Chapter 655 Elf Queen research has met the voiceless sound bird, presently research does not come out anything, Zhao Hai also gave up, Jing È but who transfers the look at Elf forest. Attractive, was too attractive, if looked in forest that you will feel that is a mysterious world, however looked on the forest that you will feel to shock, shocked. Takes a broad view to look, piece of green è, green è on this green è and Prairie is different, green è on Prairie, your eyes look, felt that is even, probably spreads in ground carpet, but here green è, gave your feeling to a green è world, here had all kinds of trees probably, any shape had, the leaf is also what shape had, if green è on Prairie likely were calm ocean, ocean that here green è looked like gotten angry, j various green è 1 ngu. although this 1 ngu static, but this beautiful is makes the person shock, compared with facing sea 1 ng time misses, Zhao Hai lived to mi by present Jing È quickly. Billy ill after past of their beginning, by present Jing È attracting, a person has opened mouth, often the sound of exclamation. suddenly great in tree appears in the line of sight of straight sea, this tree is Zhao Hai has seen the biggest tree, although in ape island there Zhao Hai also sees one greatly in Bread Tree, but compared with this tree, that tree is saplings. sole of Zhao Hai insight can with plants that this tree compares only then Cai'er, Cai'er in the u city there scene has been able with this tree to compare, shocked. Zhao Hai they dull look at this tree, suddenly row of black spots flew from this forest, this row of black spots quick on appears in Zhao Hai their front, one crowd is riding the Elven Race person in voiceless sound island. These Elven Race people put on green è the long gown, this long gown very beautiful, looks like very elegant, don’t know is made of any material. But takes the lead is actually Elven Race woman, follows in this woman behind these Elven Race people, their in hand is taking is also the harp, evidently after they are harp è, but that woman in hand is taking actually sets up Magic Staff, evidently she is Magician. Led Zhao Hai on their harp è voiceless sound bird to bow to that Elven Race woman said : Sir, Billy Patriarch and Mr. Zhao Hai.” That Elf woman nodded, turns the head to look at Billy and Zhao Hai, bows said : Gellar to see Billy Patriarch to them slightly, has seen Zhao Hai Clan lord.” Zhao Hai and Billy return salute hastily, they do not dare to have any arrogant performance to their these Elven Race, the Elven Race person arrogant is became famous, if Zhao Hai they display extremely in failure in politeness, that Elven Race person at the scene will possibly get angry, at this time, does not need to offend the Elven Race person. Zhao Hai also knows that although Elven Race the head a little muscle of person, however their fighting strength do not allow to regard, can obtain this ally, regarding their later plans absolutely is the good deed. Gellar nodded said : two to invite to them, Your Majesty you.” Said that revolution of Mount, flies toward that tree. The truth, sees Elven Race to start from Zhao Hai, these Elven Race people's manner to Zhao Hai somewhat stem from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, the Elven Race person knows that he was Dark Magician, politeness that such but can also display to him, this has stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai.

Quick Zhao Hai they entered that forest, that was really a tree, a incredibly big incomparable tree, Zhao Hai can see that many Elven Race people were setting up on are bustling about, but compared with this tree, these Elven Race people looked like an only small ant same commonplace. Quick under command(er) of Elven Race person, these voiceless sound birds fell on the tree on a tree branch, the diameter of this branch had dozens meters thickness fully, but this absolutely was not this tree most elf one. Zhao Hai they after voiceless sound bird carries on the back, Gellar arrives at their sides, several please come with me to their said :.” Said that empty directs with the hand, Zhao Hai they with her, walked along the branch hastily. Proceeds Zhao Hai while four are sizing up, this tree was really too big, don’t know high, Zhao Hai only knows that in carrying on the back of voiceless sound bird, has not seen this tree the top of the tree, the top of the tree of this tree pierced the day to be the same probably. But the tree pole of tree is also thick, Zhao Hai did not have the means to calculate, Zhao Hai was looks in any case, tree trunk of this tree will not compare Golden Island to be small absolutely on many, the entire Elven Race person almost lived on this tree. Gellar led Zhao Hai they to enter tree trunk, in this tree trunk seemed like Dwarf Race mountain range is probably same, inside densely packed sets up dong, in each tree dong is occupied by a household of Elven Race person. The tree trunk middle is spatial, from top to bottom is Space, downward cannot see deeply, upward cannot see the top, that is one very great in Space, Zhao Hai also saw that some Elven Race people ride the voiceless sound bird to fly round in that Space. Gellar brought Zhao Hai they to enter tree don to enter in this tree dong was one very in the politeness, fully more than 50 square meters, in all around of this living room, two rows of tree dong, Gellar to Billy and Zhao Hai said : Billy Patriarch, Zhao Hai Clan lord, two please slightly sit the rest in here, I went to reply Queen.” Zhao Hai and Billy simultaneously to Gellar ritual said : thanks for your trouble.” After Gellar returns salute, this leave. Waits for Gellar to exit, Zhao Hai and Billy are then sizing up this living room, in living room the chair with thing of tea table these applications, forms with the rattan, each work elf is very thin, looks like art is the same, it seems like Elven Race merged in their life regarding the pursue of art. Billy looked at one, no matter also that this, sits to the chair on, let out a long breath said : this is my this whole life first flying in the sky, speaking of that felt is good.” Before Zhao Hai smiles said : me, is riding the hawk, to does not have what feeling, but feels the cry of this voiceless sound bird very of pleasant to hear.” Billy smiles said : I to forgetting this matter, your in hand has one type of to carry on the back Phantasmal Beast that the person flies, what kind of? When delivers us some?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this naturally not to be a problem, you want many to have, but rides this Phantasmal Beast also to undergo the training, otherwise can only deliver a letter, simply cannot be used to fight.” Billy smiles said : that to be good, goes back Phantasmal Beast that gave me nong to select you to say to come, like this relation of Dwarf Race on in addition facilitated.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Billy said : Patriarch, you said that what manner Elf Queen with will come to me? I now also really some worries.” Billy has gawked, then comforts Zhao Hai said : not to be worried, all right, the matters of our office, but relationship to entire Continent, I thinks that Elf Queen obtains the weight.”

Zhao Hai sighed said : to hope, if Elven Race allied with us, we no matter faced Magic Beast not to need to fear facing God Race, was on Continent all race alliance got up on equal to, when the time comes I can take the beast skin volume to look for Buddha King, looks my father-in-law, looks Boris, so long as they also agreed to cope with God Race, we had anything to be good to fear.” Billy deep voice said : feel relieved, we can certainly conquer all enemies, no matter God Race or Demon Race, any want the slave our race, we will eliminate them.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : I also believe that we can defeat them, I hope that Elven Race can also get up with us, if otherwise God Race army came, we cannot form an alliance enter with drawing back, that Elven Race was dangerous.” Billy nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : this time, whether or not succeeds, we went back to cope with Dragon Race, the Dragon Race prestige was too dangerous, moreover position that they were at also extremely in feeling strange, Continent was almost one point of two halves, in this case, if God Race army suddenly came, to us, was too disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this time I also to know, therefore I can think that first eliminates Dragon Race, after going back, immediately begins to Dragon Race, cannot wait, late causes trouble.” They were saying, several Elven Race woman walked from outside, their in hand is taking the canteen of fruits and wooden cloth, several Elven Race woman suspended on fruits small table, has also put on the canteen small table, please two taste to Billy and Zhao Hai said :, this was in our Elven Race special product fruits and Fruit Wine.” Zhao Hai and Billy will be naturally impolite, after expressing gratitude, tastes that fruits and Fruit Wine, these fruits flavors that but also let alone, Elven Race produces also are really very good, but that Fruit Wine flavor is also very good, is having the fragrances of many fruit, drinks mellow. Their drank one glass of liquor, Gellar has come from outside, came in Gellar to their gave a salute said : Billy Patriarch, Zhao Hai Clan lord, Your Majesty was invited.” They stood hastily got up to walk with Gellar outward. Goes round and round in this giant tree, don’t know walked how long, they then come out from tree dong, to outside them on a quite thick branch, this branch very thick, in adding on some small branches, has composed a more than ten thousand square meters platform, but in this platform, had the branch to build up a palace. This palace is not very big, is completes by the branch all over the body, but constructs these branches of palace to live, above is also bringing the green and glossy leaf. This palace here simply does not have no guard, before big mén of palace opens, can see that inside some Elf are passing and out, Gellar led them to enter big mén of palace, Zhao Hai cannot help but looked at one toward underground, underground of this palace all was comprised of the leaf, moreover could look, underwent very careful trim, these leaves have composed all kinds of designs, very beautiful. They with Gellar to inside Great Hall, have written nv Divine Palace in the above of palace three, this Great Hall looks like with Elven Race Deity, the life nv god names. Three people entered Great Hall, Zhao Hai and Billy stare, in this Great Hall is not only then a Elf Queen person, is putting in Great Hall the chair, on each chair sits Elf, entire Great Hall looks like full, population no less than hundred people. Is putting three chairs on the Great Hall innermost, the most chair wants on high some compared with the two sides chairs, above sits Elven Race woman, this woman looks like the age is not big, noble aura, in hand is taking a Magic Staff, wears the green robe, the head has the imperial crown that looks like vine is forming, it seems like she was Elven Race Queen, sits one to wear Elven Race woman of green robe in the left hand, this woman year imaginary looked like was not small, on the face had the wrinkle, but two eyes elf was bright, stern-faced on was one. Person who is not quite easy getting along with. Sits a Elven Race man in the right hand of Queen, this man long very handsome, even if in Toshida Elven Race everywhere, he were also considered as on is outstanding person, his stature dawn was long, very symmetrical, on un was having the neat small beard, not only this has not made him look like frivolous, instead at the appointed time demonstrated his male charm, the left hand of this man put one sword, near the right hand is putting a harp, unexpectedly was Elven Race big Warrior of qin and sword outstanding in both fields. The Spirit Race person studies Magic generally, studies the sword, or study in the zither three types elects to study equally, person who almost does not have Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, person but who actually some sword qins cultivate, however such person are not many, if you study the difference, possibly is therefore diverts attention, has not studied same Might to be big, however in Elven Race, has some since childhood is referred to as the heavenly aptitude person, they are must the qin and sword study of culture and technology, these person one, but completes study, on will be called big Warrior! In Elven Race, the big Warrior population is very few.

Gellar brought Zhao Hai they to arrive in front of nv about the top five meter place to stop, then she bowed said : to report Your Majesty to Queen, Great Elder, Crown Prince Your Highness, Billy Patriarch, Zhao Hai Clan advocated!” This is also Elven Race characteristics, they are not calculations that a Queen person said that they have Elder Assembly and Crown Prince palace, this Elder Assembly is the elders in some Elven Race composes, majority is woman, but Queen under the hand/subordinate also has own a batch official, these had the male to have nv, but the Crown Prince palace generally was by Queen husband Commander, in the Crown Prince palace people many were by man give priority to, they also had certain authority, in Elven Race the ordinary matter, was processes by woman, Elder Assembly and Crown Prince palace turned over to Queen Commander, but. One but has any relationship to live to the entire Elven Race important matter, that Elder Assembly, Queen, Crown Prince palace three voted to carry on decides certainly. Zhao Hai and Billy go forward hastily one step, to Queen, Great Elder and Crown Prince bows said : Zhao Hai( Billy, has seen Queen Your Majesty, has seen Great Elder, has seen Crown Prince Your Highness.” Queen nodded said : to welcome Billy Patriarch and Mr. Zhao Hai arrives at our Elven Race, I represent a Elf clan to welcome two arrivals, two please sit down.” The Queen sound very good hear, selects magnetic ing probably, the although sound is not big, but every, each sentence makes the person hear to give clear neatly. After they have expressed gratitude, sat to them specially on the chair of mén preparation.( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u