Chapter 643 Core and Level Up( asked to subscribe Zhao Hai and Laura they dull look at these strange fish, this strange fish fish with this method unexpectedly, this was thing too also strange? Zhao Hai and with Laura somewhat curious look at this strange fish, now this strange fish they were near to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has cannot help but been careful, he wants to have a look at these strange fish to do, can come attack they? However Zhao Hai was not worried that this strange fish although looks like the attack strength is uncommon, but do not forget, but now Blade-Scales Whale equal to is 9th level Expert, depends on these strange fish, simply is impossible to nip the scale of Blade-Scales Whale. These strange fish arrived at the Zhao Hai side very much, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these strange fish do not have attack Blade-Scales Whale, instead to the protect guard's like guard in the Blade-Scales Whale side. Zhao Hai puzzled look at these strange fish said : „? The temperament of these fellows very docile? Can't? Does not look like like.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, now these strange fish could not be seabed Magic Beast, they should be half Demon Realm life form, so long as they are half Demon Realm life form, I in here, their not attack we, because my aura in Magic Beast there everywhere is, Demon Realm life form wants unable to leave me in the survival, therefore they very respect to me.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really can be this result, his said : really? Has not thought that our Cai'er so are unexpectedly competent, this may really be fantastic.” Cai'er proud smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, so long as there is here to have the Demon Realm aura, so long as there are me, their nobody dares to come attack Young Master you.” Zhao Hai laughs said : that well, I waited for you to cover in here, walked, selected here to have any thing.” Was saying Zhao Hai while command(er) Blade-Scales Whale downward is diving. However Zhao Hai receives the strange fish that several this wanted, no matter what this is also he has not seen one type of life form, receives, only then the advantage does not have the fault.

When Zhao Hai they dive to two kilometers depth, these strange fish scatter in all directions leave, then another a batch strange fish swam, these strange fish were also the each and every one long ten points fierce, moreover this strange fish before Zhao Hai that saw was stranger, looked like looks like does not only have the alligator of long foot to be the same, fierceness of in addition, but they did not have attack Blade-Scales Whale, downward has escorted one kilometer Blade-Scales Whale, then the show, is in addition the a batch monster, they downward has delivered one kilometer Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is knows that now Cai'er in Demon Realm there was any status, this was better than world of human beings Emperor, so long as these Magic Beast felt that her aura immediately escorted, probably was the instinct is the same, this was too fierce. Zhao Hai they have dived a about ten thousand meters depth, has not actually seen the devil chapter, Zhao Hai somewhat strangely looked at all around one, do not have a look at the Magic Beast chapter, they in the sea next 10,000 meters, actually have linked this oceanic trench the bottom not to see now, this oceanic trench deep? Zhao Hai really somewhat was also in doubt. However Zhao Hai has not worried, downward is diving, but these Magic Beast getting bigger and bigger in oceanic trench, long getting harder and harder also looks now, what is main, their fighting strength probably are stronger and stronger, now here Magic Beast, almost equivalent to 8th level Expert, moreover is a troop, if these Magic Beast run up to in the sea to go, feared that was entire Sea Race cannot be peaceful. However this also aroused Zhao Hai xin, he to is thinks that this oceanic trench deep, Zhao Hai command(er) Blade-Scales Whale, is almost being straight downward dives. They have dived about five kilometers, on suddenly Zhao Hai present monitor appears a big octopus, this big octopus in there sluggish is swimming, seems like also similar to the ordinary octopus, but is very big, if counted the tentacle, the length of this octopus can be more than 100 meters, was too big. But those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, head there of this octopus completely is black , is only in the rear area of body, in vain by the demon Ghost Picture case, this design very big, almost occupied at the back of entire of octopus body, but his tentacle is also unexpectedly white, looks like looks like the beard of that demon Ghost Picture case grow out is the same. What this octopus is long is really very scary, although he is not growing bone spike like many other Magic Beast, but looks like is actually in addition fierce fearful. However Zhao Hai saw this Magic Beast is actually two eyes one bright, because this Magic Beast was this time target, Magic Beast octopus. Has not waited for Zhao Hai to begin, that devil octopus swam to them, has swum to the Zhao Hai side, like other these Demonized Magic Beast worked as the Zhao Hai bodyguard, Zhao Hai has gawked, but has felt very much relaxed, in this oceanic trench, was downward, the Demon Realm aura was strong, these devil octopuses naturally also by Demonized.

Zhao Hai has not begun, he wants also to have this octopus, moreover he also thinks this oceanic trench under is any thing, why in this meeting has such thick Demon Realm aura. Zhao Hai has downward dived about one kilometer, now Blade-Scales Whale devil octopus has achieved more than 100, but those who make the Zhao Hai heart startled is, these devil octopus unexpectedly more than 100, that is more than 100 9th level Expert, such strength, even if puts on Continent, that was also a incomparably powerful influence, feared that except for his Zhao Hai, nobody was a match. Zhao Hai face somewhat cannot help but ugly, if the day of these octopuses run from this oceanic trench, is taking these variation Magic Beast, that endless sea here feared that had difficultly. suddenly Zhao Hai presently on monitor appears one group of black gas, this group of black gas jet black like black ink, Zhao Hai have gawked, then two eyes stubbornly is staring at this group of black gas, this group of black gas area is not very big, the side group is about hundred meters, but this group of black gas inside thing, Zhao Hai actually cannot see. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) that is rolling Blade-Scales Whale to roll in black gas to swim away toward that swims Zhao Hai while to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what impression has to this thing? I felt that this thing probably is the source of here Demon Realm aura?” Cai'er nodded good that said : Young Master said that this thing truly is the source of Demon Realm aura, this should be Demon Realm one type of Advanced level Magic Beast Core.” Zhao Hai said : Core? What thing is that?” Cai'er said : Demon Realm Magic Beast has Core, this thing is the Demon Realm Magic Beast source of forces, is high level Demon Realm Magic Beast, their Core strengths are formidable, looks at the here situation, this should be God Rank Magic Beast Core, even if in Demon Realm, this thing is also a treasure, because God Rank strength of Magic Beast in Demon Realm is very strong, not compared with the God Rank Expert difference, even compared with God Rank Expert also on fine some, in adding on their lives is much longer than God Rank Expert, moreover is they dies, can. Looks place that a nobody can find, then peaceful dying, can therefore find God Rank Magic Beast Core in Demon Realm there common nobody, but only there is such Core, then regarding these God Rank Expert, absolutely is a treasure, they can manufacture weapon with this Core, can attract Core, increases own strength, in the process of although attraction, the Core majority of strengths will disperse, but is this, regarding God Rank, attracts gravitational force is also very big, after all God Rank Expert wants in promoting own strength, is very difficult.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also felt that being startled, he has not thought that will see Demon Realm God Rank Magic Beast Core in here unexpectedly, but this Core can make the entire oceanic trench Magic Beast live variation unexpectedly, was nn left Magic Beast octopus 9th level Magic Beast, this was too astonishing. Zhao Hai they penetrated in this group of black gas now, Zhao Hai saw thing on monitor very much, this is bead type thing of fist size, all over the body is black , he that static float in in midair, to base also more than one meter of oceanic trench high.

Zhao Hai made Blade-Scales Whale static nearby that Zhu, he on monitor careful looked to measure that bead, besides the black, has not had anything specially. Cai'er said : Young Master, put in this Core Space at this time, I think that Space can certainly attract him, perhaps Space can Level Up.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but nodded to wield, that bead entered in Space, that bead just entered with Space, heard Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently the strong almighty quantity enters Space, Space attracts energy, the Space improvement, transform shrinks Host's body, shrinks Host's body to be further strengthened, improves Space life form, the Space life form body is further strengthened, in Space Cyborg-type object has been further strengthened, Spatial Water, Spatial soil has been further strengthened, Space toxin has been further strengthened, Space Level Up to six Level 10, please shrink the main many effort.” Zhao Hai wild with joy, he has not thought that such a bead unexpectedly made Space rise 1st level, this may really be fantastic, moreover Zhao Hai also felt, own body obtained the further strengthening, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turned the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, how did you have a look at my present strength?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, your present strength, was the same with God Rank Expert, can say that you now were God Rank Expert, this may really be fantastic, moreover my strength also obtained enhancement, Young Master, you can buy ten background now, but also can only be ordinary background.” Zhao Hai great happiness said : good, fantastic, ordinary background is also good, you buy one to me by ocean give priority to background, then received these all variation Magic Beast that background, that each one background of my én raises these thing specially.” Cai'er complied with one, immediately has managed, Zhao Hai this turned the head they to laugh said : to Laura fantastic, Space this Level Up, I can plant some y, lets you promote the strength, even if cannot make your immediately turn into God Rank Expert, compared with general 9th level Expert in many.”