Chapter 652 Buddha Empire Queen look at Zhao Hai, the change of her very clear this Message Fish is representing anything, not only fish variation is so simple, then entered entire Message Fish evolution on, became Advanced level, was better. But Message Fish is the one type of build is not big, common Magic Beast, but this is one type of has Magic Beast of especially remnant ability, wish of this Magic Beast lets his evolution, compared with on ordinary Magic Beast don’t know wanting difficult many. But the Sea Race person to put it bluntly, their although was also called the person, reason that however their bodies and person are actually the difference of has plenty, Mermaid Race Magic Beast and race in such earnest research ocean, for can find the one type of method, making Mermaid Race or the in the sea race perfect. This looks like probably is very simple matter, but to doing time, actually presently that is how difficult, each one type of Magic Beast has own unique merit, but in the Sea Race person the first race also has own unique place, wants to gather these merits, easier said than done. Not only makes these merits gather not to be easy, even if carries on the promotion each Magic Beast merit is not the easy matter, looks like these Magic Beast is the same, sometimes they think that found one type of to let the method of Magic Beast quick promotion, the final result actually ends in failure, even if has succeeded, will have all kinds of issues, can say that is not successful. Mermaid Race there knows that wants to improve a species, the here surface will involve other gene study and more profound course, they only want to make a species obtain evolution with this method, that is almost impossible. But Space actually these species digitization, therefore promotes also very easily, looks like plays the game to be the same, after you can obtain a rare book, several minutes on learn inside martial arts, but in the reality that is actually impossible. In, Queen and don’t know Space the characteristics, when Zhao Hai puts out Message Fish, she was really actually shocked. Billy and Beast King they did not understand Sea Race that they think this Message Fish in Sea Race is this appearance, therefore their although feels odd, but actually actually not shock like Queen. But Queen has actually thought from this Message Fish many matters, he has thought Zhao Hai these out of the ordinary Undead Creature, although Zhao Hai has made the Undead Creature strength reduce, but looks in Queen in their eyes, felt that new and odd, such large-scale summon Undead Creature, such fighting strength, this made her fill to Zhao Hai curiously.

But Zhao Hai was putting out this Message Fish, Queen was startled, in adding on her on the matter or have some understanding to Continent, she knows that Zhao Hai in hand has plenty good thing, probably after was all ordinary thing to in his hand, changed can not result in ordinary to this Message Fish, Queen believes that Zhao Hai found certainly one type of to improve the life form method. Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Queen, his not understand Queen why such surprised look at he, because of Message Fish? All kinds of variation aren't Magic Beast on Continent has plenty? What does this have to be quite surprised? Zhao Hai look at Queen said : „does Your Majesty, what issue have?” Queen deep looked at Zhao Hai one, has not been saying anything, but has given nearby Lola in hand Message Fish, turned the head not to have the issue to Zhao Hai said :, when mister moved, informing me to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so Zhao Hai to thank Your Majesty, I said goodbye first, tomorrow I prepare returned to Continent to carry on this matter, invited Your Majesty , etc. my information.” Queen nodded said : well, invited mister feel relieved, this was relationship to all our races important matters, our Sea Race fully will certainly coordinate.” Zhao Hai has stood, to Queen gave a salute, turn around leave, Zhao Hai walked, Lola hasn't immediately/on horseback to Queen said : Your Majesty, we been looking for the one type of method to make our Mermaid Race stronger? Mr. Zhao Hai can make Message Fish such fierce, can perhaps help us, why just didn't Your Majesty say this matter to Mr. Zhao Hai?” Queen sighed said : „the present was also not says, these days Mr. Zhao Hai is the Sea Race matter has been busy, but we have not actually helped mister point busy, although we now are the allies, jointly coped with God Race, but I can affirm that this method certainly was mister biggest secret, if we said to mister at this time this matter, probably must threaten mister to be the same with this matter, such matter we were undoable, after , had opportunity in saying.” Lola nodded, Queen sighed said : our Mermaid Race, but to say on Continent the quite perfect race, we can the in the sea life, can live on land, so long as once for a while Bubble water has been OK, we lived to control the water, used various Water element Magic, our close combat abilities were also very difficult, did not compare the common soldier difference, who can know that compared with other clans, our Mermaid Race entered the God Realm person is actually minimum, this perhaps was the punishment to our Mermaid Race.” Lola also sighed, her also don’t know must say any good, a mermaid clan truly was advantageous, the life was long, strength formidable, was only in the clan that many people, generally to 9th level to the end, has also wanted to become God Rank Expert is almost impossible, all previous Mermaid Race was long, is worried for this matter, simultaneously was seeking for the solution, but had not actually succeeded.

But Zhao Hai has put out Message Fish after that evolution, truly was makes Queen see the hope, but just like also Queen said that they had not helped Zhao Hai anything, if to Zhao Hai said that this matter, will possibly make Zhao Hai misunderstand them to press him with this matter, that was not good. Zhao Hai is listening to Queen and Lola words in Space at this time, he has not thought really that he put out Message Fish to let Queen and Lola unexpectedly has thought of these many, no wonder just Queen used such look look at he. However makes the Mermaid Race person God Rank Expert is also not the difficult matter, now Space rose to six ten 5th level, in Farm can plant to become God Rank Expert grass y, so long as the conditions are ripe, Zhao Hai will put out these y to come, finishes the enemy who chapter of they must face is the God Race person, only then in hand God Rank Expert were many, they can true resists with God Race Demon Race. Zhao Hai take deep breaths, changed to the Buddha Empire imperial palace the screen, what response he wants to have a look at Buddha Empire there to have. Buddha Empire King is not a fool, their very clear, Radiant Church control Ocean Waves Dynasty, Dragon Race control Lyon Empire, what aspect they will have faced, perhaps they can become key that copes with this Radiant Church and Dragon Race. First several days Zhao Hai is paying attention to the response of Buddha Empire, Buddha Empire naturally is not a fool, their responses also in expected of Zhao Hai, they send out the diplomatic envoy to go to Rosen Empire, must establish union relationship with Rosen Empire, this is Saint Dragon King toward wants to cope with them, thinks well. Buddha Empire such worry is completely reasonable, before Buddha Empire, is 6 armed forces is stronger than Ocean Waves Dynasty, the navy is actually inferior to Ocean Waves Dynasty, but between they and Lyon Empire, is away from Accra Mountain, Lyon Empire is impossible to send out army to come attack across Accra Mountain they, therefore Buddha Empire continuously very safe. However now the situation changed, Dragon Race control Lyon Empire, has established Saint Dragon King toward, but Magic Beast in Accra Mountain is almost Dragon Race under the hand/subordinate, naturally is impossible attack they, if when the time comes Dragon Race sends out army to cope with Buddha Empire, can definitely put from Accra Mountain, when the time comes Buddha Empire may really be virtually impossible to guard against. Because present this point, therefore Buddha Empire will immediately send out the envoy to with Rosen Empire form an alliance, Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, they should not fear Dragon Race, therefore they want to form an alliance with Rosen Empire, making Dragon Race be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, does not dare 1 un. While has sent the envoy toward Rosen Empire, Buddha Empire also entered the alert posture, but Zhao Hai there continuous shipping in Magic Beast, gave the courage that Buddha Empire has fought.

However the courage is a matter, the confidence is a different matter, the Dragon Race invincible reputation is actually being placed in there, this gave Buddha Empire to create very tremendous pressure, these days Buddha Empire King and these Great Noble very busy, how was finding the way to cope with the aspect of eye, but discussed that discussed actually, still did not have any good means. Hurricane Family naturally also knows that this matter, Juno also immediately and Billy have related, he also wants to know how Zhao Hai must handle this matter, Zhao Hai has not hidden the truth from him, the horse he must destroy completely the Dragon Race matter to say to Juno, gave Juno to send to Message Fish. Can say now Zhao Hai is jing Spirit Race there information, no matter jing Spirit Race does want to participate in this matter, so long as his there had information, Zhao Hai can set a step motion on immediately/on horseback certainly, if the jing Spirit Race agreement copes with God Race with their together, that Zhao Hai immediately goes to Elven Forest there, the matter that their Divine Artifact repairs, then in discussing forming an alliance, must make them sign in the beast skin volume. If jing Spirit Race does not agree to cope with God Race, that Zhao Hai naturally in needing to manage the response of jing Spirit Race there, first has tidied up Dragon Race, if, jing Spirit Race wanted reversed image God Race, that Zhao Hai will be impolite with them. Looked at a Buddha Empire there situation, Buddha Empire there to did not have any special response, nearby several days was the same, how they were still finding the way to face this situation. Buddha Empire is impossible reversed image Radiant Church, Ocean Waves Dynasty and Lyon Empire fate in that pendulum, at this time, how possible reversed image Radiant Church their, Radiant Church was being eats human does not spit Bone Magic Beast, if has sided with them, sooner or later must by them entirely swallowing, now therefore Buddha Empire can do protects itself good, cannot look like Radiant Church and Dragon Race absolutely makes any concession. h! ~!