Chapter 649 Dragon Race must extinguish! Zhao Hai dull look at Kun, his head a short time has not responded that this information really extremely in shocking, Zhao Hai felt resembled some people's detonate in own head an original ball, exploded his all thought does not have. This information was really too astonishing, after Zhao Hai wants to solve the Sea Race here matter, coped with Dragon Race, first gave to wipe out a hand of God Race, then in tidying up Radiant Church slowly. However he has not thought that Radiant Church and Dragon Race such moved unexpectedly, moreover one has taken two big Empire on Continent, Ocean Waves Dynasty that was needless saying that Continent fifth largest Empire, although was small one, but was known as the navy to be invincible, was not Bai, in several king Imperial Court, only then Ocean Waves Dynasty navy, because of their Empire three surrounding seas, domestic water transportation industry also for reached. However Zhao Hai does not care regarding their marine powers, now he with Sea Race is the ally, Ocean Waves Dynasty is known as the navy to be invincible, that also called in Human Race, in front of Sea Race you said that two tried and ensure tomorrow Ocean Waves Dynasty did not have a ship to go to sea. But Lyon Empire not so is simple, Lyon Empire was known as that the Continent second largest powerful nation, their strength very formidable, strong is they and Accra Mountain very close, can therefore from there nn to wild Magic Beast of mass, then carry on to teach, latter group one team of Magic Beast Cavalry. Cavalry that wild Magic Beast composes, be much fiercer than Cavalry that breeding Magic Beast composes, therefore Lyon Empire Magic Beast Cavalry, on Continent is formidable that became famous, actually there thinks that now was extinguished the country unexpectedly also because of this formidable Cavalry. Zhao Hai slowly calm, his static ponder this matter to the consequence that he causes is being anything, before he can cope with Dragon Race, because Dragon Race was only the legend lived in Accra Mountain at that time, even if will be Zhao Hai extinguishes Dragon Race will not have any matter. However now Dragon Race has actually taken over control of entire Lyon Empire, they are the Lyon Empire kings, in this case, Zhao Hai, if in wants to cope with Dragon Race, must face entire Lyon Empire. Zhao Hai does not believe that Lyon Empire, because these Magic Beast revolt, one was captured by Dragon Race, then fell into Dragon Race under the hand/subordinate, will shake hand Empire not to be simple. Dragon Race can smooth taking over Lyon Empire, be cannot separate with the help of Lyon Empire domestic these Noble, in other words, actually Dragon Race and Radiant Church, already control Lyon Empire, but reveals now.

Then has troubled, if Zhao Hai in wants to cope with Dragon Race, he must make war with Lyon Empire, what is main, through this matter, Zhao Hai has also thought one type of result, is that Radiant Church and Dragon Race such does for what? God Race must attack, therefore they can control these two Empire, prepare to God Race prepare two stopping over places. Kun looked that Zhao Hai quite a while has not spoken, his then said : present Ocean Waves Dynasty and Lyon Empire vanished, moreover Buddha Empire is also in two converging attack, now Dragon Race public appears on Continent, several big Empire on Continent is flustered, because before Dragon Race, has had the invincible name, therefore their in appears , regarding several big Empire on Continent, affects suddenly is very big, moreover they and Radiant Church form an alliance, has to do to use regarding the morale promotion of Radiant Church very much.” Did Zhao Hai nod, turns the head „the response of present Rosen Empire there to Kun said : to be what kind of? How do they prepare to deal with this matter?” Kun forced smile said : „can also be what kind, now does not think that control of recognize Dragon Race to Lyon Empire is not good, moreover Rosen Empire they do not dare to offend Dragon Race, after all Dragon Race wins great reputation, moreover whether or not grown Giant Dragon, they will fly, in this case, Rosen Empire they also can only recognize Saint Dragon King toward and teach the status of country's brightly.” Zhao Hai pats the table, solid wood small table at the scene by Zhao Hai patting a smashing, he clenches teeth said : Radiant Church, Dragon Race, I will not let off your.” What to do does Kun sigh said : now we? I suspected that this matter is the prelude of God Race invasion, if this is really the case, our troubles were big.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also such to suspect that now is main, was calling before God Race has not invaded, first Dragon Race extinguishing, has otherwise made Dragon Race fight steadily the heel, is adding on the Dragon Race fame, their two next converging attack, Buddha Empire was dangerous.” Kun nodded said : „the present looks like, the attack of God Race will momentarily come, we want to hide unable to hide, that was calling they have not come time, the line Dragon Race extinguishing, was then extinguishing Radiant Church, other later were saying.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head now you first do not move to Kun said :, when our information, I prepare Mermaid Race Queen there, asking him to help, the first anti- Ocean Waves Dynasty navy extinguishing, having made them not have the means to support Lyon Empire, then however was tidying up Dragon Race.” Kun nodded, Zhao Hai turns, in the hand left a bottle, in this bottle is Message Fish, he has given Kun Message Fish, said to Kun usage, has put then out two bottles, has also given Kun these two bottles, these two bottles are Blockhead and Stone preparation, Zhao Hai asked Kun to give them these two Message Fish.

Kun surprised look at these three Message Fish, he has not thought really that in this world will really have such thing, but he to is very happy, had this thing, after them, contacts on in addition facilitated. Kun they have oneself Space Bag, therefore Zhao Hai did not use in external do not prepare Space Bag to them, these Message Fish can place in Space Bag, for this reason Zhao Hai also specially made Bubble pay attention, if who has put in Message Fish Space Bag, but also some people looked for him, that Bubble must remind his through Space, but Zhao Hai said that only if were én, otherwise Message Fish was not outside outside for good. After Kun these, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, they have sent to Message Fish to Green, not only Green, Black Wasteland there, Steward of each village, with the people of all some status, Zhao Hai has prepared Message Fish to them, why this is also Zhao Hai to the present Message Fish to the reason that Green they send, because this Message Fish quantity was really too big. This Message Fish volume is not very big, Zhao Hai to let them adapts to outside life, but also let Cai'er specially these Message Fish within the body further shrink, these Message Fish that now the straight sea takes, but only then on the pinky of person two were so long with the joint. After because passed through Space multiple Level Up transform, Message Fish almost can save in any water comes forth, very good supports. Treated this matter j, Zhao Hai immediately went to Dwarf Race there \; first, to deliver Message Fish, two said the Dragon Race Radiant Church movement to Billy. Zhao Hai these time in having scruples that many, directly on appears , in that Dwarf Race has given in the storehouse that he prepares, when Zhao Hai comes out from that storehouse, defends Dwarf Race outside storehouse first is one startled, then the great happiness, immediately ran to give Billy to notify, but Zhao Hai has not stopped, directly on the Billy office. Billy is also being the Radiant Church Dragon Race matter worries now, Radiant Church and motion of Dragon Race this suddenly, to they have brought very in the attack, before them, that plan complete hit 1 un, they wanted show slowly before, when God Race army came, they were making war with God Race, but now looks like, this plan feared that was very difficult to realize Radiant Church and Dragon Race this motion, what obvious on is presently, they will be not by the Dwarf Race relieved show. Radiant Church there has had the relation with God Realm, they are certain very clear Dwarf Race naturally with the Main Force race that the god makes to fight, therefore Radiant Church is impossible to let off Dwarf Race, now the motion of Radiant Church and Dragon Race started, how they possibly do not extend to Dwarf Race. Is entering in this, outside suddenly some people of incoming telegrams, said that Zhao Hai came, the Billy great happiness, now needs Zhao Hai to act, Zhao Hai appears was too prompt.

Billy just about to greets Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai appears in the Billy office, Billy looked at Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback said : fantastic Little Hai, you came, sits.” Zhao Hai nodded, sits down to Billy said : Patriarch, should you know the motion of Radiant Church and Dragon Race? What kind of? Does Dragon Race have to contact with you?” Billy shook the head said : not to have, ten points suddenly that their these time moves, will look at a sample they possibly not to contact with us, now what to do do you look at us to?” Zhao Hai nodded said : you anything not to need to manage first, pressed such did before has been OK, your interior wanted to be tense, prepared to meet head-on at any time, I think that Radiant Church and Dragon Race person did not contact with you, possibly because of my reason, they possibly also because this aims at you, therefore you were certainly careful.” Billy nodded, but he that Dragon Race and Radiant Church matter to Zhao Hai said : what to do? Only can such look at?” Zhao Hai sneers to is beautiful that said : they are thinking, it seems like that this time I must use my true strength, must extinguish Dragon Race was keeping them, eventually is a disaster!” Billy one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then great happiness said : „do you really want to cope with Dragon Race? That is counted us, our Dwarf Race will always not fear the fight.” The Zhao Hai look at Billy type, shows a faint smile said : present not to need you to participate in the fight, but I also really have a matter to want you to help, signed on this thing, gets the mark of your Dwarf Race to be OK.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out a beast skin volume, has given Billy. Billy received beast skin to curl, looked at an above content, cannot help but slightly stares, but his immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, this character I sign, was right, I thought that your this thing feels better several days to take, after living the Dragon Race matter, I with the jin Spirit Race connection, have believed that their this time will not have been towing, will have much to reply, in wait a moment their echoes how?”