Chapter 651 shakes mermaid Queen Beastman Race and Dwarf Race there Zhao Hai was not worried that Zhao Hai helped them fix Divine Artifact, for them had great kindness, therefore Zhao Hai can the earliest possible time look for them, told them own plan. But jin Spirit Race there, Zhao Hai somewhat is in doubt, don’t know jin Spirit Race is the inborn xin standard is lukewarm, there is other reason, will make them drag to tow the matter, therefore Zhao Hai and other responses of jin Spirit Race there, he did not fear that jin Spirit Race will tell Dragon Race this information, even if told has given what kind, in Ark Continent here, nobody is the Zhao Hai match. But regarding Sea Race, Zhao Hai is also very feel relieved, Sea Race also has the big enmity with God Race, revolting 1 un in this Sea Race also with Radiant Church and Dragon Race has separation relationship, therefore Zhao Hai to them is very feel relieved. However Zhao Hai also knows that Sea Race these years work are always very careful, otherwise their nn will not leave sea god Merchant Union to come up to Continent, they can certainly through sea god Merchant Union know that Dragon Race and Radiant Church sound, what response Zhao Hai wants to have a look at Sea Dragon after knowing this matter will have. Must know that regarding these big races, does not have what hatred cannot untie, their anything matter can do for the benefit, if Sea Race thinks really the God Race potential is big, perhaps will not be forming an alliance with Zhao Hai. Beastman Race and Dwarf Race there has Divine Artifact, they know, even if in God Realm, their beasts is also hostile with the Radiant Church Faith god, therefore they impossible to cooperate with Radiant Church for the benefit , helping Radiant Church, therefore Zhao Hai to their complete feel relieved. But Sea Race here Zhao Hai did not understand that what relationship in saying the Sea Race god in God Realm there and Radiant Church Faith god is, because Dwarf Race there had almost not participated in the War of the Gods record about Sea Race in the past, therefore Zhao Hai somewhat is in doubt, wants to have a look at Sea Race after knowing this information is anything responded. Zhao Hai walks, daytime does not hurry along, in the evening rest as usual, but he is also paying attention to the sound on Continent through the Space time, now Kun they could very skilled use Message Fish, this several days Zhao Hai also hold the dialog through Message Fish with them, this arrives is lets several people of excited not by. But those who make Zhao Hai not think, he now human spirit in Sea Race unexpectedly also very high, that several j war, these Sea Race people may watch, their very clear, this time Sea Race revolting 1 un, almost in the in hand still of Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai is hurrying along this several days, no matter runs into the there Sea Race person, they very polite entertainment Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai will be very enthusiastic, to be nn Zhao Hai some embarrassed, has given their some Human Race commonly used thing as the gift, and has decided some matters of commercial cooperation with them. Sea Race although is almost self-sufficient, but can have some wonderful thing, thing that is also nobody can Zhao Hai that opposes to need, they have almost, in Sea Race everywhere is, is not extraordinary thing, can cooperate with Zhao Hai, they are very happy. The Sea Race person likes Human Race bottle, the iron hardware, the wooden article, the cotton material and so on thing, although these thing have attained in Sea Race, life big reduction, but regarding the Sea Race person, actually no big deal, because Zhao Hai needs is also some sea product, regarding the Sea Race person, these thing finds at everywhere, they are grasping of going all out cannot grasp.

Zhao Hai to does not have to think one in Sea Race unexpectedly such popular, must know that this Dark Magician reputation on Continent may not be good, the person on Continent mostly had also heard his name, and few people have contacted with him, now in Human Race there, ordinary commoner hears his name, will be scared, after all he can be a person turned into existence of Undead Creature several hundred thousand people. Zhao Hai from frontline birth Mermaid Island third day, suddenly by one team of Swordfish clansman blocking, this team of Swordfish clansman Zhao Hai did not know, but looks at the type of opposite party probably to his disadvantageous type, Zhao Hai has arrived at the mouth of Blade-Scales Whale slowly, look at these Swordfish clansman, slightly bows said : not to know that what everybody does block below must make?” That Swordfish clan of lead has to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : mister, Queen Your Majesty has the important matter to look for mister, asking mister to go to Mermaid Island.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that nod said : of slightly does not know Your Majesty did have to say was what matter?” The emperor Zhao Hai almost knows that mermaid Queen looks for him for anything, he just intentionally asked. That Swordfish clansman shook the head said : to be unfair to mister, this my real don’t know, Your Majesty had not said that but said invited mister by went to Mermaid Island.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, asking the general to guide.” That Swordfish clansman rubbish, revolution of Mount, swims away toward Mermaid Island presently, Zhao Hai harnesses Blade-Scales Whale to follow. Blade-Scales Whale by does not grow perceptibly in Sea Race, but however Zhao Hai Blade-Scales Whale 9th level Undead Creature, that can result in slowly, now swims, even if cannot drop the Zhao Hai slightest by growing perceptibly Swordfish clansman. The people of these Swordfish clans also felt that being startled, their Swordfish in Sea Race puts by has become famous, they have not thought of Zhao Hai the Undead Creature, can unexpectedly such. His advancing natural ten points, two days later, Zhao Hai they arrived at Mermaid Island, Mermaid Island here not, no matter what the change of insurance, defends island the person of whale clan, the people in these Swordfish islands escort the Mermaid Island surrounding Zhao Hai, on leave, Zhao Hai under the leadership of whale clansman Mermaid Island. After entering the island, Zhao Hai entered several sea turtles, stepped on carrying on the back of island, went to the island through Stone Dn the imperial palace, to turtle clansman [gold/metal] Tai who they guided. After imperial palace, Zhao Hai presently Lola before én of imperial palace waited for Zhao Hai to come to him, Lola immediately welcomed, bowed said : mister to be to Zhao Hai, please, Your Majesty be in wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, entered Great Hall along with Luo Ying. Queen sat in that the special chair on to Zhao to come, the body of Queen cannot help but moved, the fish tail of lower part received, turned into the human foot, the chair of sitting down also turned into the type of ordinary chair.

Then Queen has stood, mister came to Zhao Hai said :, please sit down.” Zhao Hai bows said : to thank Your Majesty to Queen.” Said that they sat on the chair in Great Hall with Laura. Queen this mister these time helped us be busy to Zhao Hai said :, making us be able to still in a short time has revolted 1 un, I thanked mister in here!” Said that bows to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stood to return a courtesy said : Your Majesty to be too polite hastily, has helped below slightly busy, was nothing to speak.” Queen not in polite, stood up the body don’t know mister to know on don’t know Continent to Zhao Hai said : near fresh important matter?” Zhao Hai knows that the proper business came, he has not been hiding the truth from Queen, but nodded said : to know, Dragon Race and Radiant Church simultaneously make a move, control two big Empire on Continent, now they should make their internal situation stabilize diligently.” Queen stares, he has not thought that Zhao Hai actually knows, must know she also just obtained information, moreover obtains information, immediately sent for looking for Zhao Hai, normally Zhao Hai in the sea, was impossible to know that this information was right, but Zhao Hai actually knows that this made the strength of Queen to Zhao Hai have an estimate. She nodded said : this matter, don’t know does mister see this matter? Do we want to make the response?” Zhao Hai one hear of Queen said that was removes the bottom feel relieved, he showed a faint smile said : Your Majesty not to need to be worried to Queen that this matter I had the arrangement, invited Your Majesty feel relieved.” Queen stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : how don’t know does mister prepare to do?” Zhao Hai these days in Sea Race, this point she has been able to affirm that how her don’t know Zhao Hai is in the sea can also contact with outside world, but these are unimportant, everyone has own secret, she wants to know that what arrangement Zhao Hai has made. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this matter also to need the coordination of Your Majesty, prepares to cope with Dragon Race below, therefore wants to ask Your Majesty to help in next busy, enabling the Ocean Waves Dynasty sea boat to support Lyon Empire, the remaining matters can j give me.”

Queen thinks that nodded said : this to arrive is not the difficult matter, but mister has confidence to cope with Dragon Race, Dragon Race is known as invincibly, is not nonsense.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty feel relieved, said below, has certain assurance, reason that now has not begun to Dragon Race below, and other information \; first, to with Your Majesty to discuss that copes with the Ocean Waves Dynasty matter, second and other jin Spirit Race there information, so long as jin Spirit Race there has accurate information to transmit, has gotten through the jin Spirit Race there matter below, immediately will cope with Dragon Race.” Queen one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : well, when mister prepares to begin, so long as informed my one to be OK, I guaranteed full coordinate mister.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : so to thank Your Majesty below, but must ask Your Majesty to help busy, asking Your Majesty to sign in this above.” Said that put out the beast skin volume to give Queen. Queen received the beast skin volume to look at one, on understand Zhao Hai was any meaning above Beastman Race and Dwarf Race signature, she did not have any hesitation, immediately to sign above, has gotten the Sea Race unique mark. Zhao Hai then put out Message Fish to give Queen said : Your Highness, this was below with Message Fish that the special method raised, so long as Your Majesty has gathered this fish, can speak with this fish with Your Majesty below directly, asking Your Majesty to receive.” Queen received Message Fish that Zhao Hai has handed over, Message Fish she naturally very familiar, but she has not thought that Zhao Hai really also has this Message Fish, moreover compared with their also wants Advanced level. Queen really by Zhao Hai shaking, Mermaid Race had not stopped regarding ocean life form research, thinks the understanding ocean life form by far in other races, even by far in other Sea Race, has not actually thought that among Zhao Hai however puts out has improved Message Fish, this was makes her let shock. Through q q can obtain this book renewal quickly! First increases the qq good friend: 235 oo 55152, then the qq information delivers: Novel + blank space + novel name( case: Fought broken vault of heaven) to gain to 235 oo 55152! Asked everyone/Great Clan to add qq : 2-31-5-2 for the good friend, the gain! Crowds of Something went wrong