Chapter 646 Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart?( Asked to subscribe Has crossed nine such places, Blade-Scales Whale has been able finally normal forwarded, appears that without is spinning same place, but Zhao Hai actually adds was anxious, he has one type of to feel, thing that he looks for wanted appears . Laura they were also anxious, tight is staring at the screen, mentioned also strangely, Zhao Hai existing thing can limit the screen finally has wielded, went to oceanic trench there like previous time them, the distance on the screen demonstrating on a big way reduced, only in the right way the original about hundred meters, probably were the demonstration ability of screen by that Demon Realm God Rank Magic Beast Core suppressing generally. But these time follows a time situation to look like very much, but also very arrives at that to go, the range that Space can demonstrate now is also the original 200 meters. However this arrived is lets happy that Zhao Hai added that previous time they obtained, but God Rank Magic Beast Core, doing of that suppression with was impossible to be small, now Space Level Up, with that God Rank Magic Beast Core Level Up, but was suppressed to can only demonstrate 200 meters degree, thing that then on the explanation, their these time obtained, certain not compared with a on time difference, cannot be stronger than on time Core, should be thing with level. However Zhao Hai or very careful, previous time they have not met attack , because these devil octopuses present Cai'er aura, therefore does not have attack they, but this time situation follows one time completely opposite, but here thing restrain Demon Realm aura, if here thing has any attack xin, they also meet very dangerous, therefore Zhao Hai made Laura they enter Space, he stayed in Blade-Scales Whale within the body, slowly toward throat. Walked for several minutes, front the Zhao Hai suddenly feeling has resembled very formidable aura to swim, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback made Blade-Scales Whale stop, then toward leaving these Sea Race Undead Creature, in here others look at, these Undead Creature was unable to wield their complete fighting strength. In this time, a giant conger pike is swimming, Zhao Hai looked at that conger pike, knows that this is 9th level Magic Beast, that sea conger pike obviously also present Zhao Hai, sees her tail there flashed with brilliant rays, blue light hits together toward Blade-Scales Whale. opportunity that Zhao Hai simply has not hidden, that said that blue light too, that side just flashes, here had projected on the body of Blade-Scales Whale, the body of Blade-Scales Whale has shaken, was not having anything to respond. Zhao Hai understand, this is a 9th level electric eel, he discharges ten points, but is very obvious, his electricity regarding Zhao Hai Undead Creature, the lethality is not too big. Electric eel other Magic Beast of electricity to Sea Race possibly has does to use, but with is very small regarding doing of Undead Creature, Undead Creature is Undead Creature, they may not have the feeling lacking in vigilance, therefore the electricity lethality of these electric eels significantly were also reduced. The hand of Zhao Hai wields, these Undead Creature immediately threw, that electric eel has not thought that own move of technique does not work unexpectedly, must know that the 9th level life form wisdom does not lower compared with the person, therefore he saw undead that these throw lives, immediately starts to discharge, blue light dodges continually, is not a point effect does not have. Zhao Hai calm look at these threw past Undead Creature, Might of these electric currents he knew, was not very strong, coped with life form, regarding Undead Creature, fell far short.

Really, that electric eel simply has not thought that can be this, when he presently own invitation does not work late, he by these Undead Creature surrounding, these Undead Creature will be impolite, after that electric eel spheres, in which Undead Creature of Swordfish shape, one that electric eel stabbing to death. Zhao Hai immediately release one group of black gas, that electric eel wrapping up, waited for black gas to vanish, the electric eel turned into Undead Creature. 9th level Magic Beast will speak, Zhao Hai immediately received that electric eel, Zhao Hai look at that electric eel does said : what thing front have?” That electric eel will really speak, his immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, front is a very strange flower, I am a small fish time, feeling in that flower side very comfortable, therefore has stayed in good colored side.” Zhao Hai said : „a flower? You say a flower?” That electric eel should said : be Young Master, is a flower, is very big, very attractive flower!” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : leads me to have a look.” The electric eel has complied with one, turn around swims away toward inside, Zhao Hai saw very much that flower that the electric eel said. Saw that flower, Zhao Hai was shocked, this was one should not the appears in the sea flower, because this unexpectedly was a lotus flower! A lotus flower of very big, blue , the flower petal of entire lotus flower is divided into nine layers, sky blue , very beautiful, what is main, in the middle of this lotus flower unexpectedly is not a seed case of lotus flower, this there is a lotus flower, simply is Nine Ranks lotus seat. Zhao Hai dull look at this lotus flower, he has not thought that really here meets appears this thing, must know the Dao Lotus flower is impossible long in the sea water, is this lotus flower long in the sea water, moreover grows into this type, did this also feel strange? However afterward Zhao Hai was actually happy, he first in this world time saw the lotus flower, on this Continent, therefore similar plants of has plenty on with Earth, but has produced generally variation, on the type with Earth is different, only then this lotus flower Zhao Hai first recognized this is a lotus flower, the colored middle was not the stamen and pistil, but was a seed case of lotus flower. Did Zhao Hai nearby this have this to plant flowers to electric eel said :?”

Electric eel said : did not have Young Master, only then this.” Zhao Hai nodded his immediately to this lotus flower by, making monitor downward search, what he wants to have a look at the below of this lotus flower is. Really, saw a lotus root in following Zhao Hai of lotus flower, this lotus root although only then the arm is thick or thin, is actually clear like yu, looks like the young and fresh-looking is unusual. Zhao Hai does not have immediately to receive in Space the lotus flower, he wants to have a look at this lotus flower the lotus root is long, Zhao Hai bit by bit is looking for the head of this lotus root in there. Zhao Hai transferred for quite a while not to find the head of this lotus root, probably was this lotus root does not have to be the same, very long, the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, has not actually stopped, he thought more and more this lotus flower was uncommon, if other lotus flower had such long lotus root, already grew a piece of lotus pond, that only then this. Thought through side a point, Zhao Hai also received the own heart of not bearing, bit by bit was looking for the head of lotus root in there, he wanted this lotus root, received in Space together with lotus flower together. Transferred for quite a while not to find the head of lotus root in there, but Zhao Hai was actually present an issue, this lotus root probably was extending outward bit by bit, seemed like the entire Bewitching Reefs below grows the lotus root to be the same probably. Had this presently Zhao Hai on excited of in addition, if thinks like him, reason that possibly this Bewitching Reefs here meets appears these i soul, because of the reasons of these lotus roots, if is really such, his these time sorted the treasure. A day passed by, Zhao Hai cannot find the head of lotus root, but he has not given up, he has rested, making Cai'er stare, but he can affirm now, this lotus root really like he thinks, has been covered with entire Bewitching Reefs here, this time they sort the treasure. Next day when used day of time, Zhao Hai finally to find the head of lotus root, Zhao Hai found the head of this lotus root, Zhao Hai has tarried, the head of this lotus root unexpectedly was becomes a circular, then the one layer one layer outside face length, set in the letter of middle lotus flower, the there entire circular middle, then the lotus root was long toward both sides, slowly has formed Tai Ji Yin-Yang fish shape in there, in the positions of these two fish eyes, separately the person was two reefs. This has not calculated that this lotus root is outward, the range is big, moreover these reefs branches also very had the opinion, Zhao Hai carefully looked, that reefs, the lotus root, unexpectedly in having no intention to have composed Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart, but that lotus flower, this chart middle position! The diagram on Zhao Hai dull look at screen, he was startled, he never expected, will see this diagram in here unexpectedly, this diagram he was too familiar, this is in the Chinese culture a unique design.

He cannot help but felt that the mystery of this nature creation, can form a such design in the sea unexpectedly, no wonder the Demon Realm aura must be suppressed, Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart originally is the Daoism unsurpassed [say / way] chart, has doing of restrain to use regarding various Demonic Creature, this chart on long in side of oceanic trench, oceanic trench there Demon Qi naturally will be suppressed by this chart now. Zhao Hai knows that what meaning this chart is, but Laura their actually don’t know, Laura they curious look at this Fig. said : „did Elder Brother Hai, find?” Zhao Hai one recovers, his laughing said : suddenly had found, not only had found, but also found the treasure, fantastic, is really fantastic, HaHaHa!” Laura they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai why such happy, Zhao Hai some little time calm gets down, he to Laura they had not explained that what is Tai Ji Eight Trigrams, that thing was extremely abstruse, has been adding on Zhao Hai is know one but understand half, simply does not have the means to explain. Zhao Hai look at Laura her type type, showed a faint smile said : to be good, no matter that many, I tell you in any case now, we must receive in Space this piece of Bewitching Reefs, entire this piece of Bewitching Reefs received in Space.” Laura they one dull, look at looked at screen one, this piece of Bewitching Reefs area is very big, they light in seeing clearly this piece of reefs have used two days, wants such big piece of thing, received Space? Can this achieve? Zhao Hai also present this issue, his cannot help but knitting the brows head, latter he turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, can receive in Space Bewitching Reefs here?” Cai'er looked at that area, nodded said : „, but Young Master, in that area has one type of special energy to protect probably, only depends on I am incorrect, must let the Bubble also output line.”