Chapter 650 has a look at them is anything responded The truth, Zhao Hai to this jin Spirit Race, really does not catch cold, must help them restore Divine Artifact, is they? Waited for such long time not to reply in writing, this lukewarm water same style, was makes Zhao Hai speechless to the extreme. However if jin Spirit Race had the response, then to Zhao Hai, absolutely is a good deed, therefore Zhao Hai nodded said : also well, that and other jin Spirit Race there had information my a while to go to Beastman Race there, making Beast King also sign in this beast skin volume, Sea Race there, so long as you related jin Spirit Race, used this to inform me.” Said that Zhao Hai put out Message Fish to give Billy, and told the Billy this Message Fish usage. Billy to Message Fish to is curious tight, on Continent never has appears such thing, he is sizing up small fish of that swimming all around curiously in the glass jar, turns the head this thing to Zhao Hai said : to speak to you really directly?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally to be OK, not only can speak to me directly, he can also make you in other people with your clan speak directly, my here Message Fish now are not many, gives ten, you can apportion the office worker in your clan him, like this you relate conveniently also in some.” Said that Zhao Hai put out ten bottles to give Billy, Billy great happiness has met. Zhao Hai also discussed with Billy several, do not have anything actually, but told Billy, let their do not have any movement, all with original same good, but must alert the line in secret, this leave Dwarf Race, went to Beastman Prairie. Zhao Hai arrived at Beast Palace directly, after previous Zhao Hai walked, the Beast Palace there person was under the order of Beast King, later Zhao Hai came, can not use the circular, calls on directly, the procedure that but Zhao Hai do not walk walked, he went to outside registration office there to carry on the registration first, then entered under registering the there person's leadership entered Beast Palace. Beast King had not heard that now Continent there information, after all Prairie here was far from Continent too, information is impossible such to pass to Prairie to come up, therefore his suddenly appears accident very to Zhao Hai, but he welcomed the living room to sit Zhao Hai. They sit down, Beast King did immediately/on horseback you come to Zhao Hai said :? Accident sentiment of?” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : to have an accident, is the important matter, Ocean Waves Dynasty in yesterday, suddenly announced that has given Radiant Church the throne, now Ocean Waves Dynasty did not exist, was changed clear(ly) to teach the country by Radiant Church brightly, official by Radiant Church control, but Dragon Race also in yesterday, suddenly comes out from Acretoaei Yashan, extinguished Lyon Empire Imperial Clan at one fell swoop, official has established Saint Dragon King toward, simultaneously formed an alliance with Radiant Church.”

Beast King stares, then two faces change, as soon as he listens to immediately understand this on behalf of anything, he cannot help but has stood, walked two in the room, this turned the head „to extinguish Dragon Race to Zhao Hai said :, their reputations have been making a sound, the Human Race there kingdom, feared that heard their names, the courage first fell three points, such this weaponry had no way to hit.” Zhao Hai somewhat accidental look at Beast King, he has not thought that Beast King one has thought the key of matter, he nodded said : well, I am also such plan, this time I come do not inform your this matter, must remind you, you are certainly careful, Radiant Church possibly because my coped with you, they currently have the help of Dragon Race, can at any time carries on attack to you, therefore you must strengthen the alert.” Beast King nodded, turns the head to cope with Dragon Race to Zhao Hai said :, wants us to dispatch troops?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need, I can solve them, but you must sign in this above.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out that beast skin volume. Beast King read a that beast skin volume, has signed the name above, has gotten the Beast Race unique mark, in this beast skin volume writes is not special thing, but wrote Radiant Church and God Race relationship above, but also wrote God Race and Magic Beast ambition above, this thing was Zhao Hai gives on Continent major Empire the Patriarch preparations of various King and Great Clan, he prepared by Beastman Race, Dwarf Race, Sea Race, jin Spirit Race to be signed above, then took to give various these King and Great Clan Patriarch looks, by their understand, they must. What faces is what result, what they must cope is what enemy! The procedure of Beast King to Zhao Hai to approves of, he is one generation of King, his very clear, Radiant Church and Dragon Race these time begins for anything, it seems like God Race must begin, therefore Zhao Hai also has to moving does to be ahead of time, he prepares to take this beast skin Zheng, looks to various countries' King, lets on Continent various clans, performs cheerful alliance to get up, Great Tribulation that the common resistance will already arrive. Looked at Beast King to sign character, Zhao Hai has put out the Message Fish bottle to give Beast King, explained to him use, then put out 20 Message Fish to give Beast King, Beast King nature very happy, although said that Beastman Race had Hawk Clan to transmit information, but compared with Message Fish, actually fell far short. Handled the Beastman Race there matter, Zhao Hai this returned to Space, but Laura they are waiting for Zhao Hai in Space, to be honest, they also by this information shaking dizzy, do not know at once did not know what to do. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura immediately moved forward to meet somebody, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we now what to do? Extinguished Dragon Race really directly?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : Dragon Race to extinguish, keeps them to damage too in a big way, their bodies in formidable, the strength are too extremely strong, originally should not appears in this world, they also hire oneself now God Race, in the basic Sea Race there clan history record, in the past God Race with various clan wars, Dragon Race was their Vanguard armed forces, can say that with several clan genuine wars, was Dragon Race, that God Race person, make a move several times, latter was only injured by Divine Artifact of three clans draws back returned to God Realm to go, Dragon Race this honest, a such race, was keeping them. Does.” Laura also nodded, these she who Zhao Hai knows is also knows that in the past although said that is several big race and God Race wars, but God Race only sent a person to get down after all, actually with Main Force of several big race wars was Dragon Race and their under the hand/subordinate Inferior Dragon Race person, was some Magic Beast and some Human Race rebels, God Race that Expert true make a move opportunity very few, therefore Zhao Hai must extinguish Dragon Race is also understandable. Did Laura nod said : when that we to begin?” Currently Laura is very confident, in Zhao Hai Space, is only 9th level Undead Creature, currently fully has several million, this makes 9th level Undead Creature together begin, even if Dragon Race strength formidable , was extinguished a way. Zhao Hai thinks that said : first is not anxious, lets Dragon Race proud several days, after I must attain the jin Spirit Race Sea Race signature, is beginning, snort|hum, fears anything, Dragon Fang Radiant Church just obtained two countries in any case now, they will then find the way to live in the domestic situation stably, we have are the time.” Laura they nodded, although said that these two national Radiant Church and Dragon Race have almost not moved any hand on control, but they were also only control Noble of this two countries, in this both countries also had massive commoner they not to have means control, although saying that both countries have not lived the war, but flustered cannot avoid, the light was stabilizes the situation also to need some time. If other influence suddenly extinguished Lyon Empire, Rosen Empire and Buddha Empire will certainly dispatch troops, even if not extinguish the opposite party, profits also yes, what because extinguished Lyon Empire is Dragon Race, therefore Buddha Empire Rosen Empire these time has not dispatched troops, recognize that but passes rule of Dragon Race to Lyon Empire. Why this is also Zhao Hai must eliminate the Dragon Race reason! Reputation of Dragon Race on Continent was too big, is known as invincibly, all races fought them first to fear three points, but when Dragon Race the reputation, in the past was actually helping God Race with various clan wars remained, although these many years passed by, on Continent Human Race history already changed have looked awful, but the Dragon Race invincible reputation has actually handed down. However looks like in Zhao Hai, this matter is Radiant Church is possibly done, they changed the Human Race history, only has actually left behind the Dragon Race legend, like this, they early had yin to seek.

Therefore Zhao Hai must extinguish Dragon Race \; first, except a disaster, two breaks a God Race arm, three must let person understand on Continent, Dragon Race is not invincible, their invincibilities, but blows. Naturally, if not Zhao Hai appears , Dragon Race also really can steady for invincible, after all their strengths are placed in there, they not only fighting strength is extraordinary, but also body formidable, can fly, such race is almost on Continent the nightmares of all putting. However was a pity that now on Continent appears Zhao Hai, that Dragon Race has also wanted to guarantee their invincible reputations, is almost impossible, Zhao Hai will not comply. How although has decided to do, but Zhao Hai has planned carefully, the matter that oneself present handles had anything to reveal dn, he does not hope that in having any situation, destroyed his plan suddenly. Careful has thought that presently nothing, Zhao Hai this feel relieved, actually Zhao Hai also understand, even if God Race hits him not to need to fear that at the worst he received these races on Continent Space, now Space here had lord Space, 20 Space, secure has governed on Continent all races not to be a problem. Because has such assurance, therefore Zhao Hai dares to with God Race do against, so long as there is Space, Zhao Hai believes that they can certainly defeat God Race. Has rested one day later, next day Zhao Hai said good-bye Luo Ying, put up Blade-Scales Whale to leave toward Mermaid Island, Zhao Hai has not used the strength of Space to go to Mermaid Island directly, he wants to use these days, wait a moment jin Spirit Race there information, same Sea Race there after knowing this information was anything responded.