Chapter 654 voiceless sound bird The Dwarf Race ship is not big, Zhao Hai sits with Billy in together, naturally does not have opportunity to enter Space, therefore can only sit daily in on the ship, chatted with Billy. For five days, to be honest, is really ing is bored, this ship although is not fortunately big, but can also to lie down, Zhao Hai well has also rested full in these five days. Five days quick on the past, boat stopped finally in pier, Billy has been leading Zhao Hai from pier, walked outward, outside was very big mountain range, Zhao Hai they come out from mountain range, actually presently they are in the forest, but just that mountain range a hill under foot in forest. Zhao Hai from mountain range, lived to mi by mountain range outside Jing È, was too attractive, this mountain range outside was really too beautiful. This is piece of Rainforest, can see the green and luxuriant big tree everywhere, the below face length of big tree the bush, various Zhao Hai could not have been calling his plants, what most important is, here guarantees the ten points of beginning primitively, has almost not destroyed artificially the trace, arrives at here, you probably to a plants kingdom, were too attractive. In this time, in suddenly forest is transmitting a sound, Zhao Hai has gawked, turns the head, was actually small Magic Beast ran from forest, since this small Magic Beast appearance looked comes up likely is small Houzi/Monkey, but was really small, but such actually was really was very lovable, Bai È fabric ma, two round ears, long, a bright eye, has looked felt that probably was not, but was the fabric ma toy that made to come out specially is the same. That is only small Houzi/Monkey also in curiously is sizing up Zhao Hai they, a fear is the appearance does not have, Zhao Hai look at that is only small Houzi/Monkey more to look more loves, hidden turned the hand to put out apple, discarded like that small Houzi/Monkey. That small Houzi/Monkey one startled, whiz one jumped on nearby tree, has given a tongue-lashing the tooth to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not moved, was only look at that with a laugh is only small Houzi/Monkey, that small Houzi/Monkey 1 u left the puzzled appearance, but saw ground that red apple, was some curious Zhao Hai they have not actually moved, slowly jumped down from the tree, ran up to by that apple, held that apple to smell, then on face excited called together, then has nipped, several on have eaten up the belly apple.. Then this small Houzi/Monkey turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhi Zhi called two, looked that such also wanted probably, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, ma apple in the past, that small Houzi/Monkey several had eaten that apple, but he has eaten probably also meal, made faces to Zhao Hai, turn around climbed up on nearby tree, lay on a big branch, seemed like must sleep probably. Zhao Hai looks at that small Houzi/Monkey appearance, cannot help but laughs, this Little Thing was too lovable, Billy they have stood in the Zhao Hai side, a look at of their face smiling face was only also small to run up to set up Houzi/Monkey to that small Houzi/Monkey to pay no attention to Zhao Hai finally unexpectedly, Billy they have also laughed In this time, in suddenly forest shadow flashes, Zhao Hai is gawking, immediately has alerted, Zhao Hai just an alert, a green è form one on appears in the Zhao Hai front. Zhao Hai stares, but has not actually begun, because of him presently, the form of this green è is a person, a wear green è long gown, a [gold/metal] person.

This person of long very handsome, that face good-looking made woman look will have been jealous, long of [gold/metal] è, optional throwing over after behind, with a green è grass rope optional was gripping, in his hand was taking a harp, the one who most made Zhao Hai pay attention was his ear, his ear compared with the ear of person on big some, moreover looked like sharp, but actually did not interrupt his good-looking. However this person of present serious look at Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai know that this is Elven Race, but he has not spoken, he knows that at this time should make Billy act. Billy also understand this truth, therefore his immediately/on horseback goes forward one step, bows to that Elven Race person said : harp è of respect hello, our Dwarf Race Patriarch Billy, visits Elf Queen specially.” That Elven Race person bows said : to see Billy Patriarch to Billy, Patriarch invited, Queen was waiting for you.” Said that he turns the head look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not cared, bows to that Elven Race person said : harp è of respect hello, I am Buda Family Patriarch, pays a visit Queen Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai knows that this harp è is in Elven Race unique profession, their weapon are the in hand harps, that harp may , is not only suspending attractively, string also don’t know Elven Race of this harp makes with any thing, very tenacious, shoots ing to be full, not only can play the wonderful music, but can also è leave to seize the life the arrow arrow. What most important is, Elven Race can through one type of special Magic Formation, oneself Magic strength, blessing/additional support to arrow Yakami, making their arrow arrows have the lethality, therefore Elf è becoming famous very on Continent. But in Elven Race, is not all è can use the harp to come, when weapon, therefore uses the harp to take weapon Elf è, is in Elven Race the most formidable soldier. Not only for the harp of harp è also artistic and plays the music, their in hand harp is also able to discriminate a function, that is continuous è. Continuous è is in Elven Race one type of very special è strikes the way, this è strikes is not the ordinary arrow arrow that way è exits, but is circular stone bead, on these stone bead collects Magic Formation, insurance must pour into Magic, can live the explosion or produces other Magic fruits, lethality very enormous. Heard that this continuous è way very unusual, Elven Race can fix the harp on the ground, then in the finger seam of both hands is clamping stone bead, is similar to plays a stringed musical instrument same on the harp holds, then stone bead look like the raindrop same was exited by è from the harp, but these stone bead lethality are also very enormous. Before Elven Race and Human Race war time, this harp è is the Human Race nightmare, if ten harp è get together, simultaneously used continuous è, can strike to kill Thousand-Man Team instantaneously.

But the matter that Zhao Hai hears continuous è, has thought on immediately/on horseback same thing, that is a machine gun, is the machine gun of use explosive warhead. That harp è look at Zhao Hai, bows said : to welcome the Zhao Hai Clan main arrival to Zhao Hai, Your Majesty is in wait for you, please.” Said that turn around directs Zhao Hai they to walk toward forest. The Zhao Hai present to is believes that nobody can defeat Elven Race these words in forest, they are really was too scary, even if these animal in forest, in forest moves also will have the sound, but Elven Race in forest moves is a point voice does not have, felt that they were merged in forest probably, this was too scary. Several people walked one to run in forest along with the Elven Race person, that Elven Race person suddenly stopped, then with hand gently played the harp, harp immediately left melodious zither melody, along with his zither melody, has heard a cheerful cry from the top of the tree, when Zhao Hai has gawked, several shadows fell from the tree. Zhao Hai they fix the eyes on are actually several big birds, these big birds look like probably are the cranes, but their claw seem actually likely are the claw of hawk, is one type of Zhao Hai has not seen Magic Beast, but each only personal appearance very tall and big, a person sits on absolutely is not having the issue. After that harp è, turns the head look at Zhao Hai their said : Billy Patriarch, Zhao Hai Clan lord, on please the voiceless sound bird, our here leave the Tree of Life city is very far.” Ends him, when first cross sits carrying on the back to voiceless sound island, Zhao Hai they looked that he came up, naturally not in polite, cross sat carrying on the back of voiceless sound bird, then the harp è light shell several harps, voiceless sound bird immediately happy called one, has whipped several wings, went toward flying in the sky. Zhao Hai has ridden the experience of Blood Hawk, therefore has not felt anything, instead to is Billy they, they may not have the feeling of flying in the sky, therefore some each and every one face è are white. That harp è command(er) the voiceless sound bird is flying toward forest, but Zhao Hai actually sits in the voiceless sound bird carries on the back research this voiceless sound bird, the mouth of this bird is very sharp, must be longer than the mouth of common bird, but does not have the crane mouth to be so long, the claw seems like an eagle claw, first about two meters high, wing each only about five meters, moreover they carry on the back to carry on the back a person, probably does not have what feeling sound, looks like the strength of this bird is very big. What most important is the cry of this bird, the cry of this bird very clear, moreover probably also has the syllable to be the same, very interesting to listen , the name of voiceless sound bird possibly such came. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, he had not heard before the name of voiceless sound bird, on Continent historically has not recorded, what matter is this? Must say that beforehand Elven Race has also carried on the several times war with Human Race, if Elven Race had elf sound bird appears at that time, Human Race historical should have the record is right, even if were Radiant Church modified the history, won't link this also to change? This voiceless sound bird is Elven Race nearest/recent and presently tames?

Also really made Zhao Hai guessing right, this voiceless sound bird was really Elven Race nearest/recent nearly is tame, this voiceless sound island by a top ten minute of scarcity, moreover their being vigilant very high, Elven Race was to had the one type of affinity, this bird will not contact with Elven Race, moreover that time voiceless sound bird does not have now to be so big. However more than 300 years ago, a voiceless sound bird fell on Elven Race the tree of god Tree of Life, has tied a nest on the tree, had a nest egg, hatched nest small bird, this nest small bird has grown very much up greatly, moreover their long was also not general big, first had more than 2 meters to be high, compared with ordinary voiceless sound bird on high many, most important was, this nest voiceless sound bird in fearing Elven Race, they also liking and Elven Race very contacted, slowly, this bird on becoming Elven Race Mount..( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u