Chapter 647 Innate Treasure( asked to subscribe Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er such spoke has gawked, did he turn the head look at Cai'er said : that good fellow in also to lend your strength unexpectedly?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, you did not want underestimated that fellow, he was the ancestor of Myriad Water, in this in the sea, his strength very much, had him to help me, can receive in Space this piece of reefs.” Zhao Hai nodded, turned the hand to grasp Bubble, first made an effort has pinched two, naturally, this with did not have regarding a Bubble point, he will not be painful, regarding Bubble, changed human-shape shape simply no big deal. Bubble one was stressed by Zhao Hai, immediately must their side collect toward Laura, Zhao Hai capture his said : other 1 un runs un to run puts in the fire to roast you, making you turn into boiling water bubble, the point, received front thing to me with Cai'er Space, this thing has big using to me.” Bubble does not dare to offend Zhao Hai, although said that his normally in Space always follows in Laura their side, Zhao Hai not to be willing to manage him, if Zhao Hai were angry, he is afraid, because currently his in the body had Space Law, if Zhao Hai wants to tidy up him, but is a thought matter, a thought he will disappear, his strength will actually not vanish, will not only give birth to Bubble, that is not he. Bubble does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback flatters to Zhao Hai said : Young Master feel relieved, so long as Young Master has a need for me, in the water in the water, in the fire the fire urges to go faster!” Zhao Hai has tapped own head, feels a little headache, before his real don’t know this Bubble, what is dull where is, flatters to pat such is suitable? However Zhao Hai no matter also that many, Zhao Hai turned the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, starts.” Cai'er has complied with one, turns the head to Bubble said : Bubble, the water used imprisoning there, making there turn into a whole, then I in receive in him Space.” Bubble one hear of Cai'er said that immediately/on horseback complied with said : originally is this small matter, early said that this was too simple.” Said that Bubble personal appearance flashes exited from Blade-Scales Whale within the body, Zhao Hai they have also arrived at Blade-Scales Whale mouth there outward look at. Sees Bubble to flutter in there, a round body whirling revolution, said loudly: Myriad Water submits, concentrates!” Said that his voice, Zhao Hai presently Bewitching Reefs there that piece of sea region lived the astonishing change, gave people a hard time the Bewitching Reefs there water, suddenly probably solidify, the water plant in water , the small fish was not swimming, stopped in there, probably was iced sealing up, but Zhao Hai actually knows, that not by Frozen, but water solidify lived, has not tied turn into ice.

Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Bubble really also has these two, this fellow normally not proper type, Zhao Hai also like Laura them, but regards a pet him, a mischievous child is the same, simply has not thought he has such strong ability. Cai'er looked at Bubble to complete, her also immediately/on horseback said : received!” Sees huge Space rift fierce appears , like a big pocket, fiercely has covered! Received in that piece of sea region Space directly, has received the underground about ten meters deeply, took in Space including the seabed rock layer one layer. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, this do not put in the sea, put side of villa to be good, opened an out-of-the-way place, the preparation put this.” Cai'er has complied with one, left piece of big pond in nearby nn of villa, has given Bewitching Reefs this place, moreover Cai'er has also thought means that she directs from ocean there through underground rock small dn this sea water this big pond, then in pond side saw small hole, bled off the sea water, such this pond turned into the running water. Bewitching Reefs just entered Space, Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently Innate Treasure, agrees without consultation the Daoism highest good, including Law of the Heaven and Earth, Space in Level Up, Space presently is six ten 5th level, Host officially achieves God Rank Expert, may use among Heaven and Earth at will energy, this valuable Level Up, looks at the Host many efforts.” Zhao Hai stares, is then wild with joy, he has not thought that this thing was actually thought by Space is Innate Treasure, but changed mind one to want also to feel relaxed, this truly was a Innate treasure, natural creation this type, truly was agrees without consultation the principle of Heaven and Earth in inside, this harvest was really too huge. Moreover Zhao Hai can feel, in Space evaluates the God Rank standard not quite to be probably same as outside, God Rank Expert that in Space depends on, fears compared with outside God Rank Expert is stronger on many. However what Zhao Hai is somewhat accidental, this Space Level Up, had not said that lets Undead Creature and these Magic Beast Level Up, was only Space Level Up, his Level Up, other did not have what change. Zhao Hai thinks that general guessed correctly the reason, before no matter God's Blood or Core, can take directly can let person Level Up, but this piece of Bewitching Reefs is actually not, he is the one type of treasure, but his precious place lies, his inside includes Law of the Heaven and Earth, this Law is needs the person to comprehend, did not mean that like God Rank and Core, ate has been able Level Up, therefore Space did not have Level Up Magic Beast and these Undead Creature.

Thought through this point, Zhao Hai has cannot help but laughed, these time obtains the treasure, what was main, this treasure can Level Up, how although Zhao Hai don’t know this treasure with come Level Up unexpectedly now, but regarding Zhao Hai, only then there is this treasure, he will certainly find the Level Up method. But Zhao Hai nn leaves such big sound, Luo Ying their impossible don’t know, now Luo Ying they arrived by Zhao Hai Blade-Scales Whale, that big hole before dull look at Zhao sea surface, this time they experience fierce location of Zhao Hai, one must vanish to nn Bewitching Reefs this big piece of region unexpectedly. Zhao Hai also present Luo Ying they, he transferred to turn the head to Luo Ying to show a faint smile said : general, just had sorry, just under present here what's the matter, here actually has Magic Formation that forms naturally, very dangerous, therefore below here eradicating.” Luo Ying one recovers, her deep looked at Zhao Hai one, she saw the happy expression from the face of Zhao Hai, although her don’t know here what's the matter, but she can affirm that Zhao Hai obtained certainly the advantage in here, but Zhao Hai obtained any advantage, Luo Ying had not asked that this is unimportant regarding her, even if there has in the big advantage can be what kind, places there Sea Race these many years not to have nn understand what's the matter, in putting there is also Bai Fang, if Zhao Hai obtains the advantage from here, that to is a good deed, moreover for Sea Race except one. Hidden danger. Luo Ying bowed said : to congratulate mister to Zhao Hai, thanked mister, for our Sea Race except a hidden danger.” Zhao Hai one hear of Luo Ying said that stares slightly, then shows a faint smile said : general not to need to be polite to Luo Ying.” He has set actually upright the thumb to Luo Ying, Luo Ying worthily was the person who was the general, but through observing word view can affirm that he obtained the treasure, great. Luo Ying one hear of Zhao Hai had not denied that to is some happy, this on behalf of Zhao Hai few is an honest person, she smiles said : mister to come along with me, I told mister the method of technique of Water Refining.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, general invited.” Said that command(er) Blade-Scales Whale, is walking toward green Long Zhan spiral there with Luo Ying. To the green Long Zhan spiral , after several people sat down, Zhao Hai smiles said : not to think that has alarmed the general, that Bewitching Reefs there, was actually natural production Magic Formation, this Magic Formation also don’t know was any use, I planned that the belt went back research well, was right, previous time forgot to tell the general, oceanic trench there, was actually because under had Demon Realm Magic Beast Core, these devil octopuses were because polluting will turn into a that type by these Demon Realm Magic Beast Core, now that Core has been given to destroy by me, these devil. The octopus was also given to seize by me, later there in having the matter, invited general feel relieved.” Luo Ying knit the brows said : mister saying that oceanic trench there is Demon Realm Magic Beast Core? Is this Demon Realm copes with our Sea Race yin stratagem.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : now I unable to affirm that Core in Demon Realm is also a treasure, Demon Realm should not hate to place here? However this matter also has no alternative but to guard, later you must add carefully, if there is a matter that anything could not solve, immediately told me, I tried to find the solution, gathered our everyone/Great Clan strength, must before the attack of God Race and Demon Race, stabilizes our interior well, prepared dozen of major battles.” Luo Ying nodded, takes a beast skin volume, before handing Zhao sea surface, said : good, mister, this gives you, this is our Mermaid Race the technique of Water Refining, hopes that can be useful to mister, was mister this prepares Continent? Your Majesty also asked you to see her.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to ask general feel relieved to be good, I will certainly see Your Majesty, after all before , I complied, doesn't the general go back with our together?” Luo Ying shook the head said : I unable to go back now, the here has plenty matter I did not have processing to play.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, we rest for day in here, tomorrow go to Mermaid Island there, after waiting to see Your Majesty, immediately returned to Continent.” Luo Ying nodded said : well, mister these days was laborious, rests.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands to Luo Ying gave a salute, turn around walks. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, immediately opened the beast skin volume, carefully looked, his technique to this Water Refining was really too curious. The technique of this Water Refining is not quite long, inside aspect is also not very difficult, in the method of this Water Refining, difficult, only then two points, one is the request to the water, the method of this Water Refining regarding the request of water very high, the quality of water is good, weapon and thing that also exceed builds up is good. But the second point regarding the control aspect of water, the technique of this Water Refining regarding the control request of water very high, even if general Water element Magic Formation answers does not want the low request of technique of Water Refining.