantity was some in the sea Magic Beast, wants to ask Sea Dragon Race to move below, didn't know Patriarch what do you think?” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, entire Great Hall immediately has resounded one humming sound sound, their these Sea Dragon Race people live in the endless sea a generation, their very clear endless sea big, besides other Ark Continent and small island, the entire world is the endless sea, they had not heard, will there have Sea Race, ocean that only then Magic Beast has.

Does Alex frown look at Zhao Hai said : mister is not joking with me? In the world does that have such place? If there is such place, we naturally are willing to move.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, that asked Patriarch to let all Sea Dragon Race people and Inferior Dragon Race arrives in Dragon Palace, delivered you to pass below this.” Alex looks at Zhao Hai probably not in the type of cracking a joke, he cannot help but nodded, the matter was in this situation in any case, he was wants to hide could not shunt, in adding on Zhao Hai was good to their manner, Alex in saying anything, but turned the head outside person said : to Great Hall to transmit orders, all people were centralized to Dragon Palace.” Outside some people have complied with one, transmitted orders, before long all Sea Dragon Race and Inferior Dragon Race people got up Dragon Race, his only although don’t know this is must do, but they do not have to ask. Zhao Hai after Alex has conveyed a message, continuously standing of calm in there, even has also closed the eye, this arrived is makes puzzled, but Laura that Alex added they were sizing up Great Hall all around situation curiously. Before long outside the palace has transmitted sound speaking sounds of repayment: Report, Patriarch, all people strongly to Dragon Palace, asking Patriarch to show.” Alex nodded, turns the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai has opened eye said : slowly so well, that asked Patriarch to have a look to outside.” What Alex puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : look at? What meaning is mister?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we already the place that arrived at me saying that I want to ask Patriarch to exit to tell me was the same.” Alex stares, he thinks that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, but looks at the Zhao Hai type, simply likely is not actually cracking a joke, he looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, but outward walks. Waited for Alex to outside, he also has cannot help but gawked, because of their present although or in the sea, all around environment is however different. Dragon Palace stopped in here already for a long time, he to all around environment very familiar, all around had several reefs, several water plants he know that can the present not be different, now their all around environment completely changed, here in the sea seabed, this point Alex can affirm, because he saw in many seas Magic Beast in there swimming all around, moreover around this also had many coral and reefs and so on thing, but also steadily some water plants, but only on was not the trace of Sea Race person activity.

At this time Adam also walked, Adam continuously in Dragon Palace outside command(er) these clansman and Inferior Dragon Race person, therefore Alex saw Adam immediately/on horseback said : Adam, what's all this about? This all around environment our did suddenly change?” Adam is also stern-faced shaking the head said : Patriarch, this my also don’t know, just our everyone/Great Clan just one as centralized as Dragon Palace on, I felt that an all around water surface fluctuation, then all around scenery changed.” Alex turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister, is this?” After Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : here, was the Sea Dragon Race family, where regarding here, asking Patriarch to come up to sea surface, I was explaining to Patriarch.” When Sea Dragon Race just entered in Space, the Space prompt sound has transmitted, in the Space prompt sound has regarded the one type of wisdom race Sea Dragon Race, has not surrendered directly, Zhao Hai to has not cared, Sea Dragon Race wanted Space, that all were easy to do, in this Space, all may be calculations that he said. Zhao Hai was getting other Alex and Sea Dragon Race people rises on sea surface slowly, their this sea surface, Alex they were shocked, because here is not the endless sea, they can affirm, because they saw not far away to have land, that big piece of land, above also steadily some plants, some, that style and Ark Continent there was different, all around surface was also different from Ark Continent there. Alex turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, this, where is here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : here is our Buda Family domain, is the Buda Family root, here is also my Zhao Hai domain, in here, I am the god!” Alex puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : mister you meant that including this piece of sea, here is your Buda Family domains? Were we now already not in Ark Continent?”