Chapter 645 Bewitching Reefs( asked to subscribe Zhao Hai calm is listening to the Luo Ying words, his actually happily blossomed at heart, just like Luo Ying said that others did not have the method of purify water, simply unable to find good water source to carry on the technique of Water Refining, but this regarding Zhao Hai simply was not the issue, do not forget, Zhao Hai in hand had existence of mother of Bubble this Myriad Water, making Bubble carry on the technique of Water Refining, that was in good not to have. After waiting for Luo Ying saying that Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : if possible, asking the general to say one to Your Majesty, below wants to understand that the technique of this Water Refining whether to have the model place, did not fear that made the general know, this God Race matter, below attach great importance to, but the war started, weapon that institute needed is astronomical figures, just by Human Race and Dwarf Race these Artisan, I feared that could not make that many weapon, main was, I feared that God Race Demon Race weapon, can we be strong, what therefore I want the technique of this Water Refining to add on busy.” Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback nodded said : mister to invite feel relieved, this matter I can take responsibility, the stick of Water Refining in Sea Race is not secret, but other people do not have the method of purify water, therefore causes not to use, but this method also really has some jin wonderful places, mister can handle own matter first, waits for mister to come back, I surely give mister method original originally this j of technique of Water Refining.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, that asked the general, I prepared to have any thing on Bewitching Reefs there there, General, said goodbye.” Luo Ying stands that to wish mister this line of smooth to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :.” Zhao Hai also to a Luo Ying ritual, shows a faint smile, turn around walked. returned to Blade-Scales Whale within the body, Zhao Hai could not bear has smiled, Laura look at Zhao Hai type, smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, has not thought really that matter unexpectedly such smooth, the technique of such Water Refining succeeded in obtaining.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : truly is, Mermaid Race regarding Sea Race show continuously attach great importance to, but besides their race, did not have other races to meet this water purify skill, therefore the technique of this Water Refining, even if has given other people, they could not study, was this is different regarding us, we had Bubble this fellow, you looked that the type of that fellow I was angry, finally can look for a matter to do to him.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that has smiled, must mention Bubble to come, but also is really very interesting, fellow typical is greatly timid, obviously is a blister type, but normally actually likes their side collecting toward Laura, type that but also ten shares receive, this makes Zhao Hai unable to get used to seeing very much. However Laura they to have not cared, in their eyes, Bubble looks like a small pet that they raise, but has been quite intelligent, Bubble is also the good type, is impossible to have anything to change, has anything to be good to fear that instead to is Zhao Hai because of this being jealous, was teased by them well. However speaks the truth, sees Zhao Hai because of this been jealous type, Laura they to are appear very happy, because this is liking them on behalf of Zhao Hai. Lizzy also smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, the technique of that Water Refining really useful?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : our not Alchemy Technique, the technique of this Water Refining should a little use, is adding on the father he not to like research these thing, when the time comes the technique of this Water Refining gives him, perhaps he can research leave any thing to come.” Lizzy they naturally know that the father in Zhao seaport, is Karen, Karen likes research these thing, is Lizzy they knows that therefore they have not been startled, but nodded. Zhao Hai smiles said : I want to go to Bewitching Reefs there well looks for there to have any thing, why there thing can suppress unexpectedly is bringing Demon Realm aura thing, if had found useful thing , after that we coped with Demon Realm having confidence of person's on in addition.” Laura nodded said : Bewitching Reefs there truly is very evil én, there also one breaks the distance to oceanic trench here, but can actually induce to the oceanic trench here situation, if no that Magic Formation to press, I think that oceanic trench Magic Beast in these Demonized already ran.” Megan wrinkled said : not to hear in this world had such Magic Formation, Elder Brother Hai, you must ask that Luo Ying their this Magic Formation were they arranges.” Zhao Hai shook the head said :not to need to ask that definitely is not, if is really the Mermaid Race arrangement, Luo Ying already had not told us, that will agree that we go to the there investigation, therefore there Magic Formation definitely is not they arranges, because I will feel like this curious, in Bewitching Reefs there to whose main precious flower Has any thing, why there will turn into this type. ” Megan nodded, just as is such that Zhao Hai said that if Bewitching Reefs there is Mermaid Race nn comes out, they already should inform Sea Race, looks at their types, did not know about the there situation. The place that two Sea Race both do not understand, made Zhao Hai they harvest Demon Realm God Rank Magic Beast Core, making Space completely melt to six Level 10 finally, has bought ten background, enabled Zhao Hai to plant some to be able Level Up to the God Rank Expert y material, this was a huge harvest. But another place, they have not gone now, there filled mysterious, don’t know had any thing to wait for them, but Zhao Hai does not want to brave rashly rushed, he wants to rest first, maintained the good condition by oneself. Zhao Hai their returned to in Space, has taken a hot bath well, satisfactory resting has thought that this gets up, command(er) Blade-Scales Whale slowly swam away toward Bewitching Reefs at that time.

Zhao Hai has not told Green their Space Level Up matter, now in Space although has raised Message Fish, but the quantity is also not many, therefore Zhao Hai wants to wait to finish the in the sea matter, was telling Green them the matter, gave them Message Fish, in any case before , they crossed like this, did not miss this several days time. Zhao Hai and Laura they sit in Space, but makes Blade-Scales Whale swim away toward Bewitching Reefs there, they want to know that what situation there is. Blade-Scales Whale very entered in Bewitching Reefs, there scenery to is good, the item the reefs of some odd-shape strange attires, you probably enter another world everywhere, was different from the beforehand world completely the world, you even can in the reef that here saw Ark Continent here all animal shapes. Zhao Hai they forgot to come the original intention of here, but was exclaiming in surprise look at present scenery , here was really too beautiful, besides reef, but also the water plants of various face , all kinds of small fish, the bodies of these small fish were growing very attractive pattern steadily, but these adorable small fish, have huge attracting gravitational force regarding woman, Laura they were screaming made Zhao Hai catch in Space these small fish. The truth that Zhao Hai naturally has not complied with, several caught in these small fish Space, Laura their immediately excited has discovered the fishbowl, has installed the sea water, this made Zhao Hai put in the fish bowl these Little Hai. Then Laura they all looked that these small fish went, probably these in the there swimming all around small fish has infinitely are attracting gravitational force to be the same, look at a Zhao Hai forced smile. Zhao Hai is actually staring at screen to look that he wants to have a look at here what's the matter, Zhao Hai startled well, Laura they heard the Zhao Hai sound very much , the extension has encircled, the look at screen, was Laura said : how Elder Brother Hai?” Zhao Hai has not spoken, but has referred to a screen corner/horn, there is the map, Zhao Hai enlarges the map to the screen on, place that Laura their immediately present has not suited. On the screen, Zhao Hai they with the dot of red said that but the dot of these green are representing in the sea life form, but Zhao Hai actually presently, but reason that Zhao Hai is so astonished, because of him presently, is representing the Blade-Scales Whale red dot in screen good, is turning circle in not a big range, actually cannot exit, probably was surrounded by any thing was the same. What Zhao Hai is astonished is this, Blade-Scales Whale but now Undead Creature, he is not relying on eye advancing, but he was stranded in here unexpectedly, it seems like that this Bewitching Reefs also is really lives up to reputation that. Laura they also saw place that does not suit, several one face astonished is staring at the screen, they have not thought why will live such matter. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback comes out from Space, to Blade-Scales Whale within the body, then he sat in Blade-Scales Whale within the body felt, he presently outward cuts from Blade-Scales Whale within the body appears that normal, Blade-Scales Whale has been proceeding to swim probably, but change that all around scenery also keeping, a point could not look that is spinning same place.

Laura they also came out with Zhao Hai, several people look at this situation, was shocked, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai shook the head said :my also don’t know, but I dare to be definitely concerned with that Magic Formation, did not think that many, now we must do walked toward inside, then Zhao Hai was not looking at outside situation, transformed the Blade-Scales Whale advancing direction, this Blade-Scales Whale was not turning circle finally. The place that waited for Blade-Scales Whale leave just to turn circle, Zhao Hai this turned the headjust you to see that to Laura said : what all around scenery did have to change? „ Laura shook the head said : not to have, but felt that Blade-Scales Whale was the suddenly turning the head round trip walked probably, then did not have what change.” Zhao Hai nodded, his some understand, it seems like that Magic Formation really very formidable, can unexpectedly the intelligence of bewitch person, can bewitch Undead Creature, otherwise Blade-Scales Whale not be such response. However more is such Zhao Hai more feels curious. Because he believes that is such place, thing that he obtains is uncommon. On such Zhao Hai command(er) Blade-Scales Whale advancing, each advancing section of road, Blade-Scales Whale is starting to turn circle in there, Zhao Hai starts command(er) Blade-Scales Whale is changing, then walks toward, has the Space map luckily, otherwise Zhao Hai they possibly really by in dire straits in this piece of reefs.