The technique of Chapter 644 Water Refining( asked to subscribe Laura smiles said : fantastic, went to jin Spirit Race there uselessly our also Level Up, Elder Brother Hai, we must select to plant y, let Grandpa Green their Level Up.” Zhao Hai selected, immediately received these devil octopuses, then started to seek in this piece of oceanic trench, so long as were sees devil octopus immediately to receive, the result calculated that Zhao Hai altogether accepted more than 300 devil octopuses unexpectedly, was not having the devil octopus in this piece of oceanic trench. Zhao Hai has not managed these, if these devil octopuses have kept in the oceanic trench, then regarding Sea Race was really too dangerous, but Zhao Hai present an issue, in this oceanic trench although because of the reason of that Core, Demon Realm aura very thick, but had not actually proliferated toward the oceanic trench outside, moreover these Demonized Magic Beast in oceanic trench almost did not leave the oceanic trench, why. Is thinking these, on the side of Zhao Hai command(er) at Blade-Scales Whale upward tour, this so long as all the way has met Magic Beast of change, he all received Space. Zhao Hai slowly neared the crown of oceanic trench, immediately has been able to leave the oceanic trench, Zhao Hai they cannot help but light the tone, although said in the oceanic trench they obtained the big small advantage, but there ray did not have, Zhao Hai they felt that constraining, now was good, finally can exit. In this time, a suddenly pressure is transmitting, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, the pressure that his don’t know, that comes? Zhao Hai moves also motionless look at monitor, wants to know that lived any matter, in this time, suddenly in Zhao Hai present, in monitor side, is Bewitching Reefs there, suddenly raised stock black energy, this energy has formed huge Magic Formation slowly, toward the oceanic trench here pressure, Zhao Hai felt that probably is huge mountain presses in their heads, wants upward to swim, is actually a point that Blade-Scales Whale although went all out also swims motionless. Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but surprised, must know Space Level Up later these Undead Creature on another Level Up, their present strengths, compared with general 9th level Expert, but on strong many, and because of Demon Realm life form ru body very formidable, strength very enormous, therefore after this Space Level Up, large scale increasing returned to these Undead Creature strengths, in this case, Blade-Scales Whale can also be given to suppress by this Magic Formation unexpectedly, that this Magic Formation may not be simple. Zhao Hai has not worried, but slowly downward dives this downward to dive, that pressure slowly vanished, that huge Magic Formation also vanished. Zhao Hai has gawked, turns the head to Laura said : „? Why we one upward go, this Magic Formation on appears ? Our gets down, they vanish from sight?”

Laura they also puzzled frowning, at this time Meg suddenly said : Young Master, we got down time was all right, comes up actually to be blocked, moreover these Demonized Magic Beast cannot come up, was our these time gets down, the body has moistened the Demon Realm aura, but that was Magic Formation specially én in view of these Demonized life form?” Zhao Hai has gawked, careful thinking, but also is really such a matter, a moment matter that they get down does not have, had not heard that the Sea Race person mentioned this situation, but these Demonized in oceanic trench Magic Beast, is one has not actually run up to in the sea to pound 1 un, that possibly looks like such, this Magic Formation that Meg said én aims at the Demon Realm aura specially, so long as there is Demon Realm aura thing upward, they on will press him, but they just in oceanic trench, and that Core, but leaves very near, therefore they. The body moistened the Demon Realm aura to be also normal, but that Magic Formation felt that their Demon Realm aura, the automatic start, gave to press them. Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat accidental looked at Meg one, Meg normally with everyone/Great Clan in together, basically did not speak, did not show own opinion, therefore matter Zhao Hai they done well, she, so long as looked after good Zhao Hai and everyone/Great Clan is OK. Has not actually thought that today a Meg language has pointed unexpectedly out frankly comes Meg unreliably is not intelligent, but does not like struggling, normally Zhao Hai they have completed the matter, simply does not use over her, therefore she is also maintaining the low key, Zhao Hai present, oneself also really some slightly she. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : great Meg, I think right that you said that has remembered, later what words do not say, if I have the incorrect place that what makes, you must remind me, understand?” Meg has complied with one, the Zhao Hai this micro smile, then flash of white light, Light Element Magic has used, used Water element Magic to clean well their bodies, this command(er) Blade-Scales Whale swimming away upward slowly, this time they have not been meeting any stop, relaxed swam on the oceanic trench, appears in their beforehand battlefield there. But those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, the green Long Zhan spiral of merpeople clan also stops unexpectedly in there, Zhao Hai to is accident, under them in this oceanic trench, nearly four days, this oceanic trench was not small, they not only need dive slowly, after getting down, but must receive in Space all Demonized Magic Beast in oceanic trench, the time of using is not short, Zhao Hai they are 9th level Expert, several days do not sleep also no big deal, has not actually thought that the Mermaid Race green Long Zhan spiral still in here, must know their matters may be many, how also to remain possibly. here? In this time, Zhao Hai presently is coming black spots from green Long Zhan spiral there swim across, Zhao Hai through monitor huge mountain, before long huge mountain arrived at Blade-Scales Whale here, Zhao Hai immediately has arrived at Blade-Scales Whale mouth there, look at huge mountain has smiled said : huge mountain Commander, you also in here? Hasn't gone to appease these Sea Race?” huge mountain bows to Zhao Hai said : general not feel relieved mister, therefore specially keeps here to wait for mister, but the general has sent out the army to go to appease these Sea Race people, has been all right, mister, the general said that if you came out, please see her.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, I happen to thanked the general, these days make him be worried.” Said that command(er) Blade-Scales Whale is swimming away toward green Long Zhan spiral there.

Zhao Hai and Laura they arrived in the Azure Dragon Snail command(er) hall, Luo Ying is waiting for by their Luo Ying in the hall has Luo Luo, the entire hall did not have others besides their two. Zhao Hai they have come, Luo Ying immediately/on horseback has stood, bowed said : mister to come back to Zhao Hai? Please sit down, what kind of? Also smooth?” Zhao Hai smiles said : very smooth, I can tell the general, later devil oceanic trench here will not have anything to be dangerous, your Sea Race person may even move to there to go to the bureau to live, but I think that will not have liked going to the there housing, there was too black.” Zhao Hai said that reasonable, although seabed is also very black, but under seabed has some shellfish and some plants, can leave the glimmer, therefore seabed although Darkness, is not ray does not have, but oceanic trench there is point ray does not have, the pure black, the black letting person constrains. Luo Ying smiles said : to thank mister, just like you said that feared is nobody will like going to there to live, the endless sea is so big, we live in there, why must go to there, this mister comes back, but also prepares there? Can return to Continent?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not, I also prepare Bewitching Reefs there I to have a look at there to have any secret.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that wrinkled under the brow gently, her some understand, Zhao Hai obviously was not on Continent Great Noble, moreover some that many important matters must be done, why must such risk in all directions, but also specially én went to some dangerous places, this was too unreasonable. Thinks of here, why Luo Ying cannot help but gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : mister to go to Bewitching Reefs there? Must know that the there Sea Race person, was unable to live, nearly we also just surveyed a there surrounding, does not dare to penetrate.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this I to know, but there possibly has to I very important thing, I want to go to these time to search reefs there, I must return to Continent.” Zhao Hai this saying may not be 1 un said that what Magic Formation he wants to go to Bewitching Reefs there he to want really to have a look is unexpectedly so fierce, can press these Demonized Magic Beast these many years unexpectedly, this made him feel really curiously.

If there has Magic Formation, what Zhao Hai wants to have a look at that Magic Formation is, in the future he could with Demon Race to, if there is such one to suppress Demon Race Magic Formation, then regarding him, are many one type of to have coped with the Demon Race method on equal to. Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also not good to say anything, she had said : that I to wait for mister to be good in here, if mister has encountered any danger, must enter drew back.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, invited general feel relieved, was right, the matter I want to ask the general to help me ask Your Majesty.” Luo Ying stares, what matter puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does mister have? I passed certainly on to Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to ask Your Majesty, can pass to your Mermaid Race the technique of Water Refining below, invited feel relieved, will certainly not pass to others below, only then I know.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then forced smile said : mister, I think that you have misunderstood, the technique of Water Refining, regarding our Mermaid Race, is not secret, reason that the person of this technical meeting is few , because the request of this technology very high, not only the request uses the person of this technology, is controlling water to have extremely high innate skill and greatly strengthened ability, is the water of this Water Refining method use, has the request of very special, the ordinary water simply line, did not find some specially water lines, the water. The quality is high, thing that refines is strong, our Mermaid Race has the one type of innate skill ability, can the purify water, making the water the quality obtain big enhancement , because of this, therefore we can use the technique of Water Refining, but other people do not have the method of purify water, is impossible to use the technique of Water Refining.”