Chapter 641 turns misfortune into a blessing( asks to subscribe Alex look at Zhao Hai said : said that we now in completely independent Space, but this is Space mister your?” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Alex said : well, here is independent Space, this Space is my, now I bestowed your Sea Dragon Race this piece of ocean, later this piece of ocean was your homelands, in the sea Magic Beast you can make up kill, but some special Magic Beast you cannot kill, because these were I raise.” Alex transferred first year in Space good that likely is being inexhaustible ocean, turned the head look at Zhao Hai, suddenly Alex paid a visit Patriarch to Zhao Hai kneel down with one knee said :!” Alex understand Space existed now, his very clear, to Space, what wind 1 n Sea Dragon Race simply cannot turn to come, but regarding him, what wind 1 n he doesn't need in turning, in this world also had ratio good place? Entire piece of ocean is their, they have anything not to be dissatisfied, therefore he called Zhao Hai to be Patriarch, this equal to was true recognize Zhao Hai is their sect Lord's Family clan, before Alex has called Mr. Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Alex said : gets up, later asked me Young Master to be OK, your Sea Dragon clan, since had decided that with me, that must have the preparation, our future enemies will be God Race Demon Race, the chess that Radiant Church and Dragon Race these two God Race kept, I must eradicate, originally your Sea Dragon Race also in this list, but you followed me now, that naturally was my under the hand/subordinate, but, if I used your Sea Dragon Race time, you cannot decline, understand?” Alex deep voice said : is, my understand Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, then summoned Cai'er said : this is Cai'er, is the Space Manager that I appointed, my normally possibly will not stay in Space the too long time, you had any matter to look for Cai'er, if I had any matter to hit you, will make Cai'er look for you, the majority of time I will not have any matter, now you must do in here to settle down good on to be able.” Alex nodded said : is, Young Master, actually has Dragon Palace there to suffice us to live.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : good, you in here to settle down one, I must see Luo Ying, aspect stability of sea surface completely, these time has not made you succeed fortunately, otherwise made God Race obtain endless sea rear, they can go forward or retreat depending upon circumstances, did not have the means to hit to there, right Alex, how many matters did you know God Race? When knows don’t know they to attack?” Alex shook the head said : to be unfair to Young Master, we also real don’t know this, although we and Radiant Church and Dragon Race cooperate, but we also cooperated not many long time, they said that they to the God Race management, when God Race will attack such matter they not to tell me, they have not trusted me completely, for this reason, therefore I will hire oneself at that time Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : forget about it, you get down to settle down clansman, will meet Cai'er to tell you in the sea many Magic Beast unable to touch, will have these is you can hunt and kill at will, I walked.” Alex bows to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai vanished in same place. But at this time Cai'er actually look at Alex said : „were you Young Master receive?” Alex look at Cai'er, to be honest, he also real don’t know Cai'er is the meeting the race, must say that stature with the Cai'er almost high race, Alex really has also seen, in the sea has some small Sea Race to be similar to Cai'er, but the color and obviously possibly is not the Sea Race person, on Continent the race like Cai'er, he has not heard. However the Alex successive is nodded said : „.” Cai'er coldly snorted, body pressure braves, Alex pressure stubbornly in there, Alex surprised look at Cai'er, he never expected, Cai'er unexpectedly such, pressure has enabled this 9th level Expert unexpectedly the move slightest, even under this pressure, Alex wants to turn fights armor to install condition, or turns into Dragon Xing unable, this was too scary. Cai'er look at Alex said : I don't care Young Master said anything to you, if makes me presently you disrespect to Young Master, first has tidied up you, the Young Master person is good, is good to speak, but you, if dares to be not loyal, I extinguished your Sea Dragon Race, gives you, this is the Magic Beast list that your in the sea cannot move, few types, remaining these you at will, if there is any need, asked me to be OK directly.” Said that personal appearance flashes vanished in same place. When Cai'er walked, Alex this relaxed, just when facing Cai'er, he felt that one looks like the baby who was just born is facing a 9th level Expert same terror, their simply is not level, his complete trust, if Cai'er wants to extinguish him, but is the at any time matter, even if must destroy completely entire Sea Dragon Race, could not spend how long, thought of these, Alex could not bear the cold sweat brave. His also understand, Zhao Hai, when makes the war with other people, simply has not used fully, if Zhao Hai if with, them already died fully knows that many returned, that can also hit that long time with Zhao Hai, Alex is clear, Zhao Hai such does to cope with God Race, moreover listens to the meaning in Zhao Hai words, he understood that God Race there situation, probably are more than him, this lets feel to rejoice that rejoiced one who Alex adds have hired oneself Zhao Hai, otherwise Zhao Hai will certainly extinguish them. Alex is also living to Zhao Hai now is not up points two hearts, immediately/on horseback tidies up the mood, returned to in the sea to settle down own clansman, simultaneously he also said to his clansman the Zhao Hai strength, this lets in Sea Dragon Race these will of the people that a little bit disaffection, completely vanished. These time said that they also really turn misfortune into a blessing, by them thinks, when the in the sea king, for anything, is the in the sea commodity, now they do not need to snatch, the entire sea is their, besides some Magic that Zhao Hai command(er) must leave behind, other Magic Beast they can optional making up kill, the in the sea commodity they can also use at will, this regarding other people, absolutely is huge good information.

Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, Space in the sea although had been raised large quantities of Magic Beast by him, but there has actually been short of vitality, now had Sea Dragon Race to be also good, made their in the sea stay. This time he when receives Sea Dragon Race entering the sea, received much surrounding sea water, obtained many small life form, these thing, were the ocean food chain balanced keys, can say now ocean in Space is true complete ocean. But reason that Space not to the method that the Sea Dragon Race use surrenders, possibly is first time has Sea Dragon Race such life form to enter the Space reason. Sea Dragon Race enters Space by the Human Race type, therefore Space naturally cannot use the method of surrendering to them, but if they turn into Dragon body in Space, that may unable to reach an agreement, Zhao Hai also really wants to look for opportunity to try. But these Inferior Dragon Race, Space actually not polite, looks like in Space, these are only some kind of person business, gave to surrender directly, but these Sea Dragon Race and don’t know. Zhao Hai comes out from Space, immediately entered the Luo Ying green Long Zhan spiral, Luo Ying was waiting for Zhao Hai, started toward Sea Dragon Race there from Zhao Hai, Luo Ying has been paying attention to the show of matter, if Sea Dragon Race dares to begin, her immediately led army to extinguish Sea Dragon Race. But receives next life matter to make Luo Ying be surprised, Zhao Hai and Sea Dragon Race person disappeared in their front, shadowless did not have the trace, a point trace did not have, this made Luo Ying be surprised. However she believes that this is Zhao Hai nn comes certainly out, possibly is not Sea Dragon Race nn comes out, if Sea Dragon Race has such strength, already took to cope with Zhao Hai, is impossible to wait till the present, only then Zhao Hai has such skill, lets person silent disappearance of entire clan in her front. Their Luo Ying these time has not worried, but sits in Azure Dragon Snail static is waiting for Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai arrived in Azure Dragon Snail before long, Luo Ying asked Zhao Hai to sit next step: How has mister handled the Sea Dragon Race person?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything, but has sent to a place them, making them forever impossible in the sea pound 1 un, the general asked feel relieved to be good.”

Luo Ying nodded, had not asked that but turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, I just received the Your Majesty letter, Dragon Race Radiant Church 9th level Expert alliance got up to move attack to Mermaid Island, but had been repelled by Your Majesty, but also has killed many people, believes that they do not dare , after Sea Race, was safe.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so well, the general can also heavy appease one these Sea Race people, these matters I not manage now, I prepare to keep in the sea some time, collected some in the sea Magic Beast and plants comes up on returned to Continent.” Luo Ying quickly said: mister urgently walking, Your Majesty do not say, this mister helped us be busy, she wants to ask mister to come up to Mermaid Island, must thank mister face to face.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : so also well, waits wants me to return to Continent time, certainly will go to Mermaid Island there.” What Magic Beast does Luo Ying smile said : mister why to seek for and plants, j gives us not to be OK? Our Sea Race person life in the sea, in the sea had anything for generations is we could not find, mister invited feel relieved, we were mister collect certainly these thing.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that first to thank the general, but I in this city truly am also target, is that Magic Beast octopus, I think that nn two go back, this matter I am begin to well.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then face does change said : mister really must catch that Magic Beast octopus? This was too dangerous, that Magic Beast octopus living place, has the intermittent yin cold current process, person immediately that meets will freeze to death, good that mister do not go.”