Chapter 642 Demon Realm aura?( Asked to subscribe Zhao Hai smiles said : general not to need to be worried that any cold current, the devil chapter, has the means to deal in below, these thing really have big using regarding me, the general has any matter, oneself manage and that's the end, does not need to manage me, when I want the leave endless sea time, certainly will go to person Yushan visiting.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows Zhao Hai will go certainly, she was not good to say anything, after all beforehand Zhao Hai had revealed own strength, Zhao Hai also really had to say this saying qualifications. Also with Luo Ying except for several, Zhao Hai on leave the green Long Zhan spiral, he also is really prepares to catch that devil octopus, after this octopus grows up, is 9th level Expert, is almost not worse than Dragon Race, therefore Zhao Hai to this octopus is very curious. Comes back from Luo Ying there, Zhao Hai has not come up to catch the devil octopus, but was returned to in Space, he prepared to have a look at Sea Dragon Race person to settle down how. However Zhao Hai has not gone to Sea Dragon Race there directly, but looked at a Sea Dragon Race there situation with monitor, is very good, Sea Dragon Race person now to settle down is very good, they now after all are in the sea, moreover their simply does not need the room, good to settle down that therefore adds to these Zhao Hai also on feel relieved. Zhao Hai also the picture switching Mermaid Island there, he did not have to think of one were just one day has not looked at the Mermaid Island there situation, Dragon Race these fellows will begin on Mermaid Island unexpectedly, how he wants to have a look at the loss of Mermaid Island there. When he cuts Mermaid Island there he to stare the picture, to did not say Mermaid Island there destroyed has how seriously, the polarity, Mermaid Island there simply had not seen has fought the trace, any matter has not lived has probably been same, this arrived is makes the strength of Zhao Hai to merpeople clan have the heavy understanding. Zhao Hai from the Luo Ying words knew, these time copes with Mermaid Island, is the Dragon Race Radiant Church allied armies, wants to cope with Mermaid Island \; first, to travel by boat, but that is almost impossible, except for Buda Family, believes that was not having the Human Race ship to navigate to Mermaid Island safely. Second with flying, by the pride of Dragon Race, they are is impossible to carry on the back the person to fly Mermaid Island there to carry on attack, therefore attack Mermaid Island there certain has plenty 9th level Expert. By large quantities of 9th level Expert attack, Mermaid Island here did not have fought the trace, this fully explained that the strength of merpeople clan, 9th level Expert attack is not good to deal with.

Mermaid Island there does not have the matter, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, he now has also wanted to catch the devil chapter in here, then goes to uncertain there also to have any special place in that Bewitching Reefs there, not in words impossible all the Sea Race person cannot come out. So long as searched to be white these two places, Zhao Hai prepared Continent, before returning to Continent, he can Mermaid Island there, see mermaid Queen, had a look while convenient whether to learn the technique of Water Refining, regarding the technique of Water Refining, Zhao Hai greedyly was very long. Had recalled after several matters that must handle, Zhao Hai had also determined mister of matter, first is catches the devil octopus, this is very simple, that oceanic trench in leaving they not far place, he momentarily can go, moreover devil octopus although has the 9th level strength, but actually impossible to produce anything to threaten to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not prepared to grasp, grasps two nn to Space, prepared for Space Level Up on the line. After having determined, Zhao Hai has rested in Space well for day, next morning, he will put up Blade-Scales Whale to swim away toward devil octopus lurking oceanic trench there. in the sea, that piece of oceanic trench has a very special name, is called the devil oceanic trench \; first, because there has the devil octopus to come and go out \; second, because of there very dangerous, will therefore be called is the devil oceanic trench. Zhao Hai arrived at the nearby of this devil oceanic trench very much, this devil oceanic trench here does not have a point special place superficially, looks like deeply does not see the bottom the canyon to be the same, but Zhao Hai can actually feel, here often braves the yin cold air/Qi outward, making the person unable to bear wants to shiver with fright. Zhao Hai is 9th level Expert, 9th level Expert will come under the influence of this oceanic trench, obviously this oceanic trench fierce place. In this time, the suddenly Cai'er sound is conveying said : Young Master, I felt the Demon Realm aura in here, especially in that oceanic trench, Demon Realm aura also very thick.” Zhao Hai stares, then face does change said : really? Did you feel the Demon Realm aura in this oceanic trench really?” Cai'er comes Demon Realm, in Demon Realm she is common plants, the words that therefore she regarding Demon Realm there aura completely understand, Zhao Hai spoke to her believe that but Zhao Hai is too not willing to believe that if this oceanic trench here, has relationship with Demon Realm, that here was really strategic place, moreover may become a battlefield in the future.

Cai'er has complied with said : „, Young Master, here really has the Demon Realm aura, is downward is strong.” Zhao Hai nodded said : then, this time we also were really come right, walked, has a look.” Said command(er) Blade-Scales Whale toward that oceanic trench under swims away. More gets down toward the oceanic trench, is Darkness, after arriving, there ray did not have, Zhao Hai considers as finished, he penetrated into the oceanic trench in now about 500 meters, in this distance, Zhao Hai saw some ocean Magic Beast, but these ocean Magic Beast had some not to be different from the above these, said simply that these ocean Magic Beast people appear very fierce, moreover very good fights. At this time Laura they also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Cai'er came together, now they in the place of investigation, are possibly concerned with Demon Realm, therefore Zhao Hai made Cai'er come out to mention Demon Realm to come after all, only then Cai'er had the understanding to there, they only know that had existence of Demon Realm. Sees these Magic Beast, Cai'er turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, these Magic Beast already by Demonized.” Zhao Hai puzzled turning the head look at Cai'er said : Demonized? What meaning?” Cai'er said : in the Demon Realm there air includes one type of very unusual toxin, this toxin time will grow to affect the xin standard of person, with will also change the physique of person, regarding Magic Beast was also this, you looked at these fish, their originally possibly was only some ordinary seabed Magic Beast, because the life of long time had the Demon Realm aura place in such one, therefore their bodies slowly lived the change, becomes formidable that added that but with increasing, their xin standards have also had the change, became adds combative.” Zhao Hai extends, is growing bone spike, appeared very fierce small fish is caught Blade-Scales Whale within the body by him, this small fish only then the palm of the hand of Zhao Hai was big, but one third of this small fish body was a head, but on his head had two-thirds to grow a giant mouth, now this small fish is still struggling, often opening mouth, revealed a canine of mouth, that canine looked like likely is Scimitar of trumpet, flashed gloomily blue radiance on knowing the attack strength is extraordinary. Zhao Hai hands over, threw in this small fish Space, he wants to have a look at Space to this small fish depending on the price was anything, this small fish just entered Space, Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: variation fish life form that presently serious polluted, this kind of life form survival capability, attack ability, attack xin is strong, withdraws the merit, extracting toxin, changes its temperament, integrates in its merit Space life form, its toxin join to Space toxin, enhances Space life form anti- poisonous xin, increases the Space life form survival capability.” This prompt sound also in the meaning of Zhao Hai, Space to receive the pollution this small fish judgment life form, to is very appropriate.

Zhao Hai has grasped variation life form in several other oceanic trenches, puts the Space city, the Space prompt sound is also similar, Zhao Hai also lost regarding some variation life form interests. Now Zhao Hai they penetrated in the oceanic trench more than 1000 meters deeply, all around could not see a point bright, if they with monitor, could not see outside situation. Zhao Hai calm look at monitor, variation Magic Beast on monitor are getting fewer and fewer, these life form attack strength that but also keeps are also getting stronger and stronger, becomes also more and more feared that some makes the person look feels at heart. In this time, suddenly Laura astonished called one, is pointing at outside a Blade-Scales Whale place, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that there has a highlight probably.” Zhao Hai stares, turned the head to look at a that place, presently, there is having a highlight to be in flashes flashes, in this jet black oceanic trench, was a small star is probably same. However afterward Zhao Hai presently, in this piece of region, this type of small star probably is more and more, moreover is approaching toward their here. Zhao Hai immediately looked at one with monitor, blamed fish appears in Zhao Hai at present, this strange fish looked like very fierce, the volume was about two meters to be long, the body has been covered with fierce bone spike, a pair of small eye, looked like probably is red , the big mouth was cracking, the canine that a mouth length varied, looked that made people feel at heart coldly, what was main, in his top of the head, was long root long bone spike, this looked like not hard with bone spike, soft, in the head that this body root punctured, hung. Scrap Bone, but makes Zhao Hai they feel odd, is this small Bone, this Bone flashes flashes the light, was looking like each and every one carries an unceasing flash small lantern to be the same. Now these strange fish toward Zhao Hai here You to come, Zhao Hai curious look at these strange fish, why don’t know they toward the here tour, in here, a suddenly small fish are swimming away toward that strange fish that luminous spot there of before head, that small fish resembles simply not presently existence of that strange fish, he goes to that luminous spot, when he just approached that luminous spot, the big mouth of this strange fish flies opened under one, expansion that the tongue of mouth flies under one, a that small fish disappeared in the mouth of this strange fish.