Chapter 648 is startled changes( asks to subscribe However simply of these two difficult regarding Zhao Hai are not the issue, the quality high water, has Bubble, Zhao Hai was not worried, to water control, but also who can meet the control water compared with Bubble? Besides this point, the Water Refining also characteristics, are slow, what the technique and Fire Refining technique of Water Refining are different, this method was too slow, the Fire Refining method can use the fire, the metal or its thing to refining, has then hit or other methods after the hammer, making these thing inside impurity vanish. But the technique of Water Refining is the same with the truth of technique of Fire Refining, some that but the technique of Fire Refining adds, but the technique of Water Refining is to actually use the good water, bit by bit refining of impurity in object from the object, naturally, this process wanted the very strict standard regarding water control, if not good to water control, that refining thing on will destroy, in impurity is comes out by refining, that will also destroy the material structure, that thing also on has more than enough, the method of technique of this Water Refining on is must in the material impurity elimination, but. The material construction actually does not change, strong/sturdy that can only add. But the technique of Water Refining with the technique of different place Fire Refining is, the technique of Water Refining almost can build up the myriad things, but like the technique of Fire Refining, some thing cannot build up. Actually Human Race also meets the techniques of some Water Refining, looks like some wooden spear shaft/gun barrel, these spear shaft/gun barrel must use the oil bath before share, but must follow the multi-channel procedure, latter can obtain qualified spear shaft/gun barrel, if actually, this is also the technique of one type of Water Refining with, but is the method of using is different, Sea Race the technique of Water Refining, removes impurity in material, but Human Race technique of the Water Refining is some join thing, by tenacity that wooden spear shaft/gun barrel adds. But in Sea Race also Human Race the method obtained model, they when use the technique of Water Refining, the tenacity that also some join different materials in the different materials, will let build up thing that adds. After the Zhao Hai one breath the technique of this Water Refining looks, is really relaxed, the technique of this Water Refining also was really the one type of great clear(ly), actually Zhao Hai believes that this method Human Race can also use, just the successful probability met very low, the method of purify water they can obtain with the method of distillation, but control water energy achieved the person of request is very short. However reason that these regarding Zhao Hai are not the issue, the Sea Race person the technique of bright this Water Refining, is weapon that because they do not want to produce by Human Race there, thing that therefore the technique of this Water Refining uses, majority is in Sea Race produces, but in Zhao Hai Space several pieces of seas, regarding him, are just right with the technique of Water Refining. Laura looked at Zhao Hai to look, this said : Elder Brother Hai, you did not want in a soft voice anxiously, all right, God Race has now.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he knows that Laura this is comforting him, but his can not be anxious, now looked like Radiant Church and Dragon Race movement was getting more and more frequent, the date of God Race motion feared that was not far.

Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but lightly shouted the tone, turned the head to walk to Laura said :, we went to transfer the extension, relaxed the nerve, came back rest well, tomorrow goes to Mermaid Island.” Laura they naturally cannot oppose that walks with Zhao Hai together outward. Unknowingly, several people arrived at that to put Bewitching Reefs big pond there, now there did not call any Bewitching Reefs, Zhao Hai had known as Tai Ji Pond. In Zhao Hai look at Tai Ji Pond the lotus flower of Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart and that any change of that natural production, unconscious calm unexpectedly, his let out a long breath, the look at that nine layers lotus flower, has not smiled at heart suddenly, he remembers, when Earth, always listened to the person to say what Nine Ranks lotus seat saw one unexpectedly, was not saying, this lotus seat must be able evolution, to bit by bit was raising? suddenly Zhao Hai has thought the one type of method in the technique of Water Refining mentioning, the technique of Water Refining almost can build up the myriad things, Sea Race has also performed the experiment, was when some animal or plants were also living, used the technique of Water Refining for them, although this ratio thing for dying with on the technique of difficult several fold Water Refining, so long as succeeded the effect is very good, only then has used Magic Beast or plants of technique of Water Refining, compared with high of level on many, was evolution. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one brightly, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Bubble.” He just said that Bubble swayingly ran up to nearby him said : Young Master, you called me.” Zhao Hai nodded, here Water Refining a method to Bubble said :, how my a while will make Cai'er tell you to do, then Cai'er makes you perform the experiment to you provide some living plants and Stone, when you completely mastered the Water Refining method, you live to me in this Tai Ji Pond, inside all thing, the lotus flower, the lotus root, inside Stone, the water plant, the small fish, all thing, uses the method refinement of this Water Refining to you, so long as I do not say stop, you have built up to me, listen to understand not?” That thinks that Bubble actually said : Young Master, this above character I knew, does Cai'er to teach me, the small girl was too hateful, I do not need him to teach, I can study.” Zhao Hai one hear, has gawked, then puzzled look at Bubble said : Bubble, will you know the character? Whose does j give you?” Bubble shook the head said : my also don’t know, I only know, place that I am literate, stems from a place with these woman that I change, but specific in there, my actually don’t know.” Zhao Hai look at Bubble said : „couldn't your point think?”

Bubble nodded said : Young Master, I only remember these woman, will know the character, other I could not think.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, his understand what's the matter, latter only must bear has given Bubble said : that beast skin volume that well, you well has a look at this thing, has remembered, must try in building up thing in this pond, if you dare to build up to me thing in this pond badly, I fire the boiling water you, boiled may sub drink.” Bubble shivered with fright, nodded hastily said : is, Young Master feel relieved, I complete certainly.” Said that dug up in that piece of beast skin volume carefully to look, before long gained ground to Zhao Hai said : well Young Master, but I experimented to refer to first grasping.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, looks for thing that the point enables him to experiment to Bubble, with good thing, do not wait till him completely to grasp, can make him enter Tai Ji Pond.” Cai'er has complied with one, looked at Bubble one, shows a faint smile, actually frightening turn around runs Bubble, runs while said : Young Master, I looked have been OK, did not use her, I will not destroy thing.” Cai'er coldly snorted, yelled that said : you just unexpectedly dare to call my daughter, but also dares to say me to be hateful, smelly Bubble, you died, we slightly fired the boiling water...... two more to run you are farther, latter is not far the trace. Zhao Hai look at they two types, he he the chuckle, Laura was actually white Zhao Hai said : is you, your present Cai'er also studies your type, said that must fire the boiling water Bubble, he he, but I looked that Bubble did not fear really turned into any boiling water.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I naturally to know, but the Bubble xin too skin slid, this is small you no matter, if he is selecting, he moves to be disinclined, ok, making Cai'er tube well he good, these were small, has not feared Cai'er.” Laura they have also smiled, Cai'er unifies with Space deeply, therefore looks like Bubble, Mu'er, is actually the Cai'er tube, but Cai'er normally also likes enjoying noisily, they give to tidy up Bubble honest. Mu'er normally follows in the Zhao Hai side, Cai'er to seize nn not to arrive at him, in adding on Mu'er also appears very calm, regarding Cai'er seizes nn to remain unmoved, therefore Cai'er does not like seizing nn Mu'er, to is Bubble, this fellow is rascal xin, how Cai'er seizes nn he, he refuses to accept, on the mouth does not concede, this makes Cai'er like seizing nn he. However their relationship to do not become because of this not good, conversely, among them relationship is good, Cai'er likes playing in together with Bubble, Bubble also likes staying with Cai'er in together.

Lizzy look at that pool said : Elder Brother Hai, do you let Bubble refining this pool? Can be good? This thing is a treasure, God Rank Magic Beast Core, but made Space rise 1st level, but this pool was one makes Space rise 5th level, if built up really badly, that wasn't a pity?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have anything to be a pity that this possibly is this thing evolution sole means that ok, did not think that many, so long as let Bubble carefully, I want by his controlling water technology, should not to have the issue.” Lizzy did not say anything, this Tai Ji Pond and that lotus flower, were extremely were really strange, how Zhao Hai their simply don’t know this thing was, why will turn into this type, therefore they also only could try with this method now, if really success, then regarding them, may really be a big good deed, their in hand were also many efficient instrument. In this time, suddenly Cai'er was running over, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Grandfather Kun looks for you, has probably the type of urgent matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, personal appearance flashes arrived in the Kun office, Kun looked at Zhao Hai to come out, the facial expression that on the face worried relaxed, his immediately arrived around Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, has had an accident, left the important matter.” Zhao Hai said : how has Grandfather Kun, had an accident?” Kun sighed said : important matter, in yesterday, Ocean Waves Dynasty King suddenly announced that remised Radiant Church the throne, from now henceforth changed name to call to teach the country brightly, the nation passed through believes in Radiant God, the force corps that also in yesterday, Dragon Race suddenly attack Lyon Empire, in Lyon Empire on Continent had become famous, Magic Beast Cavalry, suddenly revolted completely, only one day of time, Lyon Empire was broken through by Dragon Race, Dragon Race changed name to call Saint Dragon King Lyon Empire toward, announced that with taught the country to form an alliance brightly, now Dragon Race already control Lyon Empire throughout, Radiant Church also control Ocean Waves Dynasty throughout.”